First Do No Harm – By Barbara Arnold

The following was written by Barbara Arnold and published in a magazine aimed toward ex-pats living in Spain. When Barbara sent it to me she said, “If it saves one person from taking this poison, then I will be happy. I am trying to get it translated to Spanish so I can send it to the Spanish papers here.
I urge every floxie that is well enough to try and get articles published in any magazine local paper etc. It’s certainly helped me focus my anger in a positive way, and maybe eventually it will become better known about.”

I also encourage all of my floxie friends to write something like what Barbara wrote below. It is important to focus your anger in a positive way, and it is even healing. Writing, advocating, and helping others through this mess have been vital parts of my healing process. I suspect that those things can be healing for other people as well, and I encourage each of my floxie friends to write, advocate, and help others in whatever way you feel comfortable. 

Thank you, Barbara, for speaking out and passionately advocating for those in medicine to think about the Hippocratic Oath when they prescribe fluoroquinolones!

FIRST DO NO HARMWritten by Barbara Arnold.

Before Doctor can practice they have to take “The Hippocratic oath”, First do no harm. Unfortunately harm is being done to hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people across the world by Doctors prescribing antibiotics from a group called FLUOROQUINOLONES.

For me, it all started nearly 2 years ago when I went to the Doctor with bronchitis. I had no idea then that my life was about to change, in the most awful drastic way possible and that for the next two years to date I would still be  suffering from the debilitating side effects from ciprofloxacin an antibiotic from the group called FLUOROQUINOLONES. At the same time I was given cortisone injections the result of which was like a bomb going off in my body. It started with searing pain in my Achilles tendons, at the time I stupidly believed that it was caused by changing my high heeled shoes to low heels and then walking to far. I had no idea that my body was being POISONED by a treatment for a simple thing like Bronchitis. I had great difficulty walking but I believed it would soon get better. HOW WRONG I WAS. 

I had mentioned to the nurse who was administrating the cortisone injection that I was having trouble walking, and did he think it was anything to do with the injections. He told me it couldn’t be as cortisone is an anti-inflammatory. At this point I did not connect the dots. I later found out these drugs are contra indicated to anyone over 60yrs and even worse especially alongside cortisone injections. Fluoroquinolones leach magnesium from the cells and as you get older you have less magnesium to begin with. The pain got worse to the point I ruptured a tendon causing a bruise the size of “England” on the inside of my right leg and I could   barely walk a few yards. At the same time I started to get Chronoc Fatigue to the point where I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had dizziness and balance problems.

For the next three months and many visits to my Doctor, I eventually saw a Rheumatologist who diagnosed my condition as “side effects of ciprofloxacin”.

From that point onwards I started to do my own research on Fluoroquinolones. The results were MIND BLOWING I found out that these antibiotics were being used for simple bladder infections, bronchitis and sinus infections. This was the equivalent of using a sledge hammer to kill a fly. There are many other safer antibiotics that could be used without the devastating side effects that can be caused by Fluoroqinolones. I was told I was a RARE CASE and that my Doctor had never heard of this before. Unfortunately this is totally untrue, as the symptoms of fluoroquine poisoning are vast and in some people the reaction does not occur until months later. Therefore a lot of misdiagnosis is going on. Here are some of the symptoms that can occur but are not limited to, weeks or even months later.


As things got worse I had to result to using  a wheelchair as it was extremely painful to walk. As well as the pain, my legs felt like I was dragging along lead weights. During the months that followed I had various blood tests which showed NOTHING apart from high ferritin levels. I was referred to another Rheumatologist who treated me more or less with contempt as no test she did showed anything wrong. I had  learned that there was a BLACK BOX WARNING in America about this group of antibiotics and when I told her about this, that the Black Box Warning is the highest warning you can get in America, she scoffed at me and declared “This is Spain not America.”  This kind of arrogance and ignorance is allowing others to suffer in the most devastating ways. Subsequently, some 18 months later, the Food and Drug Administration has just issued an advisory to ALL DOCTORS IN THE UNITED STATES, to cease using these dangerous drugs to all patients unless it is a life or death situation.

