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Floxie Hope Podcast 31 With Sarah

Floxie Hope Podcast 31 is with Sarah who recovered from Fluoroquinolones and her story on how she healed herself using some really new and amazing modalities.

This podcast is filled with some amazing tips on healing the spirit and calming the mind to heal the body. See her story here.


Show Transcript

And I’m a very anti antibiotic person. I’m very health conscious, but I knew I needed an antibiotic because it goes to recast. So I took it those next couple of months. Um, my health, like my mental health went down my nervous system. Like I’m stressed all the time. I was running on fumes, inspiring stories,

the floxiehope podcast Jason here from Floxie hope I am on my second podcast and I’m excited to introduce my next guest who has also been flocked. And I’m going to let her introduce herself. Hi, you guys. My name is Sarah and um, yeah, I’m on the other side of the river with my journey and I’m based out of Los Angeles, California.

Nice. So Sarah, tell me a little bit about your story. What happened to you? Why did you get the drug. The whole thing, I guess, long story short, because I don’t want to dig too much into what exactly happened because I’m sure everybody watching this is going through. We’re all went through similar journeys.

Um, I went to Costa Rica, got sick from the water. I drink water. I got really sick. I came back, I was almost healed. My coworkers convinced me to go get an antibiotic because who know I could have had an amoeba or a, you know, who knows. So I go to the doctor, he was negligent. He’s a good doctor based in here in LA, but he was negligent and he didn’t test me.

He just gave me level Quinn told me, and I am very anti antibiotic. I’m very health conscious, but I knew I needed an antibiotic because of Costa Rica. So I took it and it did fry me out. The first dose, I did five days, but it helped me. I got better, but those next couple months. Um, my health, like my mental health went down my nervous system.

Like I was stressed all the time. I was running on fumes. Like I could barely handle my job. I’m a performing artist. I mean, music, I run a business. Like I couldn’t handle like anything. I was already over the brim with my lifestyle at the time, but this threw a wrench in it. I was having weird dreams. Then I got the flu really bad, like really bad.

And I was like, okay. Then I got a sinus infection that lasted like three months. And I’m like, what the heck is going on? I’ve never had a sinus infection in my life and was sick for like January to like April. Like, couldn’t get rid of the science of action. I was missing tons of work. I was so over it. I wasn’t mentally, well, I was depressed some for some reason I didn’t equate it to the drug.

I equated it to Costa Rica and just a little bit to the drug. So back to the doctor gave me a Z-pack that did nothing for the sinus infection. And then he gave me level Quinn again, which was the worst idea on the planet. And they ignored me intuition, which was a lesson in my healing to never, never ignore your body.

Never ignore the us. You know, the little nudges you get this probably isn’t a good idea. I ignored my intuition. No one warned me like about Levaquin. My mother read about it online saying, Oh my God, they give this to people with sepsis. And I had like a sinus infection and she’s like, don’t take it. And I tried to not take it for like a week.

And I got, I just kept getting sicker and sicker. I needed a stronger antibiotic, but I didn’t need level Quinn, but because I had already taken level Quinn, my immune system was so low that it was like, I needed a strong gun again. So I took lab acquaint against all of my better judgment day five. I, I stopped taking it as at a date.

I had seven days of level Quinn took my hands, started swelling up. And my body went wild. Like all my joints started cracking and I’m like, something’s fucking wrong. They take me off of it. And it progressively got worse and worse. And you know, you guys know on the other side, listening to this, what that’s like, and I don’t want to focus too much, but I had every symptom in the book, my story steamrolled people didn’t listen to me.

I went from doctor, doctor. I spent like 40 grand healing my body. Um, thank God I had that money stashed. I lost half of my business in the process. Um, but I knew something was wrong. And then once I Googled, like I Googled right away, side effects and level Quinn, and I was horrified. I’m sure everybody on here has done that.

And you’re like, Holy crap. I’m one of these people. And then you find the horror stories. And then, so you’re getting trauma at the same time because you don’t know what’s happening to your body. And it just, basically everything that could happen to me happened to me. I didn’t need, I dropped 40 pounds. I couldn’t sleep.

I couldn’t pay it. I couldn’t go and heat. Everything hurt. I suffered, I basically suffered. I had a total mental breakdown, nervous breakdown. I just couldn’t handle. I couldn’t stand up. I couldn’t walk people. Weren’t believing in me, doctors. Weren’t believing family wasn’t believing in me. They were, but they didn’t know.

Nobody knew how to save me. And Floxie hope is what, like I was like, okay, I’m flocks, you know? Cause my brain really wasn’t working. And I’m sure those who are listening know that your, your brain is affected when you lose your gut, you lose the brain. They’re connected. It’s um, they actually think your gut is the first brain.

So you are in a situation which I was in, which you’re operating systems are down and you have to save your health. So, um, yeah, it progressively got worse. It turned into an, I had like the breakdown of it. And then folding of it. And then I found the right doctors and different practitioners, and we’ll go into that detail and I’ll tell you all about that.

And then I started coming out of it. I changed my entire workload. I changed my life. I kicked out people who didn’t believe me. If they didn’t believe me, they were gone. I’ll talk to you after this. Like, I didn’t have you and me. Don’t have time to convince people what’s happening to you. You need to surround yourself with those who believe in you and support you.

Even if they don’t get it, they’re not judging you. And those are the people that you need around you at this time. Even if that means you can’t talk to family, then you can’t, you need to zone in and save your body. Say your health. Later they’ll believe you. Trust me. A lot of people are like, Whoa, you were sick.

I’m like, yeah, dude, I’m in LA people. Like you look great. I’m like, I’ve lost 45 pounds. I can’t, I’m miserable. And everybody’s telling me how good I look. Yeah. I know. It’s the quickest way to lose weight is to take a floor quinolone without a doubt. You want to lose weight and take that drug. Actually, I had some friends who did believe me, who made jokes when I was ill.

Well, maybe I should. Do you have an extra pillar out here, Gary? Yeah, right. Yeah. So year it took about a year to stabilize my health about a year and that took a year and a half. This last summer, I really started feeling significantly better. Half of my journey was the downfall. The other half of it was the rebuilding.

Right transition. Um, probably 13 months in pain. I started having pain free. Well, I actually started having pain free days, like eight months in. If I had one pain free day in a week, it was a good sign. Cause I was on my way to pain-free days, weeks. That was time. So yeah, the progress I hit about seven, eight months, and then I started climbing up slowly.

So this last summer was great for me. I was back in my body, you know, but I saw the light a lot way before then. Um, but yeah, I had to give up everything about my life, everything. It actually highlighted where my life wasn’t healthy in general, I’m a very spiritual person. So, um, for me it triggered a level of spiritual awakening at the same time I was going through my illness because my illness was so severe, the only way to heal it.

