Lukasz’s Story – Clarithromycin and Ciprofloxacin Poisoning, and Healing


*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

My story revolves around two different sets of antibiotics taken approximately six months apart – November 2014 and April 2015.

The first antibiotic was Clarithromycin which I took for ten days to treat a stomach bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori). This antibiotic was prescribed in the form of capsules and tablets.

The second antibiotic was Ciprofloxacin which I took for seven days to treat an ear infection. This antibiotic was prescribed in the form of liquid drops.

Before I share my story, it should be said that prior to these events, I was a completely healthy and active person who enjoyed backpacking, climbing mountains and hiking. I had no prior conditions and was in overall good health.

All that changed when my health, post-antibiotics, suddenly and rapidly began to deteriorate. Since then, I have been on a journey to not only reclaim my health, but also my life which vanished with a couple of bad decisions.

I am not going to sugar coat this. What transpired in the months following the above antibiotics was equivalent to being stuck in a nightmare of unparalleled proportions. It was surreal, to say the least.

Although I have been shaken to my core, I am still standing. My recovery has been slow and gradual but compared to the place I found myself in at the start of this whole ordeal, the difference is night and day.

If you’re reading this and dealing with your own nightmare scenario, know that you will emerge from this. No state is permanent. It may take months or even years but know that, in time, you will recover.

Keep the faith. Don’t give in. This is not the end of your story. Only a dark chapter which will eventually cease to exist.

That being said, here’s my account of events.

How It All Began

At the end of October 2014, upon having a blood test done at a local walk-in clinic, I received news that Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) was present in my stomach and was told by the attending physician that antibiotics would be needed to eradicate the bacteria. Admittedly, back then I had little knowledge of the delicate intricacies of the human anatomy and in particular, the devastating effects of antibiotics on the stomach, gastrointestinal tract, liver and other vital organs. As such, I made the nearly fatal mistake of putting my trust in the doctor, believing that they have the knowledge and understanding to set me on the right path, in this case, to eradicate the bacteria without due harm. After all, if the antibiotics that were handed to me were not safe, the doctor would surely say something, give me a heads up of some sort. Unfortunately, that warning never came. When I decided to speak up and inquire about the safety of the pills myself, I was briskly and casually told that they were safe. Nor was there any mention of possible side-effects. I was simply sent on my way. As for the final hand-off, there was no warning at the pharmacy counter either. Little did I know that I was about to get myself into a life-threatening situation.

ER Visit On Day 2

Upon starting the antibiotics in November, I started to feel the powerful effects of the pills. I got through the first day but on the second day I could no longer tolerate the pills and felt absolutely brutal. The state of my health was bad enough that I had to be driven to the local hospital and attend ER in the late hours of the day. After spending countless hours in the ER, I was seen by a doctor who dished out three Tylenols for the road and sent me happily on my way. On the advice of the original doctor, I decided to continue with the antibiotic until Day 10. Upon the conclusion of the antibiotic course, I started to feel better with each day. I was certain that the worst was behind me. The worst, however, was yet to come.

The First Symptoms

It was now February 2015 and exactly three months after I ingested the first pills, the first wave of symptoms hit me. It began with an abrupt wakeup. I woke up at 5:30 am for absolutely no reason at all. The wakeup came in the form of a very sudden jolt and I could not fall asleep afterwards no matter what. I didn’t think much of it until the following night when I could not fall asleep all night. All I was able to do was close my eyes and rest but at no time would I be able to fall asleep. This sudden, inexplicable insomnia came out of nowhere. Prior to this, I had never had any sleeping issues whatsoever. Nor did I experience any abrupt wakeups. Now I was dealing with insomnia issues and the odd time that I did fall asleep for several hours, I would always wakeup abruptly at 5:30 am each and every time. This was beyond normal, yet it was only the start of my symptoms. In the coming weeks, I started to lose all my energy. I became so weak that I could barely get myself out of bed. It was as if my body was running out of fuel, even though I was providing the fuel in the form of food and water on a regular basis. I also started to lose weight very rapidly. Before the end of the month, I started to experience neurological impairments which I first noticed at work. Suddenly, I had trouble coping with my everyday tasks. Tasks that were natural to me before were all of a sudden becoming foreign to me. My concentration levels dipped, I could not focus and the world around me seemed to be closing in on me. People would be talking to me and I could barely make out what they were saying. I started to make a lot of errors at work. Things got so bad that I would exit the elevator on the wrong floor. I also started to lose track of time and could not tell how much time had passed by. It was becoming evident to me that something was very wrong, yet out of fear, I refused to acknowledge that the antibiotics had anything to do with these sudden changes in my daily function. I simply ignored the symptoms to the best of my ability and carried on. When I tried to shake off these symptoms at the gym, I was surprised to find that I could not lift anything remotely heavy. Prior to the antibiotics I could lift all sorts of heavy weights, this was virtually impossible at this point. I had no energy and my muscles felt extremely weak. Seeing as I was doing myself more harm than good, I decided to give the gym a rest for the time being.

Enter Ciprofloxacin

The old saying “When it rains, it pours” comes to mind when I reflect back on the six month period that started it all. Upon dealing with the sudden blow to my health, in a cruel twist of fate, I did something that nearly put the final nail in my coffin. In April, I went out and got poisoned a second time. Due to a so called medical professional, and I use the term loosely, I had sustained inner ear damage. This led to an infection and subsequently, a prescription for Ciprofloxacin from another doctor, one I thought would be the answer to my problems. Instead, with my continued lack of knowledge on the subject, I put multiple drops of Ciprofloxacin into my ear each day for seven days straight, in the hopes of healing my damaged ear. The antibiotic not only leaked into my ear but subsequently found its way into my body. At this point in time, I had enough toxicity in my body to create the perfect storm for neurological and physical dysfunction.

Here are just some of the symptoms that presented themselves in the days, weeks and months following the antibiotics:

-Abrupt wakeup




-Lack of energy


-Muscle pain

-Joint pain

-Tendon pain


-Eyelid twitch

-Burning sensation in the ear

-Sensitivity to light / sunlight

-Dry heaving

-Stomach / GI issues

-Urinary tract issues

-Muscle spasms

-Post-nasal drip

-Chest pain

-Heart palpitations

-Loss of appetite

-Major weight loss





-Panic Attacks

-Suicidal Thoughts

-Fear of Dying

-Brain fog







-Hearing loss

-Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears)

-Blurred vision (Double vision)

-Peripheral vision problems

-Back floaters in the field of vision

-Pressure near the frontal lobe

-Difficulty conducting activities

-Memory loss (Short / Long-term)

-Inability to form new memories

-Inability to concentrate / focus

-Inability to process information

-Inability to make a decision

-Inability to learn new tasks

-Inability to feel all emotions

The symptoms listed above occurred during different time periods. Some symptoms were short-lived while others persisted for longer periods of time. *At the height of the toxicity, most were present.*

Adverse Drug Reaction

It’s true that the human body can only take so much toxicity before it begins to shut down. In the weeks and months following the antibiotics, I entered a brand new world, a world filled with unimaginable horror and terror. I could no longer feel my frontal lobe working. It was as if it didn’t exist. For the first time in my life I was dealing with depression and anxiety. Not mild, not moderate, but major depression and anxiety. A blanket of sadness and despair overpowered any emotion I had left in me and drove me to the brink. I began to lose sense of what’s real and found myself battling depersonalization and derealisation. When I found myself outdoors, I felt as if the world was artificial, a 3D model of what I used to know. When around busy public spaces, my anxiety would skyrocket and I would seek to escape my environment as soon as possible. I began to close myself off from society and tried to conceal my degrading condition from my employer, co-workers, family and friends. Deep down inside I knew it wouldn’t be long before the truth would surface and surface it did. At the end of May, after months of agony, I suffered a mental breakdown at work. It was at this point that I knew I needed to leave my job behind and focus my efforts on making a recovery. I went on short-term medical leave and would later revise my leave to long-term status. From here on, all my energy and efforts were dedicated to healing.

Healing From Toxicity

The following is a list of items that I have undertaken towards my recovery from both sets of antibiotics. It is of upmost importance that each individual use his or her own discretion when undertaking any sort of treatment and/or supplement. I cannot be held responsible for any injury or mishap that occurs from this list. We are all incredibly unique and no DNA is the same. In other words what works for me may or may not work for you. Having said this, I hope this list will be of some benefit to you, your loved ones or anyone out there who has been injured by antibiotics.

# 1 – Obtain Support

When it comes to personal issues in my life, the last thing I wanted to do was to reach out to anybody during my ordeal. I thought to myself, “I can do this on my own”, “this is my fight, not anyone else’s”. The problem with this logic, as I found out, is that although it is your fight, winning this battle on your own is next to impossible. The reason being is that this is an invisible monster and going at it alone is setting yourself up for trouble. I had no choice but to reach out for support and I’m glad I did. I credit these people with saving my life and the same may hold true for you. Take my advice, reach out to someone, anyone. There are people out there who are willing to listen and help you through the storm. I enrolled myself in several groups such as an insomnia group and depression group. While it’s sad to hear about people’s problems, you will walk away with the sense that it’s not only you who is going through the storm. Countless others are going through the very same storm. This is very empowering.

# 2 – Positive Mindset

I know first-hand how difficult it is to stay positive during a nightmare that unfolds right in front of your eyes, however, I cannot stress the importance of at least attempting to keep as close to a positive mindset as possible. It’s essential to remove the persistent negative thoughts that flood our mind. The reason for this is because our thoughts turn to behaviours and our behaviours turn to actions. It’s a difficult and draining task but training the mind to stay on track is vital to recovery. As hard as it is at the present moment, finding things in your life to be grateful for, even if they are now in the distant past or minimized by your current state, will at least shine some light on the current situation. Afterall, what’s done is done. We cannot undo the past, however, we can write our future. In this future, you may feel like your old self or you may even be a happier you and the only way to get there is to stay in the game.

# 3 – Finding Forgiveness

It’s a major obstacle to overcome since it involves forgiving yourself, even if the effect was accidental, and forgiving those individuals who played a part in the process. Individuals who should have warned you about the possible side-effects but for whatever reason, did not. I believe that those of us who find ourselves in this situation are progressing through the five stages of grief with the end goal being not acceptance, but a feeling of having regained control of our lives. This is where we enter forgiveness. Holding on to the anger won’t solve the problem, it will only agitate it. Therefore, the only sensible act is to forgive yourself and those certain others. Times heals and it is only a matter of time before you feel better. Finding inner peace is part of the recovery process and it starts with us making peace with the situation we find ourselves in. Quite simply, it’s best to view this entire ordeal as another lesson in life.

# 4 – Fitness Club / Sauna

As I mentioned earlier, I had to give up the gym for a while since it was doing me more harm than good. In November 2015, I returned to the gym and this time, I felt different. This time around I could lift more weights and not be as exhausted as before. When I first returned, every single joint in my body started to crack like eggshells. I was concerned that this was going to be a long-term occurrence, however, the cracking of the joints dissipated after about a week or two and after that I no longer heard any cracking. So why should you hit the gym? The answer is simple. It will improve your mood and quite possibly, your overall state. Your brain needs to have its endorphins (hormones) stimulated and working out does the trick. This will reduce the pain and stress associated with the toxicity. You should only consider the gym when you’re ready though. This may take some time depending on when your toxicity took place. Also, what really helped me along was the use of a Swedish-style sauna that is located inside my fitness club. The use of a sauna helps eliminate toxins from your body. The toxins are removed through excessive sweating, as well as urine and stool excretion. You will need to drink a lot of fluids beforehand, during and after the sauna use. Water is best. Also, keep the sauna use to a minimum. 10-15 minutes is more than enough.

# 5 – Supplementation

Like most people on this website, I have gone out of my way to try and heal myself with supplements. It seemed like the easiest solution. The problem with supplementation is that you don’t know which ones work, if any. I bought my fair share of supplements, but in the end, I settled on only a few which may or may not be making me feel better. Again, it’s hard to say if these supplements work or if we are feeling better naturally with time. Perhaps both. The only supplements I continue to take are the ones I started off with which are:

Omega-3 (Heart/Brain/Mood) (NutraSea+D 1250mg liquid – 1 tsp daily)

Greens+ Original (Nourishing Superfood) (Genuine Health powder – 1.5 tsp daily)

Also, although this is not a supplement, I have been consuming Golden Flaxseed on a nightly basis to repair the stomach damage caused by the antibiotics. As I found out after the fact, antibiotics knock off both the good and bad gut flora / microflora. It does not discriminate. Seeing as the gut is considered a second brain with some in the field arguing that the state of your gut is more important than your brain itself, this means repairing your gut is critical to your overall health. In other words your gut health has great influence on how you feel. Consuming the flaxseed immediately before bedtime will kick start the repair process. It’s best to boil the flaxseed until it becomes a gel, let it cool slightly, and then drink it. It’s not the best tasting beverage in the world but it’s meant to help repair your stomach lining which may be damaged. The flaxseed is also high in fibre, iron and calcium so it has multiple benefits to it.

# 5 – Other Therapies

The only other therapy I sought out was Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). MLD is conducted by a licensed therapist who specializes in this type of massage. This massage is meant to get the toxins moving away from their storage areas such as fatty tissue, organs and bloodstream. By moving toxins along, you are bound to remove/excrete them, a process similar to that of using a sauna. The price of these massages isn’t cheap ($70 CDN for 45 min session) however if you have coverage from your employer, it should help dampen the cost. It’s very relaxing and there is no pain involved whatsoever.

# 6 – Rebuilding Yourself

Let’s be honest with ourselves. This is a complete rebuild. Our house has been burned to the ground and we are being forced to start over. It’s a scary thought but it’s reality. How we emerge from this is up to us and our willingness to fight. There will be doubts, there will be setbacks, but in the end, one can only be victorious if he/she stands the test of time. Am I the same person I was before the poisoning? No. Do I hope to get there one day? Absolutely. I know it will take time and I also know I will need to exercise patience if I am to succeed. As difficult as it is, I urge you to do the same. Rediscover your old hobbies or find some new ones. I’ve started on some new projects. There is no better way to shelter from the storm than to keep yourself busy with hobbies/projects that you enjoy. I know the enjoyment is not the same as it used to be but in time, it will be. Believe me, you will be happier doing something than doing nothing at all.

One Year Update (February 2016)

It has now been one year from the start of the symptoms and I am feeling generally good. There are times when I still stumble along, however, when I think back to 2015 and the darkness that engulfed me, I can safely say that I have made huge strides in my recovery. Of all the symptoms that plagued me in 2015, the ones that remain are as follows:

Abrupt wakeup (No longer 5:30am! I usually wake up around 8:00am these days which has helped a lot)

Insomnia (There are nights that I sleep well and there are nights which I don’t but there is improvement)

Depression & anxiety (I have downgraded myself from major to moderate with mild being my next goal)

Lack of energy (I continue to have problems with energy but it has gone up substantially since last year)

Sensitivity to light / sunlight (On-going issue which I hope will resolve itself with time)

Dry heaving (On-going issue that has improved substantially; my guess is that it is connected to anxiety)

Muscle spasms (Major improvement in this department; I barely get spasms anymore)

Post-nasal drip (Still some excessive mucus forming in the lungs but it has gone down drastically of late)

Weight loss (Continues to be a problem as I have a difficult time putting on any weight)

Neurological issues (The brain fog is gone and I am able to make decisions quite well again; the biggest problem is my short and long term memory impairment – this really bothers me as my memories are extremely important to me; I am hoping that with the passing of time these memory issues will resolve)

Vision issues (Continues to be a big problem as my vision is still somewhat blurry; black floaters persist although they are mostly visible when looking at a screen or wall; peripheral vision has improved but is still obstructive; bright conditions are especially difficult to deal with but I’m hoping all this will vanish)

Concentration and focus issues (Improving steadily; I can concentrate and focus much better as of late)

Emotions (I’m still awaiting for my emotions to return; the numbness has gone down quite a few levels)

These days, I’m keeping busy with all sorts of projects and trying to put this whole nightmare behind me. A complete recovery is still a long way away but the thought of getting there has me excited and looking towards the future, with cautious optimism of course. I am incredibly thankful for the big improvements in my recovery but also know that I am not out of the woods yet.

