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Lisa's Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Side Effects Recovery Story

My name is Lisa.  I was born and raised, and currently reside in Denver, Colorado.  I was born in 1979 so as of writing this, I’m in my early 30s (update – I’m 40).

I have always been an active and healthy person.  I was raised in the mountains where I hiked and camped regularly.  I even hiked the entire 500 mile Colorado Trail in 2010.  (The photo above is from my finish line.)  I grew up skiing but I stopped in my mid-20s.  Post floxing, my physical activities have changed.  Now I like swimming, pilates and walking.  Both pre- and post-floxing, being physically active has always been important to me.

I have a Masters in Public Administration and I currently work at a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) providing financing to developers of affordable housing.

I have a wonderfully supportive family and great friends who believed in me and believed that I would get better even when I didn’t believe it myself.  They have all been great through this ordeal.

My intention is to help anyone who is adversely affected by fluoroquinolones as much as I can.  If you need anything at all from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you and I hope that you are feeling well!

Here are some posts about my journey through FQ toxicity:

  1. Lisa’s Recovery Story – Cipro Toxicity
  2. A Journey Through Pharmaceutical Induced Illness
  3. Lisa’s Update
  4. A Full Recovery

I hope that my story and healing journey bring hope to those who read about it!



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  1. oceanboundjude August 1, 2013 at 8:25 pm Reply

    Done. Thank you for helping me. I`m still looking for the glue for that copy and paste thingy. lol All the success in the world…Judith

  2. Mary Patrice Kinnavane August 8, 2013 at 9:20 am Reply

    Hi LIsa, My brain is so fogged up at the moment that I am not sure if you are Lisa Bloomquist or not. are you my friend on Facebook? are you one and the same??? I wrote you a long mail about getting floxed with Levaquin about five weeks ago. I live in the west coast of Ireland about 14 miles from Shannon International Airport in a nice little town called Ennis. I am a widow and am 69 years old. I was floxed in May 2009 and would never have known what happened to me,as I have spent 3 years trying to find out, only for you and Janet Murray of New Jersey. Only for the internet I would never have found out until I found you both. You talk lot about healing Lisa. Am I too old to ever get over this poison Levaquin and what it did to me. All the people in the USA who have been floxed seem to be very young. Is this because the old like me are not too familiar with the “IT” generation. I read everything you write as you are so full of hope and you are also pragmatic. You are an amazing help to people and an inspiration. If you know any oldies like me that were floxed please let me know I beg of you as I am in a dreadful way. I need to find out about how they are coping. Thanks again for all your good work Lisa.
    Regards and best wishes ,
    Mary Patrice Kinnavane.

    • Wendy September 29, 2019 at 5:21 pm Reply

      Hi Lisa,
      I was floxed by Cipro in June of 2019 and
      Have been having severe symptoms. I have very painful peripheral neuropathy in my feet and ankles and tendinitis all over my body.
      Do you know of any good treatments for these symptoms? I am 63 years old and have been having side effects to most medications now since the Cipro. I also just started having blurred and double vision, maybe a side effect of the Ativan I took to help me sleep.
      Thanks for all you do.

  3. bisa1979 August 8, 2013 at 10:19 am Reply

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, I’m the same Lisa Bloomquist that is on facebook. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad that I can help you! I honestly do believe that most people do recover with time. Time heals. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, and that’s frustrating, I know.

    As for your age, I don’t think that you’re ever too old to have hope. Or too old to try. Or too old to do healing things for yourself. Or too old to be kind and compassionate toward yourself. ALL of those things will help you to recover and to heal.

    I think that everything that helped me can help you. Meditation, acupuncture, a mix of supplements that seems to help, minimizing your anxiety, gentle movement (pilates and swimming are my favorites), a diet that doesn’t have a lot of junk in it, etc. You can do those things. You can.

    More than anything, believing that YOU WILL GET BETTER is important. And trying. Anything that you can do that makes you feel a little better – do it.

    Thank you for reading my site! I appreciate hearing from you! I hope for healing for you. Hang in there. You can do this.

    • sarah July 15, 2018 at 3:55 pm Reply

      Hi Lisa, can you please contact me via my email you would have through this link. I would like to talk to you about posting something on here to help people with the legal side of it and lawsuits. Thanks, Sarah

  4. frankthetank831 February 13, 2014 at 12:53 am Reply

    Hey Lisa it’s Feb 12 and and was floxed Jan 8, from just two pills of cipro, I started the second day with pain in my two knees, then the next week with anxiety attacks, last week started pressure in my two sides of my head, and mild bone popping, should I expect note symptoms along the way, or did you experience everything in a short time span?

    • Lisa Bloomquist February 13, 2014 at 9:46 am Reply

      Hi Frank,

      I wish that I had some answers for you, but I don’t. I don’t know how hard you are going to get hit. I don’t know if you’ve already seen the worst of it and are going to get better quickly, or if you are going to stay as you are now for a while, or if you are going to get worse. I just don’t know. Everyone is different.

      What I do know is that what you are going through is scary – and that there are people who are happy to support you through this scary time. The support people can be accessed through this facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/46690244194/ I also know that most people get better with time. It’s true, though sometimes it’s hard to believe as you’re going through the journey. It is true though. I know that hope is helpful. I know that these “attitude tips” helped me and I hope that they will help you –

      Try not to compare yourself to how you used to be. I used to hike 20 miles in a day. I can’t do that anymore, but I can hike 3 miles today and I couldn’t do that when I first got floxed. Compare yourself to how you were yesterday, not to how you were before you got floxed.

      Do something – anything – to work toward healing, every day. Walk a little further than you did yesterday. Meditate. Take an Epsom Salt bath. Get an acupuncture treatment. Do a puzzle. Whatever makes you feel good – do it. Every little step helps.

      Don’t kill yourself. Have hope. You will get better.

      You’re not crazy. You’re sick. Have hope. You will get better.

      You’re not stupid. You’re sick. Have hope. You will get better.

      Try not to identify yourself as sick. The mind is a powerful thing so try to stay positive. It’s hard, I know. But try, because it’s worth it.

      You will have bad days. They will pass. This all will pass. It is not permanent. You are strong – present tense. You were knocked down, but you weren’t killed. You will get better.

      Don’t quit your job. Try to maintain as much normalcy in your life as you can.

      It is not your fault. Even if you knew better, even if you demanded the most powerful drug possible from your doctor, even if you self-medicated, even if you coerced your doctor into giving you the fluoroquinolone antibiotic, even if the infection that you were treating was something that you got because of doing something stupid, or from sex, even if you continued to take it after you started to get sick, even if you floxed your child/parent or other loved one – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You are sick. You are poisoned. You are not to blame for your sickness or for the fact that you are poisoned. Who to blame is a discussion that I don’t want to get into because I want this to be positive, but it is not you. You are not to blame. You are a victim. It is not your fault.

      I know that what happened to you is wrong.

      And I hope that you will be okay.

      Please let me know if you need anything.


      • ChristmasCarla February 16, 2016 at 2:23 pm Reply

        Lisa, is it okay to share your “attitude tips” on my Facebook page?

        • Lisa Bloomquist February 16, 2016 at 3:18 pm

          Absolutely! You are welcome to share anything that I write anywhere. (Though sometimes I look back at the stuff I wrote a few years ago and think, “I wonder what I was thinking.” But I don’t think I’ve said anything too embarrassing. 🙂 )

      • Jake March 12, 2019 at 11:01 pm Reply

        Hi Lisa I love your story of healing . I was floxed a year ago and have the depersonalization and brain fog really bad . You of all people know ….. Does the fog and depersonalization leave for everyone ? All the days are blurring . As for the body I got lucky you can say I was spared. I do have the severe body weakness . However tell me more about the brain fog etc mental clarity . Does it eventually leave for all ? Thanks ! I am 32 and had no brain cognitive stuff before this.

