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One of the many frustrating things about floxing is that everyone’s experience is different.  We have enough in common to know that we have all been welcomed into the lovely club of Floxies, the club that no one wants to join, that includes the benefits of connective tissue and nervous system damage, but the differences between us are vast.  Some people have GI issues, some don’t.  Some have tinnitus (ringing in the ears), some don’t.  Some have vision issues, some don’t.  Some have severe pain, some don’t.  Some have mental health issues, including psychosis, some don’t.  The list can go on and on.  Our symptoms are not one-size-fits-all.  Neither is our timeline.  And, unfortunately, neither is our cure.  I hope that what helped me will help you.  If what helped me doesn’t help you, I hope that what helped another person whose story is on this site will help you.  Everyone’s path is different though.  It’s sad, it’s frustrating and it’s annoying.  Please have hope though.  Many people do recover.  When you recover, I want your story.  🙂

****** Of course, the disclaimer is necessary – I am not a doctor and none of the advice contained in this site should be seen as a replacement for the advice of a doctor or other medical professional.  Please be careful with all supplements and treatments that you self-administer.  Trusted supervision by a medical professional is a good idea.

I hope that you find healing and hope through these stories.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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  1. Brooke Keefer July 1, 2013 at 4:30 pm Reply

    I am eight months out from being “floxed”. It all started when I came down with an Enterobacter gram negative sepsis infection two weeks after having major abdominal surgery for Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD). I say “major” because my incision was from my sternum to my groin. The sepsis infection came on rapidly and suddenly. One minute I was enjoying a hospital visit from my friends, the next I had rigors to the point I couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering and shivered all over. My temperature rose to 106 degrees (F) in a matter of ten minutes. The nurses scrambled to figure out what to do with me. At one point I grabbed a nurse by the collar and told her she better not let me die as I have children. While I waited for blood test results, the staff covered me with ice packs. It felt like my hospital bed was on fire. Eventually, the doctors gave me Levaquin and steroids (my adrenals were failing). I was in the ICU for three days.

    After my ICU stay, I was continued on Levaquin and steroids and was given an IV PICC line for total parenteral nutrition (TPN) as I still couldn’t eat on my own or tolerate tube feeds from the surgery. A few weeks later I went home but was still on steroids for my adrenals. Unfortunately, three weeks later I returned to the hospital as I had a fever. Another sepsis infection was suspected so I was given more Levaquin. The hospital took out my PICC line as they suspected this was the source of my infection. Well, it turned out I didn’t have an infection after all. After a four day stay, I went home, still on steroids, and was able to eat a little and start tube feeds through my j tube, which fed my intestine. Within a few days, I woke up and couldn’t stand on my feet I was in so much pain. This became a trend every morning. It felt like my Achille’s tendon was being ripped from my ankles and my feet burned. As time went by, the nerve and tendon pain spread to my knees and hands. I had terrible panic attacks and couldn’t tolerate fructose. If I ate anything with a high fructose ratio, like an apple, or drank juice, I developed instant nausea and anxiety. I soon discovered I had developed a strange sensitivity to sunlight and started getting a dry facial rash.

    None of my doctors knew what was wrong with me. I also had very high vitamin b levels (all of the bs were high, though I don’t take vitamins with any bs in them). I saw a nutritional MD, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, chiropractor, primary care physician, and surgeon. Not one could explain these symptoms I never had before in my lifetime. I searched the Internet for a solution. After all, that is how I finally got diagnosed with SOD after 14 years of being misdiagnosed. I had to figure it out myself! And I did. Fluoroquinolone toxicity made sense. I joined a few online support groups and realized I wasn’t alone. This finally explained why I felt the way I did and that I wasn’t alone.

    I still have pain, but it’s getting better. I go to the gym and use the sauna and whirlpool, do light weight training, and can tolerate about a mile on the elliptical as it doesn’t hurt my feet. The photosensitivity seems to have gotten better as I’ve spent the last few weeks outdoors. I still cannot tolerate fructose for some reason and my vitamin b levels are still high. I also get liver pain/swelling and believe the fluoroquinolones did damage to my liver and small intestine, which would affect my vitamin b levels and cause some of my symptoms. My nerve and tendon pain is always worse after eating. I do not drink or smoke, so that’s a good thing for my physical recovery. I eat well too–mostly vegetables, gluten free grains, and lowfat grass fed, organic meats and eggs. I found I can’t do dairy or sugar in ANY form. I eat fermented vegetables every day, which I get at our local food co-op. They are a great source for probiotics since I can’t eat yogurt. I have wasted a lot of money on supplements. The only supplements (I think) help me are alpha lipoic acid, MSM, calcium with magnesium and viatmin d, zinc with vitamin c, melatonin, and cod liver oil capsules. I am almost off the steroids as it’s taken time for my adrenals and pituitary to “wake up”. I do take prescription pancreatic enzymes for my SOD condition and an antidepressant that has literally saved my life. I wake up each day praying to get a better perspective on my life. I can’t take any pain medications without serious side effects. Subsequently, I have learned to accept my pain and where I am at.

    In closing, none of my doctors will confirm fluoroquinolone toxicity is the cause of my symptoms. It is sad and unfortunate I don’t feel heard by my physicians. However, I am grateful I have a network of fellow “floxies” who understand and are there to offer support. I am not angry about being floxed. I nearly died and my life needed saving. What does outrage me is the lack of funding and research for fluoroquinolone toxicity. I hope that one day there will be treatment for people with our condition.

    • Rob November 5, 2017 at 1:41 pm Reply

      Brooke how are you faring these days? I hope fully recovered!

      • Deb November 26, 2017 at 8:25 am Reply

        How did you recover and how long did it take? Thanks. Deb

  2. Patty Alexander Sr. January 18, 2015 at 7:59 pm Reply

    Thank’s for sharing your story with us Brooke and I wish you very well!

  3. Recovery Stories | yoursaymatters September 19, 2015 at 12:44 pm Reply

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  4. Anna April 1, 2016 at 7:12 am Reply

    I am ALWAYS wondering about doctors and why they don’t acknowledge all our pain and symptoms? Sure, there are doctors who DO and DID take Fluoroquinolone or even prescribed them to loved ones and did develop toxicity symptoms immediately or later on. I really want to know how they deal with it or do they still live in denial? Do they care to read researches or look into sites as this site to see that these are REAL people who are in REAL suffering? !!!

