In November of 2016 I was experiencing stomach issues. Typically I never go to the doctors, pretty much unless a bone is sticking out somewhere. For whatever reason I decided to go to the doctor. I was given seven days of 500mg levofloxacin. It may have been the first script of antibiotics I have ever finished. During this time I started experiencing intense anxiety. I already have anxiety, but it was way more than what I’ve ever experienced. I was terrified that I was sick or something with my body was wrong. I ended up going to the hospital twice with stomach pains, and lower back issues. They gave me prednisone and muscle relaxers. After the prednisone, I started to feel a bit crazy so I told my doctor and stopped. A few days after, I went to go to sleep and ALL of my muscles started going crazy twitching and jerking. At the age of 24, with a new business, I lived my next 2-3 months petrified by fears of a neuro degenerative disease or some sort of sickness that for all of my odd symptoms. I guess now would be a good time to list them:

-anxiety & depression
-unexplained adrenaline
-heart palpitations
-body wide muscle twitches
-muscles locking up
-weird tingling feeling in back
-painful areas that came and went
-calf pain upon waking
-nightmares and night sweats
-trouble swallowing
-loss of appetite
-high creatine 25lb loss of muscle

So after these symptoms started to occur I ended up seeing endless specialists with endless tests trying to figure out what was wrong. Everyone thought I was just a complete hypochondriac. It’s hard to deal with people close to you as well as doctors write of your apparent and observable symptoms as “anxiety.” It’s really hard to deal with while going through it even as a person who hates going to the doctors and being sick. I wish I was imagining it. I had people in the Floxie groups such as Toni L, Carolyn Eagle, and Mark G walk me through certain issues and give me moral support. I changed my diet a few times throughout this whole ordeal and tried to eat super clean cutting out pretty much everything but salad…. I’m a foodie and honestly I couldn’t tell a difference other than my bank account. The one thing that did make a difference was pork and farm raised fish thay was not antibiotic free. To this day I still eat antibiotic free about 90% of the time. As far a s supplements, I tried too many to count. I did notice Epsom Salt baths really chilled me out. L theanine made me really dizzy so I had to stop taking it. I ended up taking MG everyday, but eventually quit. Ill probably use topical MG for my muscle aches from work. I spent a lot of money of supplements and magnesium, l threonate, and l theanine worked best for me (l theanine obvious until it made me dizzy.) in the acute stages I also had to take some Ativan when my insomnia and anxiety became too much to handle. I went through only about 15mg within one year and took a half literally ONLY when needed. I’ve seen people withdrawal from that stuff before and definite avoided taking it like the plague. I am so grateful that I was aware of benzos before consuming them, doctors pass them out like candy and they are HIGHLY addictive. Over time I experienced “normal” time frames and than time frames of recurring or new symptoms. This gradually turned into longer normal periods and shortened symptomatic period of time. As of now 16 months later, all I have left from the ordeal is a much greater appreciation of life and some left over muscle twitches.

I’m a landscaping and hardscaping contractor. At the beginning of this reading all of the terrible situations online I was positive I was going to lose everything. I happened to rough through the hard part, and for the last six months or so have really been able to get physical again. Last week me and another worker laid about 3300 lbs in pavers with over 50 linear feet in cuts in one day. That’s about 150 square feet. I gained all of my weight back and my business is starting to really take off. I’m grateful that by the grace of God guiding and holding onto me through this storm that I have my life back with an even greater appreciation. A shoutout to all of those that I connected with poisoned at the same time that are healed, I encourage you all to post to encourage those still dealing. I also encourage those still suffering to READ THESE STORIES, these are only a few of the people that have healed posting these stories. Most of the others have moved on, don’t be disencouraged by all the negativity out there. Unfortunately, I most likely won’t respond to many comments as I am very busy with life. I just really felt obligated to share my experience with those searching. ❤️❤️❤️

This is the walkway we laid in one day.

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