travis masterwood healing story

Okay so around 2008 I received my first round of fluoroquinolones. I did not know it at the time, but I was being treated for symptoms of an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. Immediately after this dosage of Antibiotics I began to lose my teeth. Or they begin to crack and show premature damage. As we all do, I attributed these symptoms to some type of personal failure. After that point I was periodically treated with antibiotics for sinus infections which would become more consistent throughout the years.

I then began to develop prostatitis along with rectal bleeding and slight cognitive misfires. By 2016 I was extremely disassociated, detached, and clinical. I had suffered through seven sinus infections in 9 months including countless bouts with strep throat. The entire time I was told that I was simply fine.
The last incident nearly taking my life, requiring overnight stays in intensive care due to my immune system malfunctioning. I suffered through a fever for 3 weeks of 100 to 104 with my immune system unable to adjust.

I realize now that the overprescribing of these harmful antibiotics only helps to destroy the gut lining along with vital bacteria strands. From the years of 2014 to about 2018 I struggled for some type of normalcy. After the last bout with strep throat, I had my tonsils removed due to fears that I would not survive another round with a fever. As we all know, we began to improve only to get sicker after being prescribed more fluoroquinolones.
One day after my patellar tendon surgery I stumbled across a YouTube video. There was a woman exercising and highlighting her Achilles tending popping. As I started to read the comments, I started to see a familiar pattern of complaints. Disassociation, anxiety, tendon issues, neuropathy, blurred vision, memory loss etc. I had no idea about fluoroquinolones up until this point. As I started to go deeper into the data and I was blown away. I had no idea that an antibiotic could cause such havoc on the human body.

38 years old, laying on my mother’s couch with my bandage leg propped up, completely shattered, confused, and financially bankrupt my mind started racing. I started to search for support groups …when I stumbled across this group. Naturally inquisitive and unafraid of research, I began to reference and cite every conversation. I began using advice and implementing this in my daily routine. I started intermittent fasting and have been doing so every single day for the last 4 years.

Knowledge is power, and once I learned who the devil was, I could approach this thing with purpose. I started to walk every single day, first about 20 ft and back, then 40 , then 50 , A mile, 3 MI. Then I started cycling combined with light weightlifting. I dropped sugar from my diet. In 2018 I started drinking human colostrum in an effort to ingest rare probiotics strains found in breastmilk. In the process I discovered the importance colostrum has in the symbiotic process of reseeding the gut, its necessary.

By simplifying things and starting from the beginning, I can say without a doubt that I was about 95% healed from antibiotic damage by simply changing my diet, taking it easy.


This is a very recent diagnosis, so I can look back with confidence and know exactly when the autoimmune disorder came out of remission. It was after my tonsillectomy. immediately after. Although the symptoms were similar, Bihcets is milder but much more consistent. The trademark is oral and genital ulcers along with urinary tract issues, sinus infections pink eye etc. I know you are wondering if cipro brought this out of remission. I do not think so, not in my case.
I have had mouth ulcers since I was a child, and no doctors could explain these ulcers. Typically, with vasculitis you have mouth ulcers from the beginning of Life only to have more severe or pervasive symptoms during your thirty’s. Although it may be the reason, I am considered a severe case. So, I was treated with cipro for an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder which only exasperated and quadrupled my symptoms.
Vasculitis only affects about 300,000 people (about half the population of Wyoming) in the United States it is the rarest autoimmune disorder around. I have conquered cipro poisoning and I am now in the research and development process for a solution to bihcets If I can overcome both ailments with very little support, then I have faith that you all can do the same. In my experienced and result based opinion, there is no quick fix to this. I only started to plot my escape once I accepted the reality of my prison. Good luck!

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