  5. Karen in Ma May 14, 2016 at 4:06 pm Reply

    My heart goes out to one and all, as I literally am weeping a this moment over the sad and lonely state of the victims. Sorry to report, that I and another woman who was poisoned by FQ’s whom I met online, have had the terrible experience of escalating degrees and numbers of afflictions post FQ exposure. She has survived some 12+ years and I am on year 5 with no hope in sight as symptoms worsen every single day.
    For first 3.5 years I had no idea about the toxicity issue of IV Levaquin which was given to me in hospital for 3 consecutive days in 2011.
    I was sent home with oral Levofloxacin which I subsequently took periodically on recurrences.
    Today, I am crippled. My symptoms started with pain in tendons in the back of my ankles, legs and buttocks. Problems with numbness and nerve communications to my feet. Eventually I fell and then sustained a rotor cuff tear and separation of tendons in my shoulder. Hip pain. Edema to the outer limits. on and on and on. Now I cannot stand or walk without excruciating pain and am completely out of breath from the swelling and associated weight gain.
    After the last oral regimen, I instantly suffered from crippling pain across every tendon in my rib cage..couldn’t breathe without screaming in pain and sofa bound for weeks after only a couple of pills.
    The very worst problem, psychologically and physically, is my obesity weight gain which, IMHO, is related to a massively diminished urine output and edema in my feet and legs. Now I have no diabetes or other cause for this. I AM HUGE particularly in my abdomen!!!
    People approach me on my rare public outings to offer diet advice. It is so awful. Actually, I eat less than almost anyone I know. Near as I count, I eat probably less than a cup and a half of solids once daily and sometimes none at all. I live more on liquids than anything because the edema and lack of fluid in my system has screwed up my intestinal tract so solids cause problems there as well.
    I wish there were some encouraging words, as now I cannot do my employment job and have to sell my house as i am a widow with no family and live alone.
    I can only say to everyone else, pass the message along to others before they are ruined too….and pray. I think my days are numbered as I can barely breathe after walking and I think it is the edema. My tissues are slowly drowning in their own fluids.

    If anyone has experience with this awful weight gain (I mean I have 250+ pounds over last 2 years) let me know what you have discovered. Or just let me know you have the same problem. I have found a few folks but more would be beneficial. Thanks and best wishes to all.

    • Cindy August 13, 2016 at 5:21 am Reply

      You can’t give up.

    • Mojo Jaye March 22, 2017 at 11:36 pm Reply

      My stomach blows up like a balloon when I eat, and I don’t eat junk – that never happened to me before the cipro – I have to sit in a chair and bend over or scoot to the edge of the chair and lean back – I have a constant sensation of all my internal organs being swollen five times their normal size – this makes me a nervous wreck, like my life is being cut short …

      • Jane April 14, 2017 at 4:36 am Reply

        Do you think you may have a hernia or possibly reflux disease. These are very treatable non life threatening conditions. Try not to worry but please get checked out for this.

    • Cathy March 26, 2017 at 7:42 am Reply

      Karen, I acquired many food intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies and had to give up gluten, and lost 45 pounds in a few months and felt way better. As for my gut – yeast or severe candida had been building up in me since the floxing and when I got the yeast down the belly bloat went with it. The yeast would cause gurgling in my stomach which I thought was hunger pains and I ate to alleviate the nausea, but what I was doing was feeding the yeast. I also had the water retention which felt like I was being constricted and could not breathe or exert myself without feeling like I was going to explode. Please look into gluten intolerance and candida as being a possible contributor.

      • Karen in Ma March 26, 2017 at 12:07 pm Reply

        I looked at candida and ordered oregano oil. I do not get hungry when gurgles occur. It is just an observation of fluid sloshes I never had before in my life. They occur when I am moving of course. I eat very little bread (actually I live on liquids mostly). I just wish I could walk further and without so much pain.
        Thanks for the help, it means a lot to have anyone offer advice. My doctors are clueless so I don’t bother with them anymore. I am a recluse with no family and only one friend (I never see anymore) and I spare her from my problems.

        • Ourgangcathy March 26, 2017 at 12:18 pm

          Hi Karen, You can email me anytime at I totally understand the isolation. It is just too convoluted and complicated to explain to others, but having been there done that, I would understand. Write anytime. I have a lot of questions for you but would rather use email. Hope to hear from you soon. Cathy

      • Karen in Ma March 26, 2017 at 12:15 pm Reply

        Forgot to ask, how did you get diagnosed with candida?

        • Ourgangcathy March 26, 2017 at 12:21 pm

          I found out about the gluten the same way I did about the Cipro poisoning – online research. No doctors helped one time in years and many made it worse.

      • Jessica March 9, 2019 at 12:18 am Reply

        Cathy did these food intolerances ever leave ?

        • Dan Jervis March 9, 2019 at 11:46 am

          Jessica, Alkalization is the key word here. I have found that two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is a good place to start. Also, high quality sauerkraut from a health food store. I rid myself of Candida albicans and Candida paripalosa by ambitiously alkalizing myself. Get the pH strips and test yourself every morning with first urination, if you are in the 5’s, you are highly acidic. Pathogens thrive in acidic guts. I found a source for pH 9.0 water and drank 7 gallons every ten days. I had 5 underlying infections, alkalizing is the key, also Oil of Oregano drops, Uva Ursi too. No more than 5 drops of either at a time.
          Please be well, Dan Jervis

    • lymedefeaterpassionate November 17, 2017 at 3:08 pm Reply

      Please please get an igenex test for Lyme and other coinfection tests like Borellis. My husband has Lyme and he has all of your symptoms but the weight gain

  6. floxed from poland July 12, 2016 at 7:12 am Reply

    there is document FLOX_REPORT_REV_11.pdf, you may read free time.

    Most of recovery stories here is mild floxing (maybe excluding B, Stu, Diego)
    so recovery is really fast (1 year and someone can work).
    For mild floxing really no problem.
    For severe (delayed) floxing road to recovery is long,
    few years to partial recovery and little hope.

    • Rami July 14, 2016 at 1:32 pm Reply

      I have been floxed 5 months ago and my muscles and tendonds pains started appearing after 4 months. Only neurological and psychic symptoms appeared early after the floxing, and are far better now. Does this mean my floxing is a severe one since new symptoms are still appearing after 4 months?

      • Cindy November 19, 2016 at 5:27 pm Reply

        Perhaps you were refloxed maybe by fluoride in the water supply or other medication such as eye drops or a different group of antibiotics?

        Gluten can cause peripheral neuropathy. If you google the gluten syndrome and gluten ataxia you will get more info.

  7. FloxFromCipropol July 16, 2016 at 6:18 am Reply

    Rami … its not easy to answer. It depends,
    you may have new symptoms, or you may have not.
    You have delayed reaction.
    please download document flox report from myquinstory www site
    and read it.
    everyone has different reaction after this crack.

    There is “im floxed now what?” Part this blog, read it also.
    I wish Everything will be ok Rami. Take care.