Was to change everything. Yeah. It was like, how did I get into this? I saw the significance of how did I lead myself into this poisoning and this downfall of my health? Well, ignored my intuition. I was overworked. I wasn’t sleeping enough. I didn’t drink. I drink water in Costa Rica. Like I’m like, that was a bad, like, what was I thinking?

You know? So I took it as the lesson, when I was in it, I rise to the occasion. At some time I went from being a victim of the drug and all of the people who left me that was very painful. I lost some of my best friends in this because people we know what it’s like to be fluxed and other people know.

And some people who were associated with other people very closely know how bad it is. But the majority of the world, even my psychiatrist who helped me was like, I’ve heard about this happening, but like, You know, he didn’t want to give too much power to it because he wanted to calm my brain down. He wanted me to move on, but he was like, what has happened to you?

Happens to a very small percentage of people. And it’s still like in the process of going into clinical studies, like it’s it’s and, um, no one really gets it until you experience it, or, you know, someone really close to you. So my advice is obviously those who are fighting you on this and acting like it’s not happening to you or you’re having, I dunno, mental breakdown because once you probably are, but if you are actually you’re sick temporarily, temporarily, you were poisoned.

Basically. It’s always hard for me when people reach out and they say, well, my doctor doesn’t believe you. And my family doesn’t believe me. And I get that. That’s a part of the process, but there’s. This attachment to having acknowledgement from the people that are closest to you or the people or the person that hurt you with the prescription.

And you might not change those people. It’s just better for you for your health, for your journey, to just focus on you and focus on supporting that path to healing and getting all of that weight that you’re putting on all of the existing weight weighing down on you from the drug and all the issues that come with that.

Just push that aside, clear the air, like cut through the bog and just move on because that’s the first real step you’re feeling I feel is just acknowledgement. People want to support you have those people on your team and surround your self with those people. Like you said, you know, perfectly, and you know what?

Look inside. I spent a lot of money dissecting this and I’m clearing my trauma now, healing my trauma, doing all I can from it. People react to things. It’s a stress response. Okay. It’s like a trauma you know, it’s like that in nature. When, when, when part of the packets injured, sometimes it gets left behind.

Like we have to remember where our animals and we’re part of this collective on the planet where people are, they can’t go in there with you, whatever you’re going through. Isn’t meant for everybody to come in there, but there will be people who come in there with you. And typically that will be your team, your medical professionals, and the people closest to you that can handle this who offer advice.

And actually, when I was ill, I had a good friend of mine who was just calling me while we were talking. And she, she had not fluoroquinolone poisoning, but she broke her hip and had an, they, um, needed the surgery. They severed a nerve in her awake. So she had chronic pain for like seven years too. It was like annihilating.

She couldn’t get out of pain. And she told me when I was sick, Sarah, I’m telling you right now, most people can’t go in there with you. It’s you and God. And you’re in there. And you can do this. You can get out of this, don’t try and convince anybody that this is real right now because it’s real for you and you have to get out and I’m like, right.

And there’ll be plenty of opportunities once you’re better for people to see that it was real. Yeah. I mean, it’s a mess. It’s, we’re a very small percentage. We just have the right genes to react to the drug. I mean, this drug affects everyone to some degree. We’re just the unlucky ones that hit the lot, the genetic lottery to have it hit us so hard.

And you know, it’s, it’s a process, right? So I feel like if you want to help people, um, wait till you’ve helped yourself to a point where you’re strong enough to have the emotional empathy, I guess, too, to be okay with it. Um, and just be all right with what happened to you. And then if you’re at a pharmacy or at a store or at a family gathering, and somebody asks you be like, Hey, I had a reaction to the drug.

Don’t take it. And that’s you. Paying it forward, like passing it, passing on that good deed. Um, but when you first get flopped, it’s so hard to even fathom that. Got it. You, I, you know, and I know, and everybody watching us, you look, that’s why you’re watching this. You’re watching this to get help. And I’m here to tell you, and you’re here.

That’s why you took over. You will get to the other side of this river is very possible and it’s probably more probable than not. You’re just not hearing the success stories because once people are over it, they don’t want to go back. They want to keep going forward because of the trauma of it. So just know that the majority of people who take this drug have healed from it somehow to some degree at some level.

And, um, we all just ha you just have to keep your head up and believe in your inner strength and know you will heal. Your body is a miraculous machine. Okay. And basically. And then I kind of want to roll into like what I learned on a scientific level about what happened to my body. So that will help other people, if I can go and roll into that right now.

So basically what happened to me, which I think happens to a lot of us is that when you lose your good and bad bacteria in your small intestine, that is the good. And then I had my, my, the lining in my, um, intestinal wall opened up and then that’s why I had significant information. Right? Um, so the good and bad bacteria are what digest all your food and feed your body and your cells with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that it needs to keep the car.

It’s like a car, right? You put gas in your car for it to run. That’s what our food is. So when you lose the good and bad bacteria, it throws a dysbiosis in the system and you have your vagus nerve that speaks from your intestines, right? Your gut to your brain, they signal back and forth to each other. So you’ve thrown this off, down in your gut.

My lining, you know, I had leaky gut, extremely key gut CRA. I mean, I think I already had, like you got before I got sick, so then it was, but then I had that too, which that would just been everything I ate would leak into my bloodstream create, um, systemic wide inflammation. And so a lot of the joint pain you’re feeling and a lot of like the, uh, nerve neuropathy and the whole, like, that’s all just a reaction to your body.

Not being able to keep the symbiosis that it’s used to having the balance and feeding the magnesium everywhere. Right? Cause the magnesium was such a big thing. And um, so you have that, that, and then that Sydney thing signals to your brain. But if you heal the gut and you heal the small intestine and you feed the body, what it needs and you take your time and you cut that stuff, you cut.

I still don’t equally. And I had canola oil today by accident. It was in my, uh, Salami. I was like, why am I I’m like, why am I inflamed? Cause now that I don’t feel pain, I notice it quicker. And I’m like, Oh, there’s canola. And my salami dammit, I should have just read the ingredients, but I was too excited about the salami.

So, um, little things still throw me off, but yeah, once you heal the gut and you heal and you deep it’s heal the gut detox, the body heal, the lining, putting good bacteria, feed the body, whatever minerals it needs temporarily to keep it sustained because the engine of the car is not working properly. And then your brain should start signaling back.

It, I mean, the body’s made to be well, right? So the machine, at some point should start finding some kind of balance between the brain and the gut, and then everything should start feeding with each other. And I didn’t detox the drug. That’s why it got so bad for me. Fluoroquinolones is fluoride, right? It got stuck in my system.