  5. Christina Landis May 9, 2014 at 2:39 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    I had took 2 500mg Levaquin in 2010. It’s still affecting me greatly.
    I would very much want to tell my story ,my strength and hope of how I deal with my condition .
    English is my second language , can you help me to write my story…..

    • Lisa Bloomquist May 9, 2014 at 5:10 pm Reply

      Hi Christina,

      I am happy to help you! Are you recovered to the point that you think you can write a recovery story? If you would like to share your pain, The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain is a good place to share that – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fluoroquinolone-Wall-of-Pain/209182505773463 If you are recovered, I can share your story here on floxie hope. Either way, I am happy to help you with writing your story. If you want to email it to me at floxiehope@gmail.com, I can look over it and help you with your English.

      Best regards,

  6. Chris C May 17, 2014 at 8:58 am Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for this website and support group. You give hope to so many people. I am so thankful to have found this, as I have been trying to understand what’s going on with my body and my mind after taking Levaquin over 3 months ago, and having been an extremely active person who once was so in-tune with my body, I believe that I can get that person back…with help and support, that is. I’m wondering if you have any advice as to where to begin. I’ve felt pretty hopeless after appointments with doctors, but I’m thinking acupuncturist, functional medicine doctor…just not sure. Also, I tried to join the Facebook group you list above, but I see that it is a closed group and don’t think I was able to. Thank you again for what you are doing!

    • Lisa Bloomquist May 17, 2014 at 11:37 am Reply

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you so much for your lovely note! I’m so sorry for what you are going through!

      As for where to start, well, that’s not an easy question. I think that most of us find our way through trial and error. Here are some suggestions:

      1. Ask people who you trust, preferably ones with complex medical issues, if there are any naturopaths, chiropractors, acupunctors, nutritionists or M.D.s that they recommend. Then check those people out. There are doctors, and alternative medical practitioners, listed here – https://floxiehope.com/2013/12/11/doctor-referral-list/
      2. The facebook group is full of people with good suggestions. Here is the link to it – https://www.facebook.com/groups/46690244194/ Even though it’s a closed group (for the privacy of the people in it), you will be let in if you send a request to be let in.
      3. Read the stories on here. There is lots of good advice noted in all of the stories.

      I hope that you are able to find a good path and help along the way!


  7. Josh Gibson October 4, 2014 at 4:52 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    I have been going through quite a ordeal, I had 2 rounds of levaquin for sinus infections early this year, 4 days after the 2nd round of levaquin I went to ER with ringing ears, dizzy and massive head ache, I had sore ankles, cracking joints and weakness the whole time taking levaquin, ER docs said I was fine. ENT doc said I needed sinus surgery. I had the surgery 4 days after I went to the ER. When I got home after the surgery I started to bleed and went into a panic attack that cause more bleeding when paramedics got to me my blood pressure was 185/126. A couple weeks after this I was prescribed avelox and a Predizone for lingering infection, had to stop after 2 days due to side effects. In the last few months I have been very fatigued, pain in shoulders, elbows, hip, lower back, bottom of feet, tingling on top of head, ringing in ears, light headed when standing, mild headaches that come and go, I have been to several doctors trying to find out what is wrong with me and the last doctor I went to diagnosed me with Lyme disease because my symptoms and because western blot test came back with banding for p41. He wants to prescribe long term antibiotics for Lyme, I have read that the p41 band is not a sure indicator that someone has Lyme. I told him I need more concrete evidence for Lyme. I feel that maybe what I am experiencing is toxicity from levaquin, and wish I could find out? Please let me know if there is anyway to be tested. I was a healthy 42 year old male that loved spending time with my family, riding motorcycles, hunting, fishing, and exercising before all this happened now I am afraid to leave my house. Sucks Bad!

    • Lisa Bloomquist October 4, 2014 at 6:46 pm Reply

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for reaching out and I’m glad that you found this site! What you’re going through certainly sounds like an adverse reaction to levaquin and/or avelox. Unfortunately, there is no test for fluoroquinolone toxicity at this time. For most people, myself included, all of the standard tests come back in the normal ranges. My doctor said that I was healthy when I was most definitely struggling. It made me realize how unreliable the tests that they give are. As for confirmation though, take a look through the levaquin and avelox warning labels (they’re on the links & resources page). Most of your symptoms are probably on those warning labels. Most of mine were. Also, the FDA acknowledges that fluoroquinolones are mito-toxic and that they can lead to multi-symptom illness – http://www.hormonesmatter.com/fluoroquinolone-antibiotics-damage-mitochondria-fda-adds-warning/. Too bad they haven’t bothered to tell the public or even doctors this.

      Take a look through this site for advice on how to heal. There are lots of good stories on here. I hope that they’re helpful! Also, the facebook group linked to on the home page is a good resource.

      Hang in there. It will get better.


      • Amir January 1, 2015 at 6:27 am Reply

        Hi Lisa,

        i am a 47 yrs old male in UK.
        I am so happy i found your site.
        I was prescribed around 12 courses of Cipro between 2010-2014 for recurring UTI’s.
        I am still feeling the effects today.
        Been to ER many times with pains /numbness and digestion and bowel problems.
        Do you know of anywhere in UK where i can get any information/help etc?


  8. seager May 25, 2015 at 10:58 am Reply

    Hi LIsa,
    My most major complaint now is shortness of breath. Like I’m suffocating constantly. I am on an anti candida diet and have been AIP for 6 months. I am juicing and taking magnesium, turmeric and vitamin c. Please tell me that this is all just a part of the illness. Because mostly I’m reading of people with pain. I do have pain, stiffness, neuropathy, twitching muscles but shortness of breath I cannot handle. Will there be improvement soon in your opinion?

  9. radish September 11, 2015 at 1:28 pm Reply

    Hey Lisa, do you have any recommendations for doctors in the Denver/Boulder area?

  10. Jesiel cruz December 20, 2016 at 7:52 pm Reply

    Hello liza my mame is jesiel cruz, i am 40 years old and i live in brazil.i hád been floxed, i took 28 pills of cloridrato de ciprofloxacino two months ago. I am having trouble w my body now….i have some question , please e mail me if You could.

  11. Alecia Pike June 11, 2017 at 12:06 am Reply

    Hi Lisa!
    For the past three years I’ve been dealing with what I believe to be the adverse affects of taking fluoroquinolones for over two decades. I’ve been in denial. Even though I’ve spent countless hours reading mind-bending technical articles and countless personal stories, which completely described my life, I just wanted it to be something different.

    My story is long and arduous. All that matters now though is that I can’t get out of bed and I feel like every ligiment and tendon in my body is failing. I’m in excruciating pain, exhausted and cloudy. I still want to pretend it’s something else but I know what it is and I’m afraid it’s killing me – I’m afraid I’m going to die.

    I’ve been wanting to reach out to you for months – but my denial and fear and pride wouldn’t let me. I can’t live in denial anymore.

    My husband is burnt out from taking care of me, I’m a stranger to my kids and I don’t have the energy or mind to keep pushing, and researching, and advocating for myself. I feel like this eveil is finally taking my grit and sass and tenacity and that’s what scares me the most.

