Erin’s Story

May 5, 2004. I was having dinner at Le Cirque at the Belaggio Hotel in Las Vegas. It was my wedding anniversary and I was in one of the finest restaurants in town. I had a $58.00 steak and payed the price for 6 years. Eight hours later I was rushed by the hotel security to a cab because they didn’t think an ambulance would get there in time to save me. The description of what Ecoli is like is too gruesome to share. I was taken to the ER and shot up with Levaquin. The E-coli nightmare stopped. I was to take 500 mg twice a day for 7 days. OK, I can do that, not a problem. I slept for 4 days straight in a hotel room and boarded a plane and went home where I was kept on Levaquin for a total of 14 days. I could not get out of bed for 2 months. No one even recognized me because I looked so deathly. I was sure it was the E-cloi. I struggled with the diarrhea and cramping, the rashes, the memory loss, sore body and broken mind. Surely it was the E-coli. Then the eight month came. It began with itching and my lips and eyes swelling shut. Well, I do have allergies so maybe that’s it. I began to have severe reactions to every food I ate so I became very selective. As my food choices narrowed my diet adjusted and I eliminated almost everything. Doctors had no idea what this was an kept giving me cortisone shots and telling me to take Advil for pain. They knew as much about Levaquin as I did. I had developed full blown angioedema, a severe, and can be life threatening condition, that makes everything from the neck up swell so badly that the windpipe can swell shut. I couldn’t go anywhere. I needed to be within 15 minutes range of a hospital at all times. I was down to being able to eat rice , milk products, apples and green vegatables. I did this for 6 years. No meat, a very hard task for a carnivore like me. Back then there were ZERO sources for antibiotic free meant.  I WAS lucky enough to have a good marriage and a husband who watched me go through all of this in disbelief and give me complete support.

“This too shall pass”. I lived by this for 5 years. And then, without any sign it was going to happen, it did pass. The constant eternal burning of my neck and face and the looming threat of the angioedema causing anaphylasis quietly came to an end. Relief at last. Three months later I ended up in the ER with a nasty case of cellulitis. I have run out of standard antibiotics due to severe allergic reactions and so Levaquin, once again was the drug of last resort. After my very verbal protest as to how horrible my last round of Levaquin was the ER Dr. actually told me that it was this or nothing at all. OK???? It was actually the only drug that could get me out of there with a pill rather than an IV administered drug that had to be done once a day for 4 days as an out patient. Cost is everything here. With the thought of loosing my leg looming, I said OK, maybe this time it will be better. ” I could not have been more wrong. I took one pill and immediately checked out mentally. I have very few recollections of the 7 days of 500 mg once a day. All I knew was that I was determined to finish this pill and go on with my life. My symptoms on the medication ranged from extreme nightmares, depersonalization, inability to sleep, anxiety attacks, missing time, delerium, catatonia, fever for 2 hours after I took the pill, then dropped to 96.2 degrees and I was unable to get my body temp up, severe hypothyroidism, hyperglycemia, frozen to the core, inability to empty my bladder and severe bladder pain, itching, I shed all my outer layer dermis, tinnitus, severe dizziness, hair falling out, burning skin, irregular menstral cycles , broken teeth both times, irregular heartbeats, shaking so bad that I could not feed myself, semi-hysteria, depression, severely exacerbated pain levels, suicidal thoughts, auditory and visual halucinations that lasted 4 months (24/7), my skin literally hung from my bones due to collagen degeneration, I lost 15 pounds (not in a pretty way) my vision was gone almost overnight. I now have to wear glasses because my vision was so damaged I struggled to see my own hand in front of me. My bones hurt. My tendons snapped. My body ached. My joints swelled. A week after I stopped the meds, I suffered a severe partial tendon tear from opening a bottle of water and would eventually have another partial tear. The same arm had tendonnitis of the shoulder and felt like it was being pulled out of the socket. I could not extend my arm for 3 months. It burned like fire from the pull and my elbow filled with blood. I eventually lost the use of my arms and could not dress myself or use utensils to feed myself. My thyroid seemed to stop working as all of my hypothyroid symptoms returned on top of the Levaquin induced symptoms. The first two month after the discontinuation of the drug was hell, really hell. My blood pressure was so high it terrified my doctor. I was a stroke just waiting to happen and it did happen. My liver fuction was OFF the charts as my liver struggled to filter out the poison.I share all these gruesome details so no one assumes I was “grazed” by the drugs. I was full blown walking devastation. 

It took me four months to regain my memory of who I was or what year it was. I still remember very little of the four months after Levaquin. I do remember freaking out over the periods of missing time. I did tell everyone around me that I was having dark thoughts and voices telling me to kill myself. Fortunately, no matter how out of my mind I am, I know in my soul that God determines my check out time, not me. I now know that I had a stroke as I could not communicate verbally for a month and had droop on the right side of my face.

It has been a decade and 2 separate floxings. The first time I was poisoned I knew nothing. I did everything wrong and allowed Drs to do everything wrong to me. The first time I was given 3 cortisone shots for the rashes and told to take Advil for the pain. A more appropriate recommendation would have been to dowse myself in gasoline and have a cigarette. My second flox was an apocalyptic experience that made the first flox seem like childs play.

In my quest for anything to help me recover after my second flox , I began the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. This is the most restrictive diet known to mankind but it did very quickly diminish the huge colony of pathogenic yeast but left me with peripheral neuropathy and severe fatigue, intermittent muscle and joint pain. I could get out of bed now but was not fully living. I could live partially but not fully.

