I wanted to share my story of cipro poisoning & recovery.

As an athletic and healthy 22 year old mom of a toddler, I went to an urgent care with UTI symptoms mid July and was prescribed cipro. I stopped taking it after only 2 pills when I noticed all of my joints were extremely sore and my feet and hands were VERY swollen. I was then prescribed Macrobid. Over the next 8 weeks I suffered tremendously with a total of 5 trips to the ER where they did nothing for me And denied that cipro could be causing my issues. It was incredibly frustrating and scary. I was scared that I was never going to be able to care for my daughter again or return to my hobbies such as running and weight lifting. It was so bad in the beginning my mother had to help me shower.

After following a regimin that worked for me I have become 80 percent healed in the last few weeks and have been able to return to all of my normal activities except for weight lifting which I’m giving myself more time to recover.

My symptoms:
-constant dizziness for 6 weeks with no alleviation (gone)
-migraines (gone)
-tachycardia and arrythmia: 130 bpm at rest (sent me to the ER) gone
-Low blood pressure (gone)
-extreme fatigue (gone)
-brain fog/confusion (80 percent better)
-anxiety (gone)
-eyes: visual snow which is actually neurological, floaters, poor color vision,I now need glasses for being near sighted (I still have these)
-joint pain and tingling (gone except for in weather changes)

What helped me:
-multivitamin with iron daily
-megared triple strength omega 3 oil capsules daily
-probiotics daily
-ginger tea (ginger is anti inflammatory!)
-positive attitude VERY IMPORTANT
-challenging my brain: reading even when difficult, lumosity brain games
-getting plenty of water & sleep

What did NOT help
-Motrin, Tylenol, dramamine, Claritin, Sudafed (WORSENED … I will never again take another NSAID or any other pharmaceutical unless absolutely necessary. I am in favor of natural remedies)

God bless and good luck to all those still healing. I know how difficult it is to feel like you have no control and that doctors can’t help you. It is so important to be positive and believe you will get better.

Cipro changed my life and I have become a much more grateful and positive person after realizing how important the little things are.

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