Floxed Friday – Levofloxacin in the Hospital

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The following was written by Michelle: 

I almost missed the Floxed Friday update this week because for the past few days, we have been applying to grants to finish post-production (and scheduling the rest of production – very exciting!) and I’ve been tending to my grandmother with her recent dementia episode.

Because of this, I’ve been in-and-out of the hospital, working from my phone. After getting floxed myself, I had PTSD, triggered any time I entered a hospital or even thought about a hospital. If you haven’t read my floxie story, it’s here, but TL;DR: (“too long, didn’t read” for those of you unfamiliar with internet culture), I had a horrendous experience admitted to one of the worst hospitals in Los Angeles while neurotoxic. Thanks to a ton of work with an amazing PTSD therapist, I am no longer triggered by hospitals. Still, it isn’t fun for anyone to spend three days in-and-out of one.

While waiting for a prescription antibiotic the other day (yes, I checked – it wasn’t a fluoroquinolone), I overheard someone at the window say “levofloxacin” to another patient. Although I’m not afraid of hospitals, anything with “-floxacin” makes my heart beat a little faster. I immediately questioned what to do.

Should I say something? We are in a hospital, it could be prescribed appropriately, but outpatient? Would saying something change anything or just make things worse? Would they believe me? Is it too late anyway? I didn’t even see who it was.

Sitting with my uncle, who had previously told me that a coworker of his takes Cipro regularly “with no side effects” and yes, he did tell him what happened to me, I figured that saying anything (which would violate HIPAA anyway) may not matter at all, so I sat in silence, impatiently tapping the chair. I’m already doing something. We’re making a film about this. It’s okay. They are explaining the side effects. Relax.

It’s frustrating to feel helpless in scenarios like these, especially considering you don’t want to be seen as the “crazy person” yelling at a complete stranger, telling them about that one drug that ruined your life with words like “mitochondria damage, tendonitis, and neurotoxicity,” even if that’s the first instinct. Yelling, making scenes, and applying a sense of urgency to your tone rarely makes anyone listen. Dare I say, it may hurt the cause.

Thankfully, during an interview with Dr. Joe Ketcherside, MD last week, we discussed possible solutions to end antibiotic misuse once-and-for-all. I want to tell you guys everything we discussed because as a former neurosurgeon, Joe has a lot of experience with antibiotics and a passion for change. He had a lot to say and even gave me a bit of hope. However, you will have to wait until the film is out!

Until then, we will be searching for funding so we can finish this thing and I will still visit hospitals regularly… unfortunately. If you would like to help in any way, feel free to email us.

Have a great weekend!


Michelle Polacinski
Floxie, Director, and Executive Producer of ‘Floxed’



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4 thoughts on “Floxed Friday – Levofloxacin in the Hospital

  1. Bonnie J Jacobus June 29, 2019 at 4:45 pm Reply

    I wish someone had told me.

  2. Carol Ginepro Schroeder June 29, 2019 at 7:11 pm Reply

    I have not read your whole story so so not know the extent of your problem. I was floxed and am doing so much better due to the IV stem cell treatment I received. Just wanted to pass it on.

    • Bonnie Jacobus June 30, 2019 at 10:23 am Reply

      Who were your stem cells from?

  3. Elaine July 26, 2019 at 10:22 am Reply

    Wow!! Pretty negative article!! Doesn’t give recovering floxies a lot of hope!! I disagree that floxies can’t feel 100% again. I think many can, done get close to it and of course some struggle for years. But I think that is a bad message to send to those of us healing!! This is a site to give HOPE not doubt. I am 2 years out and mostly recovered with some lingering symptoms that I’m dealing with. I have hope everyday that those lingering symptoms will fade or disappear. I think for many that happens in due time!! You can let this change you for the worse or the better!!! This can take you down or make you rise above with more strength! I choose the later and won’t let negative posts get to me. I choose to encourage not discourage. Your audience is very fragile and we all have tremendous fear about our recovery. Please be sensitive to that when posting such a discouraging message about healing. I know some suffer for many years and may not get 100% better ever. This is a site for HOPE though so let’s continur to have total faith in that!!

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