Cause I don’t methylate B six, never knew that makes tons of sense. Cause I had an auto-immune thing prior. And once we discovered that I didn’t methylate the sex, it was game time because methylation is so important. You know, your liver is your kidney and your gut to get all the toxins out. So basically I just was sitting with a hollow genie body with Fulbright in it.

I couldn’t take a hot shower. I couldn’t sleep. I was having panic attacks. It was all because of the fluoride. Once I started taking the B6, I do liquid B6 and I still take it because I don’t methylate properly. I’ll always have to deep basics. And so once he started the once the methylation process started happening in my body, then it was game time, get the drug out, repair the gut, heal the body supplement, and then you have the brain too.

So, Oh my God. It’s crazy. I did so much. So. I took an oath and you know, my story is on floxie If you, if you guys go to the blog, I’m under Sarah I’m at is covering story from Levaquin. And there’s a picture of me there. And you should read that because that’ll say all the supplements I took, the kind of practitioners I worked with was I worked with a naturopath.

Um, I tried goalie. He, but he didn’t help me. Um, it was different for me. I know he’s helped some people, but he didn’t help me. Um, I did. Uh, okay. So did natural path. And, uh, the main thing was getting all my blood work done and you know how that is? Will you, everything looks fine. It’s like, Hmm. But I was really vitamin D deficient and I had been for years.

So I think that might’ve been why the drug hit me so hard to. So the natural path helped me plug in some holes. And then we did see that I had high level of oxidative stress. I was that I was operating at like a 90 year old. Like I couldn’t walk because I was so toxic. Um, he didn’t do any methylation tests and I don’t know what he, cause he doesn’t know.

He didn’t know anything about, um, I case study for him. Yeah. But he’s a great guy. At least he somewhat believed me and he did help me. Um, so he was a stepping stone there then, um, I did infrared and then that made me sicker because I wasn’t methylating and that’s when my health really tumbled because I wasn’t methylating.

So I think everyone needs to make sure that their methylation genes are working. Cause as long as your methylation genes are working, you can get the truck out of your system. And that’s very important. The body will naturally heal itself if you get the truck out. Um, and then from there, gastroenterologist, um, I wasn’t, I lost 40 pounds.

My gut went crazy. The nerves, I couldn’t hold any food in my body. Like extreme IDs, basically two, I had like an, like an overgrowth of bad bacteria in my small intestines. So the way that I lost my appetite, I couldn’t eat. I think I was having a nervous breakdown to a mental breakdown at that point, obviously, cause I was in so much pain and um, but at that point they got, they gave me Faxon, which helped clear out the small intestine.

Okay. So we can start with a blank slate and rebuild with good bacteria. It just felt like the right move to do. I listened to my intuition on this. You guys, I’m very serious. Talk to your body, look for signs. Before you go to bed. I need information. Come to me in my dreams. Like I’m a very spiritual, like tell me what’s next.

And you will get information and you should listen to that. I need to go to this doctor. I should go to that doctor. You’re right. You know, your body, you’re the doctor. Right? And, um, they gave me this, a fax in my appetite came right back. My fibromyalgia pain went away, even though I still had all this other pain, but that was a big deal.

Cause I was not okay before this, the facts and the facts and worked great, found my can easy eulogist. Now she’s booked solid. You can’t get in to see her. My friend banked her. Cause I, she, she was sick for three years with lupus, from it not fluxed but just mercury poisoning, which is similar, to be honest, I think ours is even more big time, but his kinesiologist got me in, she’s worked with other people who took level Quinn.

She was like, Oh, get her in. So she got me in, we discovered them the methylation issue from there. Hi, omegas. I still take 2000. Amigas a day for inflammation and parade for you might as well. Um, Omega 5,000 NAC. She had been taking to detox my body while I was taking the B6 to give NAC really detox my body because the NAC is what helps produce solidify on in the blood.

Right. And, um, cause she said taking just glue to find out isn’t and I did a couple of glue to find IVs and they worked, but they did reflux me. It kinda, it she’s, she’s kind of an amazing healer. She talks to your body. Can she came? I came back to her cause I did a glue to find on Ivy, out, out in Arizona with the, with the natural path.

And she’s like, you detox like 60% just from, to go to five on IVs. But I suffered through it because it refluxed me, but it was, uh, it was at the time it was miserable, but I’m really glad I did do the IVs because. I needed to get that drug out of my body. Like I could just feel like a week later I felt so much better lighter in my body.

It’s like, I think I’m getting this drug out. And then, um, so the kinesiologist was huge. I highly recommend if you have access to somebody who, because kinesiologist taps your body, but they take supplements and they, you know, they talk to your body and touch your body and see what your body needs. Right.

Like muscles, muscle testing is another. Yeah. Like most of times. Yeah. So it was great. And then she’s also like borderline a healer because she’s highly intuitive, but she very, she was my saving grace. She saved my life basically. And, um, from there, once I was detoxing with the 5,000 and AC tons of omegas B6, she had me taking the B6 three times a day, like PCIX B6, B6 too jumpstart.

And I did the liquid B6 because I think it goes into the system. Um, it’s PFP B6, paradoxical, something. So that jump-started my body and the process detox. And then as I continued to work for her, that’s when my, between the SIS Faxon and the detox, um, IVs doing high to like all this blood work and her protocol.

I was able to flip the script a little bit, and then we started implementing, um, supplements so that it was tons of magnesium. Uh, like I was rubbing magnesium in my legs, Epson salt. I could finally do a heated back because I couldn’t do heat for a long time. Yeah. It messes you up the heat. Yeah. Toxic from the halogen.

Cause fluoride’s a salad. Right? So once you get the, you just got to get that numb numeral, Ono, get the drug out of your body. Just get it out. Yes. It stays in there. It gets into bone marrow and brain tissue. It’s yeah, like it’s yeah. It’s it goes in deep, but I just was like, get out. I kept, I would talk to my body and my brain and I’d be like, you are not allowed to be here.

You are. I guess you are a guest and you’re S you overwhelmed, you overstayed your welcome. A lot of your body, your brain tells your body what to do. Your cells just operate on what your brain is saying and thinking and believe, right. Which is a challenge when you’re losing control of your brain because of trauma and the drug.

However, we’re still in there. We can still be like, I refuse to let this take me out. I’m going to detox from this. This is my body. I am sovereign. I am in control. The body is a miracle. The first thing the kinesiologist said to me when I walked in, I sat there because she could see it in my eyes. And I had a good decent day that day because I had hope she grabbed my hand.

She looked me in the eye and she said, you’ve come this far. She knew I had already, I mean, we were looking at like a year, it started in January. This was September, you’ve come this far. You’re all now the healing begins and your body is a miracle. And I just cried. I was like, thank God. She’s like, I’ve seen this before.

