Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 23 – Tara

Tara shared her journey through Levaquin-induced fluoroquinolone toxicity in Episode 23 of The Floxie Hope Podcast. Please check it out!


You can also read more about Tara’s journey in her story:


Tara has noted several times that she was not as far along in her journey as she thought she was when she wrote her story. Please listen to the podcast for more information about Tara’s journey. It is not a repeat of her story above.

Also, here is a different podcast that she did with her doctor:


Tara gives a wealth of information about her journey, and how complete avoidance of fluoride, along with various homeopathic methods, supplements, and other things, have helped her through the last two years.

Also, here are some notes and resources from Tara to accompany the information she gives in the podcast:

“What I’m told by fluoride experts is that it matters how much fluoride was already accumulated in your system if you get fluoride poisoned or if you are already sensitive to it by genetics or be because of other chemicals or stressors. Also, whether or not a person becomes hypersensitive does not seem to correlate with how badly they are injured. Ex: People who are hurt much worse than me, still may not become hypersensitive. The spectrum of sensitivity may not have anything to do with the amount of injury from what I can tell through research or peoples’ stories.”

“Also, Im not sure if I was clear about the Fluoride Poisoning symptoms – a person does not usually “feel” anything after ingesting fluoride or coming in contact with fluoride – only a hypersensitive person like myself, which is rare -most people who are poisoned because of fluoride just develop symptoms/diseases/disorders due to the enzymes, tissues, and structures that are poisoned. Most people discover they are poisoned from fluoride by getting completely off of it and symptoms get better (damage has to be repaired over time, some damage is not repairable for all people – but there is always hope of better).”

“Coffee – I forgot to mention this most important topic! 🙂 I was not able to drink anything caffeinated – not even a sip – for 20 months – using the SCIO to heal neurotransmitters (Adenosine is neurotransmitter associated with caffeine receptor site – also used SCIO to heal neurotransmitters in general helped immensely, to heal nerves, healing mitochondria DNA, food allergies, and attempting to desensitize from fluoride).

I am more than happy to report I can now drink a small cup of Bulletproof coffee (free of mold), and put Brain Octane (distilled coconut oil  – helps mitochondria for brain energy), butter (also good for brain), and when my fluoride is low enough, I can handle also putting in the Collagelatin powder in the coffee (good way to replace collagen and gelatin) for me. This is all mixed in a food processor together to combine – according to his book, there is a scientific reason why stirring doesn’t have same effects so needs to be blended.  I really like the taste and that it’s mold free. The founder of Bulletproof used to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mold allergies, I think also Lyme, etc – so his story is good to read for inspiration – it brought him to a lot of research on mitochondria and health and building this very successful company.
(This is also the coffee I use for coffee enemas – it does matter that the coffee is pesticide and toxin free as possible – helped with small intestinal bacteria overgrowth SIBO)”


Homeopathy – company name White Dove – Vitamin C, Bone Support, Pitui Liquitrophic, Fem Liquitrophic (I get these from my chiropractor’s office)
Solutions 4 supplements (chiropractor’s office)
MitoQ – mitoq.com
Pelican brimac bone char filtration system to remove fluoride – https://www.pelicanwater.com/whole-house-fluoride-filters
Allerphase (allergy/asthma herbal supplement – https://www.tangoherbs.com/allerphase60.html (side note: My son, 10-years-old, was able to get off his allergy and asthma medications – he has been on them since age 3, with the addition of Allerphase and MSM (from mercola.com), as well as getting off dairy/gluten and switching to an organic diet)
Harmless Harvest Coconut Water from Whole Foods (all coconut water is not made equal – some are highly processed – good idea to do some research – this is the one I use)
Infrared sauna – http://www.sunlighten.com/
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatment – http://www.oxygenunderpressure.com/ – This is the HBOT Institute I went to – it’s a stand alone chamber by the Kansas City, MO airport – people from all over the United States come here for treatment – sessions were $125-$175 per session, 40 sessions is what was recommended. Expensive but worth getting my brain back.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis by Dr Sarah Myhill
Eat Dirt by Dr. Josh Axe –
The Thyroid Connection by Dr. Amy Myers
The Wahl’s Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls
The Devil’s Poison: How Fluoride is Killing You by Dean Murphy, DDS
Letting Go by Dr. David Hawkins
The Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative – http://www.slweb.org/ftrcfluoroquinolone.html
The Truth About Water Fluoridation by Charles Eliot Perkins (1952)
SpectraCell test – for minerals/vitamins/antioxidants/etc – also get test for iron and copper
Dr. David Gulledge, chiropractor for homeopathy, SCIO
Supplements suggested by the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative (FTRC) for fluoride/fluoroquinolone toxicity (they lab tested to find good/cheap brands):
Calcium – solutions 4 brand or FTRC said Standard Process (can get from a chiropractor or naturopath) – fluoride binds to calcium and leaves the body in large quantities
Vitamin C with flavanoids- detoxes fluoride – they said Trader Joes brand with the lemon flavanoids. I do better with homeopath Vitamin C.
B-vitamins – fluoride disrupts synthesis of B-vitamins – (FTRC said Trader Joes brand)
Magnesium – fluoride chelates this mineral as well (FTRC said Kal brand – found at whole foods is good). I use Epsom Salt. If I wasn’t as sensitive to fluoride, I would choose Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion – loved it.
This article was sent to me by my chiropractor- it’s is by Dr. Jack Kruse – about being floxed and what to do about it – good information on staying away from EMFs, fluoride, etc. (I am very sensitive to EMFs since being floxed/fluoride poisoned)
Blue-blocking glasses I use to watch TV, look at my phone or computer – needed since being fluoride poisoned
Thank you for listening!


