My name is Darlene and I was floxed 6 times between 2011 and 2015. In 2011 I thought that I had a UTI. At the time I was working at a pediatric clinic and I got one of the nurses to do a urinalysis on me. The test showed up to be slightly positive for bacteria. The next day I went to my family doctor and he said there really was not an infection, but he prescribed Cipro 500 mg twice a day for seven days. According to my records that I kept at the time, the week following I drove to work as normal. When I got out of my car and started walking into the office I felt the worst pain ever run up the back of my calf. I was in extreme pain and unable to walk. I went to the doctor and was told that my Achilles tendon had ruptured. I did not know that this could have been related to the Cipro I had taken the week before. After about six weeks of being on crutches, I was able to walk again.

I took Cipro five more times after 2011, unknowingly that it had affected me already. I have the records here at the home of all the dates I took Cipro and many of them were very close together. Often times I would think that I had a UTI and all I had to do was call my physician and tell him and he would call the Cipro in. Many times I believe that the pain I felt was from the Cipro. It was never like the typical UTI. But because I thought I had it, the Dr. would call it in freely without seeing me. In 2015 I began experiencing pain and weakness in my shoulders. I went from one physician to another trying to find out exactly what was going on there. I was told I possibly had tendonitis. I saw different physicians and had physical therapy at different places and all of them led to negative results. Sometime in 2016 I begin experiencing popping in my hips and back. When this first started at the time I didn’t seem to have much pain. As time went on the popping grew worse and then the pain came. This pain lasted for a couple of years. Again I saw one physician after another. I went to a physician in July of 2019 and he recommended Stem Cell therapy.

On August 12 I had Stem Cell taken from my own bone marrow and injected into my facet joints in my back and both SI joints. At this clinic I also had antigen testing and organic acid testing. I signed up for 12 weeks of physical therapy which was different than the physical therapy I had in the past. This physical therapy included balancing activities, strengthening activities and walking backwards slowly with support on a treadmill. This I was told would help to retrain my body to walk properly again. I also saw my chiropractor and was given electric stimulation to the nerves in my back and also chiropractic adjustments. These electric stimulations were not the same as with tens unit. The stimulation was much stronger and self movement was involved while it was being used. I also received ultrasound and infrared treatment. I did some things on my own, as well. I changed my diet and started eating mostly organic and non-GMO foods. I started taking magnesium supplements and vitamin D-3.

I never realized that any of my symptoms were related to the Cipro until I started researching and found a Facebook page where other people had experienced similar issues. It was on this Facebook page where I met people who helped me and gave me encouragement. As time went on I realized that I had other symptoms which were possibly related to the Cipro. My anxiety level was up, I had trouble sleeping. I no longer felt like the same person that I used to be. I became highly sensitive to foods and drinks that I had once been okay with. Now we come to the present. It took the Stem Cell much longer to work than I thought. When I was almost at the point of giving up on that, I realized that I was not having shoulder pain issues or back pain. The shoulder issues went away over time. I would say that in October 2019 I realized that the popping/cracking in my back and hips had subsided tremendously. Then one day it was just gone. Through many prayers and endless painful days, I finally felt relief and contribute most of it to the stem cell therapy. Although I still have some issues that I deal with from time to time, overall life for me is good.

I hope that by sharing my story I have encouraged others to not give up. We learn from each other that we have to do something to move forward and try different things to see what will work. We are all different and being floxed has complicated our bodies quite a bit. But we can get better. I know from experience that you will get better. You may feel like you have a long way to go. You may feel helpless. Keep positive. Keep positive. Try things that you think will help you. Keep researching and listening to positive people and physicians/people who are knowledgeable about the possible side effects of the antibiotic named Cipro. I wish all of you who are dealing with this the best. Again I hope in some way that my story has given you some hope. I hope it will help lead you to the path of recovery. I want to say a special “thank you” to all the people that unknowingly helped me during my journey of healing.

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