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*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

Hi, my name is Daniel, this is my experience with fluoroquinolones. After 18 months being intoxicated by this very dangerous drug, most of symptoms are gone I believe, so there’s hope for everybody!

I got an urinary tract infection in January 2013 and got prescribed a long course of Oflaxocin (I took 1 pill a day -can’t remember quantity – for 4 weeks!). The infection went but my life was ruined by the side effects of the drug. Some of them came immediately, some after a while. I wasn’t myself anymore. Here’s a list of the effects of the drug on my body:
– numbness and lack of energy, tiredness, fatigue, happened immediately, I went into a state of total numbness, I barely managed to continue working. Had problems standing in the tube, in particular in the evening. Coffee/tea and alcohol made this much worse;
– muscular strength gone, immediately. I used to go to the gym twice a week. It become impossible. I felt fatigues just doing the stairs, hearth rate going up like crazy
– strong anxiety, immediately, for every small thing I went into mad anxiety
– pain in the tendons of the feet
– peripheral neuropathy symptoms, started one month after ending drug, tingling, pins and needles in the hands and feet, worse in the evening and when tired, after doing any manual work
– worsening of vision, immediately. I looked at the sky and appeared as small granules moving
– big eye floaters, started 2 months after stopping therapy, abruptly they come one morning all together (oculist said caused by detachment of the vitreous).

I don’t have to tell you how much pain and discomfort all this caused to my life and to my relatives, though I always tried to minimize it for them.

I talked with several doctors trying to find a solution, and I need to tell you all of them denied the symptoms were caused by the fluoroquinolone, including the one that prescribed them to me.
Eventually one private GP I went 5 months after being floxed said that he had other patients with same symptoms and that they are caused by the drug. He suggested just to rest and wait for the symptoms to go..
I feel very irritated by how the effects of this drug is minimized. In reality if you experience that, you realize it’s like a life changing illness.

Here is what I’ve done to try to survive the intoxication, most of things I read on blogs like this, they seemed to help, not sure for the placebo effect or real.
My experience is of phases of bad symptoms followed by feeling better. In general it’s like I’m 5 years older now, but gradually I see after 18 months the symptoms are almost all gone.

– avoid any contact with any antibiotics, cortisone and fluorides. This means eat only organic food, plenty of vegetables, fluoride free toothpaste;
– allowed lot of time for rest, don’t push too much your body, I stopped gym ( I went once after 1 week finished the drug, exercised ok, but then had a down for 5 days). I started swimming moderately, and I manage to go back into previous gym load only after 15 months
– no coffee and alcohol, as they made my symptoms worse
– vitamins C, 1 gram a day, plus a complex of vitamins B
– tried to get sun, for vitamin D and good for metabolism in general
– complex of carotenoids for eyes
– iodium complex, for mood

My mood was severally affected, I was normally an happy person, after taking that drug I felt always miserable. This took more than one year to go, I think also because of lack of sun exposure in this country. Laying in the sun made me feel better, that is what was happening also before, but much more after being floxed.

So now after 18 months, I’m almost ok.
Level of energy is like before. I can do all activities I did before. I can run for 45 minutes and exercise as before. Anxiety is gone, neural symptoms also.
Only thing remaining seems to be the floaters, but they’re better (a friend of mine had them and said they take very long to go, like 10 years). Some days are better almost gone, some days they come back but in general are something less visible.

After one year being intoxicated I had 2 episodes of the disease coming back. Once, lasted days, after eating a lot of some Sainsbury non organic pork meat. Tiredness and pins and needles in hands and feet come back. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I think the meat contained some antibiotic.
Once after a very stressful event happening.

So guys my message is that THERE IS HOPE. Your body is intoxicated, you need to give it time and help him to heal. HEALING IS POSSIBLE, just take a lot of time.

My wife helped me a lot. Religion helped me, and listening to music I like, trying not to think that the previous life would not come back. Reading all possible material I could find on internet on this disease and get very scared and anxious. Try avoid that.

Trust me, all this is true. I felt I had to share my experience as I know when you’re into that, every word of comfort helps.

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