Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 24 – PJ

PJ shared his journey through fluoroquinolone toxicity on Episode 24 of The Floxie Hope Podcast. Check it out!


PJ was given IV levofloxacin/levaquin and flagyl in the hospital, and afterward he suffered from multiple severe side-effects including debilitating fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, body-wide numbness, pain, inflammation in all his joints, and more.

He has come a long way, and he is 80% recovered.

PJ is wonderfully insightful and inspirational. Please listen to, review, and share, this episode of The Floxie Hope Podcast. Thanks!!





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One thought on “Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 24 – PJ

  1. Mike December 4, 2017 at 7:07 pm Reply

    I noted you talked about weight lifting, so you might be familiar with Creatine. Have you tried it after getting floxed? I’m over a year out from being floxed and in addition to Mg and Iodine (short term) helping, my biggest boost in energy came when I started lifting weights again while taking Creatine. I had taken Creatine when I was young, but couldn’t tell any difference, so I quit. It made a big difference this time! I decided to try it again after reading about its positive effects on Mitochondria, which is damaged by fluoroquinolones. But, just a warning … even after a year, I probably went up in weight too quick and ended up with a partial tear of a tendon in my chest from heavy bench pressing. The orthopedic surgeon said it should heal in 6 weeks. At 59 I think it’s about time I quit max’ing out, so I’ll be more careful moving forward. Anyway, I did a google search and found the following:


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