Eight months post flox and all I can say is that there is hope, I still fight a battle everyday but the difference between now and the begging is tremendous, be positive, eat well, rest as much as you can and your body will heal as much as it can.

I had a very delusional phase on floxing in the beginning, lots of pain, neuropathy, fear, but now this all faded away, I considered even giving up on this life, but I had to understand that sometimes healing takes time, our bodies are not constructed in one day, floxing destroy it in so many ways that we feel like there’s no light in the end of the tunnel, but there’s ALWAYS hope, Ive been so lucky to have the best mother giving me support through this situation, and people here from the group that shared experiences with me and patiently listened to me, being the supportive friends I needed at the time.

I’ve been offline of the Facebook group for almost 6 months, I’ve taken this time to take care of myself and focus on my healing, and I’m happy to share the results, I wanna use my experience to encourage people to never give up, healing is possible, I’m glad Facebook support groups exist, and I’m glad I’m recovering more and more everyday, I suffered and cried a lot but I learned that I can face anything on this life when I have the right information on my hands, don’t give up never, this poison is out there destroying millions of life’s, but we’re gonna win this battle in the end, for sure.

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