    I want to start a blog for so many reasons – to give me meaning and purpose since I can’t work, to teach through my story, but It’s unbelieveably difficult for me to even write this to you. I’m worried that I can’t go on. It’s my desperation that finally contacted you. I don’t even know what I am looking for from you. I just know that you understand and that is something certainly missing in my world.

    Thank you for doing what you do. You are truly a pioneer who is changing the world!

    With love and gratitude,

    • Lisa June 11, 2017 at 6:32 am Reply

      Hi Alecia,

      Thank you so much for your note! I’m so sorry for everything that you’re going through though! It truly is criminal what these drugs do to people. They have taken so much from you and your loved ones, and I am so sorry for all the losses. 😦

      I encourage you to start a blog. This site has been cathartic and healing for me. Being able to tell my story, to help others through this difficult and horrible time, and change the perception of fluoroquinolone safety, has been really helpful and even healing. Also, it seems that people are more open to believing things that they read than things that they hear. I have gotten a lot of acknowledgement of the pain and illness that fluoroquinolones bring from writing about it on this site. If you start a site please let me know and I will link to it on the Links & Resources page of floxiehope.com.

      I know that facing the fact that you have been poisoned (by an antibiotic no less) is difficult. Any emotions that you feel are warranted and appropriate. Know that there is a community of people who are willing and (hopefully) able to support you.

      Huge hugs,

  12. Amanda Awayda August 3, 2017 at 2:06 am Reply

    Hi my name is Amanda. I am floxie victim who is experiencing neuropsychiatric and physical issues, I have hope but am still struggling to believe that I will return to my full of life happy 20 year old self, your words have given me hope and acknowledgement of what I am experiencing, thank you so much!

  13. Jackie Rainbird October 21, 2017 at 1:17 am Reply

    I have left a comment after your interesting read. Thank you for sharing such indepth information. It may help my boy!?

    I am looking to fly my son to Mayo Clinic for help regarding his serious conditions. Unfortunately no Consultant/Doctor in the UK will sign him fit to fly, presently he is too unstable.

    We are also in contact with Panama Stem Cell Clinic Institution for stem cell treatment/mesenchymel cell which is imminent .

    My son aged 31, is bedbound 15 months with agonising and torturous conditions. Reading your information on floxy – it has given me a new direction in finding some help…but I don’t know where to start, other than to give everything we have on file from all the Consultants at all hospitals in the UK who have reviewed him (10 in all) and are “at a loss” as what is happening to him, to the Mayo Clinic USA with your findings on floxy. Perhaps this is the beginning of something that, can be proven, and possibly help Brookin and .. go viral.

    I’m aware of mitochondrial damage / fibromyalgia / peripheral neuropathy etc but never imagined a link with antibiotics/floxy that has kicked off these and other diah debilitating conditions, pertaining to suicidal thoughts and intollerable PAIN.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and understanding. You are an inspiration to us all.
    May you stay healthy and keep well lovely lady.

    Jackie Rainbird
    Facebook UK

  14. reesa guarino November 12, 2017 at 8:44 pm Reply

    Jackie, I am so sorry to hear about your son. I can’t imagine what it is like for you and him. There is a woman named Sujata who posted her story in the Recover Stories section and maybe you can take away from her Recovery some ideas on healing your son. It appears that she is also consulting with folks through her website. I believe I healed so quickly because within a week of being floxed I found this site and was able to start acupuncture and many of the supplements that were recommended by those who have healed themselves. Best, Reesa

  15. Charlene Ans December 2, 2017 at 9:30 am Reply

    Was I floxed? In 2012 I was given Cipro twice in two months for a UTI. About a month later I noticed my feet and hands felt like they were asleep. Went to doctor, tested positive for Peripheral Neuropathy with borderline diabetes as cause. No mention of Cipro. Shortly afterwards I began experiencing unexplained shortness of breath lasting for 2-6 mo.then going away. Have had 4 bouts of this unexplained breathing problem in past 5 years and after all tests were normal I was told it was “stress.” Since 2012 the PN has been 100% asymptomatic and breathlessness comes and goes. I have been otherwise healthy and have not taken any antibiotics since the Cipro in 2012, until recently in August 2017 with three back to back prescriptions of antibiotics. My nightmare began in August 2017 with a misdiagnoses of BV and Flagyl for 10 days, after no relief finally diagnosed correctly with Urethritis and put on Doxycyclene for 7 days which helped alot but not 100% so then 7 more days on Bactrim. After all of this I still had urethral pain and also began very suddenly having horrific Peripheral Neuropathy pain like I had never experienced before. After being bedridden for 4 months I was recently told I have very high Zoster Varicella Virus. I have no rash. I am currently on 3 mo of Valacyclovir and after 10 days have seen a “little” relief of both PN and Urethra pain. I have also been suffering with severe anxiety and constant crying, not sure if attributed to “floxing” or emotions resulting of health situation. I am 66 year old female finally retired and looking forward to senior years and traveling but now my life has stopped cold with pain no doctor has answer for (have seen 8 of them). Please tell me there is help to end this pain and get my life back!

  16. Rosanne Moore January 31, 2018 at 8:45 am Reply

    I really need someone to talk to. I’m 61 and was given floroquinolones for years for sinus and respiratory infections. Have been suffering with terrible pain that they diagnosed as fibromyalgia in 2006. Recently I had ultra sound of my hamstrings and gluteals. I have bilateral tendonosis in all as well as pirigormid syndrome. I have had pneumonia 3 times with very bad chest pain. Sick for 3months each time. Went to new pulmonologist who gave me a breathing test that measured muscle not lung. He said there is s problem with the muscles around my lungs. I’ve had to fight for so many years to get proper diagnosis. I’m very scared and don’t know what to do. It’s been a struggle with drs. Do you know f anyone who has had tendons in muscles around lungs damaged? I tool floroquinolones from the 90’s until 2013 when I developed an allergic reaction to them with hives from head to toe and wound up in er for 8 hours. You be tried to join fb page but can’t seem to pull it up now. I don’t know if a person can live with muscles around lungs damaged and I don’t know where to turn. New dr said he will most likely refer me to temple lung center in Philadelphia. Don’t know if anyone will believe floroquinolones did this. My two sons are getting married next year. I want so much to be able to attend their weddings in December and April but I get pneumonia so much and I’m sick for two months at a time. Please help me and let me know if anyone else is dealing with this. Thank you.

    • roe1956@aol.com February 1, 2018 at 11:45 am Reply

      I don’t know how to do this. I’ve never used wordpress before and I”m not that computer savvy with computers. I really need to know if anyone has had this toxicity affect the muscles around their lungs I went to another pulmonologist and he did muscle breathing test that was not good. He said he is taking time to look over all my past records but feels this is out of his league and will probably be sending me to the Temple lung center at the hospital in Philadelphia. I am scared and I really don’t know who to talk to about this. Trying so hard to find a support group. He believes this is muscular disease and I have a lot of tendonosis in my body which I believe is from years of taking floroquinolones and I’m wondering if it could be in the muscles around my lungs. Please help me.

      • Lisa February 1, 2018 at 8:53 pm Reply

        Hi Rosanne,

        I’m so, so, so sorry for the pain that you are experiencing! I know of several people who have had horrible problems breathing, and suffering from “air hunger” post-flox, but I don’t know of anyone who has had damaged muscles around her (or his) lungs. Fluoroquinolones damage all connective tissue though, so it’s certainly possible that what you’re going through is because of the fluoroquinolones. Here is a good article about the musculoskeletal effects of fluoroquinolones – http://www.levaquinadversesideeffect.com/wp-content/uploads/Documents/Hall-2011.pdf.