Prior to this incident, traveling was my biggest passion in life. It was what I lived for. Unfortunately, this incident has robbed me of this passion and countless others. I will say this though. It is my goal to one day be able to set out into the world again. To one day, reclaim that ultimate feeling known as euphoria. It’s a work-in-progress but I am determined to get there at some point.

I hope the information contained here has been useful to you or your loved one. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

I wish you all a speedy recovery.

Two Year Update (February 2017)

Hi, folks. Two years have now passed since the onset of a myriad of symptoms from Clarithromycin and subsequently, Ciprofloxacin. It’s been another tough year filled with successes and downfalls. Truthfully, I was hoping to be more or less recovered from this whole ordeal but it seems there is a lot of work left. Having said that, I do have to count my blessings as to where I stand currently. I’m sure things could be far worse than they are. As it stands, I have good days alternating with bad days. I’m hopeful that down the road more good days will follow but there are some things that have helped me along over the past year and I’m happy to share these with you in the hope that they may help you in some way or another.

Since my one year update, there’s been some minor changes in my life, both good and bad. For starters, in May of 2016, after missing a year of work due to my failing heath, I returned to my job and resumed full-time work. Originally, this seemed like the right move since I needed to keep myself busy and distracted from what was unfolding in front of me but as of late I’m beginning to question whether work is helping or hurting me. The problem is that I’ve been encountering some stress there lately and it has been taking a toll on me. My ability to handle stress has been greatly diminished since this whole ordeal began and along with the flu, it’s the easiest path towards experiencing my worst symptoms. This probably has something to do with a compromised immune system and/or damaged CNS. Avoiding stress and the flu isn’t an easy task. I was hit hard with the flu last winter (it was so bad that I had to be rushed to the ER) and this winter I’m undergoing a similar kind of battle but on a smaller scale (perhaps my immune system is slightly stronger this time around). As for the stress, my body and mind have endured so much of it over the past 2 years, that I’ve basically forgotten what it feels like to be free of it.

The aches and pain in my body are more or less under control at this point. Since I stopped going to the gym, there’s been little to no pain in my tendons, muscles and joints. Though I suggested exercise as a treatment in last year’s update, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for those that are newly floxed. In retrospect, I wish I had waited for some time as it’s clear to me now that a person who has been floxed has some significant damage to his/her tendons, muscles and joints and that these aspects of the body require lots of time and rest in order to heal. Perhaps undertaking lighter exercises is the best compromise. I have also been taking some oils so it’s quite possible that these oils have helped relieve the inflammation (I’ve been taking one full tablespoon of olive oil daily since the beginning of this year).

In regards to my symptoms, over the course of the past year, I have won more battles than I have lost. The psychosis, depersonalization and derealisation that these pills triggered in me back in 2015 are no more. Along with the frequent panic attacks, they were by far the worst and scariest symptoms I have experienced in my life. Not only did they inhibit my judgement and reason, but they also drove me to the brink of committing suicide. With the exception of the past couple weeks, I was able to downgrade myself from major depression to minor depression. Unfortunately, something has changed in the past couple of weeks and I’ve been attempting to right the ship ever since. It may be that I’m experiencing the Herxheimer Reaction. It’s hard to tell if that’s what’s happening or the usual relapses that seem to have no end. Presently, my most debilitating symptom is one that has been with me since pretty much the beginning – cluster headaches aka central pain syndrome. This condition can best be described as constant burning/melting of the brain. Currently it’s centred in the middle of my scalp but it does shift with time. The pain/pressure can sometimes be unbearable. Ironically, one of the very first symptoms that I complained about upon my November 2014 ER visit was an unbelievably painful pressure in the head. The ER doctor dismissed it as nothing and gave me three Tylenols for the road. There have been periods this past year whereby this issue seemed to be resolved only to come back later on. It’s almost always accompanied by concentration issues, short-term memory loss and blocked/burning ear canals.

Aside from this, insomnia and abrupt wakeups continue to be a problem for me. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in 2 years and it doesn’t look like there is any end in sight. As a result of waking abruptly, I’m forced to sleep (I use the word loosely) in otherwise I’m extremely tired all day long. The ringing in the ears (tinnitus) only adds to the burden. This symptom ranges from mild to severe and seems to be worst when the cluster headaches occur. On the visual side of things, floaters continue to exist though I’ve somewhat become accustomed to them now. My throat issues have improved quite a bit but that too isn’t fully resolved. As for the nerves, I can sometimes feel myself shaking for no reason at all. My guess is that this has something to do with a damaged CNS and/or damaged nerve(s) within the body.

In addition to all this, I seem to be in worse shape when consuming wheat, dairy and recently, seafood. I’ve never had a problem consuming these types of foods in the past but since the ADRs I’ve developed some kind of allergy to them. Both wheat and milk seem to trigger either constipation or diarrhea. Fish, on the other hand, such as salmon, can set off multiple symptoms. Even beef can have this same effect. The only form of meat that seems to have no negative impact on my health is poultry (chicken, turkey). Needless to say this type of limited selection when it comes to food intake doesn’t make life any easier.

Speaking of digestion, I’ve found some interesting books that delve deeper into ADRs and our gut flora:

“Bitter Pills: Inside the Hazardous World of Legal Drugs” by Stephen Fried (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

“This Is Your Brain on Parasites: How Tiny Creatures Manipulate Our Behavior and Shape Society” by Kathleen McAuliffe (YET TO READ)

“I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life” by Ed Yong (YET TO READ)

To end things off, the best advice I can give anyone who has been recently poisoned or at their wit’s end is to find something that makes you happy, even semi-happy, and stick with it. Anything from the arts to zip-lining and everything in-between, just do it and do it often. It’s these kinds of undertakings that have kept me alive and they might just do the same for you.

Remember, one day when you’re least expecting it, you’ll be feeling like your old familiar self and you’ll have these distractions to thank for getting you there.

List of things that have helped me along in 2016:

  1. Coconut Water [Contains Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese]

I believe drinking 500 mL of this water has helped with the inflammation in my body.

  1. Natural Spring Water [No Fluoride]

I’ve been using this water since the ADRs. I usually drink between 2L & 3L. I also drink tea.

  1. Fruits [Various]

I’ve been eating various seasonal fruits ranging from berries to melons and others.

  1. Vegetables [Various]

I’ve been eating various seasonal vegetables ranging from broccoli to spinach and others.

  1. Nuts [Various]

Mainly almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. For enhanced/improved cognitive function.

  1. Carrots [Organic]

For the vision issues and antioxidant properties. High concentrations of Vitamin C in them.

  1. Avocados [Organic]

For cognitive function and inflammation management. Various other benefits as well.

  1. Vitamin C [Powder]

I tried Vitamin C in powder form for a while and it seemed to help a lot, albeit temporarily.

  1. Spirituality / Mythology / Philosophy

I’ve been reading books about the above topics and they’ve helped me cope better.

  1. Coconut Oil Pulling [Daily – Swish the oil around for your mouth for 10 mins then spit]

This helps remove harmful bacteria from the mouth. Thanks to Ger for the suggestion.

Last but not least, an unrelenting will to live. The ONLY way to beat depression is to OUTLAST IT.

The hard truth is that the road to recovery is a long and painful one…. but it’s there nevertheless.

I hope that you are all obtaining progress in your recovery.

I wish you days filled with peace, serenity, and tranquillity.


** The story above is truthful, accurate and told to the best of the ability of the writer. It is not intended as medical advice. No person who submits his or her story, nor the people associated with Floxie Hope, diagnoses or treats any illness. The story above should not be substituted for professionally provided medical advice. Please consult your doctor before trying anything that has been mentioned in this story, or in any other story on this site. Please also note that people have varying responses to the treatments mentioned in each story. What helps one person may not help, and may even hurt, another person. It is important that you understand that supplements, IVs, essential oils, and all other treatments, effect people differently depending on the millions of variables that make each of us unique. Please use appropriate caution and prudence, and get professional medical advice.

101 thoughts on “Lukasz’s Story – Clarithromycin and Ciprofloxacin Poisoning, and Healing

  1. Linda February 22, 2016 at 12:06 pm Reply

    Your side effects pretty much mirror my own. I describe it as being caught somewhere between the Twilight Zone and a Stephen King Novel. Terrifying isn’t a strong enough word for it.

    IT was interesting you said you felt like your body was running out of fuel. I think that is exactly what was happening, as the drugs damaged your mitochondria, which are responsible for energy to the cells.

    I am aghast at not just how unaware most doctors are, but also how UNWILLING they are to even look at the information when you hand it to them. You mentioned you got the flq in the form of ear drops. Well, after I had such vision problems after my Cipro, I went armed with information to an opthamologist (who has outstanding creds on paper and lectures all over the country) and he was very dismissive. I am aware that he uses Cipro eye drops for some things. I also went online to the dollars for docs site and discovered he accepted around $25,000 from the pharmaceutical industry. I dropped him and now am in search of a more integrative opthamologist (if one exists.)

    Forgiveness is the hard one for me. I am still very angry, because it not only almost killed me and caused body wide damage, but it has ruined me financially as well. I am down to my last dollars. I have spent over $40,000 all because a doctor gave me cipro and prednisone and never warned me. I also am not sure if I will be able to perform again, and acting was my passion. So, yeah, having a tough time with this one.

    Glad you are doing better. Hope you come back 100%.

    • Lukasz February 23, 2016 at 1:20 pm Reply


      I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with FQ toxicity. How long have you been on the recovery trail?

      I’ve read multiple recovery stories on here and the common link between all of us is that the symptoms that present themselves are nearly identical from person to person. Coincidence? Hardly.

      Interesting info re: the mitochondria. I’m not all that familiar with the biology side of antibiotic-induced toxicity but what you wrote makes sense since I was and continue to be depleted of energy.

      I don’t believe that doctors are unaware of the potential dangers of antibiotics. I believe most of them know well, very well in fact, about the risks associated with adverse drug reactions but choose to keep silent on the topic in order to maximize the revenue of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as their own. It is a well known fact that there are kickbacks in this industry. It has been like this for quite a while. Sadly, the health of the population takes a backseat when it comes to making money and a result, we have millions of people around the world getting either badly injured or killed by the boys and girls in the pharmaceutical and medical field industries.

      The only good guys, as I see it, are naturopaths. My experience with them has been nothing but great and I credit them for getting me back on my feet. In my honest opinion, naturopaths attempt to repair the damage caused by these so called “doctors”. Unfortunately, they too are tied to the insurance companies so what we have is a system that makes money on ruining our health and ironically, a system which makes money in an attempt to restore us back to our original state of health. Call it what you want – corruption, crime against humanity, etc. As long as there is greed and money exchanged under the table, we are going to see more and more people fall into this unsuspecting trap.

      So your vision problems persist, am I right? I too recently visited an ophthalmologist, one of the best ones in my region supposedly, and was told that there are no issues with my eyes. My exam was composed of having my eyes checked for cataracts, retina damage as well as peripheral vision issues and according to this doctor, everything is fine. If that’s the case, then why do I continue to experience vision issues on a daily basis? I’m pretty sure it’s not a figment of my imagination, especially since so many people on this website have written about the very same vision issues. Are they all just imagining these issues? Something is definitely amiss here.

      I’m sorry to hear about your financial hardship. $40,000 is a large sum of money. This is the true cost of antibiotic toxicity. Not only does it destroy your health, it destroys you financially. I completely understand since I too have lost an incredible amount of money thanks to this ordeal. I’m approaching 9 months on medical leave and have not been paid since September. My employer only paid me out two weeks and the rest was government issued at half my salary. Like I said, the government payout ended in September so it was only a three month payout period. Like you, I’m nearly bankrupt so I have no choice but to return to work in the coming weeks. I probably have 75% of my original symptoms so it will be very difficult for me to do any sort of work. I agree, it is this state that makes forgiveness difficult. I am still working on it myself.

      I sincerely hope you return to your old self and that one day you are able to reunite with your passion (acting).

      • Przemek November 20, 2016 at 2:52 am Reply

        Hi Lukas

        I come from Poland and have pretty much same problem which has started after clarythromycine therapy. Are you interested in exchanging some experiences? I am 9 years after abx and recently got new diagnosis (lyme disease) which can be a part of a picture. If you are interested please let me know at Thank you

  2. Melanie Kemp February 22, 2016 at 9:55 pm Reply

    I am so glad you are on you’re way to recovery. I’m right along there with you. I also have my story here.
    Positivity is crucial. Support is crucial. We will beat this thing. 🙂

    • Lukasz February 23, 2016 at 1:39 pm Reply


      Thank you for your kind words. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re all in this together. I know I couldn’t do it alone and I’m grateful to Lisa for giving us the platform to obtain information, share advice and support one another.

      The effort Lisa is putting in here is that of a Saint.

      I’ll have to check out your story soon. Stay strong.

  3. chris harris February 23, 2016 at 3:10 am Reply

    Very interesting and inspiring to all of us going through the same he’ll on earth. Every day is a battle and even small victories need to be appreciated. I’ve started my own blog documenting my daily life trying to get well again.

    • Lukasz February 23, 2016 at 2:07 pm Reply


      “Hell on earth” is an accurate description of antibiotic-induced toxicity. It truly is. Only someone who has been there or continues to be there can relate. The battle is an excruciatingly tough one but we must prevail. I know it’s tough right now but at some point in time we will transition from victims to survivors.

      I had a quick look at your blog and you have won yourself a new follower. I haven’t had a chance to read your story yet but I have no doubt that the medical system has failed you, like so many of us. I applaud you for starting this blog and will keep tabs on your recovery.

      All the best to you.

  4. Linda February 23, 2016 at 10:36 am Reply

    You say in your blog “coincidence is just not likely.” That has already been put to rest. The FDA safety subcommittee in November came up with a constellation of side effects, such as you have endured, and labeled it Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability. Also, the late Dr Jay Cohen, who studied this and was a great supporter of the floxie community, published a book in November aptly titled: “How We Can Halt the Cipro and Levaquin Catastrophe: The Worst Medication Disaster in U.S. History.” I am so glad he didn’t mince words in the title. (I got it on Amazon, around $13.) Wonderful book. I disagree a bit with his suggestions re pharmaceutical use after being floxed, but this should be MUST reading for every physician out there. (PS I used to eat tuna several times a week (canned) and I no longer do because of the mercury. Also, I hope what little meat you do eat is organic, so you are not getting yet more antibiotics that were fed to the animals.)

    • Lukasz February 23, 2016 at 3:00 pm Reply

      That’s Chris’ blog but you’re right, the evidence is clear as day – antibiotics injure and kill. I don’t like to refer to myself as a disabled person but that’s exactly how I feel. I feel disabled and I’m willing to bet a lot of others on this website share the sentiment.

      The late Dr. Cohen sounds like a man who refused to keep the truth from spilling out. Sounds to me like he was unwilling to stand behind the criminals. I don’t mean to imply that all doctors are criminals but the ones who knowingly dish out poison and keep silent about the potential side-effects are just that, criminals.

      Thanks for the book suggestion. Speaking of wonderful books, here are two books that have helped me along. One is about fighting depression/anxiety and the other one is about toxicity itself with plenty of references to antibiotics and the health problems they cause. I highly recommend both.

      Author: Douglas Bloch
      Title: Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood
      Published: May 1, 2006

      Author: Suzanne Somers
      Title: TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick
      Published: Apr 14, 2015

      To be honest with you, I have great difficulty deciding what to eat and what not to eat. On one hand, I don’t want to further jeopardize my health with food that my body can’t tolerate anymore. On the other hand, today’s diet, and in particular the Western diet, is full of so many chemicals that I don’t even know where to start when it comes to food intake. I try to eat organically but it’s expensive and I’ve heard of food being deliberately labeled as “organic”, when it wasn’t. I realize there are regulators out there but who’s to say they are being truthful? Why is our food chain poisoned in the first place? Anyway, these are deep questions that are in all likelihood related to greed but it’s hard to follow a good nutritional plan when so little of our food supply is left in good standing.

      One more thing. I don’t know about you but I had to dispose of my fluoride containing toothpaste as I seemed to be all of a sudden allergic to it. My dry-heaving intensified tenfold when I used the fluoride containing toothpaste. Seeing as fluoroquinolones are made up of huge concentrations of fluoride, this only makes sense. Now I can only use a non-fluoride toothpaste from a health store.

      Needlesstosay, keeping oneself healthy in this state is hard work.

