I will try to not make this post too long, but I always promised my self that if I ever got out of the horror that was being floxed, I would be sure to give someone else hope, as others that have given me hope. On Nov. 12th 2012 my whole life changed. After surgery to have a hysterectomy, I was given iv levaquin and a prescript. for cipro . I had been putting off that surgery because of the recovery time, I was worried about caring for my daughter who at the time was 8. ( Wow, I had no idea what a turn my life was about to take). After the 3rd pill In the first few weeks of my reaction I lost my ability to walk, stand, see clearly. I had enormous pressure in my head, horrible anxiety. I went on to develop dysautonomia, everything burned and my muscles wasted inside of a few months. Every joint hurt and I wondered if I would be able to walk again, as I had to be in a wheelchair if I had to leave the house which was just to see Dr.s that were of little help. Neuros tried to diagnose everything from pots to guessing MS. may be the problem, all the while, I was trying to get through to them it was this drug that had done this… I continued to get worse and for the first year I would need a wheelchair or a walker to get around I felt like I was disintegrating. Before all of this I lifted weights and ran, to not being able to shower by myself. My daughter lost a Mom that was capable and active and it was awful for her. When I started working with a Dr. that said this was mitochondrial damage, things got scarier. We went for expensive treatments and at that time I don’t know if they were doing much, but I had to believe they were, that something could fix this…Thank God the man I am with hung in there and was determined, to get us out of this someday, because it carried me through the worst of times .I joined these groups and some people would get on from time to time and give their story of recovering, I didn’t know if I believed it, but it sure sounded good, and I needed something to believe in and focus on. I didn’t know if recovery was possible with this much damage going on. I want to say that I don’t believe that anymore, recovery IS happening. I am recovering. It took me awhile to even post this because I was afraid to say it , type it , curse it. When I was unable to do anything I would daydream about riding my bike again and now I can! I gained my weight back (I had lost a lot), and I can exercise again. I am not back to where I was but I believe I will get there, I am starting to build back some muscle. I am getting stronger little by little. I still have pain and I don’t know if things will go back to 100 percent but I have hope. My big reason to write this is to give someone else hope that this can get better. Do not give up, it is long and it is painful but it can happen. I am so much more grateful for having gone through this, I don’t take anything for granted. I would rather have not gone through it, but I have learned so much. Hold on to hope and you will get there! Sorry this is so long, but this is the board I started on and now I almost feel full circle. This is a wonderful group for support. Thank you!