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Some Hopeful Comments

These comments were left on Floxie Hope. They are encouraging and I hope that they give you hope for recovery!

Comment 1 – “Everyone gets better. It may take years with intermittent setbacks, but everyone improves. After 3 years and 10 months, my life is almost back to normal. And, I would consider my case severe. I have/had every horrible side effect one can think of. Since floxed, I became a pilot :-0). It gets better and better. Don’t freak out with the setbacks in the middle.”

Comment 2 – ” This time last year I was dying, not exaggerating literally dying. Internally bleeding, awake for mths lost 70lbs was a wreck mentally an out of work for 7mths. I am happy ro report brain fog, anxiety, energy, stomach, mood all that has returned to normal. Started getting better around 7mths im now at 14mths and consider myself 99-100%. I do not like talking to anyone about it do not like reading anymore non positive stories and although I am better I just want to forget what happened to me, which considering what I went thru is fair. U helped me alot with ur positiveness and ur supplement ideas n I did do ozone glut an vit ivs which could’ve helped but who knows. I couldnt keep down a cracker last yr n now can eat whatever I want n dont have ne reactions. I to consider myself extremely lucky. I should write a recovery story but honestly I just dont care nemore. Which when u heal I feel most ppl will tell u they feel that way. Thank u for all ur help an im very grateful to have found u on the internet!”

Stay hopeful, my friends! It helps, it really does.

Supplement Tips

From Bill’s Recovery Story on Floxie Hope:

“As a result, the most important non-flox-related supplement I now take is an HCl tablet.  I take two with every meal, and I take care to take one every time I take a Magnesium tablet.  I mention this here because I think that possibly the reason I felt the effects of the quins so strongly was because perhaps I was already magnesium deficient, from months of poor digestion.  I might not be the only one.  And possibly taking the HCl tablets along with the Mg has helped to get that mineral where I need it more quickly and efficiently.  It was an integral part of my recovery regime that I put together, and I still take these tablets with every meal.”

I started supplementing HCL (hydrochloric acid) several years into my fluoroquinolone toxicity journey. It helped immensely with my GI issues (please note that my GI issues were more mild than many). I believe that supplementing HCL along with my supplements also helped with absorption of those supplements.

It’s something to look into. 🙂

As always, know that I am not a doctor and that before starting any supplement protocol, your doctor should be consulted. Bill also notes how you can get your stomach acid levels checked in his story.

More guidance about supplements can be found in The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution. I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped others!