        L, who comments often on the home page of http://www.floxiehope.com, has struggled with horrible breathing problems after taking fluoroquinolones. She was helped greatly by IV treatments administered by her naturopath. She responded well to H2O2 treatments. Other people have responded well to other IV treatments. Please discuss any sort of treatment that you are considering with your doctor, as they can have negative as well as positive effects.

        Here is some basic advice for approaching this toxicity – https://floxiehope.com/2015/10/12/im-floxed-now-what/. Know that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are going through similar things, and many of them will be happy to help you. Please comment on the home page of floxiehope.com for more support, or try The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Group on Facebook. Also, feel free to email me through the “contact” link above.


      • L February 1, 2018 at 11:10 pm Reply

        Hey Roe, I just wrote a very long response and now I don’t see it, so here I go again. NO sure I will remember everything I said.

        I did have horrific breathing issues post Cipro. Of the 30 plus side effects, several terrifying, that was the worst. I literally gasped for every breath. When it first started I didn’t know how I would last ten minutes. At the worst I was like that for 3 months. It gradually started getting better at that point and it was about a year until it subsided. I have had asthma, and it was different. With asthma I could still breathe but my lungs felt tight and it was difficult. With this it just ‘stopped.” I would start to take a breath and it was like a door slid shut and stopped completion.

        I had head to toe nerve damage, including peripheral neuropathy, aural nerve damage, olfactory nerve damage, ocular nerve damage…so I assumed this was autonomic nerve damage. And it may have been. Another suggestion from a researcher was mitochondrial damage to the heart muscle. So perhaps your doctor was on the right track, but I don’t know that I would relate it to disease.

        You will find that most—nearly ALL—allopaths are completely unprepared to either recognize the flq damage or help treat it. I was thrown under the bus by a dozen allopaths and only started my turn around after I began seeing an ND that did IVs. I was on so many supplements and got so many IVs it is difficult to zero on which ones helped which side effects. What I would suggest though are supplements that help mitochondria and nerves. A couple companies put out a kind of all-in-one for mitochondrial health. One is KPAX and antoher is by Life Extension. There are others too I imagine. You can begin by doubling up on CoQ 1o (or Ubiquinol if you are over 40); EPA fish oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid and lots of magnesium. (You need to find which works best without giving you diahrrhea. Orotate I find is a good one, or taurate.) Also resveratrol is good—there are others. For nerves, also the B vitamins, magnesium, also ALA.

        I had a LOT of IVs.Phosphatidylcholine is supposed to be good for both nerves and mito. I also did Myers, high dose C and H2O2. At the time I was floxed I had been on prophylactic inhaled steroids for asthma…twice a day. Now I was already gasping for breath, and the very thought of having an asthma attack ON TOP of this suffocating like breathing was unimaginable. On the other hand, I knew if I continued taking steroids I was only causing further damage. So when my ND suggested H2O2 IVs, (which I doctor told me was dangerous) I really didn’t cared. I was down 1/3 of my body weight, shuffling, blurry eyed, in pain, and I just didn’t care what happened. So I said “yeah, do it.” After a half dozen of those IVs I weaned off my asthma meds. And surprise. NO asthma for the next almost three years….

        In addition to the supplements I would urge you to find a respected ND or integrative MD, especially one that does IVs. If you can’t find one who has dealt with floxies, find one that has treated Lyme patients, because we have many side effects that overlap. I will also see if I can find a name for you from someone else in the area.. If you have a specific question, ask away.

      • L February 2, 2018 at 12:27 pm Reply

        Hi again. I don’t know where in PA you are, but here is an integrative doctor who has treated floxies. (I don’t know if he would take your insurance, and it can be pricey, but what choices do we have?) https://www.dradrianmd.com/store/pc

        • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 11:08 am

          I am in South Jersey. Close to Cherry Hill and Philadelphia.

  17. Kathy Gaines February 21, 2018 at 3:49 pm Reply

    I would love to know if anyone out there has had balance related problems after taking a fluoroquinolone, (Floxin) and still suffering? If not suffering what has helped to make your balance problems improve?

    • Janet March 18, 2018 at 8:21 am Reply

      Kathy, my husband has, not falling or anything, just unsteady. He was actually diagnosed with Parkinson’s in September and again in February by a different doctor. But after going through his medical history the last two weeks and reviewing the timeline since 2010, he had taken flox abx 4 times!!!! And about 4-6 months later his back would go out, irritability sets in, confusion, memory, the works. Dang medical profession! Bunch of idiots!

      • Mary Patrice Kinnavane March 18, 2018 at 10:25 am Reply

        Janet my dear, has your husband been floxed ????. I guess properly, !!!! he has been. Are you sure of his being diagnosed was correct with Parkinson’s. I was floxed after one dose of Levaquin for pneumonia in 2009 I am staggering all over the place since my GP put me on Lycria by PFIZER and told me I HAD FIBROMYLGIA. no. no no. I am in a shocking state I cannot believe the medical people any more. I have had enough of their lies and cover up. My friend Jim has Parkinsons for 15 years and he is falling all over the place. He is quite ill. He was never floxed that I am aware of, I know him 9 years .I am falling all over the place for the past 9 years. It is not the fault of Lyrica though I think it is lethal rubbish. It keeps the pain at bay and I can sleep. I think it is a conspiracy between the medical profession and Big Pharma to keep us in ignorance.

  18. Mary Patrice Kinnavane March 18, 2018 at 10:38 am Reply

    I have said all I can about being floxed and there is no cure. I have been to so many consultants and neuros all lies that is what I hear from these doctors and consultants. I met one honest female nuero she told me the truth 4 years ago no cure just take antidepressants AMYTRIPTALINE!!!!! no good, and painkillers. I am in bits at the moment as I had my cataracts done in both eyes in the last month. I have to put steroids and antibiotics in to both eyes and I am going crazy with pain all over my body . Mind you I can see.!!!!

    • L March 18, 2018 at 10:51 am Reply

      You need to start going to either NDs or integrative MDs. Allopaths are mostly worthless for anything related to this

      • Chris March 12, 2019 at 11:04 pm Reply

        Hi L and anyone out there . Does anyone know if the brain fog and depersonalization leaves.

        • L March 13, 2019 at 9:34 am

          Chris, I had horrific mental side effects…suicidal ideation, severe depression, depersonalization, extreme anxiety (jump out of your skin at the slightest noise or movement), paranoia…..all gone. Of course I had dozens of other physical side effects and steal dealing with some of those. But all the brain stuff left. Not all at once. EG the anxiety hung around for over 1 1/2 years but the rest left before that.

  19. Troll March 26, 2018 at 8:08 pm Reply

    Trolly troll troll BS, but if I delete the comment, I’ll delete L’s lovely response. 🙂

    • L March 26, 2018 at 8:21 pm Reply

      Mr Green,

      I do not know who you are or what your agenda is but I will tell you that Lisa does NOT offer medical advice. She makes suggestions. She is also responsible for thousands of people finding help when they were ready to throw in the towel. Thanks to her generosity of spirit and time (untold hours/days/weeks/years) she has spent with no other goal than the altruistic one of trying to help people through this incredible nightmare, she has helped people from across the country and around the world, find hope and resources to fight this crime against humanity.

      I imagine you have some petty grievance or maybe you’re just a sad, lonely troll, but you will not find any allies here in your diatribe against Lisa. I am one of many who owe her a debt of gratitude I can never repay. Go peddle your hate, lies and innuendo elsewhere.

