My Fluoroquinolone Story –

My long term health issues make me a little different to the rest of you.

In the late 1980’s I developed Acromegaly. Acromegaly is an excess of Growth Hormone due to an enlarged Pituitary Gland up under the brain next to the Hypothalamus. Subsequent to this I have had Trans-sphenoidal surgery on the Pituitary, Radiation Therapy burning the Pituitary, half my thyroid gland (300g Tumour) removed, Chelation, 2 hips replaced, numerous Colonoscopies (Acromegalics have a 58% chance of Colon Cancer), Sleep Apnoea (Fixed), a multitude of Skin operations and latterly a Titanium Implant down inside the Femur in my right thigh.

Acromegaly is part of an enlargement of most of the Endocrine (Hormonal) system, except for my Testes which have shrunk. Therefore, I have enlarged adrenal glands which has some interesting effects. If I allow myself to become very angry then I will be ill for 3-4 days as my adrenals secrete an enormous amount of adrenalin. Negative emotion of any form by myself or contact with people excessively negative is a problem. A mind constantly thinking the same thoughts will cause this Adrenal state – the body goes into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode.

My solution over the years has been to train my mind to constantly be in the present with the mind empty of thoughts most of the time – a relaxed state of continuous meditation. Thinking is rather like a calm sea of water with thoughts breaking the surface from time to time. My endocrinologist does not want to talk to me since I refuse to take a monthly ‘Shot in the Buttock’ which turns me into a zombie for 4-6 weeks. I allow myself positive emotions and am also blessed with psychic abilities which is common for people with enlarged Endocrine Systems.

I did discover the source of low Red Blood Counts about 8-10 years ago. It was stomach ulcers caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori. This happened after my doctor was showing me his new computer program and I asked – why is that number in red? I tried Cabbage Juice for a couple of years (it stinks of Hydrogen Sulphide from Day Two) and ultimately found Manuka Honey. It works.

And then along came Cipro.

In January 2016, I broke my right femur just below the metal hip rod and spiral fractured the femur above the break. A metal implant which runs from the hip ball and socket joint down to about 4” above the knee was implanted. The incision down the outside of the thigh did not seal properly – my skin is very thick compared with most people because of the Acromegaly. A second operation was done where the leg was opened and resealed along with a bacterial sample taken. This did heal (an advantage of higher Growth Hormone) but I was put onto Cipro.

Discharged, went home, fine for probably about 10 days after starting Cipro. Then every time I took the Cipro my whole right leg froze up in enormous pain (I likened it to about 7 out of 10) for about 4- 5 hours with little mobility. Had arguments with home care nurses, went off Cipro briefly to prove that it was the pain source, admitted and discharged. On, Off, On …

Finally, I went to Accident and Emergency and announced that if I was so immobilised each time, they could make me a full-time hospital patient. Admitted and stayed in for 40 days. A couple of days after admission I had a ding dong argument with the young surgeon. So, you expect me to lie immobile in pain twice a day for another 10 weeks – she said yes – why – we found a very bad bacteria next to the bone, you must take it. I refused. I knew ultimately it was my choice – the head ward nurse smiled.

I had been reduced to a barely mobile state by now, let alone my other markers. The Physiotherapists could not understand the lack of rebuilding by the muscle over the 40 days – very poor communicators – only knew the Yell switch.

Using walking frame in tight areas of house and stroller for walking/hobbling. Over the next year and a half my mobility improved, gradual muscle recovery, extensive swelling, aqua training, with a lot of pain (say 3 out of 10). I found certain exercises (like swinging right thigh across left) would put me back 2-3 weeks (5 out of 10). This went on and on. A lot of negative emotion and thoughts. Used a bio-electric shield for electrical field/astral protection. Hard work. I took myself off pain medication early on – you become vary aware of your brain state writing computer software and I was also doing Quantity Surveying work measuring steel in a 29 storey earthquake strengthening exercise at the time.

