Poisoned by Fluoroquinolones?

If you have recently taken a Fluoroquinolone (Cipro, Avelox, Levaquin) and are having side effects, then you have come to the right place. Floxie Hope has been a place of hope for thousands of injured patients.

I created this poisoned by Fluoroquinolone guide specifically to inform and educate newly “floxed” individuals searching for help. When I first knew I was floxed, Floxie Hope was a wonderful resource for me, and I hope this guide will do that for you.

Below you will find information, videos, products and knowledge that will help you get through this without fear. Before we began I want you to get the most information on how to heal, inspire hope and share tips with you. 

Where Do I Begin?

This whole process can be overwhelming, I get that, as I was here too at one point. Support is everything, and it should be the first thing you should seek out.

Friends, family and social media can be helpful. However, social media can also be a stressor too. Below you will find our Facebook page, and a Facebook support page. You can also comment on this website here on the main board

I suggest getting on these social media outlets for support and understanding from others whom suffer from the same effects.

Floxie Hope Community

Support Is One Click Away!

Getting to know other people going through what you are currently is so important. When doctors, family and friends do not understand you, it can be helpful to get support online.

Next, we will talk about some really helpful guides that can help you understand what is happening.

Helpful Books & Guides

Are you scouring the internet for information on how to heal from this? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many floxies do this, and for good reasons, of course.

Floxie Hopes Ebook

Another book written by Floxie Hope founder Lisa Bloomquist details a lot of her experience and opinions with FQ toxicity. Take a look at the ebook on Amazon.

I would suggest giving it a read when you can. Being written by a floxie and her first-hand experience really resonates with others going through this.

More reading

If you are interested in reading more about fluoroquinolone toxicity, please click here to view all of our recommended books. If you are looking for links to studies and peer reviewed articles, click here.

Water & Food!

The next step of the poisoned by Fluoroquinolones guide is some things that could make things worse. After toxicity occurs, your body will have a hard time tolerating certain things, and I would like to quickly give you some perspective.

clearly filtered low fluoride

Water Filtration

You drink water every day, and don’t you want that water to be free of chemicals, drugs and fluoride?

This is why I use a Clearly Filtered device. I like this filter because the company sends proof of what it will remove from the water. On that test is clearly states it removes fluoride, Cipro and other drugs.

I am happy that the water my family drinks is clean and clear.


Food is one element of recovery that can be so important. Choosing fresh and organic when possible will always give your body the nutrients it needs to heal.

Diet is so important and individualized. So please work with someone who can get your diet customized for you.

Some foods like nightshades, eggs, gluten soy and dairy are triggers for some, so it is best to see what works for you.

Important Things To Look Out For!

Of course, after taking an antibiotic like Cipro, Levaquin etc your body will need some time to heal. For more than a decade, we have been able to track and associate what could trigger symptoms in floxies.

Below you will find a small list of things you should watch out for while healing. I will post a link below to the full article reviewing more on the topic.

Watch Out!

Here is a small list of items that have been shown to make symptoms worse.

  1. Fluorinated drugs (find a list here)
  2. NSAIDS (Advil, Motrin)
  3. Steriods (Inhaled, Ingested, Shots)


Important Videos For Floxies

Being a floxie, I thought sharing the knowledge I’ve learned over the last decade with others in hopes of helping. Below you will find some really helpful videos.


No One Believes you right?

Going through this, I must say nothing made me more angry than the medical community not believing me.

I became a health coach after years of studying the affects, speaking with doctors and learning how to guide others to healing so you don’t have to spend 8 years suffering like I did.


Supplements, a floxie dilema!

Of course for many supplements are necessary. So if you are looking to buy supplements, using my practitioner store you’ll get access to high quality supplements. 

The days of buying supplements from Amazon, which may be made with who know what, are a thing of the past. 

floxiehope group therapy

The Poison Affecting Millions

You will want to hear this presentation on the methods of how Fluoroquinolone antibiotics do harm to your body. This Doctor presentation should explain what is going on inside your body.