Hi everyone!

First off let me start by saying that I’m sorry you’re here reading this story as chances are you’re here because you’re experiencing the same side effects that I did! I’ve been where you are right now but I promise that in time it will improve!

I was first prescribed ciprofloxacin 6 months ago for a mild bacterial infection. I took six 500mg pills spaced over three days. Within a day of taking the medication I began to experience mild anxiety. By day three I was experiencing crippling anxiety and feelings of panic after which I immediately came off the drug. I had hoped that the side effects would dissipate however these episodes continued with varying frequency and intensity for the next three to four months. Prior to this I had always been (and continue to be now) a very stable person and I had never experienced any form of ill mental health!

It’s been what feels like a very long road to recovery and yet I know from reading other stories that I got off lightly. Having been through this I’d like to share with anyone who’s reading this things that helped me in the hope that they can also help you!

1. As cliche as this may sound, spending time with my loved ones, specifically my amazing girlfriend who has stuck by me throughout all this, is the main thing that i’d attribute to getting me through this. I am aware many people react differently, however being around people was the only time I felt like my old self!

2. Supplements. I must have tried every health supplement under the sun to the point in which my toiletry bag has begun to look like a pharmacy! The main supplement that helped me with this drug induced anxiety is L-theanine. This substance is non-addicitive and helps to synthesize GABA in the brain which significantly improved my anxiety levels. I’ve also heard that magnesium and iron can help.

3. Exercise. I know that many people experience physical injuries from this drug however if you’re as fortunate as me to have escaped this, exercise was a major tool in pulling me through. Whether it be a game of a sport you love, a run in the park or a simple walk, it definitely helped to take my mind off things with it’s effectiveness improving the more often I did it.

It’s 6 months down the line now, I believe I am over the worst of it. I don’t think I’m the same person I was before this happened to me however I feel like this experience has given me perspective in life and has allowed me to empathise with people in a way that I couldn’t do before. Hang in there, I promise it gets better and I hope my story can help you along the way!
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