In June 2017, I caught sight of the Floxiehope site, bought the support book, vitamins etc.. I read lots of stories and tried a few things. Found reference to Essential Oils. Identified this as Digestzen from DoTerra in Salt Lake City. Bought capsules – these did not work. Then bought the oil and applied a few drops to skin. This did work – most pain went in about 3-4 days (1 out of 10). After an over exercise incident the pain would return for about 10 days (3 out of 10). I since know this was being caused by some exercise rupturing ponds of infected lymph fluid in my thigh.

I could see that I was getting gradually healthier, but this was going to take a long time. I found the book ‘Gut Balance Revolution’ (GBR) and about September 2017 started to apply its principles, going away from processed foods, white flour, white sugar, more fat based. This improved my health in terms of I started getting some muscle growth, less negative. Was not in pain most of the time unless I over exercised. Did go through improve, get worse cycles. I did have several people observe that I was quite positive considering – probably helped by Communion with a Priest weekly, also my long term philosophy with regard with health. As Gerald Mullin (GBR) says the body will repair itself gradually over a year or two with your digestive system functioning correctly and interacting with the ‘Good’ bacteria.

I did find that it was difficult to tame my intestines. After going on a diet aimed at reducing ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Bacteria, I could just about draw a schematic of my intestines on the outside of my abdomen based on the lines of pain I had. I solved this problem with Turmeric.

More recently, the Doctors diagnosed a Biofilm infection of Enterococcus Faecalis between the Titanium Implant and the interior of the thigh bone. This is leaking bacteria out into my muscle and blood/lymph system. Hence the perpetual inflammation. I was put on an antibiotic Amoxicillin ‘for the rest of my life’ – bloody hell. A young neighbour was showing me some Essential Oils. Then I did a search on Google for ‘essential oil Enterococcus faecalis’, I found research papers by Dentists using Cinnamon (Cassia) and Ginger oils in the laboratory. Dentists have a problem with Biofilm infections on teeth implants and pharmaceuticals are not working. When bacteria form a Biofilm they go into a semi-dormant state, minimal interaction with the environment whose primary purpose is to release spawn bacteria – difficult to treat with antibiotics.

I tried the Ginger – it worked – minimal inflammation in my body after 2 weeks application. Muscles rebuilding well. Except for my thigh’s mobility, I am in the best health I have been since probably my thirties – I put this down to Nutrition, getting my Gut working properly and recently the Ginger Oil.

However, the metal implant is moving up and down (my right leg is 40mm shorter) and so the implant must be reinserted. This process involves removal, living in a wheel chair for 3 months, reinsertion, rebuild muscles again etc. Life is a bitch – then you die! I am not too worried, it will not be in pain even if they give me some bad antibiotics. I know how to manage things.

I include this list so people can compare it with their own. Currently I take the following pills and potions in the morning –

– Hydrocortisone – Addicted to this from early Acromegaly Days – Thyroxine – to discourage my Thyroid growing again – Testosterone – I think I don’t need it – I am being a good boy and taking it. – 2 x Fish Oil – Do not know about Omega 3 vs 6 ?? From industrial fishing around NZ – Little contamination around NZ Seas. From the sea. – 1 x Turmeric 15800 – also contains Boswellia, Ginger & Ashwagandha, Black Pepper – 2 x 300mg Ecklonia Cava Extract – Dried Seaweed Ex Canada – From Japan/Korea Sea – 1 x Iron 1 day per week – 1/8 of a teaspoon of Manuka Honey 15 minutes b4 breakfast – Glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1⁄2 teaspoon of baking soda.

Some Comments About the Medical System

I have a lot of respect for Doctors and Nurses. They have done an enormous about of training in a complex ‘High Scientific Knowledge’ system. This system has ‘Checks’ and ‘Balances’ aimed at protecting us from incompetent people – a Law System so to speak.

I work in the world of business and especially with large organisations ‘Business is Business’, ‘It is Not Personal’. Your relationship with Doctors and to a lesser extent Nurses is Business – They are there to fix you up and they get paid. As the Japanese say, ‘Fix the Problem, Not the Blame’.

The problem we have here is that there are two big vacuous holes in Western Medical Knowledge. First, Food is the Primary Medicine everybody takes. Second, we are not alone, there are about 100 trillion Bacterial organisms in/on our body (Called the Microbiome) versus about 35 Trillion human cells – these bacteria are a major part of us. The ‘Medical Knowledge System’ ignores that Nutrition and the Microbiome. The Doctors are just doing what they have been taught and if they go ‘Ultra Vires’ and cross the line into this knowledge then the Medical Legal System will jump on them.

