I wanted to give hope with a positive story – I am 98% better!!I was completely healthy – took Cipro for 5 days this past July for a UTI (I rarely get them), and afterwards became extremely ill – one month later developed neuromuscular symptoms of twitching, fasciculations in arms & legs, tendinopathies in shoulders & achilles, severe brain fog, lethargy, trouble concentrating, resting tremors in my arms, 10 lb weight loss, muscle wasting. It was scary as prior to this, I was training for the New York Marathon. I had to cut back running for fear of tearing a tendon. My doc checked labs including thyroid – everything normal – she felt the Cipro just needed time to clear out of my system.

I followed the fluoroquinolone toxicity solution & diet. Cut out gluten, caffeine & sugar. I took many of the recommended supplements. It was a rough summer, but by September I started feeling better little by little & was able to cut out some of the supplements (except for Magnesium which helped my tremors & jitteriness the most). The great news is I ran the New York Marathon on Nov 4!! I feel pretty much back to normal. I am only taking Multivitamin, Vitamin D, B12, fish oil, probiotic and chelated Magnesium 3 times a day with magnesium oil. I had been very depressed even reading the “Hope” stories as they were all pretty bleak. I figured maybe people started to feel better & then moved on & never checked back in to update. I wanted to give people a positive outcome. I am so grateful for how I feel today!! I still am careful with caffeine, sugar & gluten. I think I look leaner & have adapted to my diet. I just notice occasional tremors & muscle twitches if I forget to take my magnesium for a day or two.

This was my 6th marathon – and although I didn’t train completely, it was not my slowest! Time can heal. Thank you!!

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