*The following is an individual’s story of surviving fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is not medical advice. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the story. Thank you, and please be cautious with all treatments. 

Tom posted his story on one of the facebook floxie support groups. He gave me permission to put it up on Floxie Hope. The info is in FB post style, not a narrative. I hope that it still helps – and that it gives you hope for recovery.

Tom’s Story –

This is pretty much my year anniversary of being floxed. I took my 9th and final pill on 07/09/13. I lost my legs three days later. Everything else went after that. My 27 yo girlfriend had to put diapers on me and change them because I had zero leg strength. I was trapped in my upstairs bedroom for a couple of months, because even when I was able to hobble to the bathroom, my legs were far too weak to manage the 8 steps down to the living room. All this while I learned things, tried things, and made some very right choices (a rare thing for me), thanks for folks like Teddie Miller and Mark Girard. I also spent a ton of money on a lot of supplements that proved totally unnecessary, but oh well. I started to seriously recover in September and just got progressively better since. I went from a Cipro Victim to a Cipro Victor. You will as well. Although I had the full syndrome, my worst problem was the tendonitis. Upon discovering I was floxed I IMMEDIATELY went on a virtually food free diet. LOL. I cut out EVERYTHING. I also had to contend with Candida at the same time. So, zero sugar. Not even natural sugar. I just ate vegetables and some organic meat. I had the weight to spare, and lost a bunch. drank tons of water, and went on the Isagenix system. I’m NOT a salesman or distributor of Isagenix, so this isn’t a plug. But their products really came through for me. I took it very easy for a long time. Then I started slowly pushing myself. Walking a little bit more every day. Some days I pushed myself too far and regretted it. But I kept going. I used exercise bands on my arms and legs and those REALLY helped. After a couple months of this routine, the recovery really kicked in and I started rapidly improving. During this process, various medical issues I had even years PRIOR to being floxed either improved or went away all together.

Regarding Isagenix – It’s healthy stuff. Full body cleansing and whatnot. I got on that immediately when I figured out I was floxed. Fast food is not good for anybody, floxed or otherwise. But I’m a junkie too! Once I recovered a lot of my old habits came back.

my leg pain, at its worst, was quite severe. It was across every inch of my legs, also arms, back, etc. My legs only seemed to have it the worst because they’re weight bearing. It was muscles, tendons, skin, you name it. I experienced fast muscle loss in my legs as well.

I did a LOT of things. Diet, rest, the right exercise when appropriate, and kept a positive frame of mind.

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