Floxie Hoped Podcast Episode 34 Show Transcription

Cassidy 0:00
Like what’s wrong with you? And I’m like, Mom, like something’s wrong. This is really wrong. And my knees were so weak that they just like buckled in Word. I was just super unstable. And that was my first immediate symptom.

Jay Sousa 0:18
You’re listening to the floxie hope podcast. Please be advised that this podcast is meant for educational and informational purposes only and is no way a replacement for legal or medical advice. The opinions contained within are solely those of the interviewers and interviewees and should be received as those seeking help or advice are encouraged to obtain professional legal and medical services. Hey, it’s Jason here from floxie hope I’m really excited about today’s guest. She’s going to tell you a little bit about her episode with a floral quinolone and what she did to heal if you’re looking for more information about fluoroquinolones toxicity, and also some recovery stories to keep you hopeful if you’ve been affected by fluoroquinolones, please visit floxie hope calm. There, you’ll find a ton of resources helpful ebooks. And we also are now offering group therapy. So you want to go to floxie hope.com. And check that out. Thanks for listening. Everybody, its Jason from floxie hope with another podcast episode with someone who had gone through levaquin toxicity. And I’m going to let her introduce herself.

Cassidy 1:31
So my name is Cassidy and I went through lucquin toxicity in August of 2019. My experience wasn’t, I would say, as bad as many people’s experience. But I’m super excited to give you guys an insight on what worked for me What didn’t really work for me, and how I’m doing now, almost two years later.

Jay Sousa 1:57
Great. I’m so happy that you’re taking the time to share your story, Cassidy. And I want to really get more in detail about your story like how it happened, the symptoms, you know what led you to figuring out this whole thing, because I’m assuming doctors had given up on you. So just elaborate more on your story, like what happened to you.

Cassidy 2:19
So the within leading up to the moment I actually took the antibiotic, I had a migraine for about five days. And I didn’t know then but I was suffering from a severe kidney infection. Due to I’m pretty sure it was this from the alcohol that I was consuming in the days and weeks prior. I’m just not keeping up with my health so much though, my immune system was down, I got a kidney infection, and then I wound up in an urgent care in the middle of the night. And the doctor felt on my kidney. And he said, Oh yeah, you have a kidney infection, we’ll give you this antibiotic. And I didn’t go into this much detail in my YouTube video that I made. But I’ll go into a little more detail now. So when I was given the antibiotic from the doctor, he sat me down. And he was like, so I just want to let you know that I have to go through a couple of potential side effects. Some people like rupture their Achilles tendons on this, but it’s super rare. And I was out of it like I is that literally was in one ear and out the other. So he says that. And mind you, I was already like, in my head, I was like I’m not taking this antibiotic. I had studied herbalism I literally went through a migraine for five days, because I did not want to take didn’t want to go to the doctor. You know what I mean? I can’t remember if I took an inset during the days leading up to when I took lucquin but I want to say I did. And later on I found out that that could have potentially exacerbated my symptoms from when I took lucquin. So anywho I was like, I’m not taking this. He’s like Well, I’m going to take it below the essentially like trying to be nice guy and convinced me that like this is gonna save me and he’s the one helping me out. I don’t know. So I took one lucquin pill in the doctor’s office that night. And as me my mom were paying, I look at my mom. And I was just like mom, I don’t feel good. something’s really wrong. And she’s like, we’re paying my Mustang we’re gonna get out of here and then we get in the car. And she’s like, She’s like, what’s wrong with you? And I’m like, Mom, like something’s wrong. This is really wrong. Like I had already started to be like, bla bla bla bla bla, you know what I mean? Like, my stomach was turning. I was already like, What in the world is this thing doing to me? Okay, and then I got home and It was late. So I was like time to go to bed. But I laid down and then I got up out of bed and I go to walk out of my door. And my knees were so weak that they just like buckled in Word. And I was just, well actually, at first what was happening is my knees were weak, and like, they were like hitting each other. It was weird, like my knees were just like, and that doesn’t happen when you walk your knees don’t hit your other knee. So I was just super unstable. And that was my first immediate symptom was that, and then I did feel a little bit of pain in my, my calves. So yeah, it was crazy. I didn’t like I think the stomach stuff was for the most part, like not really there. It was more like just like, muscular and like overall body like we’re, we’re we’re, and I went to bed woke up the next day. And that’s when I was like, You know what, I’m going to Google this right now. Because I still feel like at will actually backtracking I hallucinated that night. Well, yeah, it was like, I was sleeping. And like, I saw these things in my room around my head for just like, not very long. And it wasn’t, um, it could have been scarier. You know, if you’ve ever had sleep paralysis, that really sucks. And I would say it was equal to maybe a little more terrifying than that. But we all have levels of like sleep paralysis, too. So


