Take action against FQ toxicity with 4 supplements

I have been thinking lately that why can’t there be a simple piece of actionable advice every person affected from fluoroquinolones can take right now. Over the last few years, four simple supplements have been helping all my clients, friends and others online help alleviate symptoms.

So, I set out to write an easy to read, easy to follow E-book. In this book, you will discover the four supplements I, personally, use every day and that these have helped others too. Healing from fluoroquinolone toxicity takes a lot of input, and supplements are definitely a part of that healing for many.

I will say that you should always speak to your practitioner on any and all supplements or modalities you want to try. This healing from Cipro toxicity E-book does suggust some key suppplements based on research studies and experential evidence. I just hope that all the free advice, support and stories can help you heal and one day you too will post your recovery story.


Heal from cipro toxicity ebook

What is fluoroquinolone toxicity?

Fluoroquinolone toxicty is when a person takes any drug under this class of antibiotics and has a reaction to the drug. I personally suffered many of the side effects of this class of drugs. Fluoroquinolone toxicity, in my opinion is becoming an epidemic as many suffer the side effects from these drugs. If you have ever taken an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin or Avelox. You can find more details about the drugs here.

Side effects from Fluoroquinolones?

I wanted to give this free healing from fluoroquinolone toxicity e-book because the side effects are downright aweful. For many it can cause nerve pain, tendon pain, muslce pain, insomnia, anxiety, and loss of hope leading to suicidal thoughts. It has been my mission to help anyone suffer less, or at all by giving support, advice and friendship through FQ toxicity. This E-book, the recovery stories here on Floxie Hope and the community will help you get through this hard time. 

Free FQ toxicity E-book

Start with the core four Healing Fluoroquinolone E-Book

By implementing these steps, proven by working with hundreds of those affected, your body and mitochondria will start to see the benefit. Fluoroquinolone toxicity is mainly a mitochondrial issue, second to the initial toxicity from the drugs fluoride component and cellular stress it provokes. 

You can help your body if you get the mitocondrial dysfunction under control. You will notice that with just a few implementations recommended in this book, and with the care and supervision of your practioner, you can start to heal. I have personally witnessed so many heal from this and get back to life. Fluoroquinolone toxicity does not and should not be your story, it can be a chapter of your life that make you stronger and more humble. 


Drink Better Water. Drink Berkey Water.
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