It is a situation like Giordano Bruno and Galileo during the Roman Inquisition suggesting the world is round, the earth goes around the sun and we are not the centre of the universe. Another example is Scurvy where 1 million British Sailors died between 1500 and 1800 – in fact a boat frozen on the Lawrence River in 1526 was cured by local Indians with a twig and leaf tea – it took 270 years!

At least we have the Internet – have a look at I think we can widen the knowledge via sites like Floxiehope and personal contact. The multitude will force the Medical Knowledge System to change – a democratisation of Medical Knowledge – Horrors – Good on the Dentists !


The following is what I have learnt and how I believe you can solve your problem with the aftereffects of Cipro. Even better if this knowledge is improved – we can work together.

What Fluoroquinolone (FQ) Poisoning Is –

FQ is a very powerful antibiotic which according to the research papers will kill just about the biggest variety of bacteria of any antibiotic. FQ normally leaves your body fairly quickly after you take it. It is a very effective antibiotic.

The problem is that FQ kills a lot of the bacteria that your body needs and does not kill the rarer very hardy old bacteria which have nasty attributes like releasing toxins when you try to kill them. As an aside, I think that long term low dose exposure kills Mitochondria in our cells – such as when you have ruptured, healing, swollen tissue. The Mitochondria are basically a small bacterium living in all our cells converting energy.

Your Problem Is –

The bacterial community in your intestinal system has been mostly wiped out, mostimportantly in diversity. FQ has done this. B. A healthy gut contains 500-1200 different species of bacteria. Your gut will be a lot less diverse than that. C. Hardy Old Bacteria from our environment have become dominant in your intestinal tract.

These are not killed by FQ or other antibiotics and have nasty features such as releasing toxins when you try to kill them. By Old, I mean bacteria which have developed over millions of years, probably in the tropical soil and water environment, and know how to survive in hostile circumstances. These Bad bacteria do not interact with our brain and intestinal management systems very well and so vitamins and minerals will be poorly extracted. D. Technically you have Dysbiosis. Your gut’s garden gets out of balance, resulting in an overabundance of pathogens and/or a deficiency of beneficial bacteria. This is called dysbiosis—a state of microbial imbalance related to your gut ecosystem, your skin, your inner ear, or any of the other communities of microbes in your body. E. Your intestinal tract is probably in a poor state of repair, leaking digestive fluid and food into surrounding blood vessels and lymph system. This is called ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’. These ‘leaks’ are very small but food and bacteria pass into the surrounding blood and lymph systems. The body reacts to the food and bacteria as an infection and inflammation results. F. These digestive bacteria, both ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’, have got out into your body and established colonies where our bodies are trying to eliminate them – hence the inflammation and pain around the body in different systems. G. If your Gut is not healthy, bacteria will keep establishing colonies at different sites around your body. You must get your intestinal system healthy. H. Your stomach will probably be infected with a tough, slow growing bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori. This bacterium has dual walls, secretes Ammonia and leads to ulcers and therefore bleeding from the Stomach Walls. If your Red Blood Count (RBC) is below 100 (should be over 120) you almost certainly have such an infection. I. If you have Metal or Plastic implants you may have ‘Biofilm’, which is bacteria forming a protective film over the surface and which is difficult to treat – ask a dentist or bone surgeon. This biofilm is constantly reinfecting your body by releasing new bacteria into your blood and lymph systems. It can even be reinfecting you from an implant fully enclosed in bone.

I have laid out below a suggested ‘Minimum’ Strategy to deal with FQ Poisoning and a more ‘Complete’ Strategy. The Minimum Strategy lays out a ‘Quick and Dirty’ approach whereas the Complete Strategy is aimed at better long term overall health.

I work in the IT sector and am not a medical professional. After being diagnosed with Acromegaly (disrupted hormone system with large Growth Hormone production) about 25+ years ago, I am used to managing my health and frequently interacting with the health sector in all sorts of areas. I have a lot of respect for the medical world but in the end ‘You are Responsible for Your Own Health’. You should work in partnership with the medical sector to get healthy.