that happened that night, woke up the next morning, and then I googled it. And I was like, Oh, my God, Mom, look at all these stories. Look at all of this. Like, this is what’s happening to me. And then my mom looked at my phone and she saw the stuff on like, the status part, the status one, and I don’t I don’t, I’m pretty sure I cried when I read this. One, a one girl jump off a roof. She jumped off the roof. Are you kidding me?

Jay Sousa 7:17
No, that’s so crazy. That antibiotic can push you to that level where you just your psychosis is so bad that you can’t control it. You just want it to end.

Cassidy 7:26
Yeah. And I, I did not have psychosis, I had anxiety. I didn’t go into any depression. And I think the reason why I didn’t go into depression is one I have very strong mindset. I’m a very positive person, but to my pain never got to a point where I was debilitated. So I went to work, I worked with my knees and pain, my ankles and pain. I was having guys give me frickin foot massages, I was pulling strings wherever I could go, they helped me out. Like, literally, and, um, so yeah, after looking all that up, I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m not taking any more of this. And I threw the rest of the pills in the toilet and flush them. And that was really satisfying. And then I called the doctor and I, I called the doctor, I don’t know if I called the doctor the next day or the day after that. But and this goes out to anybody who is struggling with whether or not they want to call the doctor. Call him call them. Okay, because it’s going to eat you up inside most likely a little bit later to think and I never even called I never even told the person who gave this to me how much damage this me so go ahead and do that for yourself. because trust me, you’re going to feel just an ounce better by doing that. And I called him but maybe not do it the way I did, because what I did was a little wrong. Looking back, but I was pissed. I was really pissed off. I called him and I said I had to get to him because it was like a walking club was like I need to speak that zone zone zone. So where you’re gonna have to wait out Wait, you know, finally got him on the phone. And he, he was like, not too concerned. When I told them my symptoms that I was having and my instant reaction. He just agreed that it was a hardcore antibiotic. He’s like, yep, that’s that is a more hardcore one. I’m like, dude, did you not read? Like, have you noticed? Yeah, so um, I told him, I looked him I didn’t look at them, yet. We’ll move on. But I’m a very visual person. So I looked at him. And I was like, Well, I hope you like a petri dish, get an infection and take this so you can know how it feels. And sounds like you’re doing a lot better though, like referring to my kidney infection. And I was like, I’m not like, I didn’t get rid of my kidney infection. I’m pretty sure I just like, waited that out for another like, two weeks and eventually went away on its own. Imagine that I probably like drink some water. It was fine. You know what I mean? So yeah,

Jay Sousa 10:39
most doctors aren’t humble, right? They don’t really like to take the liability of a side effect or reaction, you know, and they, it’s hard for them to understand what you’re going through. But literally, it’s one Google search. One Google Search can answer all of their questions. That’s the most frustrating part about this. I do really empathize with people that feel like they need to turn their doctor around or like make them understand. Some doctors just don’t understand. They don’t care, right. They’re just like, this is standard. We give it to everybody. They’re safe. They’re not safe. So like, obviously not safe. It sucks that that happened to you after one pill, right?