I have spent thousands of pounds in natural supplements trying to cure myself as Doctors do not have any answers. However there are some Doctors willing to listen now as they or some-one in their family have been effected. by this group of chemotherapy drugs. YES they are chemo drugs because they destroy good cells as well as bad. They do damage down to the very DNA and in some people they leave permanent nerve damage. I am presently seeing an integrative Doctor who is also a Medical Doctor. He is in Marbella and I have to travel 5 hours to see him. I have no choice if I want to recover. The medical health care system here poisoned me and now I have to heal myself with all the costs that, that incurs.

I fully understand that Doctors do the best they can and cannot be expected to know the side effects of every drug they prescribe, but this group of drugs are completely different as they are one of the most dangerous drugs on the market, It was the responsibility of the  health representatives to inform Doctors of this. They were negligent in their duty of care and because of that I, and many other’s have been sentenced to years of suffering. This has been known about since the 1970’s. The attitude of the pharmaceutical companies beggars belief. It is only now with the event of the world-wide web that this is becoming common knowledge   If you think you have been effected by any of these drugs go to There is a mine of information there from fellow sufferers and Doctors who are now beginning to take notice. I urge every-one that reads this to be very very careful that you are not prescribed any antibiotic from this group namely ….CIPROFLOXACIN, LEVAQUIN/LEVOFLOXACIN, AVELOX/MOXIFLOXACIN OR FLOXIN/OFLOXACIN.

To conclude, not everyone that takes these drugs suffers the side effects initially but eventually maybe years later this has been known to happen. There are likely genetic factors that make some people  more susceptible to suffer adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones than others. Human bodies are complex and how a drug reacts in a human body is difficult to predict. I just wish Doctors took their  “Hippocratic Oath” more seriously and FIRST DO NO HARM.

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21 thoughts on “First Do No Harm – By Barbara Arnold

  1. Peter L. August 8, 2016 at 6:53 am Reply

    Thanks. Well done. It has been reported that some naturopaths are not aware that floxed bodies need careful and low doses of anything. High doses of anything natural can be dangerous.

  2. tammyrenzi August 8, 2016 at 10:07 am Reply

    Hi Barbara, you ROCK! Thank you for taking time to write this and with such attention to detail. Most of all, time has healed me and, eventually, I was able to begin walking for exercise and got back to my normal activities. Actually, I wasn’t exercising much before Levaquin, so I guess it was the catalyst for me now living my healthiest life ever.

    I am so glad you are taking the time to educate people in Spain. We still have a lot of work to do here in the US as far as doctors being aware and taking responsibility for what they prescribe. The more we talk and share, the fewer people who will have to suffer what so many of us have.

    I appreciate you!!!

  3. L August 8, 2016 at 10:49 am Reply

    Interestingly, I have written a book—whether it will ever be published or not is questionable—entitled “Floxed: First do No Harm”. I am glad (and shocked) your rheumatolgoist said it was from the Cipro. Out of a dozen doctors I saw, most said “couldn’t be the Cipro” and one said it was related to only ONE of my thirty or so side effects.Hope you get it translated. The damage from these toxins needs to be known around the world, and those who were aware and continued to market for financial greed need to be brought to justice.

  4. Martin August 8, 2016 at 11:38 am Reply

    Well done Barbara. I’ve got a very similar story to you and live in the UK. I’ve yet to meet a doctor who had admitted that ciprofloxacin did this to me. I’ve tried contacting media people, the MHRA but nothing. The only response I’ve had so far was from a local pharmacist who replied to my email.

  5. Lynda Smith August 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm Reply

    Thank you, Barbara, for your important article on fluoroquinolones. I am 74 and still suffering from the severe side effects of the ciprofloxacin prescribed to me by a physician assistant on March 13, 2015. I had no infection at all; the culture came back negative a few days later on March 17, 2015. Pure negligence. Those five 500mg pills of the ten prescribed to me have taken me from being an advanced dancer with an active lifestyle to becoming virtually housebound, on some days, bedbound. Whenever I have the occasion to interact with anyone – anywhere, I briefly tell them my story. I stress to them that under no circumstances are they to accept fluoroquinolones – it will destroy their lives. It is unimportant to mention the exception – being close to death is it. So if some good has come of this, it is that I am saving lives from the tortuous existence caused by fluoroquinolones; that is my new mission in life.

