If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you have been floxed and you’re desperately searching this site for the cure.  I did the same thing.  I’m writing this so that hopefully it will help stop your suffering.

I’ve been told by many that they spiraled down for about 9 months with that being the worst point and then climbed up for 9 months.  So 18 months of pure torture.  Then around the 2 year mark seems to be where a lot of people feel healed.

Right now I’m at 18 months.  I would say I’m 65% healed.  I wanted to submit this now to help other people who need it now and will update at the 2 year mark.

In July of 2017 I took a round of Cipro for a UTI.  Looking back now, I had symptoms just didn’t put the pieces together.  I felt depression and it also felt like my muscles were going to rip right off my bones when I would lift weights.  It wasn’t until I took a second round in October of 2018 and a third round the next month in November that life as I knew it was about to fall apart along with my body and brain.

The first symptoms I noticed were while taking a shower I began to black out and had to quickly run into my bedroom and lay on the floor to cool down.  Later that week I also had a bizarre urge to claw down my bedroom wall as if I were deranged.



Then the anxiety hit so hard I could barely take in any stimuli without feeling like semi trucks were coming at me.

A week later I would move into a new house where I would be renting a room and the symptoms would just keep coming making it an incredibly awkward situation moving in with a stranger who I didn’t know.  Eventually my limbs would cripple up from the anxiety.  I believe it’s because of all of the toxins in our brains from the fluoroquinolone drug.

Now, I have some anxiety but not nearly as bad.  I’ve had anxiety issues even before Cipro.



Then suddenly in December, a month later, I was no longer able to sleep.  It got worse and felt as if I was on cocaine around the clock.  My body couldn’t even come down enough to yawn.  I ended up in the ER on Christmas day and on January 1st begging them to knock me out as I feared that I would have a psychotic break from lack of sleep.  I lived in a state of terror worried that I might never sleep again and how would I function like this?

I was given Xanax but I would only take it to sleep.  I didn’t want to use it for anxiety because I didn’t want to be taking this drug.

I began sleeping without drugs at about 4 months for a month and then that slipped away when I used Monolaurin which I believe caused more toxins in my brain.  Went back on Xanax for a month and then off again.  Didn’t sleep real well for the first year.

Now, I can sleep 12 hours at night.  I don’t really feel refreshed like I used to every day.  Groggy sometimes.

Brain Fog

Next the brain fog started creeping in getting worse and worse.  I could no longer read.  It felt like the words were coming at me.  My brain and central nervous system couldn’t settle down enough to read.  I could no longer find words for simple objects like “cup” or “phone”.  Eventually it felt as if I were brain damaged.  It felt like someone was smothering my brain with a plastic bag and oxygen and blood were no longer flowing through my brain.  It almost felt like someone had removed my brain and replaced it with a brick.  There were no connections happening and I could feel it.  I felt like someone had hit me in the head with a bat.  I felt trapped in my own brain.

This has been the most miraculous healing as I was terrified that I was permanently brain damaged.  The weird sensation in my brain is gone. I do still a little brain weak, I can’t handle a lot of things at once, but expect that to improve as all the other stuff has.


The worst doom and gloom soul crushing depression you could ever imagine.

Now, still having that.  But almost everyone has told me it lasted 2 years for them.

Severe Thirst

I felt often like I was suffocating for water.  I couldn’t get enough.  It was as if my body was dying for it.

My hair was severely dry.  It’s as if Cipro depletes our bodies of all fluids.  I’m convinced that since most of our organs are made up of so much water….that since we are so depleted of retaining water that many of the systems are suffering.  Our lungs are like 80% water – which is another reason why I think it was hard to breathe with lack of water. Also the brain is made up of a lot of water.

This has gone away.  I might get it occasionally at night but very mild.


My vision got screwy and it felt like my eyes wouldn’t line up together anymore.  They just felt overall sick.  And the light sensitivity was unbearable.

My eyes got much better once I started doing early morning sunlight again, mentioned below.

Bee Sting Sensation

I had what felt like bee stings all throughout my body.

This is gone.  Once in awhile I’ll get it if I eat the wrong thing.