Cassidy 11:26
Hmm. I see it now. As a blessing that it took one. It took one for me to be like, something’s wrong. And my mindset is to kind of like, like I said, I even told him when he gave it to me that I wouldn’t take it. I was this close to not even taking it. So it’s like, I’m glad I guess I only took one and, um, we can get into some of my initial self care things, if you’d like.

Jay Sousa 12:02
Yeah, sure. Sure. I’m actually pleased that you’re like humbled by only taking one right because I took 27 I have no idea how long I’m still alive. But the more you take, the worse it gets.

Cassidy 12:15
So of course, of course,

Jay Sousa 12:17
I mean, it’s just it sucks that you came into like a walk in clinic for routine thing. And he went to like, he admittedly told you is one of the stronger antibiotics. Okay, so why don’t you try some of the less harmful biotics first, right? But you know, you learned a lot.

Cassidy 12:36
Achilles tendon rupture as potentials a potential side effect. He literally said that to my face. But I was so adamant Dude, I was on day five migraine. Like I didn’t, I was just like, oh, me now.

Jay Sousa 12:55
Right? That can’t be me. Yeah. It’s a humbling experience. So that the next question I have for you really just goes into detail like we understand where you came from? What did what did your journey look like? after that? You found out about it, you understood the consequences and the reactions? Where did you go like when did what did you figure out? You had to go?

Cassidy 13:21
The only place I could go initially was the internet. So I went to YouTube, I went to Facebook, I gravitated towards the internet for validation for what I was going through. And I did find tons of it. And I found the blocks are helpful for flux for fluxys group and the helper are the one that you were moderating.

Jay Sousa 13:49
Yeah, healing foxing. Yeah. Yeah, that was a positive as positive as I can. Because the other ones, some of the other ones gets real scary. real dark.

Cassidy 13:58
Yeah, yeah. And that’s so not me. And for anyone who ends up watching this, stay away from the negative stuff, because your mind is a very powerful thing. And you can think your way to a darker and deeper sickness. You can think your way there. Um, yeah.

Jay Sousa 14:16
I’m glad that you you, like, admitted that you’re a positive person. And and that’s what kept you going. Like, I feel like if you don’t have positivity, or you don’t channel that, like you said, you can get real dark real quick.

Cassidy 14:29
Yeah, I always play volleyball, super active. So I immediately knew that like, that was never something I was going to give up. So that was something I was holding on to as like, gotta get back to that got to get back to be able to doing that. You know what I mean? Like I had that goal in mind. So, and I know a lot of people wasn’t weren’t able to walk. So that’s something that they were used to doing every day and they had that goal in mind. I need to walk. I need to walk Then I can run again, you know. So I’m blessed that I didn’t, I could always walk. I never missed a day of work. I never missed a day of work. And I worked in a restaurant walk in, you know, I don’t know a mile or two, at least a day. But when I got off work, I had my feet rubbed, and my ankles rubbed, and I slept with ice packs on my knees for three weeks. From just like inflammation, it was just like, it was hot to the touch. It was just like radiating and that inflammation I knew was important because I was healing. But what I did was I would put on the gel ice packs, they were great, because I knew that they were essentially not cold anymore after 30 minutes, but it allowed me to get to sleep. So any for anybody going to like me stuff or like, are you able to sleep through the pain, that’s a really good thing you can do. But you don’t want to stop your inflammation in your heat. Your body’s trying to heal you. But you want to get

Jay Sousa 16:06
Of course, I know a lot of people get disrupted sleep, it’s it’s becomes like a problem where you just do mind races and you’re on Facebook to in the morning trying to figure out what the hell just happened to you.

Cassidy 16:17
Yeah, I definitely had moments when I was on Facebook for way too long reading and scrolling. But I I never was sleep deprived. I never let my mind raced to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep. I was just I was good there. And I’ve always been like, Nazi with my sleep and like eight hours every night or, you know, maybe not that day. But if I do that two nights in a row where I don’t get my eight hours. I am like, it’s no it’s not good.

