*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

My name is Steffen, and I am from Germany. I am 12 months out now. My nightmare began with one pill of tavanic (levofloxacin) in Feb 2015. I can not rule out that I may be before in my life took this kind of antibiotic without side effect and for this reason my reaction the second time was extreme.

In the first few weeks it was very extreme. The whole body ached. I was constantly like woozy in the head. Again and again came anxiety. A horrible feeling that I never before experienced. I was very afraid, if everything will be good again with time. No one who has not felt the side effects on his own body can understand how bad it is. Because often we are stuck with some kind of Problem for long time until it gets better. Today I feel much better and I feel almost back to normal.

I really spent a lot of money and tried everything possible. I would therefore tell what has most helped. The only thing I never did is to let me things directly inject into the vein. I was afraid of possible reactions. Overall my trust in doctors is very low now. Never again I want to feel something similar. And never again I want to be a victim of a drug side effect.

Against fear helped the combination of the following: 5HTP and Passion flower dry extract. I tried to use less than possible. Anxiety was strong in the first days, it was very crazy, than it  got better and better with some setbacks….

My stress tolerance was very low. Relaxing in the nature helped a lot. Others helped me with cooking good meals and so on… the first weeks, I couldn’t walk more that 50 meters and even drive a car was difficult.

Against fatigue and Brainfog:

Adenosylcobalamine and methylcobalamin daily small dose injected into the abdominal fat. For 4 days, then a break. One day Adenosylcobalamine the other day methylcobalamin and so on.

The Combination of NADH (5mg 3 times daily) and MitoQ (morning) is more effective than MitoQ alone. There is also a scientific explanation for why NADH blends well with Q10. This with high dose of OPC (140mg 3 times daily) and a good VitC was very effective for me. Important is to use OPC with VitC in combination.

I take 3 times daily Magnesium since the beginning. Magnesium oil topically  is also very good as an additional source.

Another substance that has helped me a lot is chlorophyllin from Life Extension. This substance protects and repairs the DNA. It also brings magnesium deep into the cells. The effect(less pain, longer walks) showing up after 3 weeks of consuming it every day with every meal. (3x daily.)

Iam not 100% yet, but I am getting  better from month to month. I wish you all the best !!!

in my experience, most doctors in Germany knowing little about the side effects and therefore can not really help. Most did not even believe that the physical problems are the cause of an antibiotic. They only looked at me, and thought what this guy is telling me? One doctor even tells me that this antibiotic is one of the best available – “I love it,” he tells me. Some people around you also may force you to let you help by a doctor. Nobody really can believe that this kind of problems can exist for many months and there is no magic cure around to fix it in a few days, there are moments where you are feeling alone… In this time it helps me a lot to read the storys here and looking for new advices for better healing…

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