  5. Linda February 23, 2016 at 2:06 pm Reply

    Lukasz, I am just a little past my one year “floxiversary.”
    There was actually a report on mitochondrial damage from Lisa (of Floxie Hope fame ;: )
    I also was told by a researcher that the severe breathing problems I was experiencing was likely from mitochondrial damage to the heart muscle. The mitochondria are responsible for producting all the energy in your cells, so without that, things slow down and stop.
    I think you are right that some doctors are aware of the side effects, but honestly, so many are brainwashed first in allopathic-only med schools and then again by pharma sales reps, I genuinely think many are just plain ignormant. Especially since I saw a dozen doctors and most of them looked at me like I had two heads when I said all this damage was from the Cipro. ,But yes, either way, our health be damned. Money is the really important thing here.
    Totally agree with you on the naturopaths. While I am certain there are bad ones out there, I credit mine with saving my life. I was really hanging on by a thread by the time I went to see him…gasping for each breath, needing help to walk, hunched over, blurry eyed and in so much pain. The downward spiral only stopped after I started seeing him.
    Yes, the vision issues persist. The blurriness is improved (at one point, a tv just 6 feet away was blurred, even though a week prior I was able to read the print on the screen). The ginormous floater in my right eye is still there and still huge, maybe a tad better. I have been using hemp oil once a day—a tsp over a salad or in cooking and I am wondering if it is helping (something I read online. BTW also read goji berries would help, but saw no evidence of that.) I still get little black dots although not as many or as frequent—much worse in bright light, and that sensitivity is still there, although again, not quite as bad. At the worst, I could go out with sunglasses, a visor, and STILL have to hold something in front of my face—it was just too blinding. One epidemiological researcher theorizes that the floaters are because this poison destroys the vitreous gel, just as it destroys collagen. I was not so lucky at my eye exam—was told I have early stage cataracts and early stage macular degeneration. I had never been told that before, so I think that is also thanks to the cipro, although of course the opthamologist denied it. As or your tests being normal, I am not surprised. Most medical tests come back negative with this stuff. Todd Plumb, a doctor who himself was floxed said that the reason tests come back normal is that the damage is functional, not structural.
    Yeah, I need to get work…I think I have the energy for P/T, but my problem is GETTING the job, since I have crying issues that I think are related to the gaba receptor damage. Crying at a job interview isn’t exactly the best way to get the job. Hope you recover fully as well, and soon.

    • Lukasz February 24, 2016 at 4:38 pm Reply

      Looks like we’re on the same timeline as far as our recoveries are concerned.

      So is it possible to reverse the damage to the mitochondria? Will it heal with time or will new cells be formed?

      Been there, done that as far as the doctors are concerned. Like you said, they either dismiss these claims or are ignorant to them. Now with the FDA ruling, this will likely change. Too little, too late for those of us who are suffering day in and day out.

      Also, I regret visiting so many specialists in 2015. I lost count of how many times I got jabbed in the arm in hopes of uncovering something when clearly, this condition does not show up on any blood test, or any test for that matter. It’s an invisible enemy.

      It’s interesting that you credit a naturopath with saving your life. The same applies to me. I was in REALLY BAD shape and depleted in both vitamin B12 and vitamin D, no doubt due to the ADR. I received some B12 injections and D3 liquid drops and they stabilized me a fair bit. Of course, they didn’t magically cure me of my ailments but looking back, they were the first stepping stones to my recovery. I’m glad you were also helped by your naturopath. These individuals deserve a lot of credit.

      Re: the vision problems. I’m 99% percent sure that we are suffering from something called “Dry eye syndrome”. After doing some research, the feeling in my eyes is spot on with the symptoms of this condition and yes, it can most certainly be caused by the ADR. There are treatments out there but aside from artificial tears aka eye drops, they involve either prescription eye medication and/or in-office procedures. According to the website, this will help your body create and secrete more tears as well as decrease eye irritation and inflammation.

      Here’s the information on blurry vision:

      And information on the above condition:

      Also, you can have a test done at your ophthalmologist’s office to determine if you have this.

      The dots you refer to, do they appear as black, squiggly lines? Kind of resemble hair? If so, I’ve had this as well. I still see them but mainly in the morning when I wake up. It will float in the field of vision for a while, then disappear. Very annoying. I too have the light sensitivity. This is very bothersome since so many environments are bright. Do you know if other floxies were able to recover from these visual issues? I’m sorry about the bad news re: your eye exam. Keep the faith that these issues will resolve themselves. That’s what I’m trying to do.

      Very interesting info from Dr. Plumb (can’t believe he too was floxed!). What he said makes all the sense in the world though. I wish some people, including my family members, would actually understand this. Unfortunately, some people continue to be ignorant to the facts. To be honest with you, I gave up trying to convince people. It’s a waste of my time and energy.

      Sorry to hear about the crying issues. You’re probably right about the GABA receptors. How about explaining to the interviewer (employer) about your current situation? Seeing as this is likely a temporary state, perhaps he/she will understand? If he/she has any empathy, then I can definitely see you getting the job. Understandably, they will have to exercise patience with you, but why not give you a chance? Heck, we’re hurting but we can still be contributors to society. At least that’s how I see it. Don’t give up. I’m certain that you will find employment.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I wish the same for you.

      • Tricia W. April 10, 2016 at 2:34 am Reply

        Hi Lukasz,
        Did/do you experience night blindness as well? It just happened to me a few days ago and my eye doctor saw nothing. If you did, did your symptoms improve or go away?

        • Lukasz April 16, 2016 at 10:52 am

          Hi Tricia,

          Can you clarify as to what you mean by ‘night blindness’? I’m not sure what that entails but if you fill me in on it I can let you know if I experience(d) this symptom.

  6. Linda February 23, 2016 at 3:36 pm Reply

    Yes, I got rid of the fluoride toothpaste months ago. I also buy natural floss that doesn’t have petrochemicals in it. I wait until I need a number of things and order from Vita cost who does free shipping over $49 and the prices are good. (Not sure where you are as far as shipping.)

    Food is hard. I trust places like Trader Joe’s or the local health food stores. on the other hand, when the big chains label something as organic, my trust goes way down. Organic is expensive but it is more expensive dealing with the toxins afterwards. I also now see a holistic dentist (Huggins trained). They don’t use toxic materials or fluoride and are trained to remove mercury (haven’t done that yet.)

    Thanks for the book recommendations…will look into them. (I have seen Ms Somers on several shows talking about health issues.)

  7. Pete February 24, 2016 at 2:44 am Reply

    Hi Lukasz
    Thanks for the post. Share all your concerns. I was just wondering how long it was before concentration and focus came back in. Or motivation? How to get a job is quite key as well. I’m so upset that I can’t just eat anything as that was so convenient. Can’t believe I didn’t check this drug out on one of the sites.

    • Lukasz February 24, 2016 at 5:42 pm Reply


      My concentration and focus started returning close to the one year mark. It took a while. I’m not able to concentrate and focus at the same capacity as pre-floxing but I am getting there.

      I’m not sure where you are in your recovery but at my worst, I couldn’t even make out what people were saying to me so you’ll be happy to know that it does get better in this department.

      Motivation came back around the same time but this too is a work-in-progress. There are days when I feel very motivated and there are days when I don’t feel like doing too much.

      Finding work in this situation is a big task. I’m on extended medical leave with my employer but I’m not sure if I’ll be returning to them. I’ve been looking around elsewhere but times are tough.

      Re: nutrition, that makes the two of us. The days of being able to eat anything and everything are sorely missed. Perhaps we will get back to these glory days when we repair our bodies.

      As for checking this drug out before-hand, think of how many people are saying the same thing as you. I’ve struggled with this guilt myself but it’s best to forget about it and move on.

      Hang in there. It does get better with time.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  8. Sherry Reiver February 24, 2016 at 9:02 am Reply

    Hi Lukasz,

    I am really glad that you are somewhat better and hopefully the list that you wrote where you still have issues will get shorter.

    Besides being floxed a few times in the 90s I too was given Biaxin in between and now wonder if that didn’t make me worse. In 2013, almost 3 years ago in March during a surgery, the surgeon used Floxin solution at the site of the operation even though it was all over my paperwork and more importantly discussed many times with her not to use any FQs. I was sick immediately but didn’t know until a week later after I got the op report that this was done to me. Unfortunately doctors do not feel that topicals harms us so therefore although she apologized for the “oversight”, she also added the small amount she used could not have done the damage I reported to her. What they used on some type of gauze that dissolves, takes 4 to 6 weeks to dissolve, and of course my rhetorical question has been where is it dissolving into to? Again unfortunately the FDA also excluded topicals in their 2013 PN report as well. When I spoke at the FDA meeting in November I made sure to say that the topicals are harmful and need to be researched further. They actually agreed! We need more people to tell their stories on how they too were harmed by ear and eye drops. As I sit right now at the eye doctor’s office, I look around and wonder how many people sitting here have FQS in their eyes right now!

    As I said above I hope you continue to get better because you do have a much better mindset than I do. I have been dealing with this for over 21 years. I wish you the best.

    • Lukasz February 24, 2016 at 7:04 pm Reply


      That’s my hope too. There’s nothing I want more in life than for these symptoms to disappear.

      Wow, 21 years you say? Which symptoms continue to affect you all this time? Also, which treatments did you seek over the years? I sincerely hope you find an end to your suffering.

      What this doctor did to you is wrong on so many levels. Going against your multiple requests and using a fluoroquinolone during your surgery is borderline criminal. Just goes to show you how corrupt the medical and pharmaceutical industries have become.

      I live in Canada so I have no voice when it comes to the FDA but I’m thinking about contacting Health Canada and expressing my displeasure with the medical system. I already know they will defend themselves and the industry so I’m not sure if it’s even worth the effort.

      Anyway, as I said, I hope you find full recovery at some point in your life. Life is too short to live with this crap.

  9. Linda February 24, 2016 at 5:46 pm Reply

    As far as the mitochondrial damage, I have been told to take coq-10 (or ubiquinol if you are over 40), Alpha Lipoic Acid , acetyl L carnitine and a good omega 3 supplement. I am guessing it has worked since my energy is so improved and also my breathing, which this person believed was caused by mitochondrial damage to the heart muscle.

    My naturopath put me on IVs and that’s when I really started turning around: H2O2, high dose vitaman C, Myers, phosphatydilcholine —all with glutathione except for the H2O2.

    My eyes were very dry at one point for several months. They no longer are. As for the little black dots I believe they are just a different manifestation of floaters. I think what I have is just vitreous gel that has pulled away, causing all the black dots and large floaters.
    I have read, and been told that floaters are permanent. I’m not giving up though. (One woman whom my ND treated a couple years ago got passed all her side effects—except that one.) I’m not giving up hope though—trying hemp seed oil which I read about on several sites. Nothing so far, but as long as it can’t hurt I’ll keep using it. I try to use 1 tsp a day on something.

    • Lukasz February 24, 2016 at 8:09 pm Reply

      Thank you so much for this information, Linda.

      Did you take the mitochondrial supplements all at once? Any interactions between them?Which doses did you use and how long are you supposed to take these supplements for?

      I ask the above questions because at one point I took several supplements at once and felt absolutely brutal later on that day.

      I have constant dry heaving / dry coughing since the ADR and I am wondering if this is perhaps connected to a damaged mitochondria since my breathing also seems to be off?

      Do you think there might be a potential link there?

      As for the IVs, I’ve been meaning to undertake them for a while now. Is it best to do them in the order you specified or is there no difference? Any chance they can make me feel worse?

      Also… how many of these IV sessions did you do?

      You’re giving me great hope here with the dry eyes / vision issues. I’m glad you were able to shake off this symptom. I hate staring at my computer screen and having everything go blurry every few seconds.

      Awesome to hear about that lady whom your ND treated. Stories of that kind of success are what keep me going. I wish you luck with the floaters / black dots. I hope you find a solution.

      • Linda February 24, 2016 at 8:36 pm Reply

        Actually, I was never given “amounts” to use so I just use the suggested dose on the actual supplements. I found one that has both the ALA and Acetyl L Carnitine in the same capsule. I take ubiquinol since I am over 40, in place of Co Q 10. I don’t know about any interactions, but I have had no problem with any of these. I just take them every morning or evening with all my other supplements.

        I never had dry heaving or coughing so can’t say what that is related to. For me, I had really suffocating-like problems breathing. I have had asthma, but it was like 100 times worse than my worst asthma attack, and I knew it wasn’t my lungs because I have something called a peak-flow meter that I used to check my lungs re asthma, and it was normal. It also didn’t feel like an asthma attack. I literally was gasping for each and every single breath for two months! So nightmarish, I truly just wanted “out.” Not sure how I made it to this point because when it first started happening I remember thinking I wouldn’t be able to last through the HOUR!

        As for the IVs, because all asthma meds now have fluoride in them, and steroids, I didn’t know how I could ever get better if I was still using this prophylactic inhaler twice a day. I had to take a leap of faith with my ND (and at that point I really didn’t care if I died) when he suggested H2O2 IVs so I could help clear my lungs and wean off of my inhaler. Well, after about 6 IVs I started weaning off. It has now been around 9 months that I have been off all asthma meds, and no asthma! I ended up getting around 12 of the H2O2. It’s also good though because it oxygenates all your cells, so it is not just for the lungs.

        As for the rest—I got about 1/2 dozen of the Myers—they are great because they have the B vitamins, much needed for nerve function and a good amount of magnesium. (and of course with IVs you are able to get dosages that are way beyond what you could ever take in orally.) The Phosphatidylcholine is great for nerve damage. It is recommended to get 20 of those, which I did. High- dose vitamin C is great for helping to rebuild collagen. It is also anti-inflammatory. This is the only one you would need a blood test for first. A very small percentage of people have an enzyme deficiency that prevents them from being able to take this IV (called G6PD) All total I got around 50 IVs. I was going twice, sometimes three times a week, when my veins could take it. If I had money now, I would go back and do a high dose C or more Myers. I would say about half of my ND’s patients are cancer victims and the other half Lyme Disease patients. They both use most of the above as well. It gets expensive, but really—I was the walking dead, so there was no alternative.

        I did a lot of the H2O2 initially because of the fear of an asthma attack on top of the already difficult breathing, but other than that I just switched them up. One time vitamin C, next time ptc. I have not known of anyone who felt worse after one. I never did. It’s not like I felt immediately GREAT after the IV, but slowly, cumulatively, I started to notice changes. I got to the point where I really looked forward to the IVs. I found it very relaxing. Not sure how cost differs up there, but even here there are variations. They can go from anywhere between $100-$225 a bag, depending on what’s in them. I had some really serious side effects—not just the breathing problem, but horrific back pain, deep in the bone —worse than when I had cracked ribs, and hyperosmia where everything in the world asphyxiated me. The latter is about 95% gone and the pain, which was really indescribable, was one of the firs things to go after I started IVs.

        • Lukasz February 25, 2016 at 1:02 pm

          Sounds like you’ve been through hell and back. I applaud you for coming this far.

          Thanks for the detailed info on both the mitochondria supps and the IV treatments. On top of your info I was informed that VSL#3 probiotic, colostrum, lecithin and coconut oil would be beneficial. Are you taking any of these supplements?

          “The walking dead”, sounds a lot like me not long ago. I think I fall into the “Alive but barely” category these days. Progress has been good but I’m still a LONG way away from where I would like to be. Perhaps someday though.

          The cost of IV treatments is very high here. At least at most clinics. I’m going to look around and see if I can find one that has reasonable prices. My problem is similar to yours in that my bank account can’t sustain all these treatments.

          Anyway, thank you for all the info. I’m now off to put together a new recovery plan.

    • Aron Lycele August 28, 2016 at 10:24 am Reply

      Linda, im glad the IVs helped you. I have read many of your comments and your story (surviving that nightmare) inspire me to keep fighting. Did you feel your improvement with dry eyes was related to the IVs? Im getting rather desperate and starting to think about IVs like Glutathion, Myers and Ozone. I would have to travel to Germany to get them though (I live in Sweden). I hope you continue to heal.

  10. Linda February 24, 2016 at 8:07 pm Reply

    Just noticed you are in Canada and you mentioned Heath Canada. There is a great video out from Canada on all this. (It’s older so doesn’t have much on side effects other than the ruptured tendons, but a few.)

    • Lukasz February 25, 2016 at 1:56 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing this video. It sums up everything and has me shaking my head as to the mess we are all in.

