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Floxie Hope Group Thearpy

Floxie Hope now offers group therapy

Why group therapy?

  • Our Floxie Hope group thearpy gives members a chance to discuss similar issues
  • During group session members will understand coping skills and usefull advice from other members
  • Groups help members feel understood knowing they have others going though what they are going through
  • Support can be a catalyst to working towards healing

If you are looking to try a free initial Floxie Hope group therapy session and start working with others please fill out the form below and get on the wait list.

Floxie Hope group therapy sessions are help via online video conferencing in a safe space with other floxies.

New Group Session Inquiry

Have you had group therapy before?

Are you willing and able to commit any self-work that comes up in this program?

Are you willing to meet online?

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