Intracranial Pressure

At the beginning of this I could feel my brain protruding out of my left temple.  So I know there was some severe brain inflammation going on.  It didn’t hurt or anything at this point – it just felt like pressure.  I was also very dizzy and it scared me how I would live like this so dizzy and confused.  I also had a fizzy noise on the right side of my brain almost like pop fizz.

Pressure is gone.  Fizzy noise is greatly reduced.

Weak Bathroom Habits

It felt like my pee just drizzled out of my body with no strong urine flow.  I was constipated as if my intestines didn’t work and my bowel movements were some alien gray color.

Bowel movements are much more regular.  Not constipated.  Normal color again for the most part.  Strong urine stream again.

Muscle Wasting

I had muscle wasting and for about a week my urine was a strange orange-ish pink color which I believe was rhabdomyolysis where your muscles are basically wasting away and being filtered through your kidneys which could cause kidney damage.

I believe the air suffocation was because even the small muscles between my ribs were wasting away making it difficult to expand my chest to breathe in and out.

Phenomenal muscle tone now.

Bumps on Skin

Had bumps all over back of shoulders.  This was one of the first things to heal.  I believe it was because skin cells have only around 200 mitochondria whereas brain cells have around 2,000.  So that would mean there was less damaged mitochondria in the skin cells that had to heal.

Food & Chemical sensitivities

As mentioned, I could no longer handle things like car exhaust or strong smells. But I also couldn’t handle processed foods.  If I ate the wrong thing it felt like someone had poured acid into my joints.  I couldn’t use my hands to open a water bottle or even the refrigerator door.  Once all it took was 5 french fries to completely screw me up.  It was just one more layer of hell.  Once I kept my diet clean these symptoms alleviated tremendously.

This is greatly improved.  Never get the severe pain I had at the beginning.  I still keep a pretty strict diet.

No Sense Of Time

I was no longer able to sense time.  Every time of day felt the same.  7am literally felt the same as 7pm.  What happened to years ago felt like it just happened 2 weeks ago.  It seems trivial but it was actually kind of maddening.  I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

I came to find out that it is our cells that are in control of our circadian rhythm and make our bodies feel time and differentiate different times of day.  It’s because our cells go through 24 cycles.  And different functions are occurring during these cycles.  This is why we feel different at different times of day.

It was such a blessing when this went away and I could feel the difference between morning and night again.  Things that happened a few years ago are now starting to feel distant.  And that’s really important because I almost felt like I was living like the movie Groundhogs Day.  I couldn’t move forward with life because every unsettling event felt like it had just happened to me.  I was stuck.


I began to have vibrations in my head, ear and up and down my spine.  It got so loud that it became difficult to live.  It felt like I had been electrocuted.  I continued to spend my nights drugged and sleeping and waking up just waiting to knock myself out again.

I was suicidal.

This has all gone away except for some vibration in my ear that comes and goes.  It seems to be less and less.

Air Suffocation

Then the air suffocation set in in February.  I ended up in the ER again but my oxygen levels were fine.  However, it still felt like I was literally suffocating to death.  I also noticed that I could no longer drive in traffic without feeling like I was being poisoned by the exhaust.  It was as if my body was no longer detoxing it out of my body.

I attributed this to the fact that my muscles had completely wasted and the small muscles in between the ribs were not functioning to help my lungs breathe in and out.  The lungs also contain a high water content.  Since I was so thirsty all the time, I assumed the water content throughout my entire body was down.

Now I was even more suicidal.  I don’t want to go into the gruesome details of what I did and what I researched while suicidal because I don’t want to add fuel to your fire.  But I will say that I contacted pastors for faith healings and specifically talked to one in a mental state of madness asking him to help me authentically save my soul in the event that I would have to end my own life.  I want you to know that there is hope and that your body can heal.  I was told this over and over.  I suffered so badly I did not believe that it could happen. I didn’t know a human being could suffer so terribly. I kept thinking if I was a dog they would put me to sleep.  They wouldn’t let me suffer this terribly.    But we can heal.  But it will not happen quickly.

This was really bad for about 7 months.  I didn’t know if I could endure it.  But I held onto what everyone told me that it went away for them.

Now this is pretty much gone.  It’s truly a miracle.  I get it a little bit in the middle of the night on occasion.  It seems to be mostly when I’m stressed out.  Since my muscle tone is back completely and my extreme thirst is gone…it suggests to me that the small muscles between my ribs are strong again and there is more water content in my lungs.

