Tod is back to cycling 100 miles per week.

Please do read this to the end for your own recovery. I was floxed in September of 2015. I didn’t really know what was wrong with me until 4 months after floxing. At that time I saw a Naturopath and had comprehensive blood tests. We first began by repairing my destroyed gut and supplementing my low B12 and D3. It was September of 2016 when I discovered Pico ionic Magnesium called remag. This supplement is HUGE for floxed recovery. Gradually over a years time with the Magnesium and exercise, the symptoms of joint, muscle, and tendon pain lessened a great deal. However, I still had a lot of nerve pain with peripheral neuropathy in my left foot. I kept seeking answers. About 2 months ago I discovered and began Autohemotherapy or Blood Ozone therapy. I have had 4 treatments as of today and my nerve pain has diminished by 80%. I barely even notice pain. I’m expecting that the nerve pain will be completely gone after 2 or 3 more Treatments. I’m sharing this because it’s working for me. Read about it, Autohemotherapy up-regulates your mitochondria, your immune system, and your nervous system. All three of these are severely affected by Fluoroquinolones. I can’t imagine a better treatment and I can sincerely say I’m living a normal life again. I wish for all of you perfect health again. There’s nothing more important.

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