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www.floxiepets.com is a site devoted to warning people about the dangers that fluoroquinolones pose to their beloved pets.  Our dogs, cats and other animals are being poisoned by fluoroquinolones.  They are being given fluoroquinolones for non-life-threatening infections, just like people are.  Also just like people, they are developing multi-system chronic illnesses as a result of being administered fluoroquinolones.

Pets are innocent.  They depend on us to protect them.  It is shameful and it is wrong for any loved pets get floxed.

Please visit www.floxiepets.com for more information.  And please, don’t give your pets Baytril, or any other fluoroquinolones.

5 thoughts on “Floxie Pets

  1. Nicole D. June 28, 2014 at 6:17 am Reply

    I suspect our 14 year old cat has been floxed as well. He’s an indoor cat but has escaped twice in the past few years. He managed to get into a fight both times. After the horror I’ve been through, I recently called the Vet to see what he had been prescribed. He’s had these drugs at least twice. We noted that after the last fight, he wasn’t himself. Slept more, lost weight and was having a harder time jumping up to the sink for a drink. Now, I sadly know that he has probably been floxed. I am heartbroken. We were trying to protect and help him and in the end, we did more harm than good. I have no idea if he’s in pain. I suspect he is because he hates to be touched.

    I also checked about our other two other cats. Our kitten was given ear drops at just a few weeks old when we found her as a stray. I feel horrible.

    Our third cat, I’m still not sure if he’s ever gotten them.

    These cats are family to us. I’m sick just thinking about it.

    • Lisa Bloomquist June 28, 2014 at 6:37 am Reply

      Hugs, Nicole! I’m so sorry to hear that! Kisses and love to your kitty kiddos too. Like you said, you were trying to protect him. You didn’t do anything wrong and any pain that he’s in is NOT YOUR FAULT. Sorry to yell, but I really want it to sink in for people – none of this is your fault. If you don’t mind talking to your vet about what is going on, it will be appreciated. I really hate to think of this happening to animals and anything that can be done to prevent it is appreciated.

      Can I, by chance, put the comment that you put on here as a story on http://www.floxiepets.com? If so, can you please let me know and send me a picture? My email address is floxiehope@gmail.com.

  2. Marva Doucet March 13, 2015 at 11:22 am Reply

    Lisa, thank you so much for making this site. When I lost my two dogs, because I gave them Baytril, I became so depressed I basically gave up on everything. The reason I read sites like Surviving Antibiotic Averse Reactions Avelox… was to try to find out if other PET owners were aware that fluoroquinolones were harming their beloved pets.
    I have not personally taken them, because I have been leary of all antibiotics my whole life. However, I cared for my invalid mother 9 years after she had a stroke. Guess what? I personally hung 90 doses of Levaquin IV at home, over 12 years ago/ I had NO idea what I was doing to her. I was even proud that I had learned do home intravenous therapy. She couldn’t speak, so she couldn’t tell me.
    Back to pets, now I want to alert all collie owners in particular that these drugs are impossible to detoxify in collies that have the DR1 mutant gene, that the blood -brain barrier is breached and then there is neuro damage. My collie never took another step after Baytril.
    The other dog, a mixed breed lived another 13 months, weak, blind, failed kidneys eventually, and lymphoma cancer. I know the Baytril made her blind( within 3 months), and there is a strong relationship between damaged mitochondria and cancer.

    • Lisa Bloomquist March 13, 2015 at 2:09 pm Reply

      I’m so sorry for your losses, Marva! Can I please put up your comment as a post on Floxie Pets? It would be better preserved and accessed there. I’ll either credit you or make it anonymous, whichever you prefer.

      Your poor, poor collies!

      I love my fur-child (a cat named Rickie) immensely and I would be heartbroken if he had gotten floxed. Hugs, sympathy and condolences for your losses!


  3. Marva Doucet February 23, 2017 at 9:07 pm Reply

    Lisa, I am so sorry for this late response; I am terrible with computers and had no idea you had asked me until today when facebook sent an email when someone commented on my old post. Of course I don’t mind if you put up my comment. with my name , as well. Thank you again!

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