*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

My name is Peggy. A few years ago I was given Cipro for a sinus infection. I had had Cipro on two previous occasions for the same diagnosis. I thought Cipro was the “greatest” medicine as it was once a day and only 5 days treatment. I healed faster, and that’s all I cared about….. until I realized it had been poisoning me.

The first time I was given Cipro my hands and feet ached, and my muscles felt like I’d been beat up. I figured since I was 10 pounds overweight — this must be the reason I was hurting. I went back to the gym, lost 10 pounds and felt amazing. The second time I was given Cipro the exact same thing happened. Again… back to the gym to drop those 10 pounds I’d put back on. The third time I took Cipro the pain was much more significant and intense, and I couldn’t move my feet or hands when I needed to get out of bed in the morning — AND I was already at my target weight. I could no longer blame my weight. Something was seriously wrong.

By the time I realized I had a serious problem I had already ruled out MS and every other muscle disease I could think of. I had taken up a ritual of stretching in bed before putting my feet on the floor. If I didn’t stretch before getting out of bed, I would drop to the floor because my feet hurt so much, and the pain would radiate throughout my body. I started wearing “Croc’s,” and had a pair in every room in my house. I was unable to be barefoot any time I was walking. Finally I decided to meditate (which I’d never done before); because, I’d heard we can find the answers we need to help ourselves if we turn and look within. After meditating, and looking inward and evaluating my issues, I realized each time I had pain it was directly after having taken Cipro. I knew I had found my culprit. Now, how do I fix the damage?

I went to my doctor to tell him what I thought, and he completely blew me off. I told my sister who is a Nurse Practitioner and her reply was, “So…. You think Cipro has caused you this pain?” She then proceeded to tell me how this wasn’t possible. I was stunned. For the next 2 ½ years I suffered terribly. I tried reflexology, massage therapy, stretching, elliptical training. Hot & cold therapy. Swimming. Physical therapy. Nothing worked. I searched the internet like a mad-dog for those 2 ½ years. I knew I wasn’t the only one suffering from this. I found a bazillion complaints from people who were suffering like I had been. Some people were far worse off than I was. I kept looking. SOMEONE had to have found a remedy.

I found MANY remedies, but none of them sounded legitimate, and some were just plain ridiculous. I kept reading and hunting for the right answer. Then, finally one day …. I found something. I had googled “Cipro recovery ,” and came across a new website I’d never seen before. It was []. I read for DAYS analyzing what people had to say. For whatever reason I couldn’t stop looking at this site. Then….. BAM!  After a couple of weeks — There is was! Common sense at its best!

I remember thinking to myself “THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS!” Working in the medical field I couldn’t believe it wasn’t me who didn’t put two and two together! I must have stared at that particular comment for an hour! I couldn’t believe my good fortune!

The comment was dated 11/29/2010 and the initials of the author were “Em.” Now, I don’t know who this person is, but I pray God blesses them for their keen insight! This is what “Em” said.

I have osteopenia & while treated with cipro, had to give up calcium supplements/ dairy prod. or anything fortified with calcium because CALCIUM COUNTERACTS THE EFFECTIVENESS of Cipro, so, I self prescribed: 650mg of calcium, 2000 I.U. of D3 (cholecalciferol) needed for calcium absorption & 200mg of magnesium with breakfast-200mg of magnesium with Lunch- 650mg of calcium, 2000 I.U of D3, & 200mg of magnesium with dinner. Each Day the pain receded by 2 or 3 hours; by the fifth day, as unbelievable as it is, I was free of pain! If you try it, reduce the magnesium as soon as you feel better as it is not recommended to take over 200/300mg per day. I am back on my usual intake: 650mg of calcium a day, 2000 I.U. of D3 & 200mg of magnesium at dinner time, it relaxes my muscles & may be tendons & helps me sleep. Calcium helps in neutralizing Cipro’s action & magnesium relaxes muscles. Do check with your pharmacist to make sure that it is OK for you.

So!, I began researching what “Em” said.

Em was absolutely correct about the insert stating to refrain from taking Calcium supplements or eating dairy products while taking Cipro as it indeed counteracts the desired effects. Calcium BINDS Cipro preventing it from working at 100% capacity. SO!, Em said, if you take Calcium – it should bind the Cipro. But Calcium alone won’t get the job done. I then looked up why we needed D3 and Magnesium along with the Calcium.

The Cipro toxin has attacked our cells.  Obviously, as we are suffering. When Calcium is used to bind toxins it often has a difficult/hard time breaking back through the cell wall to get the toxins out and into the blood where it can be cleansed out. D3 helps to regulate Calcium and allows Calcium to absorb more efficiently (which we want!), and is VERY important. Magnesium is key to getting the toxins OUT! Magnesium helps muscle fibers contract. It helps in cell production, but most importantly it is the “transporter.” Magnesium transports substances across the cell barrior, which is where Cipro gets stuck.

This was how I understood what Em said, and this is how I took my vitamins:

With Breakfast:   650mg Calcium; 2000iu D3; 200mg Magnesium

With Lunch:         200mg Magnesium

With Dinner:        650mg Calcium: 2000iu D3: 200mg Magnesium

Like Em, as unbelieveable as it sounds, by day two I was pain free. It worked VERY fast for me. I backed off of the Magnesium, but my pain came back right away. I’d been suffering a very long time and supposed I could cure this quickly. Not so. I went back on my regimen for the rest of the week, and then stopped the “lunchtime Magnesium” first.

After week two, I also quit taking the morning Magnesium.

By week three I was taking 650mg Calcium and 1000iu of D3 with breakfast, and 650mg Calcium, 1000iu D3 & 200mg Magnesium before bed.

I continued my week three regimen for a little over a year. I found if I neglected to follow my week three regimen — my pain would come back.   I learned REALLY fast never to forget my vitamins!

It has been a few years now, but I still follow my maintenance. I take, at bedtime, 1000mg Calcium, 250mg Magnesium, and 2000iu D3.

Ironically, my Nurse Practitioner sister, who had initially thought I was “nuts” when I told her I thought Cipro had attacked my muscles, AND she thought I was even crazier when I told her how I healed myself….. well, she had a bowel perforation last year. They gave her IV Cipro and sent her home with Cipro to take for one month.

She called me when she was finished with her prescription, and she said, “Peggy, do you remember when you told me a long time ago about how Cipro had attacked your body and how you helped your body recover (Of course I remember. It was a HORRIBLE experience!)? Can you please tell me how you did it? I think I am also experiencing the same thing. This pain is the WORST!”

I gave her my remedy, and she too, is now pain free.

It worked for me. It may not work for everyone, but if this helps another person; then my journey to hell and back will have been worth it!

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