I have five other people who’ve been here. Yeah. It’s strange. All we can do. We’re going to do all we can. You just, your body is a miracle. Your body is a miracle, like trust your body. Um, and. Yeah. And then we just started replenishing my body. At the same time I was requiring fishing. You know, I lost half my business had to move out of the home.

I was in downsize. It was insane. Like, but it was all divine. It got me, this all happened right before the pandemic. It all lined up perfectly. And, um, she helped me. I say, I’m going to go see her like in a week. I haven’t seen her since I’d been better. Like, she’s going to be stoked. Cause it’s, I can’t wait to show her that I’m better.

And um, so once I went from there, then I started, then I saw my acupuncturist and I’ve known him for years and he’s great. And he’s a chiropractor. And he said the same thing to me. He’s like, look, your gut, you lost your gut. He’s intuitive. He’s like you lost your gut. You lost your bacteria, getting the drug out of your body.

Take command of your body, Sarah. It’s over. He’s like the worst is over. And I think that that is, what’s so difficult in the pro what we’ve experienced, because it’s so bad and so gnarly. It’s so hard to move on because your body might be in a place where it’s ready to heal and it’s ready to have no pain, but because our minds have experienced what they’ve experienced, it’s really hard to not the PTSD.

So from there, I started working with a medical medium over the phone in Canada. This is woo stuff, but it worked Oh. Also in September, when I met with doctor the kinesiologist, I did get a psychiatrist. I went in my amygdala, amygdala, everything. So I was doing trauma therapy too, because I was like my brain.

I had no control. I wasn’t even in my body, I left my body cause I was a disassociation. They got, so they gave me Gabapentin, Gabapentin. I only took like a hundred milligrams, like three times a day up to like maybe six times a day in the beginning. And that started to calm my brain down. Cause my M ma’am, my amygdala just went nuts because it’s where trauma’s stored.

And because my story was such a cycle of like, it got worse and worse, like a tumbleweed, I think of my health journey is like a tumbleweed just with Bing bang, bang. Yeah. Some point I was like on the bed, like, nobody believes me. I’m dying. You know, like it’s all work, you know? And the brain just gave up in the Vegas nerve, gave up, it all gave up.

So the M the Gabapentin allowed my brain to calm down and then I could sleep. And then I was just taking it all day because the trauma was so severe in my body. I was like, shaking. I could bear. It was a week. I had no muscle. I just lost 40 pounds. I didn’t do. I have, I’m a curvy girl. I would sit on the ground or the chair.

I could feel the bones in my ass. Like, I’m like, what has happened to my body? I looked ill. Like, you know, that’s part of the trauma too, is looking in the mirror and going, what the fuck is happening to me? This isn’t me. Yeah, temporary shit. You’re temporarily poisoned and your body is losing its mind, get it back together and you’ll come back.

And, um, yeah, the, the Gabapentin really helped me. And then from they’re just all at once, you can book, once you can get sleep, you know, once you can get sleep and you can, you can walk around the cabin, like, you know, it’s, your detoxing from the drug. Then the body will start to find its balance again, you know?

And I was taking, you know, 50 supplements a day. I mean, my kinesiologist is like, okay, so we’re going to add this this week. Okay. We’re going to, I had lactic acid built, so, okay. This is the other thing about, this is a lot of information, but the other thing about healing is once you start getting better and I want people to remember this it’s a circle, right?

Healing is a circle. It’s not linear, but it starts down here and you go up, but in the process going up. You come up like this, you’re doing good. You’re doing good. But then you got, you got to step forward and you got two steps back, right? You’re back down here, but essentially you’re moving up the entire time.

So it’s like this slowly. So at some point when certain things in your body start to heal, may it be tendons joints, or does detox or nerve pain? Like I lost, I didn’t have any refluxes. Once my reflux has started coming back and my nerve pain went down a little bit from the Gabapentin and just from the BS vitamins I was taking and everything, and I had this crazy pain in my body.

It was so painful. I’ll never forget it. And it was a lactic acid build up and I’m like, how the heck did this happen? It’s just like, because you can’t have any beef. Cause I couldn’t even have beef. My gut was destroyed. I couldn’t have beef. I could. So I was eating too much B I was eating too much chicken, you know, mega five.

Yeah. It’s gonna make it six to six creates an, uh, uh, lactic acid buildup. So what’d you do? What’d she iodine,

you got lactic acid buildup. She’s like cut out the chicken and I’m like, well, I had to eat the chicken because I could only eat like seven banks. So it cut off the chicken she’s like, and take this and then just stick with that. I think I didn’t eat meat for like a couple of weeks just cause I was like, I’m not touching any me right now.

I’m just going to eat and take the iodine and stay with veggies and sweet potatoes. And you know, I cut out coffee, you guys. I went hardcore. I cut it all out. Like, Oh yeah, you did too. We want to have too. It’s hard. You know, you’re met with the worst fear. Can’t have coffee. You’re like, I’ll never drink coffee again.

I’ll never drink again. I’ll never, I can’t have it. Look, it is temporary. You know, like I still can’t do gluten or canola oil and there’s other things I can’t do, but I can have coffee. I can have wine and moderation. I can have some cheese and I’m okay. Like it will come back, but you are going to have to get hardcore.

And yeah, the guts important. It’s got to it’s all in the gut. That’s like huge detoxing in the gut, detox and gut. If you do those, you’ll come back to life, but it’s, the engine has to be healed. And, um, where was I? So it’s so true. I mean, the trauma from this wreaks havoc on your gut, just, just stress alone, wreaks havoc on your body.

It’s like not even the drug, then you get stressed and that makes it even worse. So it’s, yeah. That’s the only thing your dog, or you’re losing your money or people don’t believe you you’re losing your besets friends. So you have 50% of it is drug induced the other 50. And it’s just the reaction to the drug life.

Expressers and people not believing you and money and the fear and the, I mean, you guys, if you get through this, you are a mother fucker. Okay. It’s hard. It’s hard. Like basically you were probably one of the strongest people on the planet and I’m strong. I have. It makes you, uh, emotionally hard and it makes you spiritually like it, it opens up all these spiritual pathways that you didn’t even know existed.

If you’re not religious, you start believing in the universe, a power. Like I was 32 years old and just enjoying the shit out of sitting outside and listening to the birds chair and the wind blowing and 30 old guys don’t think about that stuff. It’s okay. I just got goosebumps everywhere. It’s a spiritual awakening.

It is. That’s what it was. And it’s a blessing because guess what? We all it’s happening now, collectively anyway, cause we’re in this pandemic. If you’re in this process right now, or it’s happened to you, consider yourself forced to wake and which is okay, because you’re going to be ahead of the game. Some people don’t, some people don’t realize that.