      Another video really worth watching is this one here:

      It was posted in 2013 by a guy who took fluoroquinolones (Levaquin and Ciprofloxacin) back in 2005. It chronicles his journey to recovery. At the time of making the video he was 90% recovered and according to one of his comments below the video, he is now 95% recovered.

      I’m a bit concerned at the moment as I just learned that the first antibiotic (Clarithromycin) I took in November 2014 belongs to the most damaging class. I honestly don’t know which one destroyed me more, the first one or the second one. Either way, the nightmare continues.

  11. Linda February 25, 2016 at 1:29 pm Reply

    I am taking all those except lecithin, but the choline in the phosphatidylcholine is actually a component of lecithin. And at this very moment, I am having a smoothie right now with a tablespoon of coconut oil in it! I use it to cook with too.

    • Lukasz February 25, 2016 at 2:04 pm Reply

      Good stuff!

      I’m thinking of just downing a tablespoon or two of coconut oil each day. That should work too, right?

  12. Lukasz February 26, 2016 at 6:51 pm Reply

    If you reside in Canada and have been poisoned by a fluoroquinolone drug, please report your Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) to Health Canada’s Vigilance Program. Help spread awareness regarding this toxin of a drug so that others can avoid it like the plaque.

    Canada Vigilance Program – Operated by Health Canada (MedEffect)

    Telephone: 1-866-234-2345 (Toll-free)


    E-mail Address:

  13. Ger April 6, 2016 at 6:31 am Reply

    Hi Lukasz, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. I think I got poisoned by clarithromycin antibiotics that were prescribed to me unnecessarily by my old gp back in September 2015. It has been 7 months now and I still feel awful and have been unable to work or keep fit, which I was doing a lot of prior to this.

    When I took the clairythomycin, I immediately felt the side effects and have been sick ever since then, the sickest I’ve ever been my whole life.
    When I took them, the first pill, I experienced stomach pain, nausea, headaches, chest pain, my whole left side of my back went numb, sharp pain in my right side just under my rib cage, trouble sleeping, skin rash…
    The doctor told me to keep taking them, I should have stopped immediately as I didn’t know the future effects, but figured I was only taking them for 10 days and should return to normal after that.

    But since then, I didn’t return back to normal and have got worse. It’s almost 7 months now since I took them and I have really bad stomach issues, fatigue, chest pains, tinnitus, back pain, eye twitching, and general unwell feeling.
    I’ve been to the ER many times over these last 7 months and they did scans, x-rays and bloods and nothing showed up. They wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that all this happened when I was given the antibiotics.
    I’ve been googling around for ages now and trying to see if this has happened to anyone else, but a lot of the sites, like this one, are all about cipro. I’m not to clued up about cipro, but was wondering if the clarithromycin is similar and does my story seem like poisoning to you? I’m searching high and low, and trying supplement after supplement and still not getting anywhere.
    I have really bad back pain for the last few months and it’s going hand in hand with my abdominal issues, I’m worried about this. I never injured my back before or before this happened so don’t know why I have this back pain, more in my mid back area and sometimes between my shoulder blades. I’ve pulled some muscles over the years so I can tell what muscular pain feels like, this doesn’t feel like it. And I’ve been to a physio for my back too and got treated for 6 weeks and that didn’t help either.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks for reading.


    • Lukasz April 16, 2016 at 1:47 pm Reply

      Hi Ger,

      I am deeply sorry for your pain and suffering. I know what it feel like to be out of work as I am approaching the one year mark of my breakdown which forced me to go on an extended medical leave from my job. I also know about the inability to keep fit as I too used to be an active person (climbing mountains was a passion of mine). As you know all too well, it’s extremely difficult to accept these sudden limitations that have been imposed on us but it’s important to keep in mind that there are people out there who have returned to their original state of health. For some people it takes a year or two, while for others the recovery trail is a long road lasting anywhere from a year to a full decade. Nevertheless, I think we have to focus on the long-term picture which is far more appealing than our current, pain-ridden state.

      Clarithromycin is just as toxic to the human body and its organs (that includes the brain) as Ciprofloxacin. Essentially, it causes a similar reaction to Cipro including many of the same side effects you would see from Cipro. Just as Cipro causes oxidative stress and damage to the human DNA, Clarithromycin acts in the same manner by invading healthy cells and damaging them. It also does not discriminate against good / bad microflora (gut bacteria) whereby any sudden disruption can have severe consequences such as the ones we are experiencing.

      In other words…

      What we have is a case of dysbiosis; likely coupled with leaky gut stemming from antibiotic-induced toxicity.

      So yes, what you are experiencing is very much tied to Clarithromycin and the associated damage from it.

      Your case pretty much mirrors my own except that I accidentally did myself in a second time with Cipro (Clarithromycin was the first antibiotic I took) and experienced psychosis, depersonalization and derealization on top of the usual FQT symptoms. Looking back, it was the psychiatric symptoms that scared the living pants off me. You know you’re in a life and death situation when your mind starts to turn against you. Luckily I’ve been able to recover from those symptoms but the FQT symptoms are alive and well to this day. I just try to take it one day at a time and surround myself with things I enjoy, or at least try to enjoy since finding enjoyment in anything since this occurrence has been anything but easy. I try to tell myself that this is out of my control and that the only way I can enjoy life again is to stay in the game. As you know, this illness requires a lot of willpower but for those who are patient enough, life can be good again. Finding the strength to hold on is key to beating this.

      Re: your symptoms. I had every single one you described. The good news is, they will eventually subside. The bad news is, it may take some time.

      Are you taking any supplements currently? The first three supps that stabilized me were a multivitamin, fish oil and a probiotic. Basically, I stopped the damage with these three supplements. The multivitamin will top up any depleted vitamin levels you may have (I was depleted in both B12 and D thanks to the ADR), the fish oil will work on your brain and joints (think of it as a much needed lubricant for a rusty part of your body) and finally the probiotic will work on restoring the gut flora balance in your stomach / GI tract. I have also added collagen (for restoration of lost/damaged collagen), whey powder (for muscle gain and restoration) and CoQ10 to repair the mitochondria. CoQ10 may also provide you with some energy but I’ve just started on it so it’s too early to say if it indeed does. I try to split up these supplements and take them in the lowest doses possible so as to not have any reactions between them. So far so good. If you go down this route, I recommend the same.

      It’s important to remember that supplements alone won’t repair the damage that has been done by the antibiotics. Time and your body’s own ability to heal will probably be the best medicine to get you feeling good again. There are people on this website who have taken no supplements at all and have healed nicely. Quite simply, there is no magic bullet or cure for our condition so exercising patience may be the best remedy yet.

      Re: your back pain, abdominal pain and basically any pain that you are experiencing in your body. This is as a result of two things: 1) inflammation in your body caused by the ADR 2) toxins that have occupied space in various parts of your body. Cumulatively, these factors are going to produce pain in you. Nearly 1.5 years out and I continue to have the pain you describe. It’s sharp pain, almost like a stabbing pain. There is also huge levels of soreness in those spots and the pain becomes worse when there is low amounts of heat available to those areas. Collagen and fish oil are the only things I’m taking for this pain however I’m sure there are other supplements that can better manage these symptoms.

      Anyway, I hope I have shed some light on what is going on with your body. I’m no doctor but I have done my research on this topic and am willing to share everything I know with others like yourself.

      On that note…
      Keep fighting 🙂

      • Ger April 17, 2016 at 12:40 pm Reply

        Lukasz, it’s really great to hear from you, I’m finding it very difficult to find other people who have been affected by clarithromycin.
        It’s reassuring that other people are in the same position as me and I’m not going crazy.

        Current symptoms as I write this…
        Stomach discomfort
        No concentration
        Brain fog
        Back pain
        Random chest pain
        Random stabbing pains in organs & between rib cage

        I’m currently taking a few supplements daily, a multivitamin (oxylent), omega 3 with vitamin d (Nordic naturals), vitamin c powder (biocare) that I sip in water through the day, and then a magnesium supplement (mag365) at night.
        The magnesium has stopped the eye twitching anyway, which is good. And I feel a little boost from the multivitamin too, although I still feel generally awful every day anyway as you can relate to, just have that small boost from the vitamins.

        I’ve tried take a probiotic a couple of weeks ago (optibac extra strength), but my usual symptoms got increased when I took them, worse then usual. Felt awful, so I stopped them. I have heard about a herxheimer reaction from some antibiotics and probiotics, but wasn’t sure if this is what was happening to me, or maybe the ones I took were not the right one for me, it was 20 billion in strength, so not too high of a dose for a probiotic seeing as some brands have 30-40 billion per capsule. Have you had any similar experiences with probiotics, or can recommend ones to look out for? I’m in Europe, so they probably don’t have the same brands here as they do in Canada.
        I’ve also recently started to drink bone broth daily, this is supposedly great for healing a bad stomach and gi issues. It’s not that difficult to make and there’s a ton of recipes on the net. I’ve been talking to two nutritionists and both of them recommend it. You should look into it.
        I’ll try anything to get better and back to some sort of normal living, but I will never take any prescribed medication ever again, the doctors here are no help at all and have been denying that I was poisoned by clarithromycin. I was perfectly fine before I took them and the nightmare started as soon as I took the first pill, do the math!

        The back pain and various other pains in my torso and chest are terrible. I’ve been to see a physio for the back pain, but the treatment didn’t work, and besides I didn’t actually have back pain before I took these antibiotics. If anything, the physio treatment for the back pain actually mate things worse, my symptoms increased the same way as when I took the probiotic. I guess it was the physio treatment moving the toxins around my body?
        My new doc wants to either put me on more medication for chronic pain, no way. Or refer me back to another physio, but I don’t know if there’s any point.
        On one of the other floxing help websites ( in the help section, the guy recommends a physio for the joint and back pain and a neurologist for the other stabbing pains and chest pain. I wonder if this is worth persuing or just another dead end and just wait it out like you say?

        I really want to get back to doing some exercise and a bit of normal life, but able to read your story and hear how you’re getting on is also a big help. You’re more into this then I am, so hopefully it’s coming to an end for you soon.

        Did you find many other sites about clarithromycin poisoning when you were doing your research? I’m finding it hard to find anything myself other then cipro and levaquin stories.

        But anyway, thanks for the info, appreciate it.


        • Lukasz April 20, 2016 at 4:26 pm

          Hey Ger,

          First off, you’re not going crazy and you’re most certainly not alone in your struggle.

          There are many reports of Clarithromycin toxicity / poisoning, however, few if any websites that are dedicated to helping those who have been affected by the drug.

          One of the first websites I ran into while researching my suffering was Ask A Patient ( A quick search of Clarithromycin and its brand name of Biaxin brings up a massive amount (about 1,205 or so worth) of first-hand accounts of people who have been adversely impacted by this toxin of a drug.

          Here is the link for your reference:

          Words of advice. Be prepared if/when you are going to go over these accounts as they can lead to excessive stress and/or worry.

          Also, if you were prescribed Clarithromycin, you would have most certainly been prescribed Metronidazole and Protonix to go along with it. Metronidazole and Protonix are proton pump inhibitors or PPIs for short. Their purpose is to provide a pronounced and long-lasting reduction of gastric acid production. They are now linked to chronic kidney disease and/or kidney failure.

          Link to article regarding said above:

          Metronidazole on

          Protonix on

          If you head over to read the accounts of both Metronidazole and Protonix, you will find that they are equally as bad as Clarithromycin itself. Cumulatively, these drugs are sheer poison and the doctors, medical and pharmaceutical industries know this. We are not advised of the risks associated with these drugs for one reason and one reason only; there is too much money to be made. Hence, the global health epidemic that you are seeing today.

          Interestingly enough, on the Ask A Patient homepage, the number one searched category is allergies (no surprise there considering it’s spring), followed by anxiety at number two, bipolar – antipsychotics at number three and depression at number four. Diabetes rounds out the top five. Digestive disorders and osteoporosis are also in the Top 10. What does this tell us considering antibiotic-induced toxicity causes all of this minus diabetes?!?

          The link is most definitely there. The only questions are… how long will it take for your body to rid itself of the toxins and just as importantly, how long will it take for your organs to regenerate? When this comes full circle, you have a complete recovery on your hands. Again, for some folks this comes quickly while for others it’s a long, long journey. My guess is, it depends on the severity of your “intoxication”.

          Re: your symptoms. I have experienced all those and rest assure so have 99% of the people on this website. It’s hell and only those who have experienced it first-hand can truly understand how painful and debilitating it actually is. It just has to be experienced to be fully understood, hence, I’ve given up trying to explain it to those that feel my symptoms are originating from thin air. Sadly, just about all doctors are in this group (apologies for offending those that are on the side of toxicity victims).

          Re: your supplements. Those are all great. I’ve taken all those (different brands) at various times in my recovery, except for the vitamin C since I used to drink a warm glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in it and used Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) as my magnesium supplement. How long have you been taking these supplements and have you noticed any difference since you started using them? Also, are you using them on a daily basis or rotating them?

          I’ve had to drop all my supplements recently as I experienced a setback which I can only presume was triggered by me taking CoQ10. After taking it for 3 days, I developed a lot of my original symptoms including tinnitus, insomnia, abrupt wakeup, inability to fall alseep again, worsening of anxiety and depression and irritability. I’m also certain it was the CoQ10 but can’t rule out the other supplements I was taking since there could have been a bad reaction between them. Currently, I’m only taking my 50 Billion active cultures probiotic capsules (the brand that I use is NFH Recovery SAP) but I’m not certain if it’s doing me any good. I’m starting to think that maybe eliminating ALL supplements is the way to go since supplements too can have a toxic effect on the body and organs when overused. It’s frustrating because I thought they were making a difference but clearly something went wrong in the past week.

          One thing is certain. Listening to our body when it signals to us is of vital importance.

          By the way, the eye twitch, was among my first symptoms. That and unbelievable fatigue / soreness in my body that continues to this day. Glad your eye twitch has seized. I’m sure you will make progress with the other symptoms. It will take time.

          Whereabouts in Europe are you? I’m originally from there but been living nearly my entire life in North America. I’m thinking antibiotic use and ADRs are on the rise in Europe and elsewhere in the world after it exploded in North America in the past couple of decades. The reason it became such an epidemic here is because of the insurance plans. It’s ALL connected.

          Thanks for the bone broth suggestion. That’s something else I’ve been meaning to look into. How long does it take to make?

          Yes, indeed. It all starts with the first pill. There are numerous accounts out there of people who have died after taking just one pill. Their allergy was as such that they had convulsions or a heart attack and passed. That’s the worst case scenario here.

          Re: the physio treatment you received. It’s possible the toxins would have shifted around but normally the toxins wedge themselves into your fatty tissue, muscles, organs and any other part of your body whereby they can have a field day and are hard to excrete. This is why I spoke of the use of sauna in the early days of toxicity. The use of the sauna is to excrete the toxins from your body but it’s not a simple matter and doesn’t always work since the toxins make every effort to stick around. Maybe leave out the physio for now, get plenty of rest and do some light exercise when your body is feeling up to it. I’ve been using the gym on and off. Sometimes exercising makes me feel good and other times the pain in my body makes for a difficult workout. I only recommend exercising if your body is NOT overly inflamed.

          My honest recommendations:

          Don’t take ANY pain meds this new doc offers you. It will mess you up further.

          and don’t bother with physio. Take up light exercise at your local gym instead.

          When your body is ready that is.

          I’m glad my story has been of assistance to you. That’s the reason why I decided to write it in the first place. That and to spread awareness. I want people to be aware of the potential catastrophe that can occur from these types of antibiotics. It’s not a joke. It’s real and it’s life-altering. Hopefully people learn from our misfortunes and think twice before putting these pills to their mouth. Are there benefits to antibiotics? Sure, there is. In a lot of cases they cure people of various infections but all it takes is one allergic reaction to destroy a person’s quality of life for what could be a long, long time. As the saying goes, knowledge is power and now we know for next time.

          Apologies for the length of this reply. I wanted to cover all your points in detail.

