Sending you some holiday cheer

Holidays are times for families to gather and share moments of joy together. I hope that you take time to be with loved ones this year and give thanks for those who support you on your healing journey. I hope that the stories, helpful articles and recommendations here have been a gift from Floxie Hope to you to help you heal. 

For 2023 I would like to extend another gift to you by sharing some helpful guidance on top of all the content here on Floxie Hope. This new year will hopefully bring some new “community” based changes and recommendations from those who follow Floxie Hope to make this website even better. 

Below, I will share 4 of the top 4 protocols I have shared with hundreds of Floxies to help them balance out their body while going through FQ toxicity. You should always work with a medical professional that understands this disease and also nothing in these protocols is medical advice, but more so guidelines based on years of compiled information of those who have healed.  

When you click the link, you will be directed to Fullscript and online supplier of supplements. In these protocols, there will be guides, handouts and tips on what you can do and bring to your medical doctor for guidance. I hope this is a small gift for you this holiday season from Floxie Hope. Please comment below if you have any questions of chat here on the forum

Mito protocol
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