So they’re on their death bed or they lose everything or they just, you know, I’m lucky enough to have this right now to see the little blessings every day that I’ve received from. Whatever conversations people. I meet, like having a good day. Like that’s just the best. Like, that means so much more to me than the normal person free days are like vacation.

All right. Now I’m having some information because of that. Dang salami. But yeah, like in general, you guys, 80% of my time now, 75 to 80% of my life is pain-free. And actually, even if I’m having physical pain, I don’t have any more emotional pain or barely I process my emotions quicker now because I don’t want to be a pain.

I awake through this. So if there is other and follow the path, cause I I’m at this medical medium in this, she came to me through divine order, like how that all happen. And she works. I work with her over the phone in Vancouver, so she was able to help me pick the perfect powder to heal the gut lining because my other doctor.

It’s so busy you guys, cause she’s a major healer like you can’t it’s so I only get 30 minutes of her time. This woman was able to go in, okay. Start taking this and take it. And then I started really healing and Oh, it was just great. And she had, she had me do my fascial release, which I don’t know if you did that on your attorney, but it worked because trauma gets stored in your fascia system, which wraps around your muscles and your joints.

And it also stores toxins in there. So once I did my after release, I mean, I went through so much emotion. I had so much anger, but I released it and it all came out. And then my joint pain in my hips went away so much joint pain in my hips once they started getting better on that’s part of my, what I was saying was fearful that goes up, you know, once you start healing, certain things, get ready to notice other things come forward, that you were too focused on this other thing.

Now that this gone, now, this comes in, you’re not getting worse. You’re just, it’s an onion. You’re peeling back. The onion it’s being uncovered. It was there the whole time, but you couldn’t even feel it because you were so focused on the other thing that was so much more pain. So it’s the process of healing.

Right? And, um, once I did the, my fascia release, Oh my God, I didn’t have that joint pain in my hips. It was like, cause I could like move my body. I did some light, light gentle massage because my nervous system, remember your nervous system has gone through the gamut. Okay. It’s a neurotoxic. It goes haywire.

Your brain signals are off the AP access. Your nervous system is acting whacked. So once you start coming back to them and be very gentle with yourself, like. I did very light and soft. Now I can get deep tissue and I’m fine, but like, I could barely get touched, but I needed that touch because I had to release the motion and I had to get back in my body.

I had to integrate back in my body. So find yourself, you know, mental health, professional, spiritual, someone to help you on your spiritual journey. Like even if it’s a doctor, who’s like a healer or just someone that is aware, cause you are probably going to go through a level of awakening in this and it’s long as you stick with that.

And you’re like, I am in a spiritual awakening inside of this life-threatening illness. Or I don’t know if it’s like I was life-threatening for me. I’m not sure about everybody else. For me, it was life threatening. Um, you’ll get your way through it because. You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to get all the support you need from higher power to find your way through this thing.

The biggest missing link right, is, is you can go on a lot of these Facebook groups and be scared to death with some of that. But there’s, there’s the missing link of having support or having some sort of spiritual healing or support system of people that understand it, get it, and they’re ready and willing and able to help you work through it.

And that’s why we’re trying to create group sessions because like going through the last seven years, I haven’t found one person besides my wife and a few friends that really get it, understand it, know how to support me when and know acknowledge when I need support. When I don’t really know that I need support and finding somebody that’s a practitioner or healer that understands it, gets it and is able to help you is like, That’s the biggest piece of the puzzle.

I feel like that PTSD from this is huge. I think it’s lifelong. I think this is a, this is a chapter of your life. You’re never going to forget as much as you want to forget it. I don’t, I think it redefines who you are as a person. Oh yeah. Well, we, we, and I talked to other people. This has happened too.

It’s like, we felt the suffering of the world in our illness. I do. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We’re in this much pain on this planet. I know like cancer people get 5k runs, their family get like, you know, they get all of this stuff. No, nobody cares. Like what do you mean reaction to it? And I ended up biotic. Yeah, it’s good.

I wished I. This is so bad to say, and I’m actually really glad I didn’t have cancer because cancer is a lifelong battle that coming back. So I am grateful now. I didn’t have it very grateful. However, when I was in it, I was jealous of my cancer friends. Cause they’re raising money. They, everybody believed them.

They had support and we’re over here dying and everybody’s judging me and yelling at me for being sick. I was like, Oh my God, hard. It’s hard. It’s literally the worst. The thing you could go through, I think because th the misunderstanding what your body’s going through, what your mind is going through.

And it’s like, shit, I need a break. I need to just go. I honestly wanted to just pack my bags and just climb up a side of a Hill or have somebody drive me up there. Cause I couldn’t get there and build like a little camp away from the world and just like meditate and hang out in nature. I think I would have been healed just from doing that.

Well, it’s so funny set up because I was trying to escape LA. I was trying to get out of here. I mean, my house was selling that I was renting. I was losing half my business. I mean, I was like, I need to get the fuck out of here, but I didn’t know where to go. And there was nowhere for me. Cause then, then I didn’t want to leave my doctor.

And like the two or three people who did believe me, cause they were so instrumental in my healing, doctors are great. They definitely have they’re they’re part of the healing. But I think a huge part of it is like, like you said, the spiritual part going, getting in your head, getting in your soul, getting in your spirit, getting the hope and empowering yourself and just finding yourself again.

Yeah. And you know what? You guys, whoever’s listening to this right now. Go lay in the forest, go lay in the sand, go lay in the grass. Look at the sun, look at the stars. Look at the butterflies. Because get into that flow. You are, you are limitless. You are going to live forever. You’re immortal beyond this planet and that energy, that light will heal your body alone.

It’ll also come from and like. The beach for me still always has been, but it’s amazing. And this last year, because of the pandemic, the pandemic hit and I was not shocked. I was like, of course, like it was like perfect time. Just throw it on the throat, on the wagon that I got. But I actually was grateful for the pandemic and ways.

Cause the world shut down and I’m in LA. So I got to heal. I was at the beach four times a week, spring and summer. I’m already getting ready. I’m working out with a trainer now guys, I’m working out with a trainer and back in my body. Yeah. I still get like heavy legs. I don’t know. I’m going to go see the kinesiologist and work with my medium.

I still have some residual, but I also think that could just be the functioning. I don’t know if it’s mitochondrial or if it’s who notes. Okay. What we went through, what our body went through is very intense. It’s going to take a long time to heal that. But the main point is to get out of the fire of it.