  14. kristi April 14, 2016 at 6:47 pm Reply


    I keep coming back to your story. I can so relate to your suffering and have so much compassion for all of us that have gone through this nightmare. I wanted to mention to you that Omega 3 really seemed to intensify my depression and anxiety. Other people have reported this as well. Here are a couple of links and there are plenty more online if you do a simple google search:

    My heart really went out to you when i saw that over a year has passed and you are still struggling with often moderate anxiety/ depression. I had that soooo terribly for about six months but now it just comes on in waves and is not nearly as bad. What did seem to work for me, that i highly recommend is turmeric. I also have found phosphatidylserine to work really well for sleep and the stress response. Perhaps you may want to lay off the fish oil for a bit and see if this alleviates some of the mood symptoms.

    I hope this helps you! Blessings!

    • Lukasz April 16, 2016 at 8:37 pm Reply

      Hi Kristi,

      You’re absolutely right, this is a nightmare and then some. It’s hard to phantom that this kind of living nightmare can even take place. Sometimes I feel like I’m imagining all this, like it’s some kind of illusion, only it isn’t. Do you have a similar outlook on this or a completely different perspective on it?

      Interesting info re: the Omega 3. I honestly thought it was making a positive difference in my recovery but now I’m second guessing this. With all the benefits of fish oil that I’ve read about in the past, it never even crossed my mind that it could be affecting/intensifying the depression and anxiety.

      Thanks for the links. I’ll be sure to read up further on this and determine whether it’s worth continuing on with it.

      As for my current state of D&A, like yours, it comes in waves so there are times that I feel pretty good and times when I feel like there is a cloud following me around. I dread these spells with a passion but I’m sure you and everyone else feels the same way about these dark hours that engulf us.

      Thanks for the turmeric suggestion. I’ve been meaning to pick it up from my local health store for a while now but kept forgetting about it (memory issues are still quite rampant). What is the turmeric mainly beneficial for? Is it effective against D&A? Finally, what is the best form to take and at what dosage?

      Re: phosphatidylserine. These come in pill form and are taken just before bed time, am I right? What’s the best dosage to use with this supplement? Are you taking anything else?

      Sorry to bombard you with all these questions and thank you again for all your suggestions.

      • kricket648 April 19, 2016 at 7:03 pm Reply

        Hi Lukasz,

        I hope this reaches you well this week. Yes, I know what you mean about it feeling like an illusion. When I was going through the worse of it, it was so different from my normal state of being, that it felt almost unreal. My personality changed so much. It was so hard getting through that time. But now, i am happy to share that i feel almost completely recovered. We do heal!

        And yes, those dreaded waves. Even on my good days I always had this anxiety knowing that the darkness was going to return. I became fearful of my own body/ mind. I do believe this is a traumatic experience for that reason. Though I am mostly healed, I still find it difficult to come to terms with the memory of what i went through. I do trust this will pass in time.

        Yes, I began taking the turmeric for the Depression/ anxiety. I read so many good things about it, how it prevents brain over excitation and neuronal death, it increases serotonin and dopamine, and it even facilitates the growth of new serotonin neurons in the hippocampus. It was found to work better than antidepressants on depression in some studies! I cannot say it was an immediately dramatic improvement, but i did notice a positive shift when i began taking it. I take 500 mg, twice per day. I have taken two different brands and did not notice a difference between them. You can even just buy the raw powder if you want. I have now been taking it daily for 2.5 months and the mood symptoms are almost completely resolved.

        I also highly recommend the phosphatidylserine. I believe this is a very overlooked supplement that could really help floxies. It also has been found to be great for mood and the brain, increasing dopamine, facilitating neuronal communication, and even repairing the myelin sheath on damaged neurons. It also has been found to decrease adrenalin/ cortisol and thus help restore the nervous system to homeostasis and help with those dreaded adrenalin surges that i had. I only take 100 mg each night before bed though you may want to experiment with more as i am a small woman. I now sleep better than i have in a long time. Turmeric is also supposed to help with sleep and may be part of the improvement.

        In terms of other the other supplements I take:
        – CoQ10: I began this at the same time as the turmeric. This also has been found in studies to help depression.

        – Calcium D Glucarate: This is an interesting supplement that is supposed to help with detox. Some people have too much β-glucuronidase which causes the body to recycle toxins including medications in the body. This supplement is a β-glucuronidase inhibitor so it prevents this process. Once i started this supplement i saw a rapid improvement in my symptoms in just a few days!! Perhaps it was just my time to heal but i really think there is something to this. (I only take one per day, whereas the bottle says to take 6 per day).

        – Oral Glutathione: This also helps the body detox. When I would take it, I often would have detox symptoms like an increase in the brain fog and fatigue but i almost always seemed to feel better after those symptoms wore off. I would take it for a few days and then give my body a break.

        I had bad reactions to so may other things, including amino acids, omega-3’s, B vitamins, vitamin D, and anything that worked on Gaba, even magnesium seemed to cause a rebound/ intensification of symptoms after it wore off. Therefore i am super careful about which supplements i choose. These all work for me with no side effects (except the glutathione die-off symptoms) and only continued improvement over time. I do remember the turmeric made me feel a bit spacey at first when i began it but that wore off after a week or two.

        Two other things that really helped me:
        – Binaural beats: I found a wonderful healing audio that utilizes binaural beats. Look into Kelly Howell if you are interested. I listen to it every night before bed on my headphones and it puts me right to sleep deeply. I have noticed my mind is much calmer and my mood has improved a great deal over time using this.

        – The emotion code and the body code: This is a healing modality created by a doctor. It is somewhat metaphysical and i do not claim to know how it works. However, I saw a documentary about it and so looked into it. I began working with someone who is trained in this. I felt better immediately and after two sessions felt mostly recovered! Now this was also when i began the Calcium D Glucarate so i cannot say for sure what worked to shift things so dramatically for me but the change was undeniable. You may want to give it a shot. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain. If you would like to connect with the person i worked with send me an email at and i will send you his contact info. He does work over the phone (this is what we did together). Also, he is very reasonably priced.

        I hope this helps you! I would lay off the vitamin D and Omega’s for a few days or even a couple of weeks and see if you feel a difference. Then maybe try to add one or two of these things. I really do feel mostly recovered now. On my good days, which are now the norm, I actually feel better than i did before this whole ordeal which leads me to believe that something i have been doing is really making a significant positive change in my brain/ body. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions or would like to take further.

        Take care!


        • Lukasz April 21, 2016 at 4:58 pm


          I can’t thank you enough for your suggestions and recommendations. I have weaned off all supplements for the time being (had a bad reaction recently possibly due to CoQ10 or the combination of supplements I was taking) but if I continue to feel like I have been all this time (more than likely the case) then I will most definitely be turning to the supplements that you’ve listed here. I’m extremely happy that they were able to restore your health and that you’re feeling great after undertaking these supplements.

          Re: the personality change. It’s unreal how much my personality has changed. I used to be the calmest person. I never panicked over anything and now I’m ashamed to say that anything can set me off. I’ve never had depression or anxiety and now these symptoms control me like I’m a puppet of theirs. I feel like I’m on some kind of a leash. If I stray too far (try to restore my health), it pulls me right back in. It’s a brutal way to live but you know this feeling all to well since you endured it for some time. I’m just happy that there are supplements out there (the ones you mentioned) that can help us along. There’s nothing worse than having nothing to turn to when you’re in a state of despair. I’m curious, to what extent did these drugs affect your personality? Were you also experiencing a lot of panic attacks, anxiety and things of this sort? It’s no wonder crime is through the roof in North America. People’s behaviour is altered by these pills.

          Yes, the memory, though vague for me because of the tremendous memory loss that I suffered as a result of all this, has me concerned as I don’t want to be left with PTSD. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t already have PTSD from all this trauma that has unfolded. There is still a lot of anger in me towards the two physicans who prescribed the pills to me as well towards myself for not researching these pills online. Had I known but I know today, I would have never taken them but I suspect everyone has these same regrets.

          So is it safe to say that you are completely depression and anxiety free since starting up these supplements? Do you intend to take these supplements for the rest of your life or plan to assess after a certain amount of time has passed? I really appreciate you sharing all the additional benefits of these supplements. It’s good to know what their functions are and what they’re doing inside the body. In regards to the turmeric, did you immediately start with two pills a day or initially a single pill a day? As for the phosphatidylserine, this supplement is music to my ears as I have had a horrible time with sleep since the day my symptoms began. Not being able to sleep on a daily basis is the true definition of torture. As I understand it, there are countries where this (sleep deprivation) is still taking place as a form of punishment. Feels like I’m in the same boat as these prisoners. Hopefully, phosphatidylserine will change all that.

          Yup, clearly supplements have a different effect in everyone. One person can take a supplement and not have any problems while another can have a myriad of issues. I guess the same applies to antibiotics. Glad you’ve been able to find the right mix.

          Thanks for the additional suggestions. I am definitely going to look into the binaural beats. A while back (when this nightmare began) I was listening to some relaxation mp3s. Looking back, I think they helped quite a bit. Anything is worth a try, right?

          As for Vitamin D, I haven’t taken the drops since sometime last year. It was only the cmega-3 fish oil (liquid form), multivitmain (powder form) and probiotic (capsule form) that I mostly stuck with. I added collagen, whey powder and CoQ10 recently and one of them or all of them combined set me back. Taking it easy for now so hopefully my body will adjust. If the suffering gets to be too much, I will start with the supplements you recommended.

          Alright, going to leave things off here. Thanks again for all your sound advice. Much appreciated.

        • Anna May 18, 2016 at 2:53 am

          Kristi, Lukasz referred me to your post as for the supplements you are taking. Which brand of phosphatidylserine do you take and did u experience any side effects? As for the turmeric , i do have the powder ( just from the spice aile in the supermarket) Would that be okay to use? If so , do i just boil a tea spoon in water and drink it? Also, any side effects like stomach pain , nausea ?Thanks and i hope you are feeling great physically and mentally.

  15. Ger April 21, 2016 at 4:42 am Reply

    Lukasz, no need to apologise for the long messages, I appreciate all the information I can get from you.

    Any research I’ve done looking for answers, all directed me to Biaxin. And I’ve read stories about people being sick when they took them, but couldn’t see anyone who reacted so much like we did and have been out of action for months / years because of it.
    I’ll have a look over the link you gave me, see what the others are saying and have experienced.
    My new doctor is still denying that I can be still sick or even sick in the first place from taking the clarithromycin, even though I’ve told her about these websites with tons of first hand experiences and about your own story from taking the same drug I did and is almost identical to mine.

    Here is the actual info sheet from the clairythomycin I was given, the brand name in Ireland (where I’m from) is called minatev la…

    And you’ll see on the info sheet, “if you experience rash do not take these any more and contact your doctor, and also do not split or chew these tablets, they are to be taken whole.”
    I did experience a rash and notified my previous octor about this a day or two after I started taking the pills, and his response was “you’ll be ok, if they’re too strong for you then break them in half and take one half in the morning and the other half in the evening.”
    I took his word about the rash and didn’t break the pills as the info sheet said not to as they were timed release tablets. I should have just stopped taking them immediately but I wasn’t to know that all this was ahead of me.

    As far as my symptoms go, I’m actually dealing with 3 different illnesses, total nightmare.
    I started to have gi issues in October 2014, then in July 2015 I developed an inner ear problem, likely vestibular neuritis, that caused dizziness 24/7 and that led me to being given the clairythomycin in the first place and that was like a nuclear bomb going off in my body.
    I still have these gi issues and dizziness on top of all the floxing symptoms too and I’m attending a gi specialist and a balance rehabilitation physio to help with the dizziness.
    If I can get my gut healed a bit and rid of the dizziness too, then it will be a major help with the floxing.

    I’ve been given ppi’s before along with anti spasmodics to see if they help the gi issues, but took them for a few weeks and did nothing so gave up.
    You mentioned the ppi’s in your post, and I was not given them along with the clarithromycin to take. I was just given the clarithromycin on its own and nothing else. Like I said, I tried the ppi’s over the previous months here and there for a while but didn’t help so stopped taking them, I’m not a fan of prescribed meds and don’t like taking things.

    For the supplements, the ones I’m taking at the moment, I’m taking them every day. I’m trying to limit my intake and not take a ton of supplements. So it’s 2 omega 3 pills and a multivitamin in the morning, then the vitamin c in water that I sip through the day and then the magnesium at night to stop the muscle spasms and help with sleep.
    Before I got sick I would have took a daily multivitamin and some omega 3’s daily anyway. I’m only adding the magnesium and vitamin c because I saw a nutritionist a few months ago and she put me on them to help with some of my current symptoms, I stopped taking them after a month as I was really sick then and didn’t notice any help, but from reading more websites and stories abut them working for some peoples recovery then I decided to give them a go again. The magnesium has stopped the eye twitch anyway and the multivitamin has given me a slight boost of energy.
    I was going to add a coq-10 supplement into the mix but read of the side effects for some people and it seems like that it causes a lot of my current symptoms, so decided against it.

    My multivitamin (oxylent) has a bit of coq-10 in it, but only a small amount and I don’t think it’s doing anything bad, but I won’t be taking any more of it or a higher dose. So it looks like the coq-10 could be the culprit in your recent setback. When you settle back down again, then maybe skip that and back to the other supplements.
    I want to see if a probiotic will help my gi issues, but I’ve a visit back to the gi specialist in a few weeks for some test results, see how they go and then after that I might see a nutritionist again and start working on healing my gut the natural way, with diet and probiotics.
    The bone broth is very easy to make, the only downide is you have to leave it in a pot to simmer for between 24-48 hours to extract all the nutrients from the bones. Otherwise is pretty straightforward. It can be made with chicken bones or beef bones, whatever you prefer. Here’s a recipie for it…

    And the physio treatment, I did suspect that from reading other floxing stories, that the toxins were being moved around my body and causing the worse symptoms. I was in a bad way after the treatment, which didn’t seem right at all. I will probably put that on hold for the time being, seeing as it didn’t do much anyway.
    I’d be more inclined to try the lymph drainage massage that you were talking about, I may look into that instead and see how a session or two goes.
    There’s nothing more I want to do then get back doing some exercise. I went from working out 2 hours a day, 4 times a week, to not being able to work out at all for over 7 months now. It’s going to be tough anyway going back, but going to try and start slow and do some light body weight exercises and some light cardio. I’ve lost a bit of weight over the last few months and can’t seem to put it back on, so I’m worried if I go back training that my weight will drop even more. And I can’t even use protein shakes anymore, as I tested for a dairy intolerance that was suspected in also causing some of my gi issues.

    But you’re right, I suppose I’ll listen to my body and do as much as I can, being away from training for so long anyway I’m not going to be able to do what I used to, need to work my way back up again.

    Oh, and I have told my doc that I won’t be taking any more prescribed medication and don’t want any pain pills or anti-inflammatory meds. No chance I’m putting any more poison into my body. I’ll think twice about ever taking any prescribed medication ever again after this nightmare experience. Sure, they work for a lot of people and are taken by millions on a daily basis, but then there’s the unlucky few like us who react badly to them and are left in a nightmare scenario and then are told it’s impossible that it could happen by all the doctors.

    Thanks again for the info, all the best


    • Lukasz April 25, 2016 at 11:24 am Reply

      Ger, just finished sending you an e-mail.

  16. pawsnpine April 21, 2016 at 9:24 am Reply

    Thank you for writing.

    • Lukasz April 21, 2016 at 5:10 pm Reply

      You’re welcome.

  17. Linda April 21, 2016 at 9:29 am Reply

    It makes me so angry when I hear a doctor say that you couldn’t possibly STILL be sick from a drug. This is from Dr Jay Cohen’s book “how we can halt the cipro and levaquin catastrophe: the worst medication disaster in U.S. History” : “It is disappointing and discouraging when I hear stories of people with obvious FQ reactions going from doctor to doctor and being told the symptoms cannot possibly be related to the antibiotics. To say a side effect cannot persist after the drug has exited the human system is total ignorance of basic pharmacology. The entire field of toxicology is predicated on the fact that many drugs have toxic effects that last long after the drugs have exited…eg liver failure from …Lipitor..what is so hard to understand about that? (p 72). So take that with you next time!

    • Lukasz April 21, 2016 at 5:24 pm Reply


      I’ve purchased Dr. Cohen’s book and have only a few pages to go. You were right, it is a good book. He clearly understood the connection.

      As for the ignorance of doctors, let’s just say I visited one earlier today for my blood test results and the ignorance/arrogance is alive and well.

      By the way, as you probably saw in the other post, I had 3 Myers’ Cocktail IVs and 1 Glutathione IV. The Myers’ Cocktail was a good energy boost.

