I’m Mahmoud, a civil engineer (site engineer), 31 years old , from Egypt

On March 16, 2019 I had a car accident and broke my wrists on both hands and right forearm… The swelling was severe and the doctor gave me Cipro 500 for swelling and wounds. I took it for 31 days every 12 hours .. Without any side effects .. You can imagine the large period of time .. Side effects appeared only after stopping the drug for a month.

** The side effects and Symptoms that appeared included Vibrations of the entire body .. Pain and burning in the muscles of the whole body .. Tinnitus .. Movement and pain in the intestines .. Headache behind the eye and behind the head and pain behind the ear .. Muscle twitch in different areas of the body .. Muscle twitch in the head and face … Vibration of tendons of the right palm and neck … Pains in tendons and ligaments in the whole body…Teeth pain .. TMJ .. Lower jaw vibration …Weakness in the muscles of the body and Achilles tendons… brain fog and disturbing thoughts… Tears and crackles in tendons and ligaments.

*** I went to neurologists for 3 months and had many, many x-rays and tests without any result .. All doctors told me that the reason is a psychological disorder because I had a major car accident .. Friends and family said psychological .. I could not sleep and movement became difficult .. Imagine you need medications to sleep .. One of the doctors gave me injections of cortisone and anti-inflammatory non-steroid and problems in my body multiplied every night.

**I looked online and imagined the worst – Multiple sclerosis, atrophic lateral sclerosis, myoclonus and autoimmune diseases.

**Finally I found floxie hope and I knew the reason for my pain.

I took co q10 and selenium supplements

** I stopped supplements and ate vegetables and fruits:
_ Carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, watercress, salads, guava, apples – Foods containing antioxidants
_ Parsley and broccoli are important for production of glutathione.
_ Guava is the richest fruit with vitamin C »» 100 g Guava gives you 230 mg vitamin C.
_Lemon benefits the brain, nerve relaxation, antioxidant and vitamin C
_ Bone soup is rich in collagen, gelatin, minerals, vitamins and is useful for the intestines
_ Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, magnesium, zinc and omega 3 …Olive Oil for Vitamin E.
_ All of them are natural alternatives because Cipro has caused kidney problems. (Natural substitutes give you CYV vitamins and support glutathione and benefit you with minerals such as selenium, magnesium, zinc and sulfur)..Your body needs a lot because the damage is great.

** Now .. On October 2019 :
Stop headaches, head twitch and little of facial twitch. .. The tremors and pain stopped the nerves and muscles .. The tinnitus comes every two days or three after it was not stopped for a second

**** 60% of symptoms disappeared

**I still have problems with knee ligaments, right elbow, ligaments and tendons of the shoulders including tendons of the shoulders cracking and popping.

What helps you:
1_ Time is the most important thing .. you will improve over time .. Your faith in God and healing (half of healing is your belief that you are strong and will go beyond this)
2_ Support your body with what it needs (I eat all the vegetables and fruits and soup of bones and juices and organic milk .. A little bit of organic meat because creatinine is very high in the kidneys) Eat everything rich in vitamin C and A and any and selenium such as lentils and peanuts .. And eat foods rich in magnesium Zinc to support immunity and give the body antioxidants
3_ Stay away from sugar and hydrogenated oils and reduce caffeine .. Because food oxidation and free radicals is sugar

Now I walk long distances and work although my work is difficult I am an engineer I work in a site and this requires a great physical effort

But tendon and ligament problems in the knee and shoulders .. I still suffer .. I am trying to get rest and eat soup of bones and tomatoes to support collagen and gelatin .. I do not know how much this will need and how much damage will be for the joints .. But I believe it will heal as the rest of the symptoms.

  • ** But the problems of tendons and ligaments in the knee and shoulders .. I still suffer .. And try to get rest and eat soup of bones and tomatoes to support collagen and gelatin .. I do not know how much this will need and how much damage will be for the joints .. But I believe it will heal .. such as I recovered from the rest of the symptoms.

Part 2
 Same i said before : I had a  cipro toxicity (May 2019) .. I stayed 3 months with the doctors and did not know the cause of my symptoms .. I knew the reason in( August 2019 ) via this site .. so i started my recovery story on August 2019
 __ now ( july 2020 … After 11 months of my recovery journey)
 _  i have 85 _ 90% recovery
  _ All symptoms of nerve have stopped (burning feeling _ numbness _ nerve pain)_i have no muscles pain _   i have no brain fog  _ I recovered from psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression _ most joints and tendons   healed) _  No tinnitus
 _ My remaining symptoms:
 _ Muscles twitches and vibration ( But its intensity is much less than the previous about 30% of the previous)
 _  shoulder tendons pain … with high  physical exertion only ) no pain in Resting condition)
 _ some times heart flurtting but it is Very few times
 The most important thing now is that I practice my normal life well despite these remaining symptoms because they are very weak
 What helped me was that I mentioned it in the first part of my story, but sometimes I was adding some things such as:
 _ wet cupping (But at the hands of a specialist)
 _ fasting
 _ Sauerkraut and Yogurt (Support with good bacteria)
 _ no sugar (sometimes i take little ) _ no fried food
 _ Eat red and violet vegetableIn order to help others with hopeand fruits because they contain antioxidants (cherries, tomatoes, apples, purple plum,)
 _ co Q10 i stopped it and back to it again for 7 months
 _ the most important thing (It is the passage of time with doing the previous things and believing in recovery) and i can drink coffee again
( i think it’s a great progress in 11 months only)
 _ i want to thank Lisa and all the people whose stories have given me inspiration and benefit

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