    • tammyrenzi August 8, 2016 at 5:52 pm Reply

      Lynda, I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. I too tell everyone I know, and I keep repeating it. Even after one of my friends told her mom about it, she took the antibiotic a few months later. “Oh, I forgot,” is what she said. Thankfully she only had a mild reaction and recovered. Thanks to another person on this site, I found out about a local news station doing a story on FQs, and I got to tell my story so many Houstonians got to hear it. Hope that you do heal.

    • L August 8, 2016 at 6:33 pm Reply

      yes, it’s funny but every time I mention it to someone (and there have been hundreds so far over my year and half) their first reaction is always “oh, you must be really allergic.” I always tell them “no—=it would affect anyone given time and dosage.”: Just today I heard about a young woman who was offered cipro for a UTI—NOW, after the warnings. The doctors are still clueless and the FDA is doing nothing to change that. Their client after all is big pharma.

    • Madge hirsch August 9, 2016 at 8:55 am Reply

      I am not sure that I would not rather die than be floxed again. Since my latest floxing I can see from my symptoms that this has happened to me before without my being aware of it. But I was aware there was something wrong with my health. Although I did improve over time I have spent many years with cycles of feeling bad. This time it’s worse because I am older but I am still nowhere near as badly affected as many here. I think it takes longer to recover the older you get and cannot contemplate having to live the rest of my life even sicker than I am now.

  6. Barbara Arnold August 9, 2016 at 1:30 am Reply

    Hi Guys,

    Thankyou all for your kind words……., Tammyrenzi ……I got a huge lump in my throat when you said …”I Rock”
    It’s very difficult to make people listen and understand all about fluroquinolones, and can be very frustrating at times, because “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it ”
    The thing is, if people know of the danger’s they can make an informed choice. If they then decide to take the chance, it’s up to them, unlike we floxies who had no choice.

    As far as trying to get it “out there” this to can be frustrating, but don’t give up no matter how hard it is, because “someone somwhere” will eventually publish, there are lots of “womens” magazines who do human interest stories who may be interested. I have just been told “First Do No Harm” will be printed in a local Costa’s paper, but she want’s to write it in the 3rd person as a human interest story and although I think it’s more important in THE PUBLIC INTEREST who cares if it get’s out there

    Martin…..I have sent my story to “Despatches” on Channel 4 British TV a week ago, no answer as yet, not surprised about that. However I am resending it again this week, perhaps you might consider doing the same thing. I generally attatch the latest FDA’s warning to all my correspondence for an extra kick. We have a saying here in Spain “poco poco” little by little. Nothing worth while is ever easy but just keep going.

    Just to let you all know I am 73years young (don’t ‘look it) ha ha and this September it will be two years since I was floxed. I am at a stage now where my life is manageable. I still get peripheral neuropathy but a lot less. My energy levels are improving all the time. I have just sent for some “LIPID REPLACEMENT THERAPY” NT The research on it looks hopeful as it helps repair the mitochondria. I was taking about 14 or 15 suppliments, most of which were from the protocol in Kerri Knox’s book, but as nothing was moving forward much, I decided to only take suppliments that support and help heal the mitochondria. LISOMAL GLUTATHIONE with NAC as a precurser is another supp I take.

    I have to say although I have had many setbacks, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Now my message to you all is ….if at 74years I can improve to a point where life is quite good so can you.

    One word of WARNING though. I had a NERVE CONDUCTION TEST a couple of months ago and it caused a MASSIVE flare up of peripheral neuropathy. So be careful guys.

    My love and best hopes for your healing,
    Big Hugs,

    • tammyrenzi August 9, 2016 at 6:12 am Reply

      Barbara, you DO rock! I know you published this whole story here, and it’s as a blogpost which will continue to reach people. You may also want to send Lisa a story to publish as a recovery story as your optimism is contagious. And I love how you caution people against certain treatments. While I did benefit from getting my vitamin levels tested and am supplementing (was deficient in several and had two relapses possibly because of that and trying to start running for exercise), I always think time, walking, and a healthy diet have been my biggest healers. While there may not be any specific diet for FQ toxicity, I certainly don’t want to survive this to die from heart disease or some other thing I could have prevented!