    • Cindy November 19, 2016 at 6:49 am Reply

      Hi I cannot find your recovery story please can you send it to me. Many thanks. xxx

  8. F December 28, 2016 at 8:36 am Reply

    Hi All,

    I’ve just discovered this page and thought I’d share what happened to me in these last months because I feel it has lots in common with all of these stories.
    Let me start by saying this is a recovery story or I hope and think it is anyway.
    In November 2015 my boyfriend and I left on an 8 months backpacking tour of Asia.
    At the time I was 37 years old, in good health and good shape since I used to run lots (I’m gradually going back to it..) and the whole idea of the trip, among others, was to be able to perform sports and activities we hadn’t tried yet like rock climbing, diving, surfing etc etc. Anyway, all went perfectly from November to March.
    In March I developed a UTI while we were in Laos and the doctor we managed to see gave me Cipro.
    I went through a first 7 day cycle which (I realised later) cured the UTI.
    However, since I also had another irritation in the bladder area at the same time and since I thought this irritation was also connected to the UTI ( I thought the UTI wasn’t getting better), I asked whether I should take a second cipro cycle thinking the first hadn’t actually cured me.
    While I was taking this second cycle the doctor had me tested to discover whether the first cycle had been effective and I got the results at the end of the 2nd cycle.
    The results confirmed the UTI had gone the first time around so it had been totally useless to take the 2nd cycle since the other irritation was a vaginitis which I was trying to cure with cipro..Now that can’t work can it?
    All of this to say that I must have taken 15 days of cipro under medical supervision.
    Please note we were travelling in very hot, humid countries and seeing doctors and getting tested were very hard tasks so both the medical staff and myself were looking for quick solutions.
    So we went on with our travels but my aches and pains started to escalate progressively after those 15 days of cipro.
    As a premise, my vaginitis (which had nothing to do with the cipro since it was there before) wasn’t getting better but that was just because I hadn’t sought the right care, I had been looking for UTI specialists instead of seeing a gyno.
    At that stage I still didn’t know if it was a recurrent UTI, a bladder infection or a gyno problem, it was difficult to see doctors and when I did see one he/she always gave a wrong diagnosis based on no tests.
    Instead of taking it lightly, I started having hypocondriac thoughts and went into a paranoia that I had some terrible disease attacking my body, that I had contracted something bad in the past and I started getting very anxious.
    At the same time my gastrointestina/digestive problems started so I couldn’t eat the same things as before and went onto a rice and chiken diet, stopped all drinks except water and started losing weight.
    Now, it’s very important for me to insist upon the fact that I had never in my life experienced paranoia or stress of that type before.
    I am/was, on the contrary, a very calm and stable person, as my boyfriend knows too.
    Furthermore, I was on holiday!
    We were travelling through beautiful countries, going to the beach, diving, immersing ourselves in nature and there was absolutely no reason for my mind to start going on shady horror trips.
    We were living a healthy life, no partying, going to bed early and rising with the sun, taking time to enjoy each moment..There really was no place for stress.
    But even so, I felt that gradually my mind and my body weren’t obeying to me anymore, something really weird and scary was happening.
    However, I never for one minute connected these progressive happenings to the taking of the cipro.
    In those months I saw many doctors in many countries, they all had different opinions and they all suggested I took tests once back in Europe.
    3 months after I took the cipro I was a nervous wreck, cried at least once a day, had aches and pains in my stomach and couldn’t eat what I wanted.
    My boyfriend didn’t know what was happening to me and the worst hadn’t arrived yet.
    The day before our return to Europe I felt my left knee ligaments making a snapping noise each time I moved.
    At the beginning I thought nothing of it, but then I started counting the crackling noises..It snapped at least 50 times a day, at each movement. It just wasn’t normal.
    I started panicking even more and we flew back on our intercontinental flight so relieved that we were finally going home.
    My mother came to meet us and said I was looking awful, I had lost 6 KG.
    2 days after that I woke up in the morning and all my body was in pain, both my muscles and my articulations.
    From under my feet to the top of my neck there wasn’t one muscle, one ligament, one articulation that felt normal.
    All my joints crackled, I had difficulty walking, had my first two panic attacks, lost my sleep, had great trouble concentrating, couldn’t read or watch TV, spent days and nights crying, was a total wreck.
    Nobody, including me, knew what was happening.
    We were all desperate, both my boyfriend and I started smoking again.
    All of this came on progressively but this part, the muscular part, the part where I couldn’t sleep anymore, the part where I had panic attacks was just out of the blue..
    How could I be reduced to that trembling being, full of weakness and fears?
    Where had I gone? Where was I? That just didn’t feel like me.
    Of course, I got all possible tests done and nothing was wrong with me except the vaginitis which I started tackling in a proper manner.
    The worst part of it all was that my doctor (I didn’t know him, it’s the village doctor where my mother lives) thought it all came from the mind and gave me Xanax.
    He said that I had to accept that ‘things happen’ in life and that it’s possible to be a healthy, stable person the day before and an ill wreck the following day and that that was life.
    He said this backpacking trip had probably made old issues emerge from the past, old thoughts of an unresolved nature, guilt trips that now were haunting me.
    He advised I started psicotherapy with someone.
    He also said half of the world’s population took Xanax and that I should try to give it a chance.
    I started seeing a shrink but didn’t find it useful…I didn’t need to spill any beans out, I didn’t have any major problem a part from my father’s death 2 years prior but he was 91 and I had come to term with his loss.
    Of course, as for all, my life had gone through different phases and obstacles but I was in a long term happy relationship, we were thinking of having a baby soon, I had my band I played music with, I travelled, I did what I wanted with my life and didn’t feel particularly frustrated with it.
    I tried Xanax a couple of times and it made me feel worse, it made me feel like a zombie and wasn’t solving any of my issues.
    Deep inside me, I knew that the shrink or Xanax weren’t the answer.
    I know that seeing someone is always beneficial and I intend to do so as soon as I have a budget for it but at that moment I knew that something else was happening to me, something I didn’t know but, after lots of reading, I understood was probably something neurological in nature.
    I decided I’d go to see a rheumatologist, one of the best in the city and that was the best decision I could take.
    He understood there was a problem with my nervous system, with the peripheric nervous system in the specific.
    He told me to take Laroxyl, to start with 3 drops per day and progressively go up to 10 then stop at 10 and take it for 2 months at 10.
    He said I should never take more than 10 since that is what is needed for the nervous system, more drops were for other conditions.
    He said it would help the cycle of sleep come back as well as my body feel better.
    I started it on the 4th of August and stopped it on the 15th of October and I am much better.
    The sleep came back almost instantly and the pains gradually wore off leaving only the crackle in my left knee which I suspect will never leave. I stopped smoking again.
    My gastrointestinal problems never left but I’m taking probiotics and homeopathic tratments for them. I’m back eating like I used to.
    In August I slowly started jogging again and I got pregnant in September.
    The rheumatologist told me the pregnancy could make me feel better and it’s probably what is happening.
    At present I sleep like a log, I jog when I can, I’ve found a new job and started composing lyrics for music again.
    I was very worried that getting off the Laroxyl would have been a hard task but it went really smoothly also because I wasn’t taking much.
    I now believe what happened to me was connected with the cipro.
    I don’t know how though..Did I get better with the Laroxyl? Did I get better because time was passing and the substance was leaving my body? Was I lucky that I didn’t experience major irreversible damage? Will all these symptoms resurface after the pregnancy?
    I believe cipro probably damaged my nervous system in that my concentration isn’t as powerful as it was and my body globally feels different, but that may also be the pregnancy.
    I know a different me appeared this last summer, someone I really hope I’ll never have to meet again.
    My companion and my family as well as my dear friends have been my rocks throughout this ordeal and I don’t know where I’de be without them.
    I still think some people out there probably think I just experienced a nervous breakdown but, now that I can talk about it in such an objective manner, I know I don’t owe any explanations to anyone but myself.
    Thanks for reading this.


