HI. I am putting this out there because if my experience can save even one person from a lifetime of unneeccessery pain, that they were not even given the option of considering, then I understand why I took this awful drug.


I was given levofloxacin last Monday 7th May 2018. Before that date I had never, even heard of Flox or being floxed. In fact I feel like I was still in the matrix then, happily ignorant to the horror happening to unsuspecting, innocent people expecting to be healed by the doctor they trust.

I was given levofloxacin because I had a bacterial infection in my hands,which are prone to recurrent eczema. I was more than happy to take it as it was the fourth medicine I was about to take for this infection, and, after 9 weeks of being unable to use my hands, I was pretty much desperate. I always check my medication with online reviews and opinions to get an idea of the effectiveness and the side effects, but this time, I was so desperate for relief, I took the first pill in the pharmacy without reading the literature. When I got home, I did my google search and was surprised to see such a low score for the medicine. 1.5 out of 10! I immediately started reading and saw people complaining of very bad side effects. I dismissed it, as there had been a lot of complaints of side effects for the 4 other Medicines I had been on before, and I had actually felt pretty brilliant on them. But something in the back of my mind recognised that these reviews were different. DON’T TAKE THE MEDICINE, IT IS POISON, really stood out to me, being written in block capitals. I’d never seen a review like that, and it set of alarm bells in my head. I decided to dig a little deeper and started reading about bilateral achilles ruptures and other worse horror stories. At about this time, I noticed my left heel hurting ever so slightly. I fobbed myself off that it was psychosomatic, brought on by reading peoples Flox stories. I went to bed shivering cold, even though it was a lovely warm May evening. The next morning, I checked my test results and found out that the bacteria I had in my hand was sensitive to levofloxacin, so I was guaranteed to be cured by these pills. This was enough for me to push away my fears and take another pill. Within 4 hours my heels and achilles tightened up so much I felt as though my ankles were held together by rubber bands and that I was walking on matchsticks. Something was definitely wrong, this was not psychosomatic! I started to read more and suddenly knew my life was about to change forever. I had been FILLED with steroids over the last 4 weeks by all the doctors who had seen me for my eczema, injected with them, swallowed them and creamed my skin with them. From what I was reading, taking this drug with a body full of steroids increase my likely hood of bilateral tendon rupture fifty-fold! I didn’t mention that I am a professional singer, dancer and group exercise instructor. My legs are my living. I went into complete meltdown, called my Husband and made a doctor’s appointment. My achilles were hot, they felt as though someone had frozen then stiff, then poured acid and fire inside of them. In front of my eyes I saw bumps and lumps developing on them.and the left one felt noticebally thinner than the right one, which was not affected as badly.The connecting ligaments and tendons into my calves were numb and tingling. I knew I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was having the worst case scenario side effects. I was going to lose my ability to walk. I am a qualified fitness professional and have done a number of exams on the musculoskeletal system, so I decided to use my knowledge and gather as much information as I could about what had helped people. I read for the next 2 hours, everything I could find about recovery from this. Most people estimated it would be about 2 year. Sorry, but I did not have 2 years to give away because a doctor had not given me adequate warning that I may be crippled by taking something which was supposed to heal me. Really, I would have prefered to have both my hand amputated, than to lose my feet! The fear really began to set in, when I looked down at my feet and my veins were black. Black! I am a light skinned black woman, and I can just about see my veins through my skin on a normal day. This day, my veins were visible, many, and pitch black! POISON! It looked like a horror movie, like the undead. I had poison in my veins. I also started to feel pain in my left hip and in my left shoulder. I was terrified. Below I will detail how I saved myself. It is 9 days since I took that 2nd tablet and I am walking perfectly, miles a day, jumping with the kids and today I felt my left achilles, and not only have all the bumps, lumps and nodules gone, it is double the thickness, back to my normal thick achilles size and strength. I’m not gonna lie, I had slight heel pain this morning, and my calf gets ever so slightly numb, now and then but, as soon as I feel it, my ice bottle is out, my coenzyme q10 is in my tummy, along with the other stuff I take to repair and renew. My hips and my shoulder have not hurt again after the initial day of poisoning.