  20. wendy April 4, 2018 at 8:21 am Reply

    lisa, i took cipri for 2 days last month. i started reading all the horror stories and started taking liquid magnesium everyday. last few days headahce on top of head pressure behind eyes. have had this way before cipro, and have been getting prolotherapy shots for last 5 years, has been a miracle. now they came back, im hoping its not the cipro. also been naseaus last few days. I cant go online anymore its making me physically sick- please can you suggest anything?? ive taken cipro i think about 8 yers ago, i think i did. Never had a reaction. Any help please!

  21. Joe T June 12, 2018 at 1:00 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa,

    I took my last dose of Cipro a little more than 4-weeks ago. My symptoms of Cipro side effects have progressed and changed during that time. To be honest, I’m extremely worried and concerned this will continue to progress in a negative direction and potentially never end. I’m only 29-years old and have been healthy until this point. My doctors say there’s nothing I can do but wait, and many physicians seem to downplay the prevalence of these side effects. Could I email you directly to talk about my symptoms, compare stories, and ask you some questions? I would be more grateful than I can express.

    All the best,


  22. Jayne June 20, 2018 at 5:10 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much for putting this website together! You have helped so many people. I was floxed about 10 months ago. Although I have only the musculoskeletal symptoms,(extreme stiffness when walking, texting and typing)
    this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life. If I knew I was going to get better in the near future, I think I could handle this pretty smoothly. But reading about people who took 3 to 6 years to recover and those who never recovered terrifies me. Being anxious doesn’t help the recovery process. One question for you is would there be anyone I can speak to by phone?I think it would really help to talk to someone who’s been through this, but I find that my arms hurt the more I type a text, so I’d prefer to call someone. Maybe someone could even implement a buddy system so that everyone would have someone to call who understands. I was also wondering if you knew anything about stem cell therapy for flocking?Dr. Ghalilii in California offers stem cell therapy for a lot of money. Does it work? I think there are also cheaper places and I wonder if they do the same thing

  23. Jayne July 1, 2018 at 4:11 pm Reply

    I am currently in my tenth month of dealing with this and it’s been the worst experience in my life thus far. I am so anxious. If I knew it was going to
    go away in the next six months I wouldn’t be so worried. But i see so many stories on the internet of people who it never went away for that it terrifies me. Unfortunate it also affects my hands so typing it south. Would there be anyone I can speak to by phone? It could be nice to even set up a buddy system . Thank you for all you do to help people!!!

  24. Debbie July 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm Reply

    Dear Lisa ive been floxed for 4yrs at the end if july would you be kind enough to email me so i can write to you my name is deb im in England thanks so much my email is lperrysmusic@hotmail.co.uk

  25. A Johnson November 8, 2018 at 6:08 am Reply

    Hi Lisa

    I have been floxed for about 18 months. I feel better but still have pain. I exercise 3 to 4 times weekly. Just recently I took an advanced class and it seems that I had a relapse (my entire body is in severe pain). Could it be that I over extended myself? Also I am presently taking Vit. Mag 600-800mg. B12. Co10. Turmeric and Curamin for pain. I have taken blood test in my doctors office for deficiencies all is normal. What is the name of the more in-depth blood test I can have done to see if I have deficiencies? What else can I do? Help

  26. Anne Leenders November 28, 2018 at 2:30 pm Reply

    I am wondering if anybody has experience with sauna or ion footbath being able to pull these toxins out of the body, or is in any way been helpful?
    Thank you


  27. Dan Jervis February 24, 2019 at 11:19 am Reply

    Having read all of your testimonies on Lisa’s page, I feel as though I am looking into a mirror.
    I can relate to every single one of you. Having been hammered with 60,000mg of Cipro in 1996 and being crushed into severe headache and nausea, I have endured for just over 8600 days. Brushed aside by every doctor at every institution I have attended, attempting to end my life in 2010, being counseled by at least 100 counselors and chaplains. Having watched what this has done to my wife of 47 years, my 36 year old son, blaming myself, feeling ashamed, being a burden, managing thoughts of suicide every day and needing to use Xanax to get ANY sleep whatsoever I have had to surrender and realize that with the limited energy currency I still have, I must reconstruct a life with meaning. Going to bed every night thinking about a possible breakthrough to return to being myself again, wishing to be able to be silly again, knowing that I could be a different person if not for my hardship. Wishing to be remembered laughing, not wanting to be thought of as a coward, suppressing anger toward the doctor who overprescribed me while wanting to outlive about 10 doctors who have ignored believing that I was poisoned is not how I thought I would live my gifted life. I am now 69 years old, skied for 42 years, have been cycling all my life, and somehow even though I struggle committing myself to get on my bicycle, I actually do keep up with friends who are 10-15 years younger than me and after at least an hour of nausea, being burdened by headache while going anaerobic many times on a mountain trail ascent I actually have a remarkable breakthrough by squeezing a few more endorphins from my adrenal glands. I call it “being in elastic time” (instead of linear time) and it is REAL but it always fades that evening or by the next day. Trying to hold on to that breakthrough has empowered me to not give up my fortitude and will to live.

    I encourage all of us to try to fully engage to the limit of our ability into what brings us the greatest JOY and experience “elastic time” and do whatever we can to stay in that moment as long as possible because healing occurs in the present moment.

    My warmest respect and love to all of us for managing the life we live inside of a cage with what seems to have no escape.

    Truly your partner, Dan Jervis

    • L February 24, 2019 at 12:27 pm Reply

      Wow, Dan your cycling is impressive! If you have seen my posts, you know I struggled with over 30 side effects, and several, effecting my breathing, my vision and olfactory damage to where the entire world literally asphyxiated me, I prayed for death for a year, and spent every day contemplating how I might take myself out. I was always afraid of not doing it completely, and only compounding my misery, so (obviously!) I never did. I too share your anger at the medical establishment. I was thrown under the bus by 12 doctors of different specialties, and was saved by a naturopath, never having been to one in my life prior to this. I wish Dr Jay Cohen’s book was still available in print. It’s great to give to those skeptics who are close to us. Anyhow, keep cycling!

      • Rosanne Moore October 28, 2019 at 5:41 am Reply

        Why isn’t DrJay Cohens book available. I tried to find it but only found one used copy on amazon for $1600.00. I don’t understand why you can’t find it in book stores. Did the pharmaceutical companies buy them all out?

        • L October 28, 2019 at 9:51 am

          Dr Cohen died a few years ago, and he had self-published. I contacted someone at his old website and they said they didn’t have any info on the publication. It’s a shame. It should be must-reading for all doctors and it is so helpful for floxies. He does have another book out but it’s not this final reporting from him.

  28. Laura April 15, 2019 at 5:05 pm Reply

    Are you the “Lisa” that had a blog on the net in 2012? I was floxxed in Feb 2012 when in my early 50s. I never fully recovered. While I’m better, I’d say I got 50% better. I was on the road to recovery from the 2nd half of 2012 thru all of 2015. Ten I started regressing. It was terrifying losing all of my progress I’m worse now with the muscle weakness, and horrible debilitating fatigue and brain fog. So here I am pushing 60 and it’s 2019. I’m sedentary most of the time to avoid pain.

  29. Anne April 17, 2019 at 7:27 am Reply

    Where can we buy MitoQ? I am in Canada

  30. Mike May 29, 2019 at 6:16 pm Reply


    This site has been integral to my understanding of how this happened to me and what I am doing to recover. I had one 500mg Levaquin pill three weeks ago. I can put in a few miles a day walking, working, etc., so I consider myself lucky in that regard (and knowing to flush the evil medication after the first pill). My muscles ache a little and right now it’s more the fog and CNS symptoms. Everything is rather mild, but it’s scary.