What I Believed Caused the Symptoms

Mitochondria Damage

I believe that part of the problem is damage to our mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the batteries in every cell.  When they go down…our cells go down.  When our cells go down…our systems go down.  Brain, eyes, lungs, muscles, intestines.  Whatever it hits.

A doctor in CA who was Cipro poisoned said that once you have sympt0ms and are sick….70% of your mitochondria are damaged.  We have 100 trillion mitochondria in our bodies.  That means that 70 trillion are damaged.

When mitochondria are damaged it’s kind of like letting off smoke and toxins within the cell.  Because it’s not working properly.  There is no quick way to fix all these mitochondria.  It’s going to take a lot of work and time for your body to heal it.

Magnesium Depletion

It’s said that FQs deplete the body of magnesium.  Magnesium calms the central nervous system so I’m convinced that that is why I felt like I was electrocuted.

Damage to Gut Microbiome

At one point I was so sick I was considering a fecal transplant.  It’s been shown that it has healed some people because of all the healthy gut bacteria.  I remember taking probiotics early on barely able to get downstairs and open the fridge door.  But I kept telling myself…this isn’t going to make me feel good tomorrow…but I may feel good a year from now if I keep doing everything I’m doing.


All antibiotics do this to some degree.  But the FQs are the motherload of all drugs.  Cipro is actually a chemo drug and is also used to treat anthrax.  So it is a bigtime heavy hitting drug.

What I Did To Heal


The first step is though magnesium.  10 months after I took Cipro a friend who’s brother-in-law was severly sick from it used topical magnesium spray on the skin.  It’s believed that our intestines might not be absorbing the magenisum we take properly.  Within 10 days my brain fog improved dramatically and never got that bad again.  Then my blood tests showed that it was too high in my blood so I took a liquid ionic type.

I forgot to mention that I started taking omega 3 fish oil about 5 months out and began sleeping without the aid of Xanax.

I was also taking probiotics.

Gut Microbiome

Besides, probiotics I also take coconut oil.  I’ve bene dealing with candida from this so I alternate olive leaf supplements with apple cider vinegar supplements, Pau D’arco.  Because if you take one thing too long the candida will adjust and it will become ineffective.  So I alternate new things every 5 days.

At one point I was eating sauerkraut first think in the morning.  I eliminated sugar, gluten and dairy.



Food is our medicine.  Early on I started eating as clean as possible. Tried to eliminate sugar, gluten and dairy.  I also began eating clean fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods.  It wasn’t until months later when I had enough brain clarity to really start to be able to take care of myself and think through a meal plan that I really honkered down.  Shit – if they would have told me to eat dirt and it would heal me…I would have.  I researched all the foods that help the body and mitochondria.  So I began to eat these same foods each and every day.  And I probably will for the rest of my life.

Bowl of blueberries – good for clearing oxidative stress in the brain

Apple – good for body detox  (Now I know why they say that an apple a day help keep the doctor away.)

An orange – the oxidative stress throughout the body that Cipro creates is helped through antioxidants.  Antioxidants return an electron that has been taken away.  However, vitamin C returns 2 electrons.  So I thought this would speed up the process.  And I noticed I felt clearer in my mind after an orange.

Broccoli – good source of vitamin C and sulfer which our cells need.  However, some people have a reaction to sulfur.

Spinach – all over good for the body.

Almonds – good source of protein and fat

Avocados – good source of fat which is good for mitochondria.

2 eggs – good source of protein, fat and sulfur

Salmon – I had salmon about 16 months out and felt a noticeable difference to the texture of my hair.  And just felt a little healthier.  Couple of things here.  Salmon is high in vitamin D and omega 3’s.  But it also contains astaxanthin which is the red pigment in salmon.  It’s an antioxidant and the only one that does not create any negative effect when taken.  Salmon have to have the strength to swim upstream so it’s believed that this pigment gives some type of super strength to their cells.  I ordered a supplement of astaxanthin which I’m going to take daily. But I’m going to continue to eat salmon once a week.



I tried doing high intensity interval training exercises early on at about 5 months out.  However, this is very risky for most due to high chance of tendon and muscle rupture.  I would run sprints back and forth in the hallway singing “My God Is an Awesome God” terrified of what would happen to me if I didn’t start to get well.  The brain fog was so terrible at that point but I didn’t see any relief from the HIIT at that point so I quit.