    • Madge hirsch August 9, 2016 at 9:22 am Reply

      It is great to hear you feel you are emerging from this nightmare. I live in France and was floxed nearly 2 years ago with iv Cipro in hospital for diverticulitis. After 2 days on the drip I felt very ill with chest pain and severe pins and needles down both arms. My gastro consultant sent for the cardiologist and the ECG machine and they said all was well and the cardiologist even said dismissively that I had rheumatism in my chest! But mysteriously the Cipro bag disappeared from the drip stand. What the consultant did not do was to mention any of this to my GP in the discharge letter. Last August he prescribed Cipro for a suspected UTI . Luckily I took only one pill as I started to feel some of the other side effects I had had in the hospital so I looked it up online. The horror! I thought that apart from a little pain in my right Achilles tendon I had escaped but one week later was taken to hospital in an ambulance with a heart beat of 160. They said I had afib. Since then good days and bad- at the moment mainly bad . But reading stories like yours is so encouraging . I am 64 now and am lucky that my symptoms are not so severe. Walking is often painful but I CAN walk. I can sleep though not as well as before. I have a detatched vitreous which is pesky but not serious. My main problem is rib cartilage degeneration and sternum pain but I am learning to not panic and think it is my heart when the pain strikes. Thank you very much for your story and good luck with getting it published.

    • L August 9, 2016 at 9:49 am Reply

      Thank you for the advocacy. I too believe it is SO important. I have sent over a hundred letters to news stations (which sadly all read off the same corporate script), attorneys, talk show hosts, magazine, including Consumer Reports, who I wrote about in an earlier post today), the world court in Hague, and anyone of influence I can think of. This has to stop.

    • Marie - Sweden August 10, 2016 at 11:41 pm Reply

      Thank you very much for telling your story.

      I live in Sweden and is not a “floxie”. I became interested in this topic in 2004 as a person close to me (X) had been given ciprofloxacin and started to act strange in different ways. At the time, I didn´t understand why X, all of a sudden, needed sun glasses indoors (for instance in the hospital to which he had been re-admitted).

      He was also on cortisone (prednisolone), NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) and other medications.

      Thanks to the Internet I found the book Bitter Pills and a lot of information. I felt the same way as you – It was “MINDBLOWING”.

      This story is very long and entails many medications. Although X passed away almost ten years ago It has not stopped my interest in this topic – and many other medication issues.

      I am retired – have had nothing to do with health care but have spoken to quite a lot of people and neither they – or the doctors that I have corresponded with – seem to be aware of the damage that the fluoroquinolones (and other medications) can do. I suspect quite a lot of people get other diagnosis when they are suffering from adverse effects.

      I have written to Läkemedelsverket in Sweden (an authority like USA`s FDA) and asked if they have any plans to change the text in the package inserts like they have done in the America. I sent them FDA`s text.
      Their reply was – no.

      Both you and Lisa want to encourage people to talk to people, write to newspapers etc. That`s a good idea and something I have done now and then.
      Do you mind if I translate your text into Swedish (not for mass distribution) and give it to the pharmacist at my local pharmacy? .

      I have given them some texts, now and then, and I know that the head has let the staff read them during their coffee-breaks.

      Hoping that you continue to improve.


      • Barbara Arnold August 11, 2016 at 2:39 am Reply

        Hi Marie,
        Thankyou for your concern. I am very sorry about your friend, it’s always sad to hear stories like this.
        Please feel free to use my article as many times as you wish, every little bit can help.

        I gave a copy to the pharmacist who prescribed cipro for me, he says he has told the local health centre about my situation, hopefully that’s true, but who knows.
        One thing this whole sorry mess has taught me is to make sure I read all the side effects of any future medication I may need.

        I still find it difficult to understand that when a health body gets proof of this poison, they still do NOTHING ABOUT IT. It’s tantamount to inhumanity. All we can do is keep plugging away little by little.

        On a positive note, I am having more good days than bad, and I truly believe I will get there in the not to distant future. There’s a lot of life in me yet.

        To all my floxie friends, one of the main things to remember is, this takes time and it’s important to understand that even if you have setbacks, the body is always looking for ways to heal and survive. So hang in there guys, and know your not alone

        Hugs and love,

        • Marie - Sweden August 11, 2016 at 11:52 am

          Thanks for your reply.

