Grady tells his story about fluoroquinolone toxicity, and what has helped him, in this video –

This is a summary of what Grady states in the video:

Grady was initially floxed by Levaquin/levofloxacin in 2005. He suffered from extreme weakness, rhabdomyolysis, pain, anxiety, insomnia, extreme pain and weakness in all his muscles and tendons, and an inability to move. He was bedridden for two full years. After two years in bed, he was able to start to move again, but he still suffered from constant chronic pain and other symptoms. For more than 12 years he was ill. After 12 years of being sick, he found something that helped him – high doses of magnesium. To get doses of magnesium that were as large as what he needed, Grady took both oral magnesium supplements and he also used transdermal magnesium. With his protocol of high doses of magnesium, he was gradually able to recover.

Grady says that he’s able to go out and do things, have a social life, and he’s able to live a somewhat normal life. He’s not back to the level of health that he was before taking levofloxacin, but he is doing much better now than he was for years after getting “floxed” by levofloxacin.


Note from Lisa – I hope that Grady’s story of pain, and eventual improvement, helps to inspire you! I often get messages from people asking about the possibility of recovering and healing after a long-term battle with fluoroquinolone toxicity. A lot of long-term floxies feel discouraged by the lack of recovery stories on this site that they can identify with. I hope that they find inspiration and hope in Grady’s story. Even though he was suffering for a very long time, he found something that helped him, and now he is living a “somewhat normal life.”


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