Dear Pharmacists Handing Out Prescriptions for Fluoroquinolones

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Perhaps I’m failing to see some grey area, but here are the options that I see for Pharmacists. Either they don’t know how fluoroquinolones work and how they are dangerous, and thus they are bad at their job, or they knowingly give dangerous drugs to children, and thus have the moral compass of invertebrates, or they think that all drugs have side effects and that side effects are rare, which is a fairly poor moral position even if it is fact, or they feel utterly unempowered, which is a poor reason for letting people get hurt under their watch. I am open to hearing other options.

Anyhow, this is an open letter to Pharmacists who fill prescriptions for fluoroquinolones.


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2 thoughts on “Dear Pharmacists Handing Out Prescriptions for Fluoroquinolones

  1. Jeannie November 2, 2013 at 8:07 pm Reply

    How do you get this diagnosed?

    • Lisa Bloomquist November 3, 2013 at 9:21 am Reply

      Hi Jeannie! I didn’t get a diagnosis. I went to the doctor several times and got a bunch of tests done but everything came back “normal.” I wasn’t “normal” and I realized that the doctors couldn’t do anything for me, so I stopped going to doctors. Getting a diagnosis is not a trivial or unimportant thing though and I encourage you to pursue one. Please just be careful with mis-diagnoses. If you are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease they can put you on some other nasty drugs to treat the autoimmune disease (Enbrel and Humira both cause cancer – it’s a well documented fact). There are ways that a diagnosis of fluoroquinolone toxicity can be made. They involve DNA adduct mass spectrogram analysis and doing a biopsy of your tendons (both will need to be read by experts). You can certainly pursue both and I encourage you to do so, but neither, sadly, will help you to heal.

      Most “Floxies” face a lack of acknowledgement from those in the medical field. It hurts almost as much as the reaction to the drug.

      I responded to your question on Hormonesmatter too. Just letting you know.


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