Get out of the inflammation, fire, get out of the, I can’t walk, fire, get out of it. Get out of the nucleus, you know, the, I had a storm or wouldn’t get out of that. And then you can be, you can focus on all the fun healing things, you know, lane doing a trip where your hype, where you’re in nature, um, modalities that are good for you, um, versus just the fight of saving your health, which we all know laughter the, one of the biggest things I’ve found like the times where I feel like I, I just can’t get out of my own way of forced myself to call a friend, hang out with my family or my loved ones and just watch a funny movie and laugh.

And if you’re going to be in pain, why not do it with people that love you, people that support you and have shared those moments with them and have them pick you up. And then you forget about your pain. You’re almost like it’s marginalized. Like it’s just not as bad as it was if you’re sitting in your room by herself.

Just compounding that feeling. Yeah. Got it. And that’s the weird balance actually, we. I, you know, it was difficult because my family didn’t really believe it. Right. So it, I had, my sister was having a baby at the time and like was in the hospital there. It’s like, and they all chose like, no one really. I don’t think it’s almost, they knew was really bad, but they didn’t know how to be there for me because they doubted what I was going through.

And I had so many friends that doubted me that I think I only have like a small amount of people that it could be around because my nervous system was so shocked from the drug and I was spiritually awakening, but what really helped was I kept working and I think that it gives me purpose in general, beyond being flocks.

I love to work on an eyebrow expert. I have tons of clients. I used to have 200 clients a month. Like it was crazy, but my clients were so wonderful in this. I can’t even believe they made it. And now we’re independent MC together. We went from me like dying last year to like poison from an antibiotic to like, we’re now we’re all in math.

We just, we co we crack up. We’ve been through so much together. And actually I have a client who’s becoming a gastroenterologist because what I went through, like, she literally inspired her and she’s in med school and that’s fantastic. And, but I going to work was just seeing my clients, even though I was in so much pain, it’s gonna be in pain no matter where I was, I was paying here and they’re paying that.

There’s no escaping the pain, you know, of course I was like, Oh, I might as well be like making money and being with people. I like, like you’re saying, and, Oh, I, I got cozy. Once the pain started a lesson, cozy socks, cozy rogue, Epsom salt baths. And I was alone. Singleness people didn’t believe me. It was hard, man.

But yeah, but at the same time, I was like, it would have been hard if I was in a relationship. Cause I don’t even know what the relationship would have made it. Yeah. No. And know you get re-triggered by all that stuff too, if it’s a hard relationship. Yeah. It’s hard. One of my closest friends that was there for me in this, we’re not speaking now because she hasn’t moved through the trauma that I have.

He has the people that are closest to you need support too, because remember the person in their life is in the most difficult time of their life. So when you can’t help you can’t save them. Right. So, um, but the body is amazing. The body is amazing. It comes back, it heals and it’s different for everybody.

What they need. Everybody needs different things. I have to bring up. Siliciden. Because I don’t think there’s a lot of talk about it. And this is a big thing in the medical field already. If we’re getting cleared for psychological, um, treatment through siliciden psilocybin is magic mushrooms. Like we’re CBD is from cannabis.

Psilocybin is to magic mushrooms, mushrooms, psychedelics. Once I started micro-dosing psilocybin, it helped rewire my brain, which I needed to do because I needed a new neuro pathway. The pathway that I had that we all have is filled with trauma, bad memories and tons of pain, but it really is. That’s an understatement.

It’s a good, it really is. Cause like those words for all of us really hit home. For sure. Yeah. It’s an, I moved my house. I moved my business. Cause when I was in that house, like it got heavy, dirty dark in there. Like I had some weird spirit of stuff going on there, but I was like, okay, rule number one in trauma, new environment, new job, new scene, new.

Like I moved into this. Uh, third, like, see, I’m really blessed because I had money saved and I spent my savings saving my health. So I know that not everybody has the financial ability that I did. And I’m very grateful. However, some of the best doctors you’ll meet will be affordable because healing doctors aren’t that expensive, especially if you’re doing Eastern practices.

Um, and yeah, I changed everything. It was like, I had to change everything to shift the energy vibration around my body. Right. We’re all vibration. I move in next door to this woman. Who’s on the board of maps, which is psychedelic research. And from there was able to get me a t-shirt that I micro-dose with that helped rewire my brain and neuro pathway because chronic pain is like fibromyalgia, all those other things.

It just keeps we signal each other. You guys. And since our Vegas nerve gave up and we had little AP access thing happened. It we’re stuck. And I felt it. I felt it like right here. This is where I felt my trauma line. Yeah. We’re stuck in trauma. Even our subconscious, when we sleep is we wake up six times a night just from trauma.

It’s crazy. This stopped all that. So I’ve been stopped. All of it. I was so depressed because obviously like you and I, and everybody knows why it’s hard. Even when I started to get better, I was just this dark cloud man. And I’m a very positive person. I’ve had depression before, but like, this was like, Oh, you know, like your body, you get triggered and your whole body freaks out.

And you’re like, like happening all over again. And then flashbacks annoying. So siliciden all of a sudden sky’s really blue today. Wow. You know, and I’m a painter. I wasn’t painting as much as they was because of the trauma. Started painting like a maniac. Once I, once the joy came back into my brain, it created new neuro pathway, which created a new experience.

It was great about this was because I was coming out of pain. I was having pain free days. Not all of them. I still don’t. I mean, I’m still, now I have tons, but the new neural pathway was filled with more experience of less pain versus the old neuro pathway, which was the downfall in the illness. Right. So the new neuro pathway was sculpted in this way that I had a new place to live.

I had pain-free days. I was getting better slowly. So in that I’d set an intention before I dose in the morning and I’d go get outside and it just started to heal me. It was instant in a week. You know, if let’s just say I was in the well of health because I was happy. I think I met the devil, like it was dark, but if I’m down here with the devil and here’s the, well, I need to get out of.

Right. It was kind of like, as I did, siliciden just came up now I’m up here, the Wells here and I’m over here, I’m doing great. So, um, I still micro-dose, I probably heavily micro-dosed the first six months, but they took about three months brand new brain, brand new Sarah. Like if you ha, if you had to pick like your top three things that have helped you throughout this journey, would that be one of them a hundred percent?

Because there’s no way an absolute hell. I would have been able to take all the work that I did with my body, the food, the supplements, the doctors at the modalities. None of it would have worked fully if I didn’t change my neuro pathway in my brain, just to be okay with it. Once you rewire your brain, Your body just shifts into a whole new operating system.

And I had so much trauma starting stored in my brain and my body from childhood that I wasn’t even aware of until I got sick and was experiencing current trauma. And then that’s when the spiritual awakening happened. So it actually gave me the opportunity to clear all of my trauma, not all of it, but a lot of it.

