I danced last night.  For two hours I jumped, spun, flailed, shook and even attempted to shimmy.  It was great/beautiful/amazing/special/fun!

On Thursday nights I go to an ecstatic dance thing called Rhythm Sanctuary (www.rhythmsanctuary.com).  I typically call it Hippy Dance Class or Hippy Church.  In the sharing circle last night – yup, sharing circle – a girl said that it was hippy with a side of hippy.  True.  But if it’s hippy, then call me a hippy, ‘cause it’s great – pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now.

Other than being hippyish, Rhythm Sanctuary is difficult to describe, but I’ll try.  It’s a dance party with no alcohol and no talking.  Electronic music is played.  People dance however they want.  Some people are excellent dancers, but most aren’t, and everyone dances together in whatever style they want.  Most people dance alone/as part of the big group, but some people dance specifically with another person.  There are people of all ages in attendance.  Everyone is welcome.

When I first started going to Rhythm Sanctuary, about 4 months ago – 14 months post-floxing, I could only sway my hips and dance gingerly, with care.  The tendons in my knees and my achilles’ would get inflamed, and I would lose energy mid-way through the dance.  Rhythm Sanctuary is a free-for-all though, so I was able to walk around, sit, lay down, whatever I needed to do to take care of myself, while I was there.

After about a month of dancing gingerly at Rhythm Sanctuary, and a month of overall healing, I started to jump around and flail (I’m not in the good dancer category) and really dance – with all my heart.  My achilles’ didn’t rupture.  My knees held up.  I could do it…. I could dance, and if felt great!

Dancing is healing for me.  It is something that brings joy and healing to my body and soul.  Moving to the rhythm of amazing beats, with other joyful people, is beautiful, and I find it to be good for my body and spirit.

The leader of Rhythm Sanctuary, Ahva, refers to the dance as medicine.  It has been medicinal for me.  My health has improved while I’ve been dancing, and I think that it’s because of the dancing, the amazing energy in the room (you can feel the joy, passion, sometimes sadness, beauty, and always love permeating the dance hall) the music (maybe the music is shaking our cells in a healing way – probably not a scientifically verifiable theory, but I like it none the less) and the people.  Art is healing.  Dancing is my healing art.  It’s my favorite medicine.

I got some great hugs last night.  I suggest that you all go someplace with hippies.  They’ll give you hugs.  Hugs are definitely healing.

And dance.  When you can.  With love.  xoxoxoxo


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