JD Scott Speaks Out About Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

JD Scott, an actor and host of several HGTV shows including Great American Country, HGTV.com’s behind the scenes content for the hit series Brother Vs. Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, Brothers Take New Orleans, radio talk show Off Topic with the Scott Brothers and more, recently posted a health update to his Instagram and Facebook pages that notes that he has been struggling with fluoroquinolone toxicity. His post states:

Health Update:

It occurred to me tonight that I hadn’t actually given you an update since first announcing my illness. On the positive side, I’m still feeling better than I did last year or even the beginning of this one.

What we know so far thanks to Dr. Jacobson’s testing is:

1. I had a bad GI infection which has been fixed. (This was just before that original video)

2. Discovered through followers comments that I was exposed to and may have been suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity (also called “Getting Floxed”). This would account for many of my symptoms and the timing is dead on. P.S. – Avoid ever taking any antibiotics that have “flox” in the name if you can.

3. Also found out last week that I have acute mercury poisoning. My levels are so high the health department got involved. We don’t know at this point how it happened but I am being treated for it and that would explain the some of the issues I’ve been having as well.

So at the end of the day, we have a lot more clarity on what was going on and how to tackle it. I’ve stuck to the diet which limits (almost to zero) gluten, sugar, soy and dairy. I have so many other things I have to take daily for this treatment but I am so grateful to finally have some real answers and direction.

I want to take a moment as well to talk about something important. We found out recently that someone we know very well didn’t believe I was actually sick. All I can say to that is “why”? How can you dare to think you know what someone is going through on the inside? What possible benefit do I get to pretending I’m fighting off this horrible illness and experience? It costs me most of what I have to treat it. For attention? I already had my presence on social media except now it’s harder for me to create content. I miss out on nearly everything that is fun and exciting to me normally. I have to explain myself over and over and over. Every minute of my day is timed out for medications, supplements and specific meals. So for any person out there who thinks someone might be faking a long term sickness (hidden illness), look deep within yourself and really ask why. My life was so wonderful before this began and all I want is to get back to that place.

Once again, I need to thank my functional doctor, Scott Jacobson with Wishing Wellness Medical who is doing amazing things for me but also the fans who helped more than they can know. I literally got some answers from your experiences which I can now help pass on to those still struggling to find a diagnosis. And most of all, to my amazing partner, Annalee Belle who powers through everything to get me better.

JD and his partner Annalee made this video describing his illness –

Annalee also posted this video about how difficult it is to have a loved-one go through a mysterious illness:

My heart goes out to both JD and Annalee. What they are going through is painful and difficult beyond description.

I’m glad that they realize the connection between fluoroquinolones and JDs illness. Hopefully it helps them to know that there is a community of “floxies” and that they are not alone in what they are going through.

It sounds like they have found a good functional medicine doctor who is helping JD to heal. I wish him all the best with his healing journey. I hope that he recovers fully quickly.

I’m glad that JD and Annalee are speaking out about what they are going through. It’s often painful, and sometimes embarrassing and difficult, to talk about mysterious illness and iatrogenic illnesses. People often don’t believe those that are suffering. Famous people aren’t immune from the suffering caused by fluoroquinolones or the disbelief that accompanies a strange illness like fluoroquinolone toxicity. In speaking out about their experience they are helping to spread the word about how dangerous and destructive fluoroquinolone antibiotics can be. Their advocacy is appreciated!

JD mentioned in his health update post that he is also suffering from mercury toxicity. Several “floxies” have noted that their mercury levels were high post-flox, and in the post “Fluoroquinolones and Mercury Poisoning” I go over some of the potential connections between fluoroquinolone toxicity and mercury poisoning, and how fluoroquinolones may trigger mercury release and poisoning.

Thank you to all in the “floxie” community that have reached out to JD and Annalee. I’m sure that they have learned a significant amount about fluoroquinolone toxicity from you.

I hope for a speedy recovery for JD. Fluoroquinolone toxicity is horrifying, for sure. I hope that he finds healing.


4 thoughts on “JD Scott Speaks Out About Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

  1. David Folksman September 16, 2019 at 7:15 am Reply

    Im interested specifically in the Mercury diagnoses and how they came to that conclusion and what tests were performed? Is there a link to get in touch with this person? Thanks,

  2. L September 16, 2019 at 9:24 am Reply

    It’s hard when you look normal on the outside, but are dealing with so many health issues that people can’t see like extreme pain, vision issues, muscle/tendon issues, gut issues, extreme anxiety, insomnia, and on and on. Sadly, you just have to move on, and not worry about those people who don’t think you’re sick.

    As for the mercury, within months of being floxed I was sent by my ND to an holistic dentist (Huggins trained, the gold standard) and had all my “silver” (mercury) fillings removed and replaced with more bio-compatible material. If you have any, you may want to do the same.

  3. Lukasz September 16, 2019 at 12:46 pm Reply

    Another unfortunate and likely preventable case of pharmaceutical-induced toxicity. I can’t help but wonder when, if ever, we’ll see the end of people falling victim to these life-altering, life-destroying drugs.

    Few points I want to touch on…

    1. The overheating symptom JD talks about is one I’m familiar with. I experienced the same early on and it’s still partially unresolved. Many pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics, mess with the body’s internal temperature regulator, the hypothalamus, thus causing a sensitivity to heat, cold or both. Early on I was extremely sensitive to heat and light. This went on for years. Today, my tolerance for both has greatly improved but I still overheat easily when in the sun. I also feel the cold on a greater scale than before. Light sensitivity was brutal early on but like the heat/cold intolerance, it’s improved a lot. Bottom lime, abx are responsible for this.

    2. The head pressure/crawling sensation in the head is another symptom I’m all too familiar with. I dealt with both of these strange sensations and yes, they are real and they are uncomfortable as hell. Like he describes, there were times that I thought my head was going to explode. No joke. These occurrences were like your worse headache but 100x times worse. Suicidal thoughts were also through the roof during these spells. As for the crawling sensation, that too is recognized by me. In fact, I posted about this a while back while looking for a solution. Thank God, both are now fully resolved but I’ll never forget how awful these two symptoms were.

    3. In regards to the isolation this couple sometimes feels. Just like the above symptoms, I can relate to this as well. Early on, people didn’t take my situation seriously. Only a few of my family members, relatives, co-workers and friends could visualize my symptoms. Most couldn’t understand and some didn’t care to understand. Some left my life, some stuck around. The ones that stuck around, I appreciate with all my being. Pharmaceutical toxicity can be a lonely road, but it also shows you who’s important in your life and who you should cherish. I’ve gained a lot more appreciation for these people. They’re the ones I want to keep in my life.

    Lastly, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for us to be calling these illnesses/diseases, “mystery illnesses”. What is so mysterious about them? We know the ingredients they’re putting into these pharmaceuticals are potent and in many cases deadly, so what exactly is there to unravel about that? People, these are deliberate acts meant to keep people sick, disabled and compliant. People in these categories are more prone to vices which feed the pockets of the people on top. They are impulsive and on edge. Hospitals, institutions, prisons, the judicial system, businesses of all kinds, etc. are all lining up and ready to take their dollars. Thousands of dollars spent by each sick person on things that they normally wouldn’t buy, consume or undergo, multiple that by each floxed person. How much do they stand to gain from us being healthy?

    So there’s nothing mysterious about any of this. Deliberate and deceiving, yes, mysterious, not so much.

    • L September 16, 2019 at 1:23 pm Reply

      Yeah, it’s not a mystery at all. Willful poisoning.

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