About Jason

Hey, my name is Jason Sousa and I became a Floxie in 2013 by a doctor in Fall River, MA. I did not have any symptoms till 6 months later when I had breathing issues at the gym then my piriformis muscle gave out. That is when I knew something was wrong. From that point on I tried getting to the bottom of what had happened to me. Starting with research. 

While traveling down the google rabbit hole I found Floxie Hope and was instantly turned onto the effects of these drugs. That was a huge moment for me and I cannot thank Lisa Bloomquist enough for creating this site. In the last few years I because very passonite about helping people and that is when I knew it was my calling. Lisa entrusted me to continue her mission with Floxie Hope and I intend to do so. With your help we can put an end to the suffering by sharing stories of hope and knowledge.

For more information on my groups and coaching see the links below.

My Story