It worked for me, I can’t guarantee it will work for you, as I am a fitness professional, so I had a very healthy diet and lifestyle, full of vitamins and minerals, before this experience. But if, you try this it could save your legs, and everything else that this toxic drug damages.

The first thing I did was freeze a bottle of water. Once it was partially frozen I started to ice the effected area. Ice is the only way you will be able to have any control over what happen to these parts of your body. The ice will freeze the blood vessels and capillaries. Once you remove the ice, the blood will rush to area, filling it with fresh, rich blood source, full of red and white blood cells, which in turn will begin the heal the area. Ice for 5 minutes. Then gently, carefully massage the area for a few minutes, to break any scar tissue, remove any toxic build up and bring the blood back to the area. I did this 3 times each side, 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Then I had a warm/hot bath. This was to draw more fresh blood supply to the area by counteracting the ice cold. My main aim was not to let the tissue die from lack of blood. If we can prevent it from dying then, i believe, the damage will be reversible. I think the main problem for people, is, by the time they realize the damage is done, the tissue, tendons, area itself is dead, and once something is dead, you cannot bring it back to life. The next thing I did was eat 100 grams of cashews. I live on cashews, they are my favorite food, and I know they are one of the richest sources of magnesium. I ate them, along with pears, and bananas. My heels began to instantly feel better. Not normal, but definitely better. Next, I megadosed of vitamin c. I take 3g of vitc a day normally, so I always have a lot on hand. but this time took about 4 g, then 2 grams every hour until I had taken 10g in total. My reasoning was, if this drug starves the tendons of oxygen and destroys collagen, then vitamin c was going to replace the damaged collagen, or at least start the repair process and it was going to fill my body with oxygen, to counteract the starvation from the drug. On top of that, due to the icing and the heat, the nutrients were going to go directly to this area because of the increased blood supply I was able to control with this method. Next i took 4500mg of glucosamine, again something I always have in the house, as I have been instructing for over ten years, and have never had an injury due to this amazing supplement. By this time my concerned Husband had run out of his work and come straight home to me. I asked him to go out and get me coenzyme q10. When he returned I took 210mg of this immediately, and within ten minutes my calves starting to feel normal and I could feel the strength returning to my legs. The next day i got a magnesium supplement and have been taking 300mgs per day. The following day, after my 2nd tablet, I was walking like an 80 year old, terrified that one step was going to snap my tendons. The next day, I was able to hobble around the park with my 5 year old Daughter. Bear in mind, a few days before I took these tablets, I was completing 1 hour High intensity extreme workouts with not so much as a twinge of muscle pain or injury at all, doing pop pilates and squatting with heavy weights. The 3rd day I walked 2 miles to Church to prepare for our service on Sunday where I am the worship leader. By the 4th day I was walking around normally, though still slightly terrified as I was feeling numbness coming up my legs. By day 6 I was at Church, standing at the front worship leading and in the evening rehearsing with my band. standing up for most of the session. On the 7th day I was jumping left, right and forward and back with the kids I teach English to. Suddenly I realized that I was jumping and that maybe I should take it easy. But the fact I had done it numerous times without thinking about it, showed me that I had dodged a major bullet! And here we are today, day 9. Today I still have slight numbness, but my tendons have definitely doubled in size since that day, and I would say I am 95% back to working order. I am going cautiously, because I know people are saying their symptoms came on a week to a year after the fact, and i shudder to think what this nefarious drug has in store for me in the future. I hear it can be a curse that keeps on giving. But I am banking on the fact, that, in others, unfortunately, the deterioration was allowed to occur unheeded, so they were not able to repair the damage which had occurred before, and by the time they were aware of the damage, it was too late. The proverbial horse had already bolted, so to speak. I would really like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the people who posted their recovery stories. If it wasn’t for you guys, I couldn’t have done this. And that is why, I have posted this, so that my experience can save someone else, and maybe provide a step by step guide so that nobody has to suffer in the way others have, for years, and sometimes for life. So below I am going to break it down into easy steps so you can take immediate action if you have google search WHAT TO DO IF I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED I HAVE BEEN FLOXED.