      How are you feeling these days? Any luck with those floaters?

  18. Alexandra April 23, 2016 at 4:26 pm Reply

    Hi, Lukasz — thank you so much for sharing your story. I admire your strength and your bravery so much. Has the brain fog receded for you yet? I’m only 21 and I’ve been recently floxed and the fogginess is the scariest part of this by far. I know time is the greatest healer, but it’s hard when I’m so young and unable to enjoy my life.

    • Lukasz April 25, 2016 at 12:34 pm Reply

      Hi Alexandra,

      You’re most welcome. As for strength and bravery, much of it comes from this website and the men and women who are a source of inspiration. The comradery here is invaluable.

      Yes, the brain fog cleared up many months ago. It was one of the first symptoms to go and thank goodness for that as it was a pain to deal with. My brain is still feeling the effects of the ADR but I am able to make decisions and concentrate / focus pretty decently, both of which were impossible to do at the height of the toxicity. Overall, I’m getting there but ever so slowly.

      I am deeply sorry to hear about your floxing. You shouldn’t have to be dealing with this at such a young age, no one should at any age, but I do think you will recover quite well from this. Everyone seems to recover at a different rate but through sheer determination and a bit of luck, most get through it.

      How long into this are you and what are your symptoms? This illness certainly sucks all the joy out of life but it’s important to remember that your body and mind are in a state of repair which could take months or even years. Hard as it is to wait for this to take place, it’s the only way back to health.

      I hope you can find some hobbies and/or projects to distract yourself from the lingering symptoms. This has helped me tremendously. I had some of the worst symptoms imaginable but I’m still here.

      You will get through this and when you do, you will still have plenty of time to do everything that you’ve been wanting to do in your life. Remain focused on the goal of healing and wait for better times to come.

      Keep well and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

      • Alexandra April 27, 2016 at 7:40 pm Reply

        Thank you so much Lukasz. I started taking Cipro January 27th, so it has been exactly three months. I know that hasn’t been long, but it’s so frustrating when I’m so young and have friends that don’t understand my issue. Thankfully the severe pain I had in my legs and my feet has gone — that was also very scary at the beginning. If I had to list all of the symptoms I have experienced in order of severity that I still have, it would have to be:

        1. Brain Fog. Some days are worse than others. I have windows of feeling normal and clear headed, but unfortunately it always comes back. It feels like I’m not “all the way there.”
        2. Headaches and head pressure. This is also very debilitating and the intensity comes and goes.
        3. Anxiety. Like you, I love traveling and adventuring and consider myself to be a very happy and healthy person. I should have known something was wrong after that first pill, considering I started crying uncontrollably for no reason.
        4. Twitching and tingling. Thankfully this is receding, but it’s still annoying.

        I’m very happy to hear you are improving. Staying positive is incredibly difficult, but you’re right when you said the camaraderie here is invaluable. I am scheduled to go see a doctor who deals with patients that have been either poisoned or have had chemotherapy and have experienced “chemo brain.” Apparently he has dealt with poisoned Cipro patients before, so I’m looking forward to hearing what he says. If you ever need me, my email address is I’m here to talk and share info, and it would be wonderful to have a friend through all of this.

        • Lukasz May 3, 2016 at 11:34 am

          Sorry to get back to you so late. It’s been a busy time as of late.

          I can only imagine how difficult it would be for someone your age to be going through this. It’s hard enough for me and I’m 35.

          I can understand why your friends are perplexed by your illness. For someone that has never had to undergo this, it’s impossible to grasp. For a long time, my friends and family could not make sense of what was going on with me. I don’t blame them one bit. Even I couldn’t understand what was happening. These days, there is a lot more acceptance on my behalf and that of my friends and family. I believe the same will hold true for you. Your friends will come to accept your condition and value you just as they did prior to you taking the Cipro.

          I’m glad the pain in your legs and feet has subsided. We have to celebrate even the smallest of victories.

          The brain fog can really make life difficult, no doubt about that. We rely on our brain for just about everything we do throughout our day so not being able to access its full potential makes for a tough time to say the least. To be honest, even to this day, my brain is still very much in recovery. It still feels heavy and sluggish but I try not to think about it too much so as not to jeopardize the progress I have made. I think we have to concentrate on the progress we’ve made rather than compare ourselves to the way we used to be. It’s the only way forward.

          It’s nice to find someone else who is/was as passionate about travel and adventure. This is something I greatly miss and is essentially what keeps me going. I try to focus my attention to the future and envision a life full of great new adventures. Without this vision, I don’t see myself existing. I shudder to think that I was a mere 7 months away from setting off to Africa when this disaster took place. It was supposed to be the backpacking trip of a lifetime and instead I find myself indoors nearly everyday battling these damn symptoms. That’s life I guess.

          I do believe that we’ll eventually get back to our life’s passions. It will take some time but I have no doubt that we will get there at some point.

          In regards to the anxiety and you crying uncontrollably after taking the first pill, it’s believed that this is due to GABA receptor damage (see Linda’s posts above for more information). Have you had any vision or hearing impairments? Or memory impairment for that matter? There are many psychological and neurological components that arise with this illness. She was helped by Glutathione and Myers Cocktail IVs. I’ve heard of others having similar luck. It’s not for everybody but worth trying out if you’re at the end of your wits.

          As for the twitching, I hear magnesium is the best supplement for this. Lots of folks on here like the Epsom Salt Baths (Magnesium Sulfate) while others prefer oral magnesium. It seems to be a matter of preference. I only did the ESBs for a while.

          I’m very eager to hear the results of your next doctor visit as the antibiotics we took are equivalent to chemotherapy drugs.

          Here are Lisa’s articles that support this claim:

          “Chemo brain” is a great term to describe our situation. I’m curious as to what possible solutions this doctor might have.

          Are you in the U.S.? Do you mind filling me in when you’re done visiting his office?

  19. kricket648 April 24, 2016 at 2:11 pm Reply

    Hello again Lukasz,

    How are you doing following the set back you mentioned? In my experience protein powder (whey and others) would terribly increase my anxiety and insomnia issues. Others have reported similar things. I would suspect this may have been what triggered your flare-up, though we are all different. I am glad to hear you are taking a break from supplements for a bit. I also could not take a multivitamin without getting symptoms increasing, i think mainly from the B vitamin content. I think our nervous systems are just too fragile for many things. It was a long process of trial and error before i was able to find things that i could tolerate that did not set me back. I have also been wary of probiotics as others have reported these may increase their mood issues, though i have taken them off and on through this ordeal without noticing a definite correlation. Because of the fluctuating nature of our symptoms it can be hard to discern what may be helping or hurting.

    To answer your questions, yes i was experiencing terrible panic/ anxiety, dark depression accompanied with suicidal thoughts, and terrible agitation at times bordering on rage. I also had the insomnia. While i have experienced anxiety before, i never experienced anything like this and it felt very neuro-chemical. The rage especially was not like me at all. At one point i lost control and broke a bunch of things as i could not handle the intensity of the rage i was feeling internally. Prior to this (and thankfully now again) i was super chill, gentle, and loving. During those first months it was as if i could not feel love or joy or even have a positive thought. I felt as if my thoughts and emotions had been hijacked. It was only through reading others with similar stories who said that it had passed that i was able to ride it out. I thought seriously about going to a psychiatric hospital and/ or trying psychiatric meds but i was terrified they would make me worse or i would become addicted to them as i had read this happened to others and i could feel my nervous system was just too sensitive. I felt hopeless and thought seriously about suicide many days. This lasted for me for about 5 months with some days of symptoms improving or even going away completely mixed in there. I had a terrible set back during month 4. It was the hardest thing i have ever gone through.

    I saw improvements during month 5 and by month 6 I was able to return to work part-time. Returning to work was very hard at first but as i became more comfortable there and continued to improve weekly, i have come to feel that work is one of the best things for me as i continue to heal. It distracts me and gives me a sense of normalcy. I have also started socializing again. It has now been 7 months post-AB. My mood symptoms have not completely resolved though they have lessened in intensity a great deal. The suicidal thoughts are gone completely as are the panic attacks and episodes of rage. I do still experience some apathy, anxiety, and irritability but again it is nothing like it was. I am mostly happy now and no longer dread waking up in the morning. The depression and agitation is mostly gone. The anxiety still appears most days, especially in the evenings but i am now able to better observe it and not resist. I trust that this too will pass in time. I do believe the supplements, especially turmeric, have helped a great deal with the depression.

    My biggest remaining issue is fatigue along with the anxiety. I feel totally wiped out some days and feel i just need to rest. So i do. I rest a lot. I try to nap most days. I let my friends know that my ability to follow through with plans depends on how i am feeling each day. I cancel a lot and try to be patient with the process. Again, I am just so grateful that i am able to feel joy again that that seems to be enough for me for now. I take my dog on lots of walks which i wasn’t able to do for several months. I love him. I love my mother who i had to move in with when this happened as i could not be alone (at 34 years of age). It is good to be able to feel love again.

    I do not plan to take the supplements my entire life, though i will say they all seem pretty good for you! I did start with two turmeric at the beginning but now only take one capsule in the morning.

    Healing blessings to you and all of us!!! Let me know if you have any other questions.


    • Lukasz April 25, 2016 at 8:59 pm Reply


      To answer your question, I’m feeling just OK as of late. I think the fact that I was taking quite a few supplements and now none for the time being has my body confused and wondering what in the world is going on. It’s probably looking for some kind of balance. Problem is, there is no balance after an ADR. Everything is sort of all over the place if you know what I mean? Needless to say I miss the days of having a fully functioning body and mind. And you? How are you feeling?

      You may have a point there with the whey powder. It could have made matters worse. I suspect it was the CoQ10 but cannot rule out the other supplements including the whey powder. Did you take it for a time as well? I think you’re spot on when you say that it’s a matter of trail and error with these supplements. I think it’s safe to say that when you find the right ones, as in your case, the search is worth the effort. I’ll give my body another week to rest up and then try out your recommendations. I think good things will come from those supplements you mentioned.

      In regards to the probiotics, I too have no idea whether they were hurting or improving my situation. That’s the frustrating thing about this entire ordeal. We are left to scramble for whatever we think will make us feel better (and happier as a result) and will stop at nothing to find the right supplement, treatment or therapy when in fact, the passage of time may be the only way out of this mess. On the other hand, supplements could dramatically speed up the recovery. It’s all a guessing game.

      Have you come across Judy Ransom’s blog by any chance? This one here:

      In it, she discusses the dark depression and anxiety she went through for approx 3 years (antibiotic-induced) before reclaiming her health. Every single comment below her article is worth reading and paints an even clearer picture of the damage antibiotics do to people. It’s also worth noting that she has some great advice in the comments section for those of us still suffering. She credits probiotics with saving her life, among some other items. I highly recommend reading her story. It’s short, to the point and has a positive ending to it.

      I’m very sorry to hear about your darkest days. You’re 100% right. It’s definitely neuro-chemical. There is no way in hell that a normal person all of a sudden develops severe behavioral changes. If somebody wants to challenge me on this, I welcome the debate.

      I fully sympathize with you. I, myself, have been put through a similar behavioral change that saw me standing on numerous parking decks and bridges ready to end my life, last-second pull outs from throwing myself into moving traffic as well as last-second pull outs from strangling myself. Anybody who has ever met me prior to taking the antibiotics can tell you that I would never, in a million years, even exercise the thought of suicide. I had too good of a life for suicide. I never even understood why anybody would want to end their life. Having experienced these irrational thoughts first-hand, I now fully understand the global epidemic of suicide and have a better understanding of why people commit the act in the first place.

      On the subject of not being able to feel love, joy or the ability to maintain a positive thought, this continues to plague me on a daily basis. I, still, after nearly a year and a half, cannot feel any emotion. This bothers me to a great extent since feeling like a zombie day in and day out makes me not want to be part of this planet any longer. I want to be able to feel emotions like a normal human being. This is why I’m looking forward to the supplements that you’ve recommended. If they can make me feel like a human being again, I will be the happiest person on this planet.

      On a more positive note, I’m glad you’re back to your super chill, gentle, and loving ways. 😉

      What happened in month 4? Perhaps I missed it somewhere but how far into this ordeal are you? You seem to have made huge strides in little time. If I read your words correctly, most of your symptoms disappeared after just 5 months? That would be some serious progress on your behalf. Glad you were able to return to work after 6 months. I’m just now trying to get myself back to work after nearly a year off. I was working full-time at the time of the poisoning and had to take a leave of absence. How about you? Did you have to go on medical leave as well?

      Thanks for the assurances re: returning to work. I’m a bit concerned about how I will fare when I return but your words have given me some comfort. Are you able to perform your job’s duties with ease or do you have days/times when things get difficult for you at work, symptom-wise? I’m also looking forward to the distraction and normalcy which I’ve not had since leaving my job. The social aspect was a tough one for me as well. I was / continue to be somewhat closed off but I am trying hard to open myself up to people as best I can. I was never really a social person outside of my travels but I always appreciated my closest friends. This illness, as you know, turns you into a homebody and I’m not used to that. I’m used to being out in the world, undertaking new adventures all the time. For the past year and a half, I feel as if someone has put shackles on my feet and taken away my freedom and ability to live. I feel cast down to some lower existence which is a difficult way to exist. Having said that though, like you, I feel the worst is behind me and I’m trying to put all my focus on the future.

      I hear you on the fatigue and anxiety front. The anxiety for me, just like you, seems to come first thing in the morning, right when I wake up, and in the evening. During the day it seems to take a hike but it certainly makes its presence felt in the morning and evening. Sometimes it makes an unexpected visit during the day but it’s quite rare these days. I am hoping that one day it will disappear for good and take its buddy depression with it. That will be the day I declare myself 100% recovered. As for the fatigue, I too have little energy in me these days, in fact, little energy since this all started. Extreme fatigue was among my initial symptoms. I also lost a good amount of weight and have been having trouble putting it back on. It’s as though my stomach / GI tract can’t absorb nutrients, minerals, vitamins and protein. I’m almost certain I have dysbiosis and leaky gut. In fact, the first ND I visited ran tests and diagnosed me with leaky gut and adrenal fatigue. That was back in early 2015!

      Well, I am going to end it off here. I’m really glad you’ve been able to resolve so many of your symptoms, so quickly too, and are on the path to full recovery from this brutal ordeal. You seem to have the right attitude for it and I have no doubt that you will be rewarded for your perseverance and determination to get better. I’m especially happy for you that you are able to feel again, a true blessing which I hope finds me one day.

      Thank you again for your knowledge and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  20. Anna May 8, 2016 at 7:32 am Reply

    Hi Lukasz,

    Hope you are doing well. I too was floxed by cipro ear drops. Just wondering how many drops were you admintering daily into your ears? Did you experience loss of balance, ear fullness , deep ear pain and tinnitus and if so, how long did they last of course plus all the other symptoms we all get? Thx

    • Lukasz May 8, 2016 at 5:10 pm Reply

      Hi Anna,

      I’m deeply sorry to hear about your floxing with Cipro. How long has it been since you got floxed?

      I administered four drops of Ciprodex twice daily for a week. Did you administer a similar round?

      The answer is YES to all those symptoms you listed and of course the usual FQ symptoms on top.

      My balance has improved quite a bit but I’m still a little unsteady from time to time. Took me about 8 months to see improvement.

      Ear fullness, deep ear pain and tinnitus continues to plague me to this day. There was a period of a few months when it seemed to be under control but unfortunately all of these symptoms have returned. They’ve been with me since February 2015 so looking at 15 months now.

      As for the rest of the symptoms, some are gone now and some continue to stick around. Vision, neuropathy and CNS issues persist to this day but have improved substantially. Psychological symptoms have been nearly fully resolved so that leaves the psychical and neurological side of things.

      Biggest improvement lately is sleep. It’s almost back to normal now.

      All I can say is, with time, you should begin to see some improvements. Everybody’s recovery timeline is different. Hope you have a speedy one. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

      All the best.