Early Morning Sunlight

I was told by another doctor to let early morning sun get into my eyes.  Not to look directly into the sun but rather a little to the side.  I did this early on but was so light sensitive that it just made me feel shittier.  I also didn’t feel any positive effects in my health from it so I stopped.

However, I started to do this again at 17 months out and it has been an absolute game changer.  The sick feeling I felt for over a year in my skin, eyes and hair started to feel better. I started to feel healthy.  The weird feeling in my eyes that felt like they didn’t line up together anymore and the uncomfortable feeling in the small muscles surrounding my eye got better.  And now my eyes are not so light sensitive.  My brain also feels clearer, stronger and healthier.

I feel like I should have continued this all along.  My guess is that early on I was too damage all throughout my body to see any real difference.  Now I’m healed up enough to where I can see a change.  It’s important that you do this between the hours of 7am-10am.  This is when the infrared red light from the sun is the highest.

This light enters the retina of the eye and illuminates inside the body.  When that light mixes with the water in our cells it creates a negative charge.  When our bodies are filled with toxins and disease, we have too much positive charge throughout the body.  So this negative charge is healing.  The light also super charges the mitochondria.



After my first round of Cipro before I connected the dots that Cipro was making me sick – I had a massage therapist do vibration singing bowls on me.  The only way I can explain how I felt is that I felt like I was completely falling apart.  After the session it felt like my old self was coming back together (although it didn’t last long, I was still getting sick)

After doing some research over a year later, I read that all cells function at a certain vibration frequency.  We know that Cipro damages mitochondria and cells.  So it’s likely that it screws up the vibration.

That said, my experience seems to make sense now.  Perhaps my cells were beginning to function properly after the session.  At the time I had no knowledge that I was sick from Cipro on a cellular level.  And I didn’t know the science behind vibration in relation to cells. So my experience couldn’t have been biased.

I began listening to pure vibrational frequencies.  This one in particular that has all 9 frequencies.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goyZbut_KFY

I ordered a Tibetan singing bowl off Amazon for $37.

Then one day I did some OM chanting and realized how much the back of my throat vibrated while doing it.  THAT must be why this is so healing.  Not because it’s relaxing or something.  But because it is sending vibration to the body and cells.


Support Group

There’s a Facebook group called fluoroquinolone toxicity group with over 10K members in it worldwide.  That’s a damn crime.  That over 10K people have been severely injured by these drugs.  And there are many, many more who are not in the group.  And then there are many people who have no idea why they are so sick.  They have not connected the dots that it’s from an FQ drug.



How I Feel Now

I’m at the 1.5 year mark now and my anxiety is greatly reduced.  I still have some but I think it’s going to take a while longer plus I had anxiety even before Cipro.  Now I’m beginning to realize that it may have bene caused from other antibiotics, cleaning supplies that seep through the skin and a poor diet.

I can sleep 12 hours per night with a one hour interruption when I go to the bathroom.  I don’t feel as refreshed as I used to but it’s getting better all the time

It’s miraculous how much the brain fog/brain damage has improved.  I could barely work for over a year and now am getting back to it.  I still feel a little brain week yet but believe it will also keep improving

Not suffocating for air any longer.  I might get it just a little bit at night when laying down mostly if it’s hot in the room.

Extreme thirst is gone.  Get a little bit of it at night on occasion.

Vibrations are gone except for a little bit in my ear which comes and goes.

Bowels movement are back to almost normal regularity and a healthy color.  You know you’ve been really really sick when you celebrate healthy bowel movements because it shows you that you are getting well.

Chemical and food sensitivities are getting better.

Unbelievable muscle tone for someone who barely works out. (other than HIIT sprints on leg muscles.)

Bee sting sensation gone unless I really eat the wrong thing.

Intracranial pressure is pretty much gone.

Eyes feel much better with early morning sun.

Interesting Thoughts

I polled the support group and also talked to about a dozen members specifically.  I found it odd how almost every one I talked to had an extremely high IQ.  One was even in Mensa.

Creative types also seem to get hit hard.

There were also quite a few people who had autism in their family background.