    I guess at this point, after only one pill, and that I can walk and get 10,000 steps in a day, etc., is this mild? What – on average – does a trajectory of healing look like for someone who has experienced “mild” floxing?

    • Mary Patrice Kinnavane May 30, 2019 at 12:26 am Reply

      My darling you are so lucky. I had IV. Levaquin plus three 500mg pils before I realised I was floxed. That was 10 years ago this week. I was a daily swimmer and walker. Now can do neither. I have an automatic car otherwise I would be houseboind.

  31. Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 9:47 am Reply

    Hi Lisa, I was prescribed floroquinolones for 20 years and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I never believed that diagnosis but until October of 2017 when I had a musculoskeletal ultrasound I didn’t know what was wrong g with me. I have widespread tendonosis. My pain has gotten to a point where it is unbearable. I’ve read about iv infusions and stem cell treatments and was hoping I could get legal representation so that I could get the treatments that seem to be the only thing that will help me. I’ve been on disability and my income is modest. I’ve called lawyers but have been told they will only take cases of people with aortic aneurysms. I’m hoping you can help me. I don’t think I can go on like this. The tendonosis is in my hamstrings, my gluteal Maximus and minimus as well as around my right rib cage. Sitting and trying to sleep are so painful. In addition I have damage around my right rib cage which caused a pneumothorax in 2010 and frequent pneumonia. Over the past two weeks my left side of my chest has started to hurt too. Last year I stood up from a sitting position to fall on my face from a partial and total ligament tear in my right ankle. My toxicity is getting worse all the time. It feels like someone is taking picks from a fire and twisting them all over the inside of my body. I was hoping you could help me find a lawyer that might help me. I don’t know that I can last until Medicare will cover the treatments I need to keep this from progressing and I’m scared. Over the years I had no idea that Cipro and levaquin were causing my problems. I was on these antibiotics and steroids together for every sinus or respiratory infection I ever had. I have my medical records from the pharmacy from 2000 til 2013 and I took these antibiotics about 60 times. I was prescribed it originally by my allergist in the 90’s and was told it was the best class of antibiotics for sinus infections. I took it for weeks at a time along with prednisone. I even took it when I was pregnant with my daughter who was born in January of 1995. I didn’t know to be afraid of antibiotics. I’m afraid now. I don’t know how much longer I can live with this kind of pain that is constant. I’ve tried supplements, eating organic. Please help me. I’m 63 and have two sons who got married this year. I want to be Around to be a grandmother. My own mother passed away from cancer at 56 so my children never knew her. Please help me to find a lawyer that will help me. I’m getting worse everyday and I don’t know what to do. I cannot sleep withou trazadone, clonazepam and ambien. For pain I’ve tried tramadol 50 mgs and Vicodin 5 mgs. I’ve had many ultrasound guided steroid injections Prior to knowing my diagnosis but even now I’ve recently had to get trigger point injections and oral steroids so that I was able to attend my so s wedding g as new problems had me unable to get out of bed for 3 weeks. I know I shouldn’t take steroids. I feel like I’m going out of my mind with the pain. I also have ibs constipation and require 8 sennA plus and a dulcilax every night in order to have a bowel movement. I have peripheral neuropathy and my fingers and toes go into pain ful spasms where the outer three fingers and toes go into spasms and the fingers and part of my hands and feet drop. I’ve been approved for medical marijuana. I can’t smoke or vape anything because it causes coughing. I tried a brownie which relaxed everything except the painful areas of my body. I’m going back for an appointment to see if I can try another type that may help me. I feel so alone and scared.

    • L July 8, 2019 at 10:26 am Reply

      Assuming you are in the US, in order to file a medical malpractice case you need to do so within the statute of limitations for your state. If this has been going on for decades, then you have surely passed that date. Which state do you live in? (and yes, it is quite difficult to get an attorney to take these cases, especially if you do not have substantial amounts in lost wages)

      • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 11:44 am Reply

        I live in NJ but had no idea that I had floroquinolone toxicity or tendonisis and peripheral neuropathy until I saw my primary doctor in 2017 after a musculoskeletal the end of sept 2017. Prior to that I was told I had fibromyalgia and I was having flares. At times I was unable to walk and was in bed for days. I would probably have to go to Philadelphia for a lawyer.

        • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 11:59 am

          Do you know of any integrated MD’s in my area that would accept Medicare and treat me. Regular Md’s rheumatologist etc have offered me no hope.

        • L July 8, 2019 at 12:12 pm

          Not sure why you mentioned Philadelphia if you are in NJ. Were you treated in PA with the fluoroquinolones? Anyhow, they both have similar requirements. You need to file the complaint (first step in a suit) within two years from the date of injury OR two years from when you first became aware of the damages stemming from the incident. Both states also have an added burden of something called an “affidavit of merit” whereby you need to have another doctor provide a statement confirming that the acts of the physician in question led to the injury. Pa. R. Civ. P. 1042.3 “(a) A plaintiff must file a certificate of merit that states that either (1) an appropriate licensed professional has supplied a written statement that there exists a reasonable probability that the care, skill or knowledge exercised or exhibited in the treatment, practice or work that is the subject of the complaint, fell outside acceptable professional standards…” Many states require expert witnesses at trial, but this is in the early stages, soon after the defendant has responded to the complaint.

          I won’t sugarcoat it…it is VERY difficult to get an attorney to handle these cases. Most states have caps on what can be recovered for pain and suffering, and while hundreds of thousands of dollars may sound like a lot, it is very costly to try these cases. For one thing, the expert witnesses required by most states costs tens of thousands of dollars. Then there is all the work itself, often over a period of a year or more. Then the attorney only gets a percentage (usually about a third) of what is won. If you were unemployed, or not making a lot of money, there is little to collect in that area, so all in all, it is just not attractive to most attorneys.

          That is not to say you definitely will not find one to take your case, just that it will be a challenge, Especially if other doctors agree that giving you a fluroquinolone for your condition was an acceptable thing to do. “Medical negligence occurs when the healthcare professional breaches, or violates, the standard of care.
          A standard of care is the generally accepted medical practices used by a group of medical professionals in the same geographic area for patients suffering from a particular disorder or illness. This standard can change depending on a number of factors, including the patient’s prior medical history and age.”

        • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 2:59 pm

          I have called many with no success. It seems that the things that will help me are not offered through MD’s only naturopathic medicine. Even my primary MD told me stem cells but I don’t know how people can afford the treatment. Are there others like me that were misdiagnosed and took these medicines for many years. I don’t know if anyone can help me. If I’m too damaged to recover. I don’t know where to turn. My children tell me I should do physical therapy. I’m in so much pain. I can’t handle the pain these last few weeks. Do you think I can still be helped? I feel like I should have known. My doctor kept telling me fibromyalgia and I was divorced raising three children alone. I would never have taken meds if I knew they were harming me. I desperately want my life back.

        • L July 8, 2019 at 3:06 pm

          Unfortunately pretty much all of us are in the same boat. yes, the treatments that help are normally not covered by insurance. I have spent tens of thousands (that I did not have.) You do what you have to do. Perhaps you might consider putting up a go fund me site.

        • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 5:58 pm

          Thank you Lisa. This is a disgrace that so many people have been hurt by these medicines and are left to figure it out on their own. Thank you for all you do to help people. There have been days I’ve considered moving to a state with assisted euthanasia as I’m sobbing in pain and feel I can’t tolerate it any longer. The only naturopathic doctor I know I’m the South Jersey area is Dr. Magaziner. I would hate to choose a doctor that is not reputable when I feel so vulnerable. I’m also close to Philadelphia. If you or anybody in the group knows of someone that is reputable in my area please let me know. I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars but hopefully anything would be a help. Thanks again and stay well.

        • L July 8, 2019 at 6:33 pm

          I’m not Lisa, we just share the same initial. And yes, she has done so much to help so many people. But since you mentioned Lisa, let me do a little plug here (since she won’t.)

          Lisa has spent countless hours administrating this site (the resources tab is beyond impressive!) ); responding to posters; researching and writing articles; and helping SO many people. More than she will likely ever know. And she does this because she is a caring, compassionate person. So, I would like to ask, if you can do so, please consider making a donation to Floxie Hope. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart?flowlogging_id=67cf4dc23b640&mfid=1562635947835_67cf4dc23b640#/checkout/openButton

          If for some reason the above link does not “take” the donation button is on the right side, towards the bottom of the home page.

        • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 8:26 pm

          I just figured out how to get these emails today I don’t have a paypal account. Would need help from my children to figure that out. Not sure what you mean by your home page but if you could just give me an address or explain how I can get to home page I’d be happy to make or mail a donation. I don’t have a lot of money but every little bit helps. I Don’t own my home and I’m living on social security and a small amount I receive from child support arrears. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing a go fund me. It’s hard for me to ask for money from others. I would be happy to send a donation if you could give me the info to do it. I will have to charge any treatments I get from naturopathic doctors. I really thought I was too late with receiving my diagnosis and most people were able to receive compensation from the drug companies. It breaks my heart that so many are feeling alone and so scared like I am. Nobody should have to live like this. I’ve told everyone I know about floroquinolones and asked them to research and pass the word around. I also just figured out how to join your Facebook group and I’m sharing those posts as well. Is there some Way I can ask people that live in the Philadelphia / south jersey area for dr recommendations on this site ?

        • L July 8, 2019 at 9:03 pm

          I was just referring to the home page of floxie hope. If you are having financial problems, then don’t feel compelled to donate. That was for everyone on this site.

          As for go fund me. I completely understand how you feel. Someone had mentioned it to me early on and I was mortified at the thought. But later on I relented, and it did help some. Just give it some thought. Perhaps someone you know could do it for you, if that would make you more comfortable.

          I hope someone on the site can help you find a health practitioner in your area. I have no idea. I am not in your state.

        • Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 8:41 pm

          I was able to find the donation link on the home page. It went through.

  32. Rosanne Moore July 8, 2019 at 8:43 pm Reply

    Wrong email address typed in last comment

  33. Wendy September 29, 2019 at 5:24 pm Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    I was floxed by Cipro in June of 2019 and
    Have been having severe symptoms. I have very painful peripheral neuropathy in my feet and ankles and tendinitis all over my body.
    Do you know of any good treatments for these symptoms? I am 63 years old and have been having side effects to most medications now since the Cipro. I also just started having blurred and double vision, maybe a side effect of the Ativan I took to help me sleep.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • L September 29, 2019 at 5:35 pm Reply

      I am sure Lisa will respond, but meantime…what in the hell were you given Cipro for at age 63????

    • Michael November 10, 2019 at 4:44 pm Reply

      I was floxed in June 2019 also. I’m 41. Currently peripheral neuropathy is my main almost only symptom but it is pretty painful at times. Things I believed helped are:

      Alpha lipoic acid

      Good luck.


  34. Catherine November 25, 2019 at 9:50 am Reply

    I’m trying to locate the studies/data that led to the FDA’s internal memo re. a link between (mitochondrial damage due to oxidative stress from) Fluoroquinolones, and Neurodegenerative Disease.

    My story is my husband’s. It began with a week-long hospital stay and concluded after a subsequent 39 month neurologic decline. His symptoms had closely resembled Multiple System Atrophy. Immediately after his death, I hired a Medical Examiner, and I relayed my suspicions to him. He contacted a neuropathologist, who ultimately did make a diagnosis of Multiple System Atrophy post-mortem, based on the pathology (a finding of alpha-synuclein inclusions in the oligodendrocytes within the cortex, basal ganglia, and pons). Had the autopsy and neuropathology consult not been done, as is probably often the case, his diagnosis would remain unknown.

    My husband had been admitted to a hospital in August 2015, for treatment of an infection. He was medicated with IV Levaquin, Flagyl, Zosyn, Vancomycin, and Gentamicin, pending cultures. Tests revealed that his very enlarged prostate had caused urine outlet obstruction, resulting in a urinary tract infection and hydronephrosis. Prior to this, his only medical issue was hypertension, which was controlled. He was catheterized, with a plan to have a laser de-bulking of the prostate after being discharged from the hospital. He was continued on oral Levaquin post-discharge.

    Changes were already evident prior to him leaving the hospital. His voice had become hoarse, and it continually sounded like he needed to clear his throat. His calves and ankles were painful, making ambulation stiff and slow. His posture changed, too, with his head and neck now bent forward at shoulder level. His previously quick, expressive, and animated responses had dulled slightly; I reasoned that he was preoccupied, and just didn’t feel well. He had strolled in to the hospital, and a week later, he slowly hobbled out of the hospital.

    He immediately needed to stop taking his prescribed anti-hypertensives – his blood pressure had dropped significantly, particularly on standing and in the morning, to as low as 40/20 – although he had previously been taking Norvasc, hydrochlorothiazide, Metoprolol, and lisinopril, or some combination of these, daily, for the two decades prior, just to bring his blood pressure down to about 140/80. He complained of loss of strength in his arms. His voice remained hoarse and quavering. Excruciating calf pain sent him to the doctor’s office. Hypotension sent him to the ED. Generalized slowness and extremity weakness also sent him to the doctor’s office. His prostate had been “de-bulked” by a laser. But, nothing else had been solved or resolved or identified; his blood pressure fluctuated and it was usually too low for him to feel well, his voice was usually hoarse, like he had a “frog in his throat”, and he had generalized weakness and severe back and buttock pain. He yelled aloud during sleep. We had (ultimately) been to two general practitioners, a nephrologist, a urologist, and a pulmonologist regularly, as well as a cardiologist, an ENT, a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, a rheumatologist, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist. He had lab work done regularly, as well as multiple diagnostic tests.

    By mid-2017, he had to self-catheterize at least twice daily. By early 2018, his extremity weakness and slowed mobility was such that, for the first time in his life, he felt that he could not continue working at a physically demanding job. He became short of breath with activity. According to pulmonary function tests, he had – suddenly – developed moderate COPD. In mid-2018, following multiple episodes of unconsciousness from orthostatic hypotension, it became necessary to monitor and raise or lower his blood pressure according to need, with medication. Unable to stand without passing out for 2 weeks while hospitalized, he was subsequently sent to a rehab for re-conditioning. Following that, our cardiologist then urged us to go to a city hospital, clearly disapproving of using the maximum dose of Florinef (to cause fluid retention), and of Midodrine to raise blood pressure, with Hydralazine to lower the blood pressure…We went to Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, with our cardiologist’s data and progress notes and recommendations in hand. My husband spent nearly 2 weeks at HUP. They gave him diuretics, and did not investigate what had been happening to him. His extremely low blood pressure didn’t reveal itself again until after the Florinef wore off, after he returned home. No doctor or facility acknowledged or recognized what was happening to him.