  21. Anna May 9, 2016 at 2:57 am Reply

    Hi Lukasz, sorry to hear that your ear symptoms are persisting. I was floxed by just 2 dozes 5 drops each of cipro ear drops three months ago. I think with cipro , it doesnt matter if you took a big or small doze. It will poison every body equally. I am constantly 24/7 dizzy. Cant drive, cant go out on my own anymore. Ear fullness and tinnitus started 3 days after i used the drops and it started in the healthy ear as well. Dizziness started a week after. I had infection in one ear only,but cipro damged both ears. Read somewhere that cipro ear drops cause meniere disease. Did u have this checked? I think cipro damaged the hair cells responsible for balance and these do no regenerate. How do you cope ? Did u get any dignosis by ents? Any advice would be great. Thank you very much and i wish you and me a full recovery

    • Lukasz May 9, 2016 at 8:32 am Reply

      Anna, are you dizzy to the point of falling over or dizzy in the sense that you feel light-headed? For me, I tend to feel light-headed. It’s not a 24/7 occurrence but enough to make life difficult. Mind you, in the early days, it was far worse than it is now. Like your current state, I simply could not function. I too had trouble driving a car and had to give it up for a while and the anxiety in public spaces would overpower me every time. You’ll be happy to know that it does get better with time but it’s a slow process.

      The tinnitus and various other ear symptoms have engulfed both of my ears as well. The healthy ear suffers just as much as the non-healthy one. I too had an infection in one of my ears caused by an incompetent medical professional who damaged my ear and was given the lethal Cipro drops which nearly finished me off (I was already severely poisoned by another antibiotic at the time).

      I don’t know much about meniere disease and I’m not sure if I want to know more. The trauma of all this already has me in a bad place but I’m doing my best to cope. As long as I’m alive, my responsibility on this planet is to make the best of each day. I can’t turn back the clock and undone the damage caused by these antibiotics. All I can do is hope that my body can repair itself over time. Everything else is out of my control.

      As for how I cope, I basically try to surround myself with anything and everything that is positive. My past memories from my life are my sanctuary and I often seek refuge in these memories to escape the suffering. I try my best to ignore the physical pain and I tell myself that no state is permanent and that I will emerge from this. I make every attempt to focus on the future and envision myself as a healthy human being once again. That’s about it.

      I visited an ENT specialist way back at the beginning of this ordeal and he did absolutely nothing for me. Perhaps I got the wrong “specialist” and a different one would have some answers for me but quite frankly, I’m tired of the running around. I spent nearly a year going around from one specialist to the next and it got me absolutely nowhere. I’d rather use this time to enjoy what little enjoyment I have left in life and not waste my time on people who’s interest it is to profit off my suffering. I’m not saying all doctors and specialists are this way, but I have little trust in their profit-first system.

      Anyway, I hope you are able to make as rapid recovery as possible and I do think recovery is possible otherwise we wouldn’t have the full recovery stories that we have on this website. Ultimately it’s these people’s stories that drive me forward towards 100% recovery.

  22. Anna May 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm Reply

    “I try my best to ignore the physical pain and I tell myself that no state is permanent and that I will emerge from this. I make every attempt to focus on the future and envision myself as a healthy human being once again”. Thank you! I kept reading your words again and again. I am just at the beginning and i know i still have a long way ahead, but as you said everything else is out of our control. One thing i wanted to share with you which may be helpful to relieve the ear fullness and pain..i rub a bit of olive oil or any oil inside my ear canal and then put small cotton balls inside each ear. It sort of soothes the pain and makes the fullness bearable. I also noticed that the pressure of the cotton balls or if i use ear plugs ( like in the shower), it somehow helps with the balance. My dizziness is like a huge weight placed on my head pushing me backwords and downwards. It is scary! I hope things will get better in time. However, I am happy for you that many other symptoms are improving. As for me, the neuropathy seems to get a bit better when i use Mito Guard. I always had floaters, so i am used to them. After reading Ruth’s story saying cipro was made by demons, i really hope some angel will come along and find a cure to neutralize the poison in this drug. You are in my thoughts.

    • Lukasz May 10, 2016 at 5:45 pm Reply

      No worries and thank you for the olive oil suggestion. I’ll be sure to give it a try.

      One more thing I forgot to mention in my last post is that we have to keep in mind that we are under the influence of a drug. The depression, the anxiety and the rest of the symptoms are just that, symptoms. In time, they will perish into thin air and life will be good again.

      If you ever need a little pick-me-up, I highly recommend turning to this story from Douglas Bloch’s book “Healing From Depression”:

      Part 1

      Part 2

      I credit Douglas’ book with saving my life and Patricia’s story keeps me going to this day. Whenever I feel like giving up, I turn to her story and tell myself that one day, I’ll get there myself.

      I hope that her story helps you as much as it helped me.

      Remember… “The greatest prayer is patience” -Buddha

  23. Anna May 12, 2016 at 12:28 pm Reply

    Hi Lukasz,

    Did you try the olive oil? 🙂 ironically , my ears are not having a good day today. My left ear that never had any infection nor eardrops is hurting deeply inside and the tinnitus is loud as well. You got me thinking that the ear symptoms we have could be related to the brain rather than the ears themselves…who knows! The fact the our healthy ears get affected could very well make your assumption correct. still remmeber immediately after admistering the ear drops, i felt stabbing pains in my ear like i poured sulphric acid in it! Did u use the eardrops in both ears? Also, reading your post, it seems that the Clarithromycin gave you more psychotic symptoms than physical, and your physical symptoms started after cipro. Did you have any ear symptoms on the Clarithromycin? I am asking because my doctor (s) say the ear drops are topical and will not cause all these symptoms. Well, i didnt have any of the symptoms before the ‘miracle’ eardrops, did i?

    As for the mito guard i take , it comes in is tasting too bad. I take one daily and divide it throughout the day.. i think it did help with the neoeopathy…give it a try for a couple of days and are the ingredients in it

    Amount Providing % EC NRV
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 100mg 7143
    Niacin (Vitamin B3) 250mg NE 1563
    Magnesium 350mg 93
    D-Ribose 1500mg –
    N-Acetyl Carnitine 100mg –
    Coenzyme Q10 60mg –
    N-Acetyl Cysteine 50mg –

    In a base of: Fructooligosaccharides (F.O.S.), Bilberry Extract, Sweet Cherry Extract, Blackberry Extract, Beetroot Extract & Natural Blackcurrant Flavor

    The story is indeed inspiring…patience is a hard thing though!

    Did you notice that we are the only two people here who got floxed by ear drops? Please keep me posted if u try anything new that works ir doesnt..i will sure do the same. Btw , did cipro heal your initial ear infection? Did u ever have a hearing test? You said you went to an ent long time ago when this started.. Did he have any explanation as for the side effects? I dont want to waste my money on more doctors to do me nothing in the end.

    Yes, i agree that we are under the influence of a nasty drug, but one thing that always nags me is that it is not easy for the ears to heal…unlike other body parts, but lets keep the hope.

    I believe i got the floaters after taking another antibiotic years ago called augmentin. It is amoxocillin and something else in it. They were few originally, but now they are more.

    Keep well..

    • L May 12, 2016 at 12:41 pm Reply

      I think you are right re it being connected to the brain. One of my worst side efects was olfactory damage and it is hard to describe just how hideous it was. It was something a person could no live with had it continued. Everything inthe worls asphyxiated me…eve, unscented items. Two drops of diluted dish soap would choke me. Even filing my nails…something you don’t even associate with a smell was impossible to do because the smell was so strong. An hoe…it had noting to do with my nose. It was nerve damage. My brain was makin this asphyxiating smells so anything I did to my nose has no effect.

      • Anna May 13, 2016 at 2:23 pm Reply

        Hi L , were u floxed by ear drops ? I was plaqued by this side effect as well. Medical doctors called it hypersemia. I would smell burnt wood and stronger smells like perfumes would make me feel like i am suffocating. I was also coughing uncontrollable (dry cough) whenever i try to speak.

    • Lukasz May 15, 2016 at 11:34 am Reply

      Hi Anna,

      I haven’t had a chance to pick up the olive oil but will be picking it up soon. The burning sensations I experienced in my ears are almost certainly as a result of inflammation and I’m more convinced than ever that the other ear symptoms are directly tied to the brain including the tinnitus since it is our brain that produces the sounds and frequencies that we hear. Our ears simply emit these sounds and frequencies. In other words, our brains are the transmitters and our ears are the emitters.

      I’m sorry to hear about your ear pain. I hope you experience some relief soon.

      The symptoms I experienced after Clarithromycin were different to that of Ciprofloxacin. Clarithromycin caused me abrupt wake-up, insomnia, depression, weakness, fatigue, constipation, weight loss and tons of digestive issues. Ciprofloxacin on the other hand induced all kinds of psychotic symptoms in me including psychosis, depersonalization, derealization, anxiety, fear and paranoia to name a few. Not to mention, neuropathy, CNS issues, joint / tendon / muscle issues and muscle loss among other things. I was like a rotting fruit, decomposing day by day. I imagine you have experienced a similar ordeal.

      To answer your question, the only symptom I recall related to my ears during or after Clarithromycin was that of feeling like my ears had clogged up, equivalent to hearing loss. The rest of the ear symptoms were definitely after Cipro. This I know for sure. If you ask me, your doctor(s) are doing a good job of covering up the truth. Then again, I’ve yet to find a single doctor who will admit to the damage caused by ANY antibiotic. It would affect their bottom line, not to mention open them up to a massive amount of law suits and subsequently jeopardize their behind-the-scenes pact with the pharmaceutical companies. There’s a reason your doctor is always on vacation. Quite simply, it’s more convenient to label you as a mental case rather than expose the truth for the reasons stated above.

      Thanks for the Mito Guard background. It’s something I would pick up but as usual, it’s not available here in Canada. I also tried to buy Magnesium Threonate in powder form and that too is unavailable. Basically, we Canadians have no choice but to import these supplements from the U.S. With the exchange rate and import fees, this option simply isn’t a viable one.

      Yes, I have noticed that most people on here were floxed by pills as opposed to ear drops. Poison comes in different forms, and in our case, we had infections in our ear that got us into this mess. Truth be told, I could have sorted out my problem in a myriad of different ways. It was stupid of me to administer these drops in the first place when so many natural methods exist. It sounds silly but I actually didn’t know these drops were an antibiotic. I thought they were equivalent to essential oil drops and had no idea that they were actually poison drops. This certainly explains why prescription medication is the third leading cause of death in North America.

      As for whether my initial infection has healed, that I don’t know. I don’t even know if I had an infection in the first place. I was given the prescription because of simple negligence and carelessness on behalf of a “medical professional” who punctured my ear in the first place. This led to a doctor inspecting my apparently damaged ear and prescribing the poison. I try not to reflect back on what happened since my blood begins to boil when I think about what transpired. I visited another doctor and an ENT not long after and they said that aside from some inflammation, everything looked normal. I did a hearing test as well and no problems were found, hence, why I believe the problem lies either deep inside the ears or the brain itself. As for you visiting an ENT specialist, it’s up to you. Who knows, you might find some answers.

      I have no idea if our issues will ever clear up, they could of course be permanent, but hope is all we have. Perhaps we just have to live our lives to the best of our ability and make the best of a bad situation.

      I wish nothing but the best for you.

      • Anna May 16, 2016 at 12:23 pm Reply

        Hi Lukasz,

        I am so sorry. I did not mean to bring up bad memories. I feel so angry with my self that i trusted doctors. Never again! I did have an infection and after i stopped cipro, it was still there according to the swab result. However, i was able to clear it with simple vinegar and rubbing alcohol. However, i am paying the price now everyday from my own health. I had all the symptoms you listed. My symptoms were delayed for 4 weeks though except the ears and balance which appeared pretty mych right away unlike many people whose symptoms showed up after their last dose. What i noticed is that my symptoms never go away once they appear…they just become bearable. I get a new symptom every few days. I am Tolerating all the muscle, tendon, achilles pains etc.., but the loss of balance is a big problem for me as i am not able to function and take care of my family. The ears are also a big issue for me. By the way, the last doctor said my ears are fine…oh how relieveing to hear!!! So why am i in such pain? I have NO trust in doctors. I go to them simply for diagnosis and even this is questionable and i dont take what they say as the truth or the correct diagnosis. As a matter of fact , i go to them for carrying out blood works that i feel is needed (after i do my own research). They have the equipment that i dont have, so this is what i am paying them for. Treatment from now on is my responsibilty. If a doctor can not research the side effects of a medicine before perscribing it to a patient, then he is ignorant in my eyes. It is sad to see all the people on this site researching supplements and cures themselves because the doctors are too lazy to do it. What can I say? I am still angry.. Thanks for listening.

        P.s. If there is anything that you did to help with the dizziness, pls let me know. Are you able to drive again now and be on your own in public places? Thank you so much Lukasz and i am praying for you.

        • Lukasz May 17, 2016 at 10:19 am

          Don’t worry about it. I’m used to them being in the back of my mind. One thing I’ve learned from this tragedy, disaster or whatever you want to call it is that we have to accept what has happened, even better, embrace it, otherwise the disease and associated fear start to chip away at us. They do their best to destroy us but we must not let them. We have to stand up to the fear, confront it head on and take back control. I believe that it will take some time to learn and ultimately master this art but once it is accomplished, everything will fall back into place.

          It’s also ok to vent and be angry. This is part of the healing process. It wouldn’t be a tribulation without these things. As for the past memory of what happened, it’s fine to revisit this place, as long as we don’t dwell there too long.

          You’re doing the right thing by taking your health into your own hands. There’s no magic pill out there that will reverse the damage done by these antibiotics so the best we can do is turn to natural remedies and trust that in time, our bodies will be able to repair and regenerate. Afterall, what other option is there?

          I’m not entirely sure how much it would help you but I’m currently taking Curcumin, Phosphatidylserine and Calcium D-Glucarate as recommended by Kristi above. The curcumin and phosphatidylserine were doing wonders for me before I suffered a terrible setback the other day, likely due to ribs I ate infused with antibiotics. This occurrence has basically catapulted me to square one again, minus the worst symptoms. I should have known better and am now paying the price after making such great progress with the aforementioned supplements. Another lesson learned I suppose.

          Anyway, I highly recommend Kristi’s suggestion. Just stay away from North American meat, dairy and wheat.

          And yes, I am able to drive and be in public spaces. No problems there. If this is an issue for you, rest assure, it will eventually be a non-issue.

          Take care.

        • Anna May 19, 2016 at 10:09 am

          Hope you are feeling much better or at least heading this way. It seems i got jealous of you and two days now I am having a terrible pain in my achillies, knees, thigh muscles, hips and even gluteus muscle. It came out of no where. I can not stand longer than a few minutes and the pain worsens. It is even there at rest. Started magnesium citrate again, rubbing arnica oil, but still bed ridden. My husband is worried so much, but trying not to show it. Thinking to go to an orthopedic and ask for ultra sound treatment…ruth says it helped her. I am scared this could get worse. When i had this few weeks ago, it was not as bad. I am really exhausted. Wish me luck pls and as always you are in my thoughts.

  24. Anna May 12, 2016 at 12:30 pm Reply

    Sorry…meant to say mito guard is NOT tasting too bad

  25. L May 13, 2016 at 3:47 pm Reply

    No I had oral cipro. And yes, hyperosmia —-not only exaggerated smells but phantom ones as well. It was beyond nightmarish. Once the (thankfully) exaggeration got better, I started smelling what first reminded me of baking soda. Then that went away and I smelled what seemed like cigarette smoke or dirty ashtrays. Really disgusting and no way to get rid of it since it wasn’t actually in the nose. And apparently that burning smell is quite common, for some reason, with nerve damage.

  26. Anna May 14, 2016 at 7:14 am Reply

    How long did it take for it to go away completely ? Doctors were quick to perscribe me steroid inhaler- which i did not take. Since , we are talking about senses and nerve damage, Did you get any generalized itchiness without rash? If so, did it go away? It is so annoying as well.

  27. L May 14, 2016 at 9:20 am Reply

    So glad you refused the inhaled steroids! ALL steroids can exacerbate. I ended up getting H2O2 IVs so I could wean off my inhaled asthma meds (steroids). Now, after about a dozen IVs, I no longer use them!!! And no asthma!

  28. Lukasz May 15, 2016 at 12:06 pm Reply




    Make the connection.

  29. L May 15, 2016 at 12:19 pm Reply

    I vote for it coming from the brain. We already know that these drugs can damage the central nervous system, and this is what it is (in part) responsible for: “The central nervous system (CNS) controls most functions of the body and mind. It consists of two parts: the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is the center of our thoughts, the interpreter of our external environment, and the origin of control over body movement. Like a central computer, it interprets information from our eyes (sight), ears (sound), nose (smell), tongue (taste), and skin (touch), as well as from internal organs such as the stomach.”

