I’m here to share hope. Your body is a miracle.

I’m here to tell you , you will recover. Not just a little, but 100 percent.

Yes it was hell on earth, I couldn’t believe what happened to my body. I don’t want to go into too much detail because the more horror you read while you are trying to detox your body and replenish it the more it can hinder you.

Yes it took over a year however I got better every month.

Essentially want happened to me is the Levaquin fried my gut and then I couldn’t methylate it out of my body. I learned I don’t absorb B6. So it became poisoned by the substance.

(I had all the symptoms)

So here is how I got better in the darkest worst time of my life. (Trust god and your angels they will guide you.)

Food- cut out all the culprits. Gluten, soy, dairy, coffee, alcohol. Everything triggered inflammation.  Had the food sensitivity test done with a naturopath that helped set me on my food journey. I wasn’t able to absorb food for months however green juices helped sustain me.

Supplements: lots of them. NAC saved me and allowed me to detox the drug out. Magnesium was huge, I took the chelated. (I worked with a kinesiologist who muscle tested me , she saved my life). I highly recommend this protocol cause then you can weed out which and what supplements to take. I healed the intestinal lining with “intestinal repair powder” it’s on amazon. Klaire Labs probiotic have been the best , out of the several I tried. Vitamin D HUGE, I was deficient. OMEGAS 2000 a day! Fights inflammation it’s a must. B complex for nerve pain.

Tests I took that help guide me: spectra cell and mineral test. It’s about $300 but it helped with supplementing and also seeing how toxic I was. I could barely stand I was like 90 years old. I went to a GI , I had a lower infection in my small intestine, I took xifaxan.

Psychiatrist got me on Gabapentin to calm my mind down, I was stuck in a trauma loop and hadn’t slept for months due to pain. Gabapentin allowed me to finally sleep.

I’m still working with a medical medium, it’s woo woo but I’m almost to the finish line because of her.

Myofacsial release! Holy wow! So much pain relief . It releases toxins and trauma stored in your body. Do it when body is ready, I did this after I was more than 70 percent detoxed. I still have a few more sessions.

Healing work with different body workers.

This is personal and you’ll find what works for you.

My nervous system gave out mainly cause we have like 200 neurotransmitters in the gut. So what happens in there happens in the brain and throughout the body. Then you have inflammation and all your systems are hindered. Fix the gut and detox your body and replenish you are looking at a recovery. I had so many symptoms but it all came from the source of the illness.

Heal the gut.

Heal everything.

See if you can get a methylation test or if you a kinesiologist can figure it out for you.

Your body needs to be detoxing.

And you will repair!

Infrared helped me so much (stillll do it) once I was like 80 percent detoxed.

It made me sick originally cause I was too toxic.

I meditated , listened to high frequency music.

I lost half my business and most of my friends. People just couldn’t handle it, and my family to. People thought I was mentally ill, I was poisoned.

So much pain but I moved through it.

Keep in mind that healing the body at this level requires, physical, spiritual , mental and emotional help. Clear it all. Heal from all sides. This is a traumatic experience , release the trauma. The symptoms can linger for years mainly because one isn’t healing the trauma and retraining their brain. This event creates a neuropathway memory.

You are a miracle. Your body wants to be well.

Listen to your body. Take time with it. Epsom salt bath with mag flakes and mag oil really soothed me for months. Calm the body it’s low on gaba and magnesium.

Lemon balm tea was heaven.

There is a lot and we all get hit different. Do not label yourself, this is temporary! Don’t waste energy trying to convince those who don’t believe you. Get those that do and have them lend support.

This journey spiritually awakened me.

I feel amazing and I’m almost healed!

I’m drinking coffee 🙂 I have minimal pain! You will get there. Imagine a pain free body.






Heal gut.

Calm body.

Release trauma.

Retrain the brain.

Keep body moving.

Once I was able to be physical, yoga and hiking were fab! Plus massage.

I pray for you all.

You will heal!!!!!

Detox. Test. Food. Heal Gut. Calm the Body. Release trauma. Retrain the brain. Keep moving.

Yes it’s a lot, it’s overwhelming. Guess what? Once you make it to the otherside and your symptoms start leaving. YOU WILL BE UNTOUCHABLE. All the love and light.

You are brilliant.


(One last note of advice. My main thing was fear that I wouldn’t recover. That this pain was forever. Once I dropped the doubt and believed I could heal I started seeing results months in. Patience was key. You will heal. The pain will go as long as you believe and listen to your body. Allow any break downs and emotions to leave your body. Release them. You will heal faster if you allow them to rise to the surface.)

I won’t be responding to any questions, I’m not in a position to handle that energy at the moment for I am healing my own traumas. God Speed.


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