Here we are 11 weeks from me taking cipro …

In November 2018 I was given cipro to treat a UTI by my gynecologist. Me being neither a doctor nor a pharmacist had no idea how dangerous this drug was. The only thing the pharmacist told me was to make sure to take it right away and with food and probiotic or yogurt to treat the “potential infection.” (Yes the doctor did do a test in office to see if I even had an infection but I found out later they never did a culture)The first day I was very tired but I brushed that off that I was just tired from having a night out with friends the night before. I had zero other symptoms except the next night when I lay in bed to a strange pain in my leg. I remembered reading that Cipro can affect tendons on the leaflet but as I didn’t see myself in the primary risk factor group I thought I was fine (many of my family and friends have taken cipro with no issue too) but when I felt that pain I immediately panicked.

I immediately googled and found Floxie hope and plenty of other stories that horrified me so I didn’t sleep that night (not sure it was cipro or my panicking at that point) I read through the posts and stories here to try to figure out what to do. I forgot to mention after the symptoms I went to my general doctor who agreed yes this is from cipro and did tests all that came back normal. My sypmtoms included twitches, weakness, brain fog like I was in a dream, anxiety and depression, popping joint, stomach issues, rash and pins and needles. I was kicking myself for not going to him first but I wanted to get the infection taken care of ASAP since a long holiday weekend was coming up. I ate a very strict diet if only vegetables fruit and antibiotic free meats at first and took magnesium, a multivitamin, extra vitamin c and epson salt baths at first. I quickly found an acupuncturist and Integrative health clinic and booked an appointment. To my surprise, everyone at this practice was very familiar with cipro and see this all the time to the point they know what to recommend and do! I started the most conservative herbal treatment and saw improvements quickly so I was excited!! I eventually met with the in house nutritionist who gave me top of the line probiotics to take every night and explained what to eat and what water to drink. After acupuncture for two months and Chinese herbal tea along with my regiment I was feeling much better. after two weeks I could sweat again (not just in the sauna) and my personality was returning to the delight of myself and all my friends and family who were sick of hearing me talk about this by now lol. I went from unable  to stand when cooking to easily walking up and down stairs and walking several miles a day. Progress wasn’t linear or quick and I surely got frustrated. About two months or so in I has a great day and decided to go to the gym since exercise is very important to heal, well let’s just say I pushed myself s little  too hard and was sore. I learned to listen to my body, be patient, open minded to alternative treatments and celebrate victories. I’m impatient by nature and just wanted it to go back to how it was but that wasn’t  possible. As a 24 year old active person I hated having to celebrate being able to walk a mile but this was a lesson In patience . Sure I had bad days really really  bad days where I was depressed  and anxious  (I had anxiety way before cipro was in the picture and suffered from panic attacks so at first it was hard for me to see Emily anxiety from cipro anxiety but I quickly saw the difference as cipro anxiety felt more out of control and doom and way more intense than anything I’ve ever felt

Am I recovered 100%? No not yet (I still have some tightness and weakness but super functional and well on my way to being back to my old self) but I felt enough progress I wanted to give others hope. I think I’m about 85%-90% at this point. Advice: don’t identify with this or stay angry  it only makes you a victim, stay positive (I know it’s SO HARD I have trouble with this every day) but it is important your life isn’t over this is just a hardship and you will be ok, don’t overdo it on treatments or supplements , be open about it with friends and family ( I was very open as to educate others and try to explain what I’m feeling )

I expect I will keep getting better on my protocol and want to give hope to everyone suffering it gets better! I thought  my life was over and was sad about everything  I cant do anymore but I can.

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