This is a more complete strategy for getting and staying healthy. It includes improving your diet and your body’s ability to heal itself.

As an overall attitude, you need to take charge of managing your health. Food is the most powerful medicine you take.

There are trillions of bacteria in and on our bodies. It is important to recognise that managing these bacteria is not absolute. You can not wipe out all the Bad Bacteria. You need to manage them, encouraging the Good Bacteria and discouraging the Bad. Our bodies have lived in a bacterial environment for millennia and its systems know how to manage these bacteria most of the time.

There is an excellent book called “The Gut Balance Revolution: Boost Your Metabolism, Restore Your Inner Ecology, and Lose the Weight for Good!” by Gerald E. Mullin , a John Hopkins Associate Professor in Gastroenterology. This book is very wide ranging in terms of laying out how these bacteria work with our bodies, strategies to master them and a wide range of knowledge across all sorts areas including Food Pyramids, Recipes, Schedules, Exercise etc. Gerald Mullin is a scientist, but he has gone to great lengths to write a book in a way most people can understand – I have great respect for him.

What follows below is a variety of knowledge I have gained over the last 2+ years from all over the world. The general principle is to fix your digestive system and eliminate most unwanted bacteria that have spread throughout your body.

To get your digestive system working properly you need to do basics like chewing food, get your stomach breaking food down properly, rebalance your bacterial flora, reduce inflammation and get the intestinal system healing itself properly. It helps to eat food our intestines were designed to process and to avoid foods that have been designed and hybridised to manipulate our brain – digestive nervous system link (the Vagus Nerve) – such foods are white sugar, wheat, corn syrup and other scientifically created food/components. Inflammation in the digestive tract is happening because the body thinks it is under attack from the food you are eating.

