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All of you received the free ebook, Hacking Fluoroquinolones. (If you haven’t seen it, you can access it through THIS LINK – the password is Floxie.) It contained about a dozen theories about how fluoroquinolones lead to fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome.

Here is a post about another theory about fluoroquinolone toxicity:

Do Fluoroquinolones Cause Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks? 

Did you know that cerebrospinal fluid leaks can lead to tinnitus, headaches, autonomic nervous system dysfunction (and symptoms of POTS), fatigue, cognitive difficulties, hormonal abnormalities, and more? I didn’t realize that until recently. We KNOW that fluoroquinolones cause connective tissue weakness and abnormalities. Therefore, perhaps fluoroquinolones weaken the connective tissue that holds in cerebrospinal fluid (specifically the dura mater), this leads to chronic cerebrospinal leaks which lead to multi-symptom, chronic illness. It seems pretty plausible to me.

I suggest that each of you take the time to watch this video by Dr. Ian Carroll:

Fluoroquinolones damage connective tissue. I didn’t realize that there was a connection between connective tissue damage and autonomic nervous system damage symptoms until I saw Dr. Carroll’s video lecture.
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