Jay Sousa 16:52
Yeah, yeah. pretty angry.

Cassidy 16:56
angry, but like, it’s just like, inward in in me. I’m just like, I’m like a little kid who’s like, I need sleep. So

Jay Sousa 17:04
yes, sleep super important. That’s when you repair stuff on your turn, your body heals. So like on your journey, you’re on Facebook, you’re on the internet, you’re looking for answers. Did you find any?

Cassidy 17:18
I found a lot of information on that Facebook page that brought me to supplement with magnesium right away. Within the first week, I was already supplementing with magnesium. What else was I doing? I was putting it in my bath. I was taking hot hot baths with magnesium. I had already been taking tumeric daily, because I had like a herniated disk just a year prior that was getting kind of annoying and not getting good. So I was already working on inflammation in that way. So I was continuing my my tumeric capsules that I was making myself by the way for anybody trying to save money can buy tumeric by liking by Raul and buy a calculator and like vegetarian capsules and just do it yourself. It’s $5 a month versus $35 a month. So you can save some money there. But buy good quality tumeric because like something that’s maybe FDA like approved because you don’t want heavy metals in your stuff, depending on where you know, it’s coming.

Jay Sousa 18:30
Hey, everyone, I just wanted to take a moment away from today’s show to let you know some really great helpful things that we’re offering on floxie hope.com. If you visit the website, you’ll actually go to the menu and click the recommend button. And on that page, you’re going to find some really helpful ebooks that could give you tips and strategies and also some supplementation guidance to help you through fluoroquinolones toxicity and get your body back to health quicker. Also, there’s some other really great things you may want to add to your life to mitigate some external environmental stuff that could hinder your healing, like fluorinated water, it’s super important to mitigate the fluoride from your body because fluoroquinolones are chlorinated. So removing fluoride from your shower and your drinking water is super important. So go on ahead and go to Fox health.com. Click that menu button, click the recommends button. And it’ll lead you to a vast amount of great resources that could help you on your healing journey. Amazon’s a wild west of supplements filled with like sawdust and heavy metals. And so you started on the path of supplementation. That’s when you started to see things kind of turn the first couple weeks for the better for me,

Cassidy 19:44
I never had a moment where I was like, Okay, I’m gonna start this supplement. And then two weeks later, I was like, wow, that works. I never had a moment like that. I I didn’t honestly. So most of my healing came from the fact that my reaction wasn’t as severe. Right, I could still walk, I could still go to work. I wasn’t an excruciating pain. I you know what I mean? It was manageable. So that is for sure. What made my situation? Good, quick. You know what I mean? Yeah. Um, and, oh, I actually have blood work from like, three weeks after this whole thing happened. And my blood work is fine. The only thing that has come back fine. Yeah, I did a bunch of tests to it was my thyroid, my thyroid was fine. I did t three, t four, which was surprising after reading what I’ve read, a lot of people’s hormones get, like, really messed up, but I hadn’t. So maybe that took longer to get affected. I don’t know. Um, but my vitamin D was low. But with every lab, you go to the thresholds for what’s low, and what’s good, and what’s bad is different. So you have to keep that in mind, too. I didn’t go see a specialist. I’ve never been to a specialist. I called Dr. gleam once. Because I think I was just going through a bad moment. And I was just like, oh, maybe I should just go you know what I mean? Because five years from now I look back and be like, I’m glad I did. And I’m still kind of mentally going through that, um, the potential of going and seeing him because I’ve seen a lot of what he’s done. And my my lingering symptoms include lot of joint popping in joint. And I think it’s because the antibiotic screwed up my gut. Therefore, I have this like autoimmune reaction going on with with my gut health. So I’ve been like, I’m vegan and plant based, and I have been for three years. So I wasn’t, I was this way a year prior to this whole boxing situation happened. So my, my base health was mountains beyond I think the average person not trying to toot my own horn, but I haven’t had a dead animal on my body in three years. And whether you are someone who eats me or doesn’t, I don’t know, dude, it’s, it’s maybe bias or it’s maybe all the research I’ve done. And the schooling I’ve been in, that has brought me to the conclusion that that’s the optimal way to eat. So I think that’s another benefit to healing quicker, is to cut out animal products, all of them if you can, and cut out oils, and turn out to add extra salt to your food if you can, so, and refined sugars.