    • Sambo Luon April 5, 2018 at 9:26 pm Reply

      Hi F,

      What digestive symptoms did you have?

      What homeo treatment did you get?



  9. winifred howard December 31, 2016 at 5:43 am Reply

    How awful. I do not think you had a nervous breakdown at all! It was the Cipro.

    How long did the depression last and how did you cope with it ?

    Wynn, (Winifred)

    • F January 5, 2017 at 6:59 am Reply

      Hi Wynn,

      It would be difficult to call it a depression..I’d probably call it more of a general anxiety disorder but, to be honest, it might have been a mix of both conditions.
      It didn’t last long.
      I’d say 4 months in total, starting in May with the hypocondriac thoughts and ending in August with the use of Laroxyl.
      However, we spent July and August in the same place and I must say I was very lucky in that we had planned to spend these 2 months home to rest after such a long journey and before starting to look for jobs again.
      That meant I didn’t have to wake up in the AM to go to work and I had no kids to take care of.
      It also meant I wasn’t forced to do any mingling with people or social life. I had my mother my companion, the dogs, nature and very helpful neighbours.
      I deeply admire all those who went through this kind of struggle while working and dealing with kids or/and society because in those 2 months I wouldn’t have had the strength.
      And, believe me, Im quite the social person, a chatty and open human being.
      My nights were sleepless and on some of them I woke up with my heart pounding and short breath.
      As I got off my bed and went outside in nature, I’d cry because I felt my limbs were so heavy and that walking was a mix of crackling noises and shooting pains all over.
      I’d be looking at the trees and asking myself how it could be possible that my body had become such a bundle of hurting nerves, twitching muscles, spasms and pain.
      I was looking thin and consumed and I remember looking at myself in the mirror and finding I had these gaunt eyes staring back at me, I was looking worried, stressed, sad.
      And this after one of the most powerful and beautiful trips I’d ever done.
      I still don’t regret having travelled those 8 months, even if the end of the trip led me to such a dark place. I knew travelling hadn’t brought this upon me.
      So I started stuff up on the internet, gathering information, trying to understand what the hell was going on with my body and mind.
      I wouldn’t read any article but only articles from websites which looked serious.
      everybody was telling me to stop looking stuff up, thinking I was influencing my mind with all the desperate cases in this world.
      They were worried about it being anxiety or depression but I knew very well that there was a physical beginning to all of it, I knew the brain had been affected last, not first.
      And it’s the strength of this idea that made me seek help from another specialist (while the local doctor was telling me I had nothing, my tests were excellent and that it was pointless).
      I didn’t let fear install itself and made sure I got to the root of things.
      What I found was the condition called fibromyalgia and from that, after months, I arrived to this website.
      I noticed lots of fibromyalgic people were complaining about their symptoms starting after a cipro intoxication so at the beginning I thought I had fibromyalgia.
      But as I started getting better I told myself that, though many of the symptoms were very similar to those of fibromyalgic people, mine were indeed slowly going away so it looked more like an intoxication, a big one, rather than a chronic illness that had installed itself for ever.
      Of course i don’t know if the symptoms will return and I’m still not sure about anything since without empirical evidence it’s difficult to produce sure and objective statements, but it does look like the cipro played its role in all of this…

  10. Mojo Jaye March 22, 2017 at 11:19 pm Reply

    I’m scared to death – this drug has ruined my body – I went from being able to walk miles to barely being able to walk to the other side of the room – I took 500 mg twice a day for 7 days, no issues at all (other than slight woozy sensations that almost all antibiotics cause, but I can take penicillin with no side effects whatsoever) until that very last pill, and then my body fell apart – my hip joints and lower back scream, all of a sudden my right ankle hurts, my inner elbow joints are sore to the touch, I sat and looked in a compact mirror and watched a blistering rash form on my chin – the ER and the wellness liaison with my insurance, along with the pharmacist all pretend my problems are not from this horrible drug, but I know better, I know my body – two years ago I was given clindamycin for a dental abscess, and I never recovered from what that poison did to me – now, after the cipro, my stomach expands like a balloon if I eat something as harmless as a grilled cheese sandwich – I’m reduced to eating organic meats and vegetables, drinking safe herbal teas – no one told me about probiotics or yogurt to help balance my intestinal flora, not even to drink lots of water, which probably wouldn’t have made a difference – my hands also hurt, barely able to open jars, use scissors, simple things – I have never been in so much pain – I can only pray to recover, but every day I’m afraid I won’t, it hurts so much just to walk, it’s unreal, I feel like I should speak to an attorney about what this crap has done to me …

    • Karen in Ma March 23, 2017 at 11:30 am Reply

      Mojo Jaye: Others have reported some recovery with a homeopathic treatment/cleansing. I personally am planning to search for one locally. As I have no recovery story to share sadly, I will add two notes.
      Never take anything with ‘mycin’ in the title.
      I too took clindamycin and I almost ended up in emergency. My doctor told me ‘do not take that again ever’. I cramped over in pain like a pancreatitis attack. It was horrible. So just be advised other ‘myacin’ drugs could do the same.
      Also, even in a homeopathic treatment I advise caution on colonics. I watched Dr. Oz demonstrate how easily a non-trained person can perforate those delicate tissues near the ‘end of the gastric line’ (I call it). It can be dangerous.

