Cass Flemming’s Road To Recovery


This is the story of Cass Flemming road to recovery and what happened. August of 2020 I went to the hospital and they suspected that I had a UTI without confirming anything they sent me home with Ciprofloxacin and they got the results back 48 hours later and nobody called me to tell me not to take it. That it was not a UTI or a kidney infection so I took a full seven-day course twice a day by the third day I already kind of was having symptoms but didn’t think anything of it because I did have prior injuries it started with my shoulder tingling severe anxiety heart palpitations and then things just got worse from there I was up all night shivering shaking sweating insomnia muscle twitching extreme brain fog.

I could barely move or walk or eat I lost over 30 lb and about month four I had extreme migraines I was in the hospital three times in one week for them I thought I was dying I almost lost my fiancé I could barely take care of my kid I haven’t worked in 4 months the first 2 months I was completely bedridden. It was the scariest time of my life I went to doctor after doctor and they all kept telling me it’s in my head it’s just anxiety here are some antidepressants go home so I’ve tried two out of the four antidepressants that they prescribe me and they just made me worse my symptoms went into overdrive and I started having new symptoms like involuntary limb movements so I had to stop them.

I finally voted to get a second opinion and they found that my thyroid hormone was out of balance and said that had something called a thyroid storm from a virus attacking my thyroid and that I would be okay in about a month and there were a couple of other things in my blood work but other than that things were normal so they kept checking my thyroid and my thyroid eventually did come back to normal but then my DHEA-S hormones are now high and I can’t seem to get them in balance I was recently diagnosed with PMDD bye gynecologist who just wants to put me on birth control.

In October I had to start working with a natural path by this point I’ve already done my research on Cipro and I know what’s going on with my body. So the natural path God bless her who got me on the right track with some natural medicines called undas and supplements my supplements that I was taking and still are is magnesium omega-3 with DHA and EPA B12, I also now take trace minerals in my water I take a probiotic and I’ve been doing all different sorts of therapy acupuncture Bowen therapy Reiki therapeutic touch meditation I went from being a 31-year-old woman who worked in healthcare taking care of other people who was enjoying life planning a wedding spending as much time as possible with her daughter to become a 31-year-old woman who couldn’t even take care of herself and had to rely on her fiancé and my 10-year-old daughter to take care of her and make sure that she could even get up to go to the bathroom this has been yet the most difficult thing in my life.

I will say that I am a lot better I can now walk I can now do things I still have a lot of progress to go but I am getting there I still have some lingering symptoms like severe weakness fatigue I still get brain fog and muscle twitching once in a while-which isn’t so bad but recently my new symptoms that have just started is a rash that comes and goes we can’t figure out. What it is it’s not an allergic reaction because I’ve tried taking allergy meds and it still comes back this is been the worst five months of my life. But I’m working hard to recover I need to recover by August of next year so that I can walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams and I’m determined to be there. your group and support page has given me hope that I can fully recover.


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