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*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

May 26th 2013 was floxed after taking 4 pills of Cipro!

You all know the horror stories, so I don’t want two dwell on that here, I had a intermediate reaction I guess I was lucky you can say. After one year I started to feel a little better. Now almost two years I wanted to list what I felt has helped me most, Probiotics, colloidal silver during the first days, chelated magnesium helped my bones stop cracking and palpitations vanished also my anxiety attacks became less frequent. Concentrated Noni bust immune system. Raw Garlic Cloves helped me control blood pressure each time I had a panic attack I would chew three garlic gloves and drink lots of water. Homemade tea Ginger, clove, cinnamon, lemon honey this helped my stomach recover and seems to be helping my tinnitus which was a late symptom almost 1 year after . Bicarbonate (arm and hammer) helps me to control candida fungi growth. Activated charcoal, cilantro and radishes has helped me to detox. Vitamin B complex injections helped me start walking more again without getting tired or out of breath, now almost two years later I’m starting to do a mile run without muscle pain. Valerian helped me sleep during the insomnia period. Sea salt, pineapple helped stomach. I drink lots of water and lots of green vegetables for over all wellness. Mints and eating sea salt helped me get through the dry mouth dry eyes months. Curry for stomach health has also been helpful. Family, Faith, Prayer, walks in the park, even when I felt like a poisoned dog, but I still smiled at people. Now cycles have diminished to a nuisance, I still get awkward feelings, My sternum right now as I write is sore, but tomorrow it will be gone, so I just ignore them. Get sun shine if you can tolerate it that also helps. Often times I feel normal, I start to think I’m a normal healthy person, but a sudden sharp pain here or there, a sudden uneasiness or faint feeling here and there then it’s gone. Maybe I will never totally say goodbye, but I now start to recognize myself in the mirror as the person who I used to be, with this added experience, perhaps so I can know what others go through, that I may help them somehow. So I say to you who are going through the worst, fight with everything and don’t give up hope, use your instincts your spirit will guide you through this but we must trust our inner guide, believe you will be well, one day at a time, and if you get well enough to do so never stop warning others.

In a correspondence with Espart, he also noted the following:

If you can please include a link to my art site, painting and making art helped me keep my mind off the pain it was like a therapy, I will include the link to the works I did when I was at my worse mostly painting and some short documentary or stop motion videos have not exhibited them yet other than on the web. yes I feel recovered, but not quite the same as before there a remnant tinnitus comes and goes, although very faintly and sometimes my mouth feels dry little nuisances that I never suffered before, but I’m very thankful to the creator for this body and spirit that found a way through the worse, I’ve heard of people who relapse years later but I exercise and keep detoxing so this will not happen. No one seems to know quite how this thing hurts us. Thanks for all your dedication and work to save people from being Floxed.

His art can be found here –

And also in this video:

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