  11. Jane April 14, 2017 at 4:47 am Reply

    I had clindamycin in JANUARY 2017 for cellulitis, it made everything worse, much worse. I had what looked like bites all over my arms, legs and abdomen with a bright red rash. I have lots of clindamycin leftover plus a full box sent to me by my dr after leaving hospital after this happened!
    YET drs and the pharmacy insisted that clindamycin was safe. Safe my foot!!!Huh!!

  12. Karen in Ma April 14, 2017 at 10:51 am Reply

    I am paranoid of new drug regimens. I have had too many bad reactions. And, let me tell you, doctors ‘killed’ my husband from drug interactions. From a cancer specialist to my ears directly, I was told that prednisone is a ‘cell accelerant’. Therefore, if a patient is on that drug and develops cancer, the disease spreads exponentially. Also, my husband contracted bullous pemphagoid (a terrible skin disorder) from an interaction of a new flu drug and his type 2 diabetes medicine. That was the reason for the prednisone. It’s awful.

  13. […] chronic, syndrome, that, for many, is incurable. You can’t take a Benadryl to get rid of it. Some people recover (just like some people recover from autoimmune diseases), but there is no single path to […]

  14. Stevi Stooks November 17, 2017 at 3:20 pm Reply

    I’m 2 months in from having been “floxed” by Cipro that I was prescribed for a UTI. I’ve been to the Emergency room and regular Doctor’s office many times in the past two months with constant head pressure, dizzy weird feelings, shortness of breath, extreme anxiety, brain fog, etc. The newest symptoms are green diarrhea and dry heaving but nothing comes up when I’m gagging. Has any one else experienced these last two? And if so, any suggestions on what to do.. Please. I really am getting desperate. I have almost no support through this, everyone thinks I’m just losing it and am a hypochondriac including the Doctors. I am at a loss, and this website I feel really is my last hope.

  15. Dan Jervis February 22, 2018 at 9:57 am Reply

    I was floxxed in 1996 by an Otolaryngologist who was treating me for a maxillary sinus infection. Unknowingly, I took 60,000mg of Cipro in 20 days. My symptoms began immediately which are headache and nausea which I have endured for 7800 days. I have been to Mayo, Tufts University, Harvard Medical school to have an implantation between my skull and brain above my motor cortex, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, 98 Neurofeedback treatments, wires inserted beneath my facial skin, 9 nerve blocks, acupuncture and on and on. Every time I ask one of the 13 Neurologists I have had about Fluoroquinalone Toxicity, they dodge the question. I now know what it is like to go crazy or have a nervous breakdown. Yes, my auto-immune system was compromised when I was given Cipro because I had been fighting a staph infection for four years with Ceftin and many other antibiotics, so I was vulnerable and innocent. I spent five years on my back in a dark room, lost my business, lost 7 ligaments and tried to end my life in 2010. I continue to be proactive because it’s in my constitution but I am on the wire, the tipping point. Thanks to a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I have survived since 2010. I advise using every form of Magnesium you can find. Transdermal, mag sulfate soaking, citrate, etc. It is what we need most.

    Most sincerely, Dan

  16. David February 27, 2018 at 12:00 am Reply

    Hi, I just want to share my experience with everyone here. I got diagnosis for prostatitis in Nov’17 and doctor prescribed me Cipro for 15days. On the 14th day, I knew something is wrong when i felt my shoulder and arms got abit weird. My shoulder will feel pain and arms will feel weak and numb. It is not serious, I can still move my arms though. I immediately stop the Cipro after I visited a neurologist who told me Cipro is the cause.
    I have also trouble sleeping. Insomnia for about one month. Heart beat is fast which I believe due to anxiety.

    I began my own research and started taking NueroMag, L-gluthation, Acetyl L-Carnitine, CoQ10, and vitamins B and PQQ. During these few months, I feel very down. I did not go to work for several weeks because of insomnia. My prostate never heal completely either. Pain in my prostate also induce fear and anxiety in me. (FYI, those with prostate problems, I also take Flower graminex pollens, Quercetin and Saw pamolette).

    The numbness and tingling will often go around my body. Sometimes my arms, sometimes my legs, faces or even scalp. This makes me go crazy. However day by day, I feel it is improving. I started forcing myself to go to work, doing other normal things which I always do. Day by day, I think these activities keep my anxiety down and i have proper sleep again slowly. I also feel the numbness and tingling is getting better in frequency. This keeps my mood up. And today i can say its 95% healed. Maybe not fully now, but certainly much better when it got started.

    I want to share with you all here – don’t be disheartened that you cannot see results. Time can heal. Compare your situation today with a month ago. See there is any improvement. You may not be 100% healed but if it better than when it was one month back, it is certainly improving. The mind played the most important part. I knew it because my mind played tricks on me when my body was in the worst shape. It keeps telling me I will not recover. I realise that i have to be patient and I feel better than I see there is a little improvement and I am happy. Negativity in your mind will result in a vicious cycle – my insomnia might never get better. I cant stress enough the power of the mind can do so much impact to our body.

    I post this because I want to let everyone knows that you can be healed slowly. You have to believe this. Be positive and keep working on it. Try as much as possible to do the normal activities you will have done. Also, there are many people who had recovered but they are not posting their stories because they already forget their illness. I remember this forum and this is a story that I have.

    Best regards,

    • Dan Jervis April 5, 2018 at 8:44 am Reply

      David, your testimony is encouraging and I (we) appreciate reading about anyone’s success.
      I was floxxed with 60,000mg of Cipro for a sinus infection in 1996. For the last 20 years I have heard only denial by doctors. I tried to end my life in 2010, but awoke in the hospital and have been living minute to minute for nearly 1/3 of my life. I am now 68. I am a cyclist and have a constant headache which lessens when I ride aggressively. I had a motor cortex implantation in August 2017 which proved ineffective so had the battery stimulator removed after 141 days. I have lived in despair for 1/2 of my son’s life, he is now 38. I have been in the care of a Functional Medicine Practitioner since 2010 who has given me hope but I haven’t had more than 3 hours of continuous sleep for at least 15 years. I began the MMS protocol 5 weeks ago which is grueling because of the Herxheimer effect that results.

      Thank you for reaching out to us who are living on the tipping point every minute of our lives.
      Living in a state of dread is the most difficult sadness of all, let us all benefit from your encouragement.

      Sincerely, Dan Jervis

    • Sambo Luon April 5, 2018 at 9:15 pm Reply

      Hi David,

      How r u going at the moment ?
      Did you see any integrative or functional doctor ?