  30. Anna May 16, 2016 at 12:32 pm Reply

    Hi L, so if it is all coming from our brain , and we do improve in some ways like the hyperosmia which was an issue for you and me and it is an issue with the brain/nose message interpretation, then even though the CNS does not regenerate new cells, there is hope that if any other senses ( our ears in case of me and Lukasz) or organs are affected, they can still heal in time. We just need to know the ‘ error’ that is causing the symptoms.

  31. Lukasz May 23, 2016 at 11:37 am Reply


    For some reason I’m unable to reply to your post above so I’m replying to you here.

    Re: your Achilles tendon. I have this very same injury. It’s 100% from Cipro. Chances are we have torn Achilles tendons and that is the reason for the pain and inflammation. My pain is around my right ankle. It comes and goes but is especially present in moist and colder environments and at night when my already ravaged immune system is essentially non-existent and unable to cope with the inflammation. As for the hip, knees, thigh muscles and other joints and muscles in the body, I too continue to have a problem with them. This is especially concerning since I’m now past a year and a half out from the first antibiotic. It’s clear to me that until my gut and immune system are healed and working again, this daily pain will continue to be the norm. If you don’t mind me saying so, I believe this to be the case for you as well. First and foremost, we need to concentrate our efforts on healing our guts AND immune system. Only then will our bodies have the ability to heal themselves.

    Re: your inability to stand for long periods of time. This is a regular occurrence with this type of poisoning and is again, related to our immunity. Under normal circumstances our bodies can fight off pain and inflammation. This is not the case with a compromised immune system. Like you, I cannot stand for long periods of time and had to make this one of my conditions / restrictions upon my return to work. If I stand for an extended period of time, my knees start to buckle. This at age 35! I’m sure for some doctors this is the norm. Well, not for me and certainly not for the thousands, it not millions of others around the world who experience the same symptoms well before their senior years.

    You’re doing the right thing by taking magnesium and applying oils. It’s the only thing you can do at this point until your gut and immune system are in working order. Seeing as the symptoms of antibiotic-induced toxicity have the tendency to cycle, you and I will have to expect these kinds of setbacks.

    My family has also had to deal with the after-affects of my ADR and it’s something no family should be put through. This is the true cost of putting our trust in the medical industry. We end up hurting ourselves AND our family members as a result. This is why doctors and Big Pharma can never be trusted.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. It’ll take time, but I know we’ll get there one day.

  32. Rosa June 2, 2016 at 5:36 pm Reply

    Hi Lukasz
    trust God, read the biblie proverbs 4:22 my word are life unto thise that find them and health to all their flesh.Psalm 146:3 and Psalm 147:3 Psalm107:20 He sent his word and healed them and deliverred them from their distresses. fill you body with the word of God, nothings is impossible with God. Also drink alot tea and use turmeric Ginger organic one. be bless

    • Lukasz February 2, 2017 at 9:27 am Reply

      Hi Rosa,

      Thank you for sharing these words from the bible. I don’t think I’d still be here if it wasn’t for God’s daily help and assistance. I think he’s doing all that he can for us but as with anything in nature (and we are most certainly part of nature), it’s a slow process. Blessings to you as well.

  33. Ryan June 13, 2016 at 10:48 pm Reply

    Hey, just read through all this. I don’t have much time, but I am thankthful for all you have shared here. I took Biaxin XL (Clarithromycin) almost 2 years ago and still am having serious side effects from it. If you read its side effects there are many, many mental ones. It may be that you did not experience some of them until it was combined with the other one you took, and then some of the mental stuff was from the Clarithromycin. Anyhow, it didnt fix me but what helped a bunch for insomnia was eating a bunch of food grade activated charcoal. Read up on that, I took it a year and a half after the antibiotics and it helped. I am from Canada and ordered it from the states.

    • Anna July 7, 2016 at 4:38 am Reply

      Ryan, did tge charcoal help only with the insomnia or with the other side effects? How much did you take and for how long? Hope you dont mind asking, but how are you in general now? One thing i know anout taking activated charcoal is that it will attract toxins as a magnet, but also it will not discriminate, so it will see supplements and medicines as toxins as well. Therefore it can deplete the body of any good stuff you might be trying to put in.

      • Ryan August 31, 2016 at 11:09 pm Reply

        Hi anna. I ordered some food grade activated charcoal online as i couldnt find any locally except in small pills. I looked at a whole bunch of sites that talked about how much to take and was kinda shocked at how much it was. I only took a little bit once, one day. Just mixed a bunch in a cup with water and drank it, very disgusting and way less than recommended. The idea is to take it and excersize tons, sweat lots, move around and let your body try and move the toxins to get caught in your stomach. For me it only helped with the insomnia, nothing else. But again, i hardly took any. Did it in the morning and jogged and tried to exersize a bit. Havent done it again as i havent made time for it. I would need probably a whole 2 days to do it properly. It will take good and bad stuff out of your stomach but you only have to do it once, then again in maybe a month or 2, you can get your meds and vitamins going again next day, Definatly worth it. Im doing fairly badly actually. Hope this helps you.

    • Lukasz February 2, 2017 at 9:58 am Reply

      Hi Ryan,

      Indeed, Clarithromycin is a nasty poison. Not sure which one is worse really, Ciprofloxacin or this one. Because I took the two antibiotics approximately six months apart, I’ll never know which one caused what (though I was already experiencing serious side effects from Clarithromycin well ahead of taking Cipro) but it’s clear as day that they both played a part in the destruction of my health.

      Either way, I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal and hope that you’re doing better as of late. Thanks for sharing your experience with food grade activated charcoal. My insomnia and abrupt waking up has worsened in the past few months and I’ve been trying to find out why this has been happening. I really think has to do with the constant state of anxiety that seems to afflict us at all times.

      Btw, I’m in Canada too (Toronto). How about yourself?

  34. Anna July 6, 2016 at 1:19 pm Reply

    Hi Lukasz, how are you? Havent read any new posts from you . Hope all is well or better. I always read yr posts as we had the same kind of poison. First thing, how is the pain in your ankle and knees? Hope they are much better. I used to wear a thumb splint for a while as the pain got too bad and i couldnt use my right hand. The splint helped a bit. Did u try using an ankle splint? Also, Sorry for the late reply. We were moving houses. Things got better for a while to the extent that i thought may be it is all history now, but sadly it didnt. The achilles pain was gone , ear fullness was nearly gone, all seemed WOW, but then I started having it all back. I seem to notice that everything comes back with any slight amount of stress and one thing i also starting to notice as i do have a journal of what i eat , feel, supplement with etc.. It was that whenever i eat any kind of fish, i get a relapse. Do you have similar foods that upsets your system as well? I also have pain on my right jaw which i had the first time i had cipro. It feels like TMJ which i never had before. Now i cant tell if i have teeth pain or jaw muscle/ tendon pain. I am afraid to go to a dentist because they always find something wrong..dont want to open more doors and also worried about the anesthetic as someone here mentioned that they have floride in them now. Wish you all the best..u give us hope

    • Lukasz February 2, 2017 at 11:05 am Reply

      Hi Anna,

      The pain in my ankle is gone completely and the knees are doing fine also. Basically, the inflammation in my body is under control now and I can move pretty well these days. Since I’ve been away from the gym for a while, I’m a bit stiff, but my muscles, tendons and joints needed the rest anyway so I’m not concerned.

      I’m sorry to hear about your relapse. Are you better these days? Yes, as mentioned in my two year update, stress is a good trigger for a relapse. I had a similar problem with salmon recently where it seemed to put me into a relapse (mercury maybe?) but it’s difficult to say since so many things can set things off. Bread and milk (wheat and casein) also put me in a bad place so I’ve been avoiding both for awhile now. It has something to do with how our body is able to process (or rather the inability to process) the proteins that come from these foods. For someone that wasn’t affected by an ADR, this is a non-issue, but for those that have, these proteins act like heroin in the body. A good book to read about this is “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Natasha Campbell-McBride who describes this very process.

      I don’t know a whole lot about your jaw (TMJ) symptom but I do know that my teeth seemed off for awhile. They didn’t seem as strong for some time and this could have been due to the antibiotics pulling calcium out of my body. In fact, all of my bones seemed weak and brittle for a time but this seems to have resolved itself now (Thank God!). Others here have also complained about this including the problem(s) with the teeth so it’s certainly not an isolated case. Hopefully this has now resolved for you and if not, it may require more time.

      Hope all is well with you and that you’re continuing to make great progress with your health.

  35. Arthur Basílio July 27, 2016 at 9:51 pm Reply

    Healling the gut is very importtant, im on my way to getting it healed, im regainning muscles (4 months post flox, one pill).

    The improveament is steady and progressive, i also found that a cream that i used made me have impaired thinking and no emotions for more than 15 years of my life.

    Plus accuttane, its all possible to recover from this, eat alot if you can. Like 10 times a day, this helped me increadibly, by giving my body what he needs and even a reserve i guess lol.

    Beware of your metabolism, mine is pretty fast.

    Love you all!

    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 8:27 am Reply

      Hi Arthur,

      I agree with you. No gut health, no health, period. I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut and Adrenal Fatigue after the ADRs so my gut health was in shambles for a long, long time.

      Glad to hear about your muscles coming back. That’s definitely a good sign. It’s unreal to think that one pill can cause so much damage in the body. Really sorry to hear about that cream. Sounds like poison doesn’t just come in pill form, it comes in many other forms too.

  36. Arthur Basílio July 27, 2016 at 9:54 pm Reply

    Oh another super thing on my healling is the sunlight vitamin D.

    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 8:32 am Reply

      Agreed. Sunlight is energy and it can only assist us in our recoveries.

  37. L August 28, 2016 at 11:24 am Reply

    Aron, I am not sure what helped with the dry eyes. (They still do get dry on occasion but nothing like in the early floxing period.) As for the IVs I think they are a good idea anyway. I really owe the bulk of my recovery so far to them. (I didn’t get ozone but was getting H2O2 which has some similar benefits.)

  38. L September 18, 2016 at 1:48 pm Reply

    All good news, Lukasz! I am just a little more out than you and continue to have some of the same things. My light sensitivity is not as bad but still huge floaters and occassional blurred vision (and my vision is not as good as it was pre-floxing). Does fluorescent lighting make it worse for you? It does for me.

    My “throat” problems are more on the outside. I think it is nerve damage but it feels like I am being choked at times. I also have a lot of congestion and very dry nose, making it hard to breathe through the nose. But my most horrific side effects are much diminished. I am trying to find part time work but have not been successful. It’s tough under normal conditions!

    Anyhow, glad to hear you are doing so well.

    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 9:55 am Reply

      Hi Linda,

      Fluorescent lighting used to be troublesome for me but it no longer is. Ever since my light sensitivity improved, I’ve no longer had issues with strong lighting. This includes sunshine which would blind me every time I was outside.

      I’m sorry to hear about your upper respiratory symptoms. Have these resolved? I used to have the same symptoms as you described. It was brutal. This has now started to resolve for me. I’m sure the same will come your way.

      How are you feeling these days? Any luck finding part-time work?

  39. Lukasz September 18, 2016 at 5:04 pm Reply

    [ EDIT ]

    Sometimes in life we can’t see the bigger picture, but it’s there, waiting for us patiently.

    • Paula October 23, 2016 at 9:48 pm Reply

      Hi Lukasz 🙂

      I really hope you are better. Im suffering from the chest pain, chest and neck tightness. I cant take a full breath. You did mentioned in your posts that you had a chest pain.. Are you better??
      My ears are ringing….. help

      • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 10:29 am Reply

        Hi Paula,

        Yes, I’m much improved. I had the chest pain as well as irregular heartbeat towards the beginning of my ordeal and both have completely resolved. It was scary as hell.

        Re: the chest and neck tightness, it’s likely as a result of your muscles tightening up on you. These drugs have a way of keeping the muscles under duress and this can present itself in the pain that you’re experiencing. Try Epsom Salt Baths for loosening up the muscles. Many people on here also swear by Magnesium, especially topical Magnesium since it can penetrate the skin and relieve muscle tightness/inflammation.

        Re: the ringing ears. This is a condition called “Tinnitus” and is very, very common these days. Millions of people around the world are experiencing this condition and I’m sorry to say but there is no cure. I developed this condition after the antibiotics and so have countless others on this website. All you can do is attempt to ignore it. That or try to find environments that have some noise to block out the ringing sound.

        I’m sorry for your suffering and wish you a speedy recovery.

  40. Przemek November 20, 2016 at 4:47 am Reply

    Hi Lukas

    I come form Poland and I am having very similar issues regarding clarythromycine use. It was 9 years ago and symptoms are still here. Recently I have received new diagnosis – Lyme Disease which can be a part of a picture(but I believe just a part). I am having some concerns regarding liver which can be damaged in our case. If you are interested you can contact me on so we can discuss this situation.


    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 11:06 am Reply

      Hi Przemek,

      It’s been widely reported that Clarithromycin and its accompanying PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) such as Metronidazole and Pantoprazole cause severe damage to the liver. When the liver is not doing its job, there is a massive build-up of bad bacteria, fungus, yeasts, toxins, etc. That’s when the body gets overrun with parasites and health goes right out the window. I believe this is the case with a lot of people here including possibly yourself. Have you been tested for parasites? Leaky Gut Syndrome? Adrenal Fatigue? Most people on here have at least one, if not multiple gastrointestinal conditions stemming from the antibiotics. I suggest getting yourself tested for any of these conditions as 9 years is a long time to be sick. Have you sought any treatment for Lyme?

      As far as I know the liver is able to regenerate over time. In order to do so, it requires a healthy diet, exercise, low stress levels in your life, sun (Vitamin D) and of course, time. Most importantly, I would avoid all synthetics unless your life absolutely depends on them.

      PS. I was born in Poland and spent my first 8 years living there. : )

  41. Stefan Luginger January 9, 2017 at 9:31 am Reply

    Hello Lukasz,

    I hope you are getting better month by month!!
    Can you tell me if you have any improvement with the vision problems. I am 12 months out and very the same as yours.

    Best wishes

    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 11:25 am Reply

      Hi Stefan,

      I’m happy to report that things are on the up. In terms of the visual problems, I’ve had good improvements there as well. I don’t see the floaters as often as before and my eyes aren’t as dry as they used to be. When my eyes do become dry, that’s when my vision becomes a little blurry but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Best of all, I can be outside and not feel overwhelmed by the sun which used to blind me. Of course, my vision isn’t as good as it used to be pre-ADRs, but things could be much worse in this department so I count my blessings.

      Hope things continue to improve for you.

  42. Dani January 31, 2017 at 9:18 pm Reply

    Did your ability to feel emotions improve?

    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 11:35 am Reply

      Hi Dani,

      Yes, it has. I used to be in a zombie-state for a long time. This is no longer the case.

      Believe me, it gets better.

  43. Sophie February 2, 2017 at 2:33 am Reply

    Hi Lukasz! Thanks for your words! And your sincerity in explaining your situation… it mirrors mine! Everything has come to an halt since august 2015. I m still on this painful cruise with so many symptoms! CNS, ANS issues, joint issues, weight loss and thousands more! I m 32 and used to be sporty and very healthy! Take care! Sophie

    • Lukasz February 3, 2017 at 11:49 am Reply

      Hi Sophie,

      You’re most welcome. We’re all in this together. : )

      I hear your pain. As someone who used to be athletic and always looking for the next adventure, this is the worst possible thing that could have happened. For those us who weren’t couch potatoes, this is the equivalent of having chains tied around our ankles.

      I’m really sorry to hear about all your symptoms and hope that you leave a lot of them behind in the near future.

      All the best.

  44. chris harris February 6, 2017 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Nice update mate, I’m going to do my 2016 summary and current situation asap. Keep it going!

    • Lukasz February 8, 2017 at 11:17 am Reply

      Thanks bud. Let me know when it’s up. Would love to read it.

    • Lukasz February 9, 2017 at 12:08 pm Reply

      Hey Chris. Left you a reply. Kick ass beard btw!

  45. Denise February 21, 2017 at 11:01 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story. I recently almost died from Clarithromycin causing Severe Acute Pancreatitis and multiple organ failure including damage to my heart. I recognize many of your symptoms so really appreciate you sharing your experience.

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