Cause we all have, we had generational trauma too and half Armenian. So we have that whole story with the genocide, but you clear ha I cleared so much. It was like, I was a brand new operating system once I started doing psilocybin and then I did another modality. Um, that’s number one. Okay. For sure. Yeah.

Well the other two, you feel there’s so many. I know you gotta, you gotta, you gotta whittle it down to three though. What are those like moments that you’ve had with a doctor or a supplement or modality that you were like, fuck this. Kinesiologist, the methylation, you guys making sure you can escalate because if you can’t methylate you can’t get that drug out of your body.

That is number one. So I’m going to hook methylation and gut health all into one detox and gut health. Okay. Number two, number two, number one, psilocybin. But I didn’t do the siliciden until the end of, uh, when it was time. Okay. Get your body back online first, then psilocybin. Cause that’s that’s that’s after you got to save the body first, so yeah.

Gut health, methylation, psilocybin, and, um,

okay, we’ll obviously food, food. Food’s a big one. That’s one of my top three. Yeah. I mean, you can’t. You got to get rid of the trigger in your body, from the inflammation right now that you, now that you’ve gone through all this, and you’re here in the present moment, like where do you feel like your path is going to head towards like, what’s your future look like going through this?

And I’m going to say this before I talk about the future. I am so grateful to be talking. I almost want to cry. Like, I’m still grateful to be sharing this with you. And it’s perfect timing that you took over because when I was sick and detoxing from the fluoride and being weed flocks at my sister’s house soda from the glutathione Ivy, I can’t wait.

I videos, I’m crying. I don’t found myself just to look back. And I was like, I can’t wait until I could share my story. Now I healed a hundred percent. Like just to share that and tell you that you will cross the river, my friend, like you will. The future is bright, man. The future is so bright and I’m very blessed.

I saved half of my business. I’ve been able to save half of it. Even through the pandemic. I work from home. I’ve been selling art this year. I’m a painting maniac. Um, I kicked out all the jerks that were in my life. I had a lot of assholes in my life before I got sick. Probably why I got sick, you know, because it’s so low vibrational, it’s toxic.

It highlighted. Yeah. It highlighted, whatever else was toxic. Yeah, for me, my behaviors, other peoples. So I awakened, it gave me this awakening and I cleaned the decks and I just released a single cup. I’m a singer songwriter. It’s called uncertain times and I hired a PR company. Uh, we’re promoting that. I’m, can’t wait to make my album.

I was about to make my album before I got sick with and had the money and the money went to health, but the album, the record’s going to happen. It’s just a manifesting the right vibrational team, because what I’ve learned from being ill at such a low vibrational we’re poisoned. I mean, come on, rock and roll.

If you get through that. Um, yeah. And that’s, you know, when I was ill, you guys, I looked in the mirror. I was like, you bad bitch. If you can get through this, you can get through anything. Life is going to be great. You’re going to have the best life ever, because this is the worst. It actually makes the pandemic seem like a beetle.

That’s it? Yeah. I hate to minimize it, but honestly, like people are freaking out. I’m like, like I’m not afraid to fly. Flew like seven times, like going to conferences, meeting doctors, like coming to California six times, like. Whatever COVID okay. Speed bump did totally fine with it. Keep my immune system really healthy and I’m double masking.

I wear my shield with clients like I’m anti-vax I infrared all the time sauna. Cause I love it for pain. You guys, if you can, infrared highly recommended, it gets away to, uh, inflammation right away. Um, yeah, this made that seem like this is tough. I’m not going to negate how tough it is right now, because it is, but you know, and the people, this is a whole other level and if you can get through this, you can get through anything.

And so yeah, I’m going to make this record. I’m getting into shape. I just started working out, you know, I’m two years from the beginning of it and I’m working out with a trainer. Um, I’m happy you guys. I’m really happy. I really, you know what? I don’t want to say happy because happy is, you know, fleeting some days I’m happy.

Sometimes it’s not, I am fulfilled because my health is back. I still have some more healing. What’s not like you said, you still got steps. So do I, I believe I can heal it. I just have to get strict again. And I was so strict along, but I don’t think I’m going to give up the coffee or wine anytime soon.

Right now it’s hard. It’s hard, honestly. Like you gotta, yeah, you gotta give yourself a little bit of Slack because if you’re too regimented, you’ll drive yourself crazy. You’ll just keep rabbit hole to rabbit hole things to fix and it’s yeah. It’s once you can cheat and it doesn’t kill you, enjoy your life.

Um, but yeah, I’m just really grateful and I’m so, you know, you guys very traumatic other side of. It’s like peeling back the curtain in the world and learning the darkness of the world. And we went through that and we felt it. We ingested it and we became it. We became the dark, darkest, lowest vibrational thing because of the drug.

However, whatever gets pulled back really dark, always shoots forward. So light. It does. And there’s less this lessons to be learned through those layers to you. I found out so much about myself as a person. What I could handle, who I am spiritually, what I think of myself or others, the world, it, all this stuff I never would have thought at, you know, late twenties, early thirties, I would ever have redefined myself or, or my purpose or who I am as a person.

I know I would’ve probably had a spiritual awakening on this planet at some point because I’m, I’ve always been a seeker, you know, in, in spirit. But like, I don’t know that if it would’ve happened at the level of death, if I did not take those drugs. And how deep it got, like you, you go cause it’s you guys it’s cellular level, we’re healing at a cellular level and in the spiritual realm, right?

Apparently like our spirit, like our body, our ourselves, or that is spirit. Like we’re this, we’re this machine that has intuition and foresight and we have all these different senses and we work, we can manifest abundance and we’re really amazing magical beings in this ADI. And we’ve, we healed at a cellular level.

That’s a deep, like that’s a deep spiritual awakening because I don’t know if it gets any, I don’t know. We could just be talking ourselves up right now, but I mean, if you can transform through this rebirth death and rebirth through this. You’re going to be, I think it will be a very powerful person. Yeah, definitely.

It would be way, this is a humbling experience to say the least. It’s unbelievable. It is. It is crazy. So I’m glad to hear that your story is, um, one of hope and one that has led from a dark place to a light place and it’s, it’s always lovely to see another floxie smile. Ugh. It’s I’m so like I’m S there, you guys, there are times where like I’m just driving and I’m, so I’m getting so used to feeling good.

Like I’m like almost forgetting it. I haven’t forgot. I don’t never forget it, but I’ll tell you the suicide and this work, but I’ll be out of it. Does. I’m not kidding. I recommend everybody to do some research into it. Right. And I mean, micro-dose. Okay. Not go do an eighth of last. Yeah. Like medicinal amounts.