    He had gotten pneumonia in December 2018, and was receiving antibiotics (NOT Levaquin) and a steroid taper. He was slow (always, now) but he was active and motivated to do as much as he could; he felt that he would soon die from this disease. He vacuumed, went shopping, drove several places, and visited several people, just prior to expiring, sitting up in a chair.

    He had been the most active person I’ve ever known, up early and out the door in 5 minutes, flat. He always worked, and often kept busy with various building and repair projects, either at our house or those of friends. He built decks, bathrooms, and additions. He repaired and diligently maintained multiple vehicles. He operated backhoes, track hoes, front-end loaders, and snow plows. He had a CDL and drove, and previously owned, tractor-trailers and motorcycles. He had flown planes and helicopters. He was able to fix just about anything that was mechanical or electrical; he was a problem-solver. He was friendly, funny, and engaging, and seemed to know everyone. He related well to animals and children, and they to him. He was strong, graceful, quick-witted, and multi-talented. His interests were numerous and varied. Yet, he had quickly been reduced to a man without independence, with hardly a voice, crippled by poor mobility and weakness, random fainting, and urinary retention and lack of control. Additionally, health care providers had little or no help to offer, and often dismissed our observations, as though it were a perfectly normal development!

    The timing of the disease and the very rapid progression seems more than coincidental. My husband was certain that it was linked to something that he’d been given while hospitalized. I had been careful to mention to subsequent doctors, the origin of his symptoms, and the use of Levaquin during that first encounter. I have no doubt that MSA is misdiagnosed, or simply not diagnosed. The cause is supposedly not known. I hoped that blood samples could reveal DNA damage or adducts and, if so, the source. Can you offer me any suggestions regarding actions I can take, or do you know anyone who could? Thank you for reading this, and for listening to our story.

    • L November 25, 2019 at 10:43 am Reply

      Catherine, I am so sorry for everything your husband had to go through (and you of course as well.) My suggestion would be to contact Dr. Charles Bennett at the U of So Carolina. He is a drug safety researcher and has been instrumental in pushing the FDA to place warnings on these poisons. He also recently tried to get them to put a warning on regarding mitochondrial damage. (They refused. 😦 )

    • L November 25, 2019 at 10:54 am Reply

      As for any action, it really depends on the statute of limitations in your state. Yours is the kind of case that attorneys are actually interested in. That’s not to say that you will find one quickly but they are more likely to take a case like yours over most of us because, sadly, there is more money involved when the malpractice leads to death. The problem is, judging from the dates you have posted, it may already be too late. But again, depending on the state you live in, the statute of limitations may be extended if you did not become aware of the connection until much later. For example, in CA the statute is one year from the date or injury OR from the day you became aware of the origin of the injury. So perhaps that would be the date of the autopsy result.

      You also need to find an attorney that deals with medical malpractice and specifically one who has worked in medical malpractice regarding prescription medication. If you want to sue the manufacturer of levaquin, unless he was given the original and not a generic, you will likely be out of luck. if you plan on suing the hospital, it will depend on other factors…can they say it was warranted because of his condition? Was he given other drugs at the same time for which there was a contraindication/black box warning (like steroids?) Was he over 60?
      But again, the first thing to do is to look at the statute of limitations for medical malpractice in your state.

  35. Catherine November 25, 2019 at 5:36 pm Reply

    Thank you for your quick and thoughtful response. I emailed Dr. Charles Bennett last Friday, and am hoping he will respond.
    The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is two years for medical malpractice and for wrongful death.
    My initial approach was, why was I able to figure out that this was a neurodegenerative disease, but no doctor did? (He’d been seen at least four dozen times, and hospitalized three times.) Hence, he did not receive the treatment that he should/could have had, which contributed to his death.
    Then, as I learned (finally) that Levaquin HAS been linked to Parkinson-like neurodegenerative disease, I became fixated on that. I can’t help but wonder, how many people follow this same course, unbeknownst to the medical community? MSA is supposedly rare. But who knows, if no one’s looking? And, why aren’t they looking? Does big Pharma dictate where the emphasis on medical training is directed, and re-direct if it goes against their interests?
    After my husband began to get sick, I became aware of others that had similar symptoms, and realized that there must be many others out there. I am certain I encountered at least 2 patients that had the same “rare” and undiagnosed disease.
    Dr. Joseph King was able to qualify the damage to his own DNA, based on adducts that were identified that had altered his cells; he proved scientifically that fluoroquinolones had caused the damage. I don’t know if my husband’s DNA has been preserved well enough to run those tests, but I am compelled to seek some sort of justice and vindication.

    • L November 25, 2019 at 7:01 pm Reply

      HI, yeah that was from me, L (Lisa is the one who hosts this site. She posts as Lisa.) AS for joseph king, I would not quote him. Lisa can fill you in more, but apparently he was a fraud.

      Damaged gut microbiome (something that happens in spades with flqs) has been linked to pretty much every disease you can think of including cancer, ALS, Alzheimers’ and as you pointed out Parkinsons…so it is certainly no stretch to believe that Levaquin was the cause…esp since the decline came so quickly after that. But doctors not making the connection come either from ignorance or to protect their backs. After I was severely damaged by cipro, every doctor I saw in this community kept saying “oh, couldn’t be the cipro!” I think they were a) uninformed b) protecting the other doctor c) protecting themselves since they have themselves prescribed these toxins. And flqs have a warning about possible permanent nerve damage, which I am sure would include the brain. I had such strange things going on nerve-wise, in addition to myriad other side effects.

      I looked at PA law and unfortunately the statute of limitations goes directly to the event and has nothing to do with date of discovery, so unless it has been under two years, you are out of luck. IF it is not quite two years yet, I would try like hell to get an attorney. If you are very close to that date an can’t find one, see if you can get a paralegal to help you file the complaint, until you can find one.

  36. Niko Grba May 30, 2020 at 3:02 am Reply

    Hello Lisa, I posted this message under few posts on your facebook (floxie hope) and on floxie hope messenger.
    I was floxed 5 years ago and since than did few stem cells treatments and improved. But yesterday due the tooth extraction I was prescribed antibiotic metronidazol and had severe reacion, couldn’t sleep whole night and my neuropathy through out whole body increased. I found out in the morning this antibiotic is also very dangerous, I took only 125mg one tablet but since my cells are damaged from a very difficult high level poisoning with cipro and levaquin from 5 years ago, my body is very sensitive to everything. I’m in Spain right now and did another stem cells month ago, and was improving and now this happened. And the doctor who prescribed me this works in holistic clinic and knows my case and she prescribed me three day of this antibiotic after I extracted my tooth. Now I’m in total shock and scared what is going to happen and how this
    one tablet of 125mg of metronidazol is going to effect me. I had instant reaction yesterday but I didn’t believe it is because of it, after a sleepless night I saw in the morning how dangerous this antibiotic is. I was shocked when I saw on floxie hope website that he is one of four antibiotics to avoid because they have similar side effects as fluoroquinolones. If anyone can give me respons today it would mean a lot to me, I will post this comment bellow some other posts in hope someone will reach out to me.

    Thank you in advance.

  37. Cary Bowers August 30, 2020 at 5:06 am Reply

    Lisa I can’t seem to get an answer to my comments on this site. Please respond. I’ve been floxed for a little over a week. I feel like I’m being tortured the neuropathy is so bad. What are your thoughts on stem cell therapy for this, specifically MSC? I was going to do that and vitamin and antioxidant IV’s, as well as ozone treatments. What do you think?

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