  17. Matt Pace April 9, 2018 at 7:28 pm Reply

    I was given Levaquin about 10 years ago and on day two noticed numerous side affects and stopped taking it. It attacked my tendons and my knees. After some research I soon started taking cleated magnesium to neutralize the Levaquin and this really helped. I HIGHLY recommend this as the first thing to do for any person having adverse affects from this drug.

    • Matt Pace April 10, 2018 at 9:50 am Reply

      I meant to say I took “Chelated Magnesium”.

  18. Ronna April 27, 2018 at 6:19 am Reply

    How do you get rid of the head pressure? I can’t concentrate to read. It’s been 16 months, any tips please.

  19. Ronna May 4, 2018 at 5:34 am Reply

    Thanks Lisa, This week I had my first IV of Meyers Cocktail (after discussing it with my doctor of course). I felt wonderful the day after as it seems moister had returned to my sinuses. They have been so dry with chapped lips daily. I also have dry mouth, dry eye and hoarse voice. There is swelling inside my mouth always. The IV seemed to relieve a lot of these symptoms for a short period of time. Now they are back. Even though I drink plenty of fluids, is it possible they are not getting into my system. I don’t even urinate a lot after drinking lots of fluid. Do you know of anyone with these symptoms and what I can do on a daily basis that might help. No alcohol, no caffeine, no fluoride, what else?..

  20. tammy gyarmathy November 21, 2018 at 9:58 am Reply

    Symptoms I started with since taking cipro.. body jolts, muscle twitching, insomnia (worse then normal) weird lights when closing my eyes, dry painful eyes, liver pain, pain in all the tendons in my body, pain in all my joints, joints cracking with movement, muscle weakness, slight muscle wasting , lost 21lbs. cold hands, feet and legs, nerve pain ( burning sensation on various parts of my body ) some numbness. It’s been 18 days since I took my last pill…

    Things that have improved: no more body jolts, muscle twitching has gone down a lot, I can sleep now without sleeping aid, no more weird light flashes when I close my eyes, liver pain is gone and liver enzymes are back to normal. I am seeing some improvements which makes me happy. All my blood work has come back, as I said liver has repaired itself very quickly, my cholesterol is better then it has been in years ( pristine numbers) the only tests that were not good were my inflammation markers both are elevated. I may still have a long road ahead is me but happy some symptoms have improved. That definitely gives me hope. Keep that prayers coming definitely not out of the woods yet.

    • marie wheeler November 21, 2020 at 2:57 pm Reply

      have you gotten any better?

  21. Joe December 16, 2018 at 3:21 pm Reply

    I’ve been on here before and never really healed from levaquin poisoning. It’s been 5 ish years and I’ve had problems with my ankles the day I took this medicine and experience a lot of pain if I walk too much in a day or stand on harder surfaces for a little while. Overall the ankles have been bad, but in the last month my one ankle has been continuously causing me issues with severe pain to the point I can’t stand on it. I’ve not had this happen for a few days straight before and certainly not a month straight. I’m concerned my ankles are deteriorating suddenly and am unsure what to do.

    Does anyone have solutions for curing the ankles, strengthening them, etc. as a result of the medicine? Thanks.

    • Dan Jervis January 22, 2019 at 8:27 am Reply

      oil of magnesium has been beneficial which comes in a spray bottle and after spraying on my lower legs, I rub it in for a few minutes. Then allow it to dry and it becomes a white powder. Rinse it off your hands afterwards. Magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) is another very beneficial treatment which benefits your entire body. Soak in it for as long as you can and don’t be skimpy, make a four pound bag last four baths. Magnesium is soft tissue’s best friend. Moderate stretching and massage can make a difference too.

      • Fred January 22, 2019 at 9:09 am Reply

        Dan do u have fb messenger ? I’m having questions regarding magnesium absorption .

        • Dan Jervis January 22, 2019 at 3:37 pm

          yes Fred, I have and use fb messenger. Would probably prefer texting at 970-948-4553

      • Matt Pace January 22, 2019 at 12:26 pm Reply

        I was fortunate enough to start taking Chelated Magnesium right after I first starting experiencing symptoms of Levaquin poisoning. Magnesium is an antidote to this drug and can really slow down or stop the symptoms from getting worse if taken early on.

  22. LeAnn Sieler December 16, 2018 at 4:35 pm Reply

    peripheral neuropathy, pain and parasthesia
    appears symmetrically and generally at the terminals of the longest nerves, which are in the
    lower legs and feet. Sensory symptoms generally develop before motor symptoms such as
    weakness. Length-dependent peripheral neuropathy symptoms make a slow ascent of leg, while
    symptoms may never appear in the upper limbs; if they do, it will be around the time that leg
    symptoms reach the knee.[21] When the nerves of the autonomic nervous system are affected,
    symptoms may include constipation, dry mouth, difficulty urinating, and dizziness when standing. Massaging the feet, starting at the soles and work up towards the knee, with essential oils. is a great help andl relief.. get that circulation going.

  23. mok February 5, 2019 at 8:02 am Reply

    can someone send me the books’The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution and “The Floxie Food Guid”‘ .in our country we dont have the permission to use credit card to buy on internet and i dont have money .please help me this my email

  24. Kelly Kapp March 31, 2019 at 7:26 pm Reply

    I am seriously ill with dozens of symptoms that have slowly but surely progressed since I was a child. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars, dozens of treatments, meds, supplements, Drs, naturopaths, etc etc. I’m desperate for help. Can I PLEASE talk to you?

    • Dan Jervis April 1, 2019 at 6:32 pm Reply

      Hello Kelly, I have been suffering for 24 years after being poisoned by 60,000mg of Cipro.
      Nobody will ever know how I have struggled, especially doctors. How can I help you? I am a 69 year old cyclist who had his own plumbing company for 42 years.

  25. Emmitt Mueller March 23, 2020 at 7:43 pm Reply

    Had what doctors believed was a UTI/Bladder infection, was given 2 different antibiotics, Cephalexin and Doxycycline. Neither of them worked that great, Doxycycline worked for the first couple of days but started to experience shortness of breath and chest pain so I stopped. Then about a week and a half after I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin and was diagnosed with prostatilitis. After the 6-7th pill, I started noticing extreme joint stiffness and my neck was really stiff. I figured it was just because of worked and didn’t blame it on the antibiotic. But the following morning my whole left side of my body felt so weak, I couldn’t go into work. I had severe nausea in the mornings, dry heaving and it’s been around 2 months since I stopped taking it and I’ve had the worst pain I’ve ever felt, in most of my muscles and joints. My anxiety and depression has got really bad and also I have constant full headaches in the left side of my head mainly and around my left eye.

    Does anybody have any ideas or possible solutions for the headaches and or muscle stiffness. I’ve been taking magnesium, Coq10, along with omega 3, Tumeric, and vitamin B. Is there any other supplements I should add or any methods to get headache relief and full body relief.