  1. Use the Parasite Cleanser Para-Cleanse – Purchase Para-Cleanse from your chemist and take it for 4-5 days twice per day or longer if you can stand it. Para-Cleanse is a parasite cleansing product containing a wide spectrum of natural products such as Wormwood, Black Walnut, Pumpkin, Paw Paw, Ginger, Clove, Garlic, Olive Leaf, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Mugwort Aerial Parts etc.. Apart from ridding your intestinal system of Worms, this product will kill a lot of the bad bacteria in your digestive tract and around your body. I liken this product to the ‘Nuclear’ option – it is a combination of many treatments from all over the world.
  2. Get your Stomach working at the right PH of 2 – Take about 1/2 a teaspoon of Manuka Honey (from New Zealand) about 15 minutes before breakfast for a week at least. I regularly take about 1/8 teaspoon to this day. The manuka honey will reduce the occurrence of a bad bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori from your mouth, oesophagus and stomach. Most importantly it will increase the acidity of your stomach to a Ph of about 2. This is very acidic as it should be – Ph 2 will lift the paint on your car. This is the correct Ph for your stomach. Helicobacter Pylori is an interesting bacterium adapted to living with our stomach’s hydrochloric acid with such features as a double skin and excreting Ammonia (an Alkali) to reduce the Ph of our stomach fluid. This bacterium eats into the stomach wall causing ulcers. Our stomach wall renews about every 5 days. It is highly likely that you are infected with this bacterium which FQ does not kill. If your red blood count is down (< 100, Should be over 120), then you should also take an iron tablet at least once a week to let your body create more blood cells – without the iron the body cannot create blood cells..
  3. Chew your food. This greatly helps the digestive process.
  4. Take Oat Bran Every Day – Encourage the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in your lower gut byeating at least 1 tablespoon of Oat Bran every day. This is important. Even though Oat Bran is of no nutritional value to us, it provides a great environment for the ‘Good’ Bacteria to thrive. These “Good’ Bacteria will keep the ‘Bad’ Bacteria in check. I put the Oat Bran on my Muesli. This change in bacterial balance will take time. This is true roughage or fibre. Oat Bran is the husk from around the Oat Seed, with its hard shell and a small amount of plant tissue left in it. This husk has been ground down into small pieces (coarse dust) which makes the Bran. This coarse dust has a large surface area (Probably at least 50 -100 sq meters per tablespoon of Oat Bran) which the bacteria can attach to – sounds like a Biofilm. At my wife’s recommendation, I also eat a tablespoon of LSA (ground Linseed, Sunflowers Seeds and Almond) and some pumpkin seeds each morning with my muesli. e. Use Kefir Yoghurt for a few weeks. This is a fermented milk which was originally developed centuries ago in the Adriatic to store milk before refrigerators. In NZ this is sold in 700ml bottles with 13 different ‘Good’ bacteria from the Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus Lactococcus, Leuconostoc and Streptococcus groups. It is sour to the taste. The purpose of eating Kefir is to reinfect yourself with Good Bacteria. f. Fundamentally Improve Your Diet – Eat Oat based muesli with a variety of fruit. Eliminate white sugar, wheat flour and processed oils from your diet. Do not eat processed foods. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Eat food with Good Bacterial cultures like natural cheese. This change in diet does not have to be absolute, you can break the rules now and then. Eat Fish – Read Gerald Mullin’s book. You can eat meat, just not too much.
  5. Take a Turmeric capsule every day – This Turmeric Capsule must also contain Black Pepper as well as Turmeric. Turmeric by itself cannot be absorbed by our digestive system without the Black Pepper. The turmeric will reduce inflammation in your intestinal system, attack the bad bacteria as well as help with your joints and other parts and systems of the body. I use a tablet called ‘Turmeric 15800’. Your urine will go a bit orange from time to time.
  6. Eliminate the Pathogen Bacterial colonies and Inflammation throughout your body – I would suggest a skin application of Ginger Essential Oil. Place 1-2 drops on your skin and rub it in. Do this twice a day for a week or two. In my experience this oil will wipe out the pain after a few days and eliminate all inflammation throughout my body – it even wipes out my Hay Fever. This elimination of inflammation has been proven with CRP (C-Reactive Protein) testing by my doctors where my readings went from 27 to (0-3) within 2 weeks. Do not put Essential Oils in your mouth – these are powerful substances. There are further comments about Essential Oils at the end of this posting.
  7. Allow yourself to get dirty from time to time. Work in the garden. Shake hands. Pat the dog or cat. You need to reinfect yourself. You do not need to be perfectly clean when your body is healthy.
  8. Take an interest in your CRP reading with your doctor. The C-Reactive Protein test indicates the level of inflammation in your body. When this goes down you are winning – 0-3 is minimal inflammation. Also, watch your Red Blood Count being below 100 (should be over 120) indicates you probably have stomach ulcers and need to sort out your Helicobacter Pylori.
  9. You can go get carried away with Vitamins and Supplements. Eat a broad spectrum of fruit and vegetables and a variety of foods. Vitamin D is useful in winter as our bodies normally generate this from exposure to sunlight. Another interesting substance is Ecklonia Cava capsules which are made with harvested seaweed – the seaweed filters the seawater and has a broad spectrum of elements and other substances not in our normal depleted land environment. I learned about this from a posting by Joanne Galias.

I have learned a lot about dealing with FQ poisoning and overall health over the last couple of years. It is an ongoing project. It also has helped that I live in a relatively unpolluted area of the world colloquially called the ‘Fruit Bowl of New Zealand’ – Hawkes Bay.


On the Floxiehope site there is a posting from 2016 where the principles above have been used –

This includes the following text –

‘Thinking about this I remembered how the class of antibiotics that ciprofloxacin was in, is the equivalent of a nuke on the human microbiome. This was the real turning point for me. I immediately started researching the best things to promote a healthy gut microbiome and instantly began to see results. In one night I consumed a trifecta of 2 big spoons of coconut oil( natural antifungal), an entire bottle of fermented goat’s milk(which has 598 billion bacteria in it per 8 oz serving), and bone broth(which is supposed to be great for healing the gut). The next morning I woke up and every one of my symptoms had reduced greatly. I could walk without being uncomfortable and even skip up stairs. It’s pretty early in this treatment, but it seems to be the only thing that’s actually working. I work as a teacher at a Montessori school so I have to be on my feet a good amount, and this combination of whole foods has eased my symptoms so such a great level so I just had to share this information.’


