Happiness Sprinkling

I learned about The Happiness Sprinkling Project in church yesterday.  The Happiness Sprinkling Project involves people spreading happiness to others through conveying positive, affirming, beautiful messages to anyone who can see them – often strangers.  The messages are communicated with people holding signs on street corners, saying things like:

You Are Loved

You Are Beautiful

Why Not?

You Are Enough

Live Your Dreams

It’s Going To Be Okay

Trust Yourself


Life Is Good

The minister told the congregation about how one woman approached a group of happiness sprinklers and asked them what they were doing.  When they explained that they were spreading happiness she asked if she could join them.  They welcomed her.  She held up a sign that said, “It’s Going To Be Okay.”  As she was holding the sign, tears were running down her face, as if she was telling herself as much as anyone that it was, indeed, going to be okay.

I found it to be really touching.

I think that we all need to hear it sometimes.


It is.  I don’t know when you’re going to feel better.  I don’t know exactly how you are going to find healing or what your timeline is, but I do know that it helps to believe, deep down in your soul, that you are going to be okay.

Tell yourself, every day if necessary, that you are going to be okay, that you are going to beat this, that you are stronger than these stupid drugs, and that tomorrow will be better.

Words are powerful.  They shape our perceptions.  They may not make your feet feel any better, but they can make you think and feel differently about the pain in your feet.  That shift in perception, from fear and anxiety, to hope and optimism, can help.  The most powerful message for combatting fear and anxiety (IMO) is the sign that read:


Believe it, as it is always true.

Fighting the fear and anxiety that FQ toxicity evokes is key.  And the best tool for fighting them is love.  The best tool is always love.

Here’s a little video about The Happiness Sprinkling Project:



Repeat until thoroughly believed.


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