    • Dan Jervis March 25, 2020 at 9:12 am Reply

      Dear Emmett, Of all the testimonies I have read on floxiehope, yours is a mirror image of mine. I was prescribed 60,000mg of Cipro in May 1996 for a sinus infection. On the eleventh day of taking 3000mg daily I was stricken with severe headache, nausea and tinnitus. That was 24 years ago and I feel no different after more than 9000 days. Along the way in 2005 I became disabled and lost my plumbing company and spent 5 years flat on my back until I met a Functional Medicine Practitioner who help me discover that I had 5 underlying infections. Three potentially pathogenic bacteria and two fungal (both Candida).
      I was so acidic that I was a haven for pathogens. I found a source for pH 9.0 water and began to alkalize with apple cider vinegar, eating a lemon or lime every day, and really being mindful about eliminating sugar. Magnesium is probably what save my life from being suicidal very moment that I was awake. Soaking in Magnesium sulfate, using transdermal Magnesium oil all over my body was vital. It took almost two years to elevate my urine pH from 5.0 to 7.0.. I had become healthy but my symptoms still remain to this moment.

      Our mitochondria has been permanently altered and can no longer replicate, what it has done to our DNA is irreversible. the only relief I get is diligent exercise on a mountain bike
      but I don’t know how long I can manage. I’m 70 now and ride with friends who are ten years younger.

      Look for Dan’s story at the bottom of the long list and read what I posted. After 1/3 of my life, I realized that I had to start a new meaning in my life.

      I emailed about 80 other floxxies and asked them to send their stories to CBS 60 minutes, I know I haven’t solved our issues, but want you to know that you are not alone and that being a victim is not our fault. I just want to outlive some doctors who swept me under the rug when I told them that Cipro did this to me. Sincerely, Dan Jervis

      • Matt Pace March 25, 2020 at 9:44 am Reply

        Taking chelated magnesium shortly after I was poisoned with Levaquin seemed to really help me. I think it should be the first thing taken after someone realizes that they have been floxed. After all, the bottle says to avoid magnesium when taking Levaquin. It is an antidote.

      • Emmitt Mueller March 26, 2020 at 2:11 pm Reply

        Thank you for your input Dan, it means a lot. I have a meeting with a neurologist next Tuesday. I just seem to be getting worse, my anxiety has skyrocketed to another level. It makes living day to day a struggle, I have really bad short term memory, aggression, and depression on and off. My legs feel so tense that I get pain in my joints. It makes everything so much worse and I’ve thought about taking my life a couple of times because I just can’t let other people see me like this, especially my loved ones. I was doing ok before I Ciprofloxacin and now everything is so crazy, I’m just lost and have no answers as what to do.

        • Dan Jervis March 26, 2020 at 5:03 pm

          Emmitt, I have had 13 neurologists including Mayo Clinic, Michigan Headpain and Neurological Center. I have a cathode plate between my brain and skull above my right cerebral cortex which was connected to an electronic device to modulate pain. After 141 days, the stimulator was removed, but I still have the plate under my skull.

          The biggest change I have had was finding a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is a biochemist who help me discover that I had 5 underlying infections because of how acidic I was in my gut. It took almost two years to alkalize myself back to pH balance. Then I got healthy and had more energy to apply my coping skills. Providing you with the proper precursors to heal is the pathway to recovery. Amino acids, hormone support, and alkalization leads to wellness.

          I remember when I looked grey and jaundiced and was afraid to be seen in public. My family gave me permission to end my life and I tried but woke up in the hospital. Now I have a cylinder of helium which I think about every day, but somehow make it through another day just as I have for 24 years. Strenuous exercise on a mountain bike gives me the best results even though I have headache and nausea. I AM ANGRY and I wish I could get even with the otolaryngologist that did this to me. Reading recovery stories on Floxie Hope is a source of frustration because I don’t believe full recovery is likely. Being a victim is the hardest part for me. I didn’t deserve this and neither do you.

          Half of my time is spent thinking of how I could leave without causing sadness. I never dreamed that I would spend the last third of my life like this.

          It’s ok to surrender but please do not give up. Sincerely, Dan

    • marie wheeler November 28, 2020 at 11:13 am Reply

      hey emmett how are you doing? have you gotten any bettr pleae let us know

  26. Emmitt Mueller April 2, 2020 at 5:56 pm Reply

    Most of my symptoms match most of the floxies on this website but did anybody else experience an increase in saliva production shortly after being floxed, well within the first few months.

  27. Orf May 3, 2020 at 12:05 pm Reply

    I was poisoned 22 April (Levofloxcian) I took 5, 500 mg pills on the day after the 5th pill, day number 6- I woke up like I had been put in a cement mixer- left arm paralyzed, felt like someone was stabbing my arm with needles, both legs sharp pains, neck tendons sore, whole body all tendons sore. knocked down totally. I did not pay attention to the “may cause side effects” and now will pay for it dearly. Right leg now will not flex 7th day into detox.
    Shocked and horrified to find that the side effects of this poison never seems to go away.
    I want to thank this informative website and all the people posting about their ordeals here. One thing – I may not be able to recover but I will make it a life mission to educated people about the poison Levofloxcian, do no touch it!. God bless you all. Cheering for you and hoping.

    • Matt Pace May 3, 2020 at 12:45 pm Reply

      Try taking chelated magnesium to offset the adverse effects of this drug. It worked for me and I believe magnesium is considered an antidote to this drug. Good luck.

  28. Orf May 4, 2020 at 12:02 pm Reply

    Thank you Matt I have “nature made high potency” Magnesium 400 mg, I do not have Chelated Magnesium, but I will find some and try it. I use Magnesium oil on my arm and hand, Leg could not tolerate it.Never thought there would be a drug for a simple infection that MD’s would RX that could cause permanent damage and never leave your system. Learned it the hard way. I will see the MD tomorrow will discuss this poison RX ‘vigorously’, Hope he will listen, get order to P.T. to get crutches, Maybe a wheel chair etc.
    Best to everyone suffering with this affection- keep punching.


  29. Orf May 7, 2020 at 12:31 pm Reply

    A poison drug- think about it
    Preserve your person.

    I wrote this haiku about the poison drug, thought I would share, poetry helps sometimes share it to warn people.

  30. Jennifer August 4, 2020 at 1:19 pm Reply

    Hi there, I was floxed in January of 2018 and after that underwent massive mitochondrial support through supplements, diet and lifestyle. I was feeling much better until the quarantine and now I have fibromyalgia type pain everywhere and an old should tear has come back to bring me much pain. I was given a couple of pain meds (non codeine or morphine because I’m allergic) and I’m still afraid to take them. Can you help?