My Fluroquinolone detox steps – What worked for me

  1. Stop taking the medication immediately.

  2. Ice all the affected areas immediately for 5 minutes.

  3. Take ice off for 5 minutes and gently massage iced areas to break up any scar tissue, remove toxic blockages and reduce inflammation.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 twice more.

  5. Take 4g of vitamin c, then 1-2g every hour until you have taken a total of 10g. Vitamin is not toxic, you cannot overdose on it. I have taken 100g and all that happened was, I looked 20 years younger.

  6. Eat 100g of nuts immediately, and any other magnesium, potassium and iron rich foods as soon as you can. Pears, bananas, sweet potato etc.

  7. Take 200g of coenzyme q10. My coq10 contained vitamin e as well.

  8. Take 300g of magnesium

  9. Take 2 multivitamins that contain iron, zinc, vitamin e, vitamin d and all b vitamins

  10. Go take a nice warm/hot bath, relax, and calm yourself down. Go on youtube and find some talk about healing to listen to while your in the bath, I listened to Les Brown how I beat cancer.

  11. Pray and read the Bible passages on God’s ability to heal. I am a devout Christian, and I believe that the Holy Spirit drew me to the correct sources of information, so God could use this experience in me to be Glorified!

  12. Repeat steps 2&3 anytime you feel a pain, twinge, stiffness or numbness in any area

  13. Repeat step 10 again later or in the day.

14.Repeat step 11 as often as possible.

15 Believe your body is healing.

  1. DON’T read the flox horror stories. This will put your body under stress and hamper your ability to heal.

I hope and I pray that this will help some poor person out there, who is going through the living nightmare of what I discovered last week. if you google searched: “help, I’ve been floxed, what can I do to save myself,” I hope your search brings you here.

Just to think, 2 weeks ago, I didn’t even know what flox is! Now, I sincerely hope, I am offering people a remedy to at least counteract the otherwise irreperable damage that is going on their body.

The worst thing is the doctors don’t even give you an option. At least if there was some kind of warning, or an opportunity for us to know what we could be getting into, then we could go cautiously, or even choose not to go through this at all! When i was given the antifungals, I was told to stay out of the sun, when I was given metronidazole i was told not to drink alcohol. When I was given this poison, with the most counterindicative cosubstance imaginable-steroid, I wasn’t given anything more than a smile and a pat on the back. WHY? The doctors were aware I was on steroids. Why didn’t they know that they shouldn’t be prescribed together. It should be the first thing the know! Why didn’t they tell me, if you have any hint of leg pain etc stop taking the medicine? Why were there no warnings on the outside of the box. I don’t live in my native country, so the leaflet inside was virtually useless to me. It wasn’t until i got home, after already taking the first dose out of desperation to be healed, that i read, to my horror, the potential life changing side effects this drug has, and even then, I still wasn’t aware, until I started to actually experience these side effects, that this drug should never, ever, ever be taken with steroids.

I hope and I pray this helps. I hope and I pray for all those suffering unnecesserily, that you will fully recover very soon.

I am no longer in the matrix.

My life will never be the same again.

But if I can use this experience to glorify God, who I truly believe healed me so my experience can heal others, thereby glorifying Him and the Holy Spirit that led me to the information that healed me, then this will all be worth it the end.

** The story above is truthful, accurate and told to the best of the ability of the writer. It is not intended as medical advice. No person who submits his or her story, nor the people associated with Floxie Hope, diagnoses or treats any illness. The story above should not be substituted for professionally provided medical advice. Please consult your doctor before trying anything that has been mentioned in this story, or in any other story on this site. Please also note that people have varying responses to the treatments mentioned in each story. What helps one person may not help, and may even hurt, another person. It is important that you understand that supplements, IVs, essential oils, and all other treatments, effect people differently depending on the millions of variables that make each of us unique. Please use appropriate caution and prudence, and get professional medical advice.