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6 thoughts on “Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 23 – Tara

  1. Tara August 24, 2017 at 7:01 am Reply

    Thank you so much for the helpful article! I struggled so much after having surgery and being prescribed Cipro within weeks of each other. My body literally crashed and I could not use a cell phone, look at TV, or use a computer without feeling like I was being electrocuted! It’s getting better, but I still can’t do these things like I did before (At 10 months out). I couldn’t even stand in front of the microwave or blender while it was going. When I told this to the resident I saw at a doctor appointment, she said, “Oh, you have a history of anxiety and looked at me weirdly!” Thanks for the article, as I spend a lot of time on my computer at work. This is probably why my eyes are having a difficult time healing.

    • Tara G. August 24, 2017 at 11:30 am Reply

      So glad it helped! You might be interested in these glasses http://irlen.com/ – the Bulletproof founder Dave Asbey, who was also sensitive to EMFs and had to work on a computer, went to an Irlen Institute and was able to these customized glasses that really helped him.
      I plan on doing this also!

  2. Jason August 25, 2017 at 7:06 pm Reply

    Good podcast, thanks for the information Tara. If I may ask a few questions…

    – Where do you get your homeopathic Vitamin C? Direct from a homeopath or is it something that can be ordered online?

    – Can you clarify where one actually does SCIO and hyperbolic chamber treatments? Was this all through your chiropractor’s office? Where did you go specifically to get these treatments?

    – Speaking of these treatments, how far along until you noticed a difference with each specific treatment? Did it take numerous treatments or did you feel better instantly? Especially interested in knowing how often you used the hyperbolic chamber?

    – You say up above that you cannot use Ancient Minerals because of your fluoride toxicity. Do you have concrete evidence that their products have fluoride in them? The bath flakes, oil and lotion? Why are their bath flakes any different than epsom salts? I figured they were one-in-the-same.


  3. Jason August 25, 2017 at 7:09 pm Reply

    Oops, maybe if I actually read what you wrote a little more closely! I see you mentioned where you got your hyperBARIC chamber treatments — still, am interested to know how many you did in the end (or if you are still doing them)

    • Tara G. August 28, 2017 at 4:41 pm Reply

      Hi Jason, I did 40 sessions of HBOT treatments over the course of 2.5 months – they told me it was best to do them close together so I went everyday I could.
      Ancient minerals uses RO water which is great for most people – I just cant use it bc Im hypersensitive to fluoride now and I get poisoned when I use it. But if I wasn’t hypersensitive I would definitely use it – its amazing. Most people would do fine with it!

  4. Dee October 22, 2017 at 7:48 am Reply

    Tara, enjoyed your podcast!! Thank you for sharing!! Did you ever use boran to clear fluoride?? Also after reading your story you mentioned using Manuka honey as a replacement to antibiotics. Could you tell me more about how you took it, how much, how often etc. when you felt you needed an antibiotic? Did this work for a full on infection?? Sinus, lung, UTI?? Also did you feel the B vitamins were crucial in your healing? Which ones did you take?? Thanks for sharing and I hope to hear back from you!!

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