    • k in ma August 5, 2020 at 5:45 am Reply

      My aunt takes botswella (spellcheck this) and swears by it. I will forward this email and see if she will reply. She is highly informed and a cipro survivor who was cleansed by holistic treatment i believe.

  31. Orf September 11, 2020 at 11:41 pm Reply

    I want to thank Lisa and everyone posting here for this uplifting and very helpful website about the effects of the poison “quin” antibiotics..

    I used the info here and it helped me a lot, I am 136 + days out post levofloxcian poisoning and think I am about 65-70 percent better, can walk, do light old man kung fu exercise, some Chinese yoga, walk better and have near normal gait, tendon pain is mostly in my hands now but tolerable and off and on.I could not tear paper before, much improved.

    At about day 100 I could sleep a lot better, and less brain fog.

    I took (take) Magnesium, B12, B6, Vit E, Vit D, Selenium, D3 etc. seemed to help esp the Magnesium, also use Magnesium oil.

    Also do Zazen type meditation which seems to help a lot as well.

    Not sure how much more I can recover/ get back but one thing for sure I am a helluva lot better than I was- we all know the story the pain was hellish burning stabbing pain swelling etc. Residuals of that left now but fading off and on.

    The doctor that poisoned me changed jobs left the area- no help at all after I had the reaction. The horrific fact of what happened knock me down, seems impossible such a thing can happen and there is no standard treatment plan to help people in the medical community. We all sadly know the story. I have told about 100 + people what happened to me to warn them and try to get the word out every way I can.Will continue that for life.

    Thanks to everyone here.

    Do not give up, it will get better, try to do what you can do, if you over do it you will know it, back track and rethink. Start again, keep punching.

    God bless you all.


    • Dan Jervis September 12, 2020 at 8:05 am Reply

      Hello Orf, thank you for reaching out to each and all of us. I’m now 25 years post Cipro poisoning. Thank you and so many others, especially Lisa for allowing me to not feel alone.
      Having wished to have a breakthrough every day for 25 years, I have reached what feels like the final plateau which is to only wish for peace. I’m punched out, and have lived with dread for so long that I struggle to pretend anymore.

      At age 70, I feel like I’m 90 even though I still cycle, play ping pong and flatfish.
      Skied for 44 years, had a successful business for 48 years, No complaints there, just wish I could have a day of peace.

      Isincerely honor all of us, Dan

      • September 12, 2020 at 9:33 am Reply

        Dan – please let me know your recovery treatments.  I am in dire trouble that continuesto worsen even so many years since I was given IV levaquin/levfloxacin (cannot spell).Karen

        • Alex November 13, 2020 at 4:11 am

          How much and how many years ago?

        • karen November 13, 2020 at 4:56 am

          In 2013 received 72+ hours in hospital continuos IV and several oral regimens in the following 8 months. The last treatment made it crystal clear the meds were causing problems as I was immediately couch ridden in agonizing pain with every breath (rib tendons imflamed) for 8 weeks.

        • Dan Jervis November 16, 2020 at 9:18 am

          Dear Alex, I wish I could tell you what recovery treatments have worked, but so far after 25+
          years I am still struggling and don’t know how I have managed for so long. I have had fourteen neurologists and none thave even been able to provide me a remedy or a treatment.
          I have a wonderful family but I have literally and figuratively been alone since May 1996 when it began due to a rookie Otolaryngologist who prescribed me 60,000 mg of Cipro in 20 days for a sinus infection. After learning that I had 5 underlying infections, (2 fungal, 3 bacterial) it took 2 years to alkalize myself back to pH 7.2 and then I was healthier and I had more energy and ability to cope. I am still in a trap everyday, 24/7. When I read recovery stories, it doesn’t seem possible after what I have been through. The most common thread I have read with those who have recovered is Magnesium. You can’t get too much so I would recommend transdermal Mag oil, soaking in Epsom salt baths, magnesium citrate, Cal/Mag with Vitamin D3, Magnesium Chelate. I share your frustration and desire to recover but from the reading I have done, once it penetrated the mitochondria and enters DNA it is not likely to be chelated. Keep trying things like Zeolite which is a volcanic ash that mixed with water helps detoxify your cellular level. Please keep me informed because I need you. Also, stay as active as you possibly can.

          Sincerely, Dan Jervis

        • Dan Jervis December 24, 2020 at 10:52 am

          Alex, after 9300 days, I haven’t found any recovery treatments. I’m coming close to the end of my coping ability. I have to lie down every day with cold packs on my head. I am living so that I can sleep again tonight. I’ve had 14 neurologists who want to label me as a migrainer.
          Please pass on anything to me, Dan

        • Alex November 15, 2020 at 11:43 pm

          915 843 8853 call anytime.
          I will tell you what my timeline is/was. Also what I think might have worked, and what didn’t. Sorry, for the late response, but occasionally I try to stay away from everything associated with what was a freaking nightmare for a long time.

        • Dan Jervis December 24, 2020 at 10:45 am

          I am still in serious trouble after 9300 days of wishing for a breakthrough. My issue is chronic headache and nausea. Am I the only one who has this disorder? I AM WALKING ON A TIGHTROPE OF URGENCY AND HONESTLY DON’T KNOW HOW LONG I CAN MANAGE. DAN JERVIS

    • marie wheeler November 21, 2020 at 3:11 pm Reply

      have you recovered any more. wishing you all the best. please let me know how you are doing.

  32. Johnny December 17, 2020 at 1:36 pm Reply

    Has anyone ever recouped any monetary damages from their doctors after having side effects from these drugs? I understand we can’t do much if we take the medication as it shows the black box warning, however After a few pills I had bad muscle and joint pain, I went back to the doctor and he said that can happen(although he said he’s never seen anything like this before in his practice) but then he subsequently prescribed me prednisone( a corticosteroid). Now I didn’t realize it states specifically on the Black box warning for Cipro “do not combine with corticosteroids as it can make tendon problems worse etc etc). So the fact that my doctor acknowledged that quinolones can cause tendon damage, then gave me the one steroid that it says DO NOT use with cipro, it can make tendon damage worse, would that be considered medical malpractice?

  33. […] are being displaced by the quinolone core or the fluorine. The healing tips noted in the stories on Floxie Hope, and the supplements and other protocols mentioned in The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution, are […]

  34. I'm Floxed. Now What? – Floxiehope January 4, 2021 at 12:37 pm Reply

    […] starting point isn’t evident. Here are my suggestions for where to start: First, read through the recovery stories on Every healing story is different. The journey through fluoroquinolone […]

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