The global dental scientific community is doing a lot of research (with published scientific papers) into essential oils such as Cassia (Cinnamon) and Ginger at present. They recognise the need to treat bacteria on dental post implants (Biofilm) and that conventional antibiotics are not working. People are getting long term inflammation and infections from the biofilm on these metal dental implants. I found this research when doing a Google search for Essential Oils and a specific bacteria Enterococcus Faecalis.

Ginger Oil is made from the same ginger you use in the kitchen. The Ginger Oil is made by a steam distillation and precipitation process. You can make it yourself easily according to postings on the Internet. I have just purchased it as it is quite cheaply costing between $20 USD / 5ml or $5 USD /10 ml depending on where you buy it here in New Zealand.

To understand what ginger oil is – you have a root growing in a tropical, wet soil environment loaded with bacteria, viruses and fungi trying to attack and eat the ginger root. The ginger plant has developed substances to kill these bacteria. Ginger oil contains about 20+ different anti-bacterial substances so it is rather like taking 20+ different antibiotics prescribed by your doctor at the same time at a very low dosage level. The dental scientists have identified these substances.

This oil, which is an undiluted product, can pass through our skin into blood capillaries and the lymph system and smells like raw ginger freshly cut in the kitchen. Trying to eat essential oils is relatively pointless in my opinion because the oil must survive hydrochloric acid in the stomach, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and enzymes from the pancreas, bile from the liver and gall systems before it can be absorbed by the intestines. By the time it reaches your intestines it has been neutralised.

The dental scientists have tested Ginger and Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon) Essential oils against a variety of bacteria in the laboratory. They have found Ginger Oil is more effective than Cassia Oil, wiping out all bacteria in a short period of time. Cassia Oil will burn your skin applied without a diluting oil. I and a couple of friends have not had problems applying Ginger Oil undiluted on the skin. You do feel a ‘Warming’ as the Ginger Oil moves away from the application site and can even taste it.

Interestingly, I noticed that the congestion/mucous in my lungs and nasal mucous disappeared within a day or two. Considering I am normally getting quite bad Hay Fever between October and December (I refuse to take pharmaceuticals for Hay Fever – It dulls the Programmers Brain), it surprised me how effective the Ginger Oil has been at such small doses.

As I wrote earlier, take an interest in your CRP reading with your doctor. The C-Reactive Protein test indicates the level of inflammation in your body. When this goes down you are winning – 0-3 is minimal inflammation. You can use this CRP reading to monitor your inflammation levels.

My CRP reading went from 27 to (0-3) in 2 weeks after starting using Ginger Oil. It rather bemused me a year or so ago when my doctor rang me late in the afternoon in a panic, after a blood test where the CRP reading was 55 – He told me to go to the hospital immediately! By the time I was tested at the hospital it was 43 and was sent home.


It is possible that you do have a bacterium that Ginger Oil will not kill. I would suggest that you get your CRP level monitored by your doctor and try other Essential Oils under the guidance of an Aromatherapist.

Oils such as Oregano, Thyme, Lemon, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit are known for their antibacterial abilities. Each of these oils contains a spectrum of substances, so as I said before, it is rather like taking 20-30 antibiotics at once in very low doses. Talk to an Aromatherapist.


I just found a paper on the USDA website where they have been testing 39 different essential oils against a range of bacteria. Maybe there is hope the medical establishment will recognise that the pharmaceutical companies antibiotics are not the only answer.

*****The story above is truthful, accurate and told to the best of the ability of the writer. It is not intended as medical advice. No person who submits his or her story, nor the people associated with Floxie Hope, diagnoses or treats any illness. The story above should not be substituted for professionally provided medical advice. Please consult your doctor before trying anything that has been mentioned in this story, or in any other story on this site. Please also note that people have varying responses to the treatments mentioned in each story. What helps one person may not help, and may even hurt, another person. It is important that you understand that supplements, IVs, essential oils, and all other treatments, affect people differently depending on the millions of variables that make each of us unique. Please use appropriate caution and prudence, and get professional medical advice.