PLEASE NOTE: Going grain free is NOT SCD diet. Going grain free is a “grain free diet”. SCD is a specific protocol with numerous steps, a beginners diet, and numerous steps of adding foods. Get the book, educate yourself. It’s all in the book just why you feel the way you do. There is one full year on this diet and if you cheat ONE TIME, you start your year on the diet over again and must go back to the beginning. SCD if done properly, will diminish the colonies raging the gut BUT will not address killing the pathogenic yeast and fungus nor will it kill the parasite we are infested with due to our diminished gut function and compromised gut function. Grain free will only stop feeding the gut critters and keep your gut at it’s current level.

Supplementing made me worse. I could take nothing orally because anything I consumed orally I immediately went toxic on it. This includes calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, pretty common supplements in Flox World. Through hours of research and study, I have discovered that probiotics also were feeding the pathogenic yeast, fungus and parasites in my gut. The “bad critters” are pretty indiscriminate about what they consume and love the banquet that probiotics provide. Current research is showing that people who have compromised immune systems are at high risk for developing dangerous fungal infections as a side effect of long term probiotic use as the gut is easily overtaken by these commercial strains of yeast used in probiotics. Do as you please here, I am merely sharing the most current info regarding the use of probiotics in a diseased gut.

Even after the SCD diet, I still had raging diarrhea sporadically. My feces was yellow, frothy, voluminous, had bits of identifiable food in it, I was still “gut sick” Stress cause me to have bouts of blood and passing bits of “fleshy” stuff. I am not sure is this was mucosal lining or candida rhyzoids but there it was.

After 8 months on the Specific Carbohydrate diet, I was “exposed” to commercial meat that CLEARLY was tainted with FQ’s. Two slices of tri tip and I could no longer walk, I had severe vertigo,severe peripheral neuropathy, every cell in my body hurt, I was literally back to square one. Just doing SCD was never going to end this nightmare. Now I know why.

I began researching. I had spoken to hundreds and hundreds of victims. I knew the symptoms we shared. I began researching leaky gut, dysbiosis, microbial flora, drugs that cause this, Liver function, damage and healing, DNA damage and any other issue flox victims suffer. I read EVERY single scientific study I could get my hands on. THOUSANDS of hours of reading.

In November of 2013, I decided I would use a trans dermal method to try to fix my gut and my DNA damage. I began using a specific type of therapeutic grade essential oils to heal my badly damaged gut and clean and repair my DNA, allowing them to function again. I had outstanding results within 30 days and was doing so well even I was in disbelief.

My bowels began to function normal and I had the first normal looking bowel movement in 9 years. I was clearly riddle with pathogens and parasites that were eating my insides. Poop talk isn’t fun but it is a reality for me because I was so sick.

Here is the difference between what SCD did for me and what the oils did for me. SCD dramatically reduced the colonies of pathogenic yeast in my devastated gut. SCD WILL NOT nor does it claim to kill pathogenic yeast and fungus (mutated pathogenic yeast). The oils 100% eradicate the pathogenic yeast AND the parasitic infestation that has hijacked our intestinal highway. We are loaded with parasites that live and die (as well as pathogenic yeast and mutated pathogenic fungus) and their life cycle of living and dying is the reason I had high levels of inflammation, severe gut malfunction, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, musculoskeltal pain and malfunction, peripheral neuropathy, sleep disturbance, adrenal rush and fatigue (adrenal blowout) brain fog, memory loss, emotional difficulties and personality change, compromised immunity, hormone imbalance and the list goes on and one.

I had such severe food in-tolerances I could only consume green veggies, antibiotic free beef, antibiotic free chicken, olive oil, some nuts and some citrus. I now consume dairy, chocolate (pure cocoa not sugar filled commercial chocolate), rice based foods, pretty much anything I want. I eat in farm to fork restaurants which I had not done in since my first flox in 2004. PLEASE understand that when I say “eat” I mean “I eat healthy”. I consume only organic, grass fed meat, I still consume NO sugar because it is “nonnutritive”, feeds yeast and nothing tastes as good as health feels.  I still do and always will eat the healthiest food I can. I am going forward, not back ward. I will never allow my gut function to become compromised. I will always eat like my life depends on it because it does. I have 3 dead relatives from Crohns so I am going to do everything I can to not be a victim of that. My goal was never to be able to eat at Mc Donalds, my goal was to live a fully nonfloxed life.

I am now a normal, fully functional well person. I have left “Flox World” behind because my life is very full with working full time, communing 2 hours a day, working my part time jewelry design business and still assisting victims with recovery when requested. I am healthier than I have been since I was a teenager. I no longer have any flox symptoms and I can eat all the foods I could not for almost a decade. I had a 15 mile radius I could drive when I was floxed now I cover about 70 to 100 miles a day driving My brain functions at a level that I would NEVER have expected. I started a new job and I am thriving! I have gone from 111-115 pounds to 140 pounds and gained 3 pants sizes. I am officially the healthiest person I know.

I will speak to anyone who would like any information on these drugs and their toxic effects. I am happy to assist in any way I can. I have a Facebook group where victims use oils to recover. I also have a recovery page of my story and a NEW page helping chronically ill people recover using all natural oils for everyday health. This is very difficult to do on ones own. Message me for info. What ever path you choose, I  wish everyone health and recovery.


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