I have not been on Facebook in quite a while, but I wanted to come back to this group to write an update for inspiration to those newly suffering.
2 years ago I was so sick from cipro/Flagyl taken for diverticulitis…that I thought I was going to die… i went to 70 doctors over the span of 2 year! I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I wanted to kill myself. I did not see any way it would improve..and at times I kept feeling like it was getting worse.
The people in this group saved my life.
Though there is a lot to weed through as everybody is different… and what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. I have now pieced together that in my personal story I was low vit d and b12 going into my infection. I was 90 pounds overweight and had a terrible diet. I was on 4 antibiotics over the span of 10 days cipro and Flagyl for a week.
I think the antibiotics destroyed my gut flora. I was already low in vitamins, and this triggered an autoimmune response in my body (I now have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and sjogrens).
Being in a hyper autoimmune state … my body went haywire… all the crazy symptoms you are all going through… ALL of them … it was insane. The only testing I had that was found to be unusual was high gadolinium which none of my doctors ever seems to even know how to address. (My personal take is that the cipro release the gad stored in my tissues…and this worsened the autoimmune response-though this is not agreed on by my mds).
Being in a hyper state..i couldn’t even take supplements without them having a crazy effect on me …
Finally I changed my diet. I had food testing by immunolabs and avoided everything on the list that I was reactive to along with gluten,dairy,sugar,grains, and soy. This was the first thing that made me feel better… and still the most crucial part of me feeling good… when I start cheating…i backslide.
Then I started slowly adding vitamins one at a time… trial and error.. till I found the ones I can handle … i keep trying supplement I couldn’t tolerate before and I found eventually as I started feeling better I was able to tolerate more… eventually I think getting my b12 and vit d to normal levels were the most crucial…probiotics too..(I used klaire labs).
I am a long way from healed … and I don’t think I will ever be fully… i still constantly worry about how I feel, and I can’t stop thinking about my symptoms….BUT, I am much better…. and you will be too… it took 2 years for me to be able to say that…but I can tell you TIME DOES HELP. Keep forcing yourself to excercise…there were days I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes without collapsing… now i can walk as much as needed and even run at times. For some strange reasons I still can’t stand long periods…
I think one of the other things crucial to my healing was taking a break from facebook… while the information I gained from this group was crucial to my healing… it becomes an obcession…you need to take breaks from your symptoms and stop thinking about them…it won’t make them go away…but it will help you to heal. If its helping you great! But if its becoming an obsession…its OK to take abreak…we will still be here when you come back.
Like I said “I’m a long way from tiparairie…”…but I am much better from where I started … and I can honestly say you will be too… don’t give up.
I know when I read these posts there were days when I was jealous of the person writing it and I didn’t want to read them. But in hindsight they gave me hope …so I am giving back.
Keep fighting each day, keep your diet clean., exercise each day!
You will get stronger over time … just give your body what it needs to heal… and keep pushing.
I love all of you and wish you all healing and a full recovery!