*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

Much of Joanne G’s story and background can be found in the comments on the Floxie Hope homepage. The following was a post on the Floxie Hope homepage that Joanne G gave me permission to post. As she posts future updates, I will ask her permission to post them here. 


The Parathyroid surgery helped with the extreme heaviness, fatigue, bad heart palpitations (I thought I definitely would have a heart attack), and extreme stiffness where I felt like I had rigor mortis, it helped me gain back weight, my hair stopped falling out and is getting much thicker. Also, I got an injury in my stomach while on Cipro right where your liver is (I think it was my liver, but mri’s, and cat scans couldn’t find anything) and it would never heal, and it was so crippling I couldn’t lift any amount of weight whatsoever, couldn’t carry my purse!!! Anyhow, the day of the surgery it was immediately better, .but there’s still a dull ball in that area that is not right, and still think it’s my liver.

I’m 26 months out from Amoxicillan, Flagyl, Cipro, steroids, nsaids, and prilosec all taken at the same time for 2 months.
These were my symptoms and every one was SEVERE. I definitely did not think I would survive
-extreme central nervous system issues (this was the hardest thing to deal with) nothing woked right;
-extreme insomnia for about 15 months I would sleep like an hour an a half
-extreme depression, panic, nightmares crying jags
-wrenching stomach pain
-extreme head pressure
-extreme hot flashes
-vision changes- blurry and I lost my peripheral vision(came back about 15 mos. out)
-SEVERE DIZZINESS like I’m continuously drunk with terrible balance, floors feel like they’re moving, I felt like I was walking under water or in another world or totally stoned!
-brain constantly shaking and racing out of control
-stabbing tooth pain in many teeth
-my body couldn’t handle the summer heat or cold winter temperatures
-numbness in face, arms and legs and my skull was extremely numb and tingly
-dry eyes and mouth
-urinary issues- going way too much then not enough feeling like I had a uti
-hyper smell, sound, and vision like over-stimulation with everything
-extreme chemical sensitivities ( smells and supplements)
-extreme brain fog and forgetfulness – couldn’t follow conversations, forgetting words, my kids names my address, a couple times I couldn’t remember how to get out the car. I had to really think about it
-extreme hair loss-my scalp constantly tingled and itched
-deep vertical ridges on all my finger nails
-extreme hyper feeling then I would get extreme fatigue and stiffness
-joint popping,crunching, cracking and stiffness over-stimulated muscles (to touch)
-developed high calcium within the first 3 months which eventually (22 months later) I had to have the parathyroid surgery to remove a kidney bean-size tumor attached to one of the four parathyroid glands

I had so many things wrong with me I can’t remember them all.
The only thing that I never had was the burning sensations that I read others had, but I think everything else i read about I’ve had.

The one thing that I do have that I never heard mentioned is, since being floxed when I have blood work drawn the pain is extremely ridiculous, almost unbearable. And it’s not just where the needle goes in, it’s my whole arm, and it lasts for hours afterward. I don’t have any idea why??
If anybody else has this please let me know.

26 months and one parathyroid surgery later, I still have:
-shaky brain, but waaay better, not always there just when flared up
-Joint issues, but waaay better, not always there if I take magnesium
-Stomach issues, but waaay better, not always there just when flared up
-blurry vision, always but worse when flared up.

So, I still have some issues, but my life is so much better than the first 18-22 months. These symptoms are bearable. I can laugh,LIVE, be happy, play with my kids and my grandson, not constantly wondering if I’m gonna crash and burn today!

These are the supplements and things I know for sure helped me and that I still do every day:

-MAGNESIUM : In the beginning when my cns and my brain was spinning out of control the only relief was magnesium especially a strong magnesium bath (Chloride or Epsom salt) Now I take 140 mgs of magnesium chloride every four hours while awake (about 700 mgs)

-PROBIOTICS: one that helps the most is VSL#3 but I switch up with all different kinds

-COLOSTRUM: I take 1 tbsp. in 8 oz. of water twice a day (as soon as I get up and right before bed on an empty stomach)

-Green drinks and Berry drinks

-Also, I drink bottled spring water and “try” to eat mostly organic (I don’t do this very well)

Hope this can bring some HOPE for those of you still in the worst of the suffering and wondering” WILL THIS EVER END??”

I do believe I can bring a lot of hope to people who are totally devastated and feel there is no way to recover from the system-wide devastation of these horrific drugs. I want to encourage them and let them know there is HOPE!!!


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