          I have made a translation and delivered it. This particular pharmacy has a young, female pharmacist and I have delivered other “papers” to her before. They have been about statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) and bisfosphonates (osteoporosis drugs like Fosamax, Prolia etc.).

          I told her about my background and that it was not meant as critique of the staff but rather of our authorities. I also told her how come I became interested in fluoroquinolones in 2004 and still is.

          I asked her if they were common and she said – not very.
          I know that doctors have been recommended to be restrictive with broadspectrum antibiotics because of antibiotic resistance (uncertain of the correct term).

          When it comes to the side effects – most pharmacists, doctors and nurses have never heard that people can get floxed. I wouldn´t either if it had not been for the story of X, but in his case there were many different medications involved. I think that ciprofloxacin could have caused the tipping point and “hell broke loose” (like psychosis).

          Many years ago I found a patient story on
          It was called – Avelox has ruined my life. Maybe you have read it?
          I asked for permission to translate it and they told me it was okay as long as I mentioned the source. The pharmacist also got that story and the letter from FDA that was mentioned in an earlier text on

      • L August 11, 2016 at 9:33 am Reply

        Thank you for your advocacy. Too many people have suffered. Maybe it will take someone suing not only Bayer and Johnson and Johnson, but the FDA. Here in the US we cannot sue federal agencies, but maybe another country could. In spite of the most recent warning in june (which apparently is NOT sent to every doctor) doctors are STILL prescribing these toxiins for simple infections.

        Regarding your friend and his need for sunglasses—when I was first floxed, for the first 7 or 8 months, even sunglasses weren’t enough. I would have to hold my purse or something in front of my face, because the light was too intense. I am 1 1/2 years out and still have light sensitivity, made worse by fluorescent lighting.

        Another good book to read is Dr Jay Cohen’s “How We Can Halt the Cipro and Levquin Catastrophe: The Worst Medication Disaster in U.S. History”

        Thank you for continuing the fight!

  7. Steven August 11, 2016 at 12:31 pm Reply

    I felt like I was reading about what I went through when I read this posting. I almost want to use it as it is spot on. Only a few added symptoms would be added. I feel like kicking the door of the medicine profession down altogether. God Bless and help us all. Thanks to all that apply to the cause.

    • Martin October 7, 2016 at 7:20 am Reply

      Hi Barbara I’ve just visited Spain and saw your story on the front page of the local paper – Costa Blanca People. It’s good to see these stories getting published in Spain and helping raise awareness. How’s the ozone theraphy going?


      • Barbara Arnold October 7, 2016 at 11:26 pm Reply

        Hi Martin,

        Yep, I’m doing my best to get the message out here. It’s so important to warn others, to at least help them to make an informed decision, which I and many others never had the chance to do.
        I have had 8 sessions of ozone autohemotherapy so far. I do feel a lot better and I have had lots of times where I have felt completely normal. However there have also been times when the neuropathy has returned, but to a lesser degree. I have noticed that any kind of stress can cause a return of these painful symptoms, so I try to avoid stress as much as I can, ( not always easy in this stressful world )
        I am quietly optomistic that there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel. My ozone Doc says “poco poco” little by little. So as soon as I think it warants a recovery story I will be posting. I just don’t want to raise to much hope in others until I feel for sure this is it.
        Having said all that I have definately improved a great deal, so watch this space😊😊

        • L October 7, 2016 at 11:54 pm

          Boy uou said it about the stress. I am pursuing a lawsuit against the pharmacy for failure to consult —a state law (was also given prednisone at same time) and the stress has been horrible, and it definitely exacerbates my side effects…nerves “choking” around my neck, pelvic area pressure….If I didn’t have so much stress I would feel a lot better I am sure, even though some side effects appear to be permanent.

        • Martin October 8, 2016 at 1:43 am

          Good news!! I’m pleased your recovery is progressing well and that the ozone theraphy is working well. I’m currently seeing a natural doctor in the UK and getting treated using Chinese Medicine and electroacupuncture. Like you, I’m hopeful of a full recovery just a matte of time – ‘little by little’ as they say over here. 👍

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