*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

Everything started in October 2015, I’ve been always very worried about diseases and health issues, at that time, I was having a little trouble urinating, a doctor asked for tests, they didn´t point anything, but he prescribed me Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin anyway, for him, I had a prostatitis.

Well, at the first day I’ve took Amoxicillin, everything ok. At the second, I took the first 500mg Cipro at the day, then the second at the night. The other day I woke up feeling an eletric sensation at my left arm, as I’m a worried person by default, I’ve immediately associated it with Cipro and stopped taking it, but unfortunately, it was too late.

At the same day at the night I was very, very anxious, my body was shaking a lot and I decided to sleep at my parents house.
I can´t remember very well, but from this day on my life became a nightmare, I can remember the countless hours I’ve spent trying to find a cure, the countless anxiety and depression attacks, lot of other sympthoms, it was horrible, I’ve doubted some times I was going to recover.

Trying to heal, I saw a naturopath who wanted to give me a lot of supplements, I bought them but I didn´t take anything, I was afraid of doing more damage to myself.

I bought a treatment with an american homeopathic doctor who treats this condition, but we had a problem shipping it to the country I live.

I had to get out from my job cause doing simple jobs was very hard at that point.

Looking for answers I saw a website from a girl who had this condition and one treatment she used was ozone or something similar. I started to search this kind of treatment where I live and found a clinic that gives this treatment.

I’ve been impressed from the first time with the knowedgement and care of the doctor. I’ve made a lot of tests with has shown my body had a big impact from Cipro, Vitamin B12, Zync, all has gone away, my liver was inflamated, my nervous system was compromised.

Doctor gave me first activacted charcoal to clear my body, two weeks after that I’ve made my first IV session with Ozone, multivitamin B, C, anti-oxidants (NaC and others). I could feel the difference immediatelly, that was the best day I had in months.

From that day to now I’ve progressed too much, it´s hard to believe how good I am now, I’ve started to take probiotics, manipulated formulas with anti-oxidants, vitamin B complex and other stuff.

The only remaining sympthoms are:

*Eye floaters, they’re slightly better than when they’ve appeared, I even don´t nottice them anymore

*Motor coordination still a bit affected, but not nearly bad as at the begining, I guess I can have it 100% back in the next months

*Brain fog, at the week I’m writting particulary it´s gone, I’m a software developer, so I have to use my mind too much and I see it´s working almost at full speed now
The lessons I’ve learned and what I have to share:

I know what you’re passing by, it seems the sun will never shine again, but there’s a friend from this website which I’m very greatful to that told me:

“It´s like bad weather, it will pass”

Trust it, it will pass, you’ll regain your health and maybe you’ll be even healthier after everything.

Things will get better, we have a big community now to help us and we have some kindly aware doctors that can help us too.

I’ve learned that I can´t worry too much with the future, with my health.

Everything gonna be alright, hang on, my friend!

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