Dr. Mark Ghalili and Ian

I suffered for eight years with random fluoroquinolone toxicity symptoms that progressively got worse. Burning all over my body from head to toe, in my mouth, down my throat, my face, and in my eyes. Dull aching and sharp pains in my joints and muscles. I had brain fog so bad it ended up causing me to have to stop working.

I saw at least a dozen doctors throughout the 8 years. Including several neurologists at the Cleveland Clinic Center in Florida. None of them had answers and they couldn’t point me in any other direction to get help.

My last primary care physician told me it was all in my head and to go see a psychologist. He said he thought I had Somatic Symptom Disorder. I became very depressed and felt helpless. I knew it wasn’t in my head and couldn’t find help anywhere.

If it wasn’t for my wife’s relentless research we would have never found Dr. Ghalili. If you suffer from Fluoroquinolones Toxicity talking to Dr. Ghalili will not be like any other doctor experience you’ve had regarding this. I started telling him symptoms and he could finish my sentences for me. I mentioned some muscle twitches on my calves and was going to show him, Dr. Ghalili stopped me from showing him and pulled up a video on his mobile with his calves doing the same thing. He was floxed and has been through everything we have and he cured himself. He understands like no other doctor can. He relates on every level, which that alone feels great when you’re talking to him. When we were going over my issues and how long I’ve had it, he was honest with me. He said he hadn’t treated anyone who had it for so long. Not only did I have it for so long but I had other medical issues which required me to take meds daily that are bad for floxed people to take. So I was a tough a case but he said to be hopeful.

I stayed in LA for month getting treatment every other day and then the stem cell procedure at the end. After my very first treatment with him my face and eyes burned less. I came in for the second treatment and Dr. Ghalili and Lori both noticed something looked different about me but couldn’t figure it out. The difference was I wasn’t squinting my eyes. My face always had an uncomfortable look from everything burning. After all my treatments my whole body burned less. Everything still burned but it was noticeably decreased but I still had major brain fog. He prescribed a whole bunch of supplements and said the effects of the stem cell procedure can take three to six months to really kick in. In my case he said it may take longer.

Over the course of the following eight months slowly but surely little things started improving. Around the fifth or sixth month mark 90% of the burning was gone but the brain fog was still there. Between the sixth and eighth month the miracle happened, my brain fog disappeared and the rest of the burning dissipated.

I was 100% feeling better. All of a sudden I could do anything I wanted to. Reading was no longer an issue, retaining what I read was no longer an issue, I could drive, and I felt great. I was able to study for my remote pilot license and take the test. I studied for two weeks and took a test with a two and half hour time limit in twenty five minutes, I passed with a 90%. None of that would have been possible without Dr. Ghalili.

For the last year I had a been stuck on my couch watching TV not being able to do anything else. I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t read, I literally couldn’t do anything. Although after eight years I had come to terms that this was going to be my life I still went through waves of major depression. I accepted it but it still wasn’t easy to deal with. I never thought I would ever feel like I do now.

I had no idea what to expect from this treatment. I thought maybe some things would get better some wouldn’t but assumed there would be lingering issues. THERE ARE NO ISSUES! I feel completely normal. To anyone who lives life feeling normal that may not sound very impressive but until you’ve been floxed you can never understand how amazing “normal” is. Dr. Ghalili was the miracle my life needed and I will forever be grateful to him.

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