But I would, I still, sometimes I just break down crying and gratitude because I made it, I made it and you know what, nobody really gets it, but me, maybe you and us, like, we need to be fucking proud of ourselves because this is business. It’s a big time stuff. And its conversation we’re having right now, five, two years from now, this could be big time, clinical trial stuff.

Like the way we’re healing our body through this drug is probably how a lot of people are going to heal so many other illnesses. Oh yeah. We’re we’re too, in the way, I feel like we’re doing the work for a lot of what we’re doing, the work for researchers and people that have mitochondrial damage, you know, full on system problems, gut health poisoning, mercury poisoning, mold, like the gut health, the microbiome, like they don’t say this with the whole pandemic.

Yeah. Your microbiome is everything good back to work. We’re more bacteria than we are anything else. And I always tell everyone, I’m like, if you could tell anyone how you feel, tell them to like, look at Chernobyl or people that have walked into like, you know, a nuclear wasteland, like people that have been lived, lived there.

Like they have like multi function issues and that’s like this, you get the halogen, the flora in your body. And it just shuts everything down. Like you get cold, you lose weight, you lose muscle function. Your nerves are on fire. Your guts destroyed like full on system crash. The spasms that I used to get, and the, I used to be able to see inside my brain and it would like flutter.

It was weird. Like I’m like, what the fuck is wrong with? I felt poisoned. Hey, and that’s the truth. You’re poisoned. You’re poisoned and, and the, and the thing you have to just accept it, detox, move on from it and just, and just keep moving forward. Like, I would write like inspirational things on my wall, or I’m a mirror.

Like you can do this. Don’t give up. Like, when I couldn’t walk, I would like almost like put little things so that I would walk my ass to places to go to the bathroom, to get there, to know that I could still do it. And it’s a little things. It’s always the little things that matter the most when you’re going through.

You know, what I did is I wrote in my journal as I was healing because I was healing, but the trauma was so intense that I’d fall back in my healing. I am healed. I am well, I am abundant. I am healed. I am well, and I’m abundant. I would seriously you guys, I would write pages off it. I’m healed. I am well, I’m abundant.

Just manifest. Tell your body, listens to your brain. You know, all the time you just have to, too, too, too, to amend, to get, they have to be on the same page. Okay. You want to say page and think about healing like a four pillar system. It’s it’s. I actually started, did start writing a book about all this. I don’t know if it will ever happen because I don’t want to go back, but emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, physical body, all four focus on all of them.

They’re all important because emotions are stored in the body. You have to clear your emotions, anything that you’ve been holding onto your entire life process process. And now, yeah. Yeah, you’re not, and it’s killing you and your poison from four corners. Don’t quit your fucking job. Figure it out because the way you’re going to get better is setting up your life in a higher vibrational state that fulfills you to who you truly are and your body will get better.

Exactly. That’s like some of the best advice I’ve, I’ve heard in a while. It, it really is. It’s it’s a system support the system. Get better. Exactly. All of it. And don’t and get God on your side, man. Just.

Whatever the spiritual, yeah. Any spiritual outlet is, is so worth it. Cause we, we technically our energy. So if you can get that high vibrational energy and feel good about yourself, even if you’re not feeling good, like just be empathetic that you’ll get to a place where you’re feeling better and be okay with it and go.

And just like, I feel like everyone should have a pet or something, some outlet or comfort them, or, you know, it’s, it’s a good feeling when you’re feeling good. And if you’re not feeling good, just focus on the steps of the process to get better or feel better or just know that you will get better. Yes.

And watch all, even if you can’t focus because your brain’s messed up. Put friends. I had friends on the entire time on the background, just uplifting, uplifting, sound, uplifting videos. I did a lot of frequency listening to like YouTube, all the different birds. And I’ve laid back. I would just cry and I’d let the vibration hit my body.

I’m S I’m a musician. I would just let the vibration hit my body, you know? And just, does that look good? Put it in front of you. Does this feel good, wrap yourself in it? Watch, do not get into the vibration of the drug vibration step away from that vibration because in order to get it out of your body, because it can’t stay in your body, if you’re vibrating at a higher level.

Yeah. I mean, honestly, like our body is set up to fix itself. It’s just understand their support it. And I’m glad, I’m glad we went over a lot of the spiritual aspects of things. Cause I feel like that’s a missed pillar that it’s always about supplements and doctors and you know, the clinical stuff, but.

Before we had all that. We, we had energy healers, people that would heal us through energetic healing. Um, and that’s part of this, you know, uh, if you get grounded sitting on the beach, sitting on the grass, like all that stuff matters, work. We’re humans were animals, essentially. Were were pack animals.

We’re supposed to be around people and laughing and, you know, walking barefoot and in nature, like we’re so disconnected from that in a bedroom by herself with no lights on crying like that, that that’s, that’s the hardest thing. Like that’s not normal for us. No. And it makes sense because it’s your nervous system.

So you’re wanting to not be stimulated because everything that stimulates you causes pain because of the drugs. So I actually got this thing called the WAF. W H F you guys, you can order it online. W H F it blows up. It’s like a donut. They use it for therapy, physical therapy and working out. And I had this big celebrity, um, client, uh, personal trainer, client of mine.

That’s when we discovered it was my nervous system. She’s like come into the studio and choose a godsend. And I went in there, she put me in this donut thing, it’s like blown up the wall and I laid in, it, passed out like this she’s like the float tank, right. It’s super silent. She’s like the system Sarah.

I’m like, Oh, and then we figured it out. So anyway, I bought the wall and I slept in the WAF. I meditated in the WAF. I had my Shakara opening my awakening in the wall if I was in pain, but my friend would just go, go to the wall, go to the office, go to the law, the body heals and parasympathetic. And if you can’t keep your sympathetic because your nervous system sucks and your joints hurt and you’re traumatized get in the water.

So I just got in the walk, then I would just literally. Lay in the wall drinking my green juice because the green juice saved me. Cause I couldn’t absorb food for so long. So I just drink Rangers and land to walk. You guys put on friends and I was just like, I’m going to get better. Yeah. You were in tune with your body.

Yeah. Get into parasympathetic, whatever that looks like, because the body will heal itself in parasympathetic. That’s awesome. I’m really excited without all the advice you’d given, like you really tapped onto a lot of subjects that we’d be miss a lot of the times. Well, there’s so much isn’t there there’s even, this is only 25% of what I learned.

Yeah. But it’s an, you know, the message. Yeah. Yeah. Foxy hopes just to give hope. And, and we definitely nailed that with this conversation

loved what you’ve heard on this week’s episode. Well, well, the answer is simple. It would mean the world to us. If you can head over to iTunes and leave us a five-star review and feedback spreading the word clearly is the best way to grow our podcast and achieve even greater sayings. Thank you. Thank you.


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