Jay Sousa 23:29

Cassidy 23:31
perfect. You know, I go out, going to restaurants and I know they’re loading up my sauteed veggies with oil, you know what I mean? But try to cook at home as much as you can prepare all your food home eat at home, so you can determine what extra additives are going into it. So focus on whole foods in your diet. unprocessed food and there are there’s like a laundry list of things that you know someone someone can do so it’s just like it’s us realistically figuring out okay, where am I at? Where was my health that before this? Because it’s like when you go down that bandwagon and start reading you realize how far behind and how much stuff you don’t even know about nutrition period. Everything well I knew that then I was already thinking that and knowing that but every single thing you put into your mouth is an opportunity to help your healing or further delay it. And if I no one I don’t I understand how true people who are never coming from a mindset I’ve never thought like that. For them to start thinking like that is a lot. It is a lot foods for fun foods pleasurable that’s what it’s here for. It’s to give us fuel and to be Something to just enjoy, right? It’s not. It’s literally to keep you going. And that’s it. It’s not something that should be occupying your mind space. It’s fuel. Yeah. And like, I’ve seen my own my own stuff like think about food all day long, I can make a breakfast. I can’t wait for lunch. I can’t wait for dinner. You know what I mean? And that’s great and all, but we’re addicted to food. That’s what’s going on. And everybody except good. Yeah, be able to go two days without eating, if you’re drinking water. And if you’re somebody who’s been flocks, or going through anything, I would definitely look into maybe give up food for a couple of days and see how your body feels stay hydrated, you’re not going to die. It’s going to be a mind challenge, that’s for sure. But that’s it. You know what I mean? Every single culture and religion has some sort of lens or fasting or cultural practice of giving up food for a certain amount of time. And they do that not only because it’s good for your body, but it does require some sort of spiritual connection to something greater than yourself. You know, you have to like, ask for help. And that willpower, Hmm,

Jay Sousa 26:29
I get asked a lot like, you know, what supplements help? So, supplements, but it’s more so like, you know, what, what are you missing? Like, what aren’t you eating? And what, like, how are you thinking? Are you in a negative space, like, if you can fix those two little things, your directory of healing is sped up to so much faster versus like staying in a rut. And yeah, it’s hard for people to understand that. But I’ve always been a positive person. And I feel like, you know, this has been a learning process. So I’ve been positive about it, instead of just dwelling on it.

Cassidy 27:04
I don’t know what you know, about fasting or anything like that. But I think that it’s worth looking into, especially because so many people’s gut are compromised in the beginning of this, that literally not eating might be the best thing to do, like only drinking water and not eating because what happens is people develop food sensitivities, because their gut is so trashed. So they start eating all this. Even good things, you can develop food sensitivities to good things. So maybe it’s just like laying off for the food until your gut can kind of reset. And then going from there with like, supplements and different things like that. God forbid you have a sensitivity to

Jay Sousa 27:51
Yeah, I mean, I

Cassidy 27:52
bet you could really use Exactly, exactly.

Jay Sousa 27:55
I think, like 24 hour fast is good today fast, like every quarter, like every couple of months.

Cassidy 28:04
Yeah, you may be even more in house.

Jay Sousa 28:10
I know. I know, right? You really not gonna die from from not eating? I mean, people can go 3035 days before they start to really get toward the dying route. Human beings are built to last without food for a few days.

Cassidy 28:24
Yeah, yeah. So.

Jay Sousa 28:27
So like, the diet, how mindset helps, like, what are the things that didn’t help? Like, what are some things where you’re like, I don’t think this is working for me. I’m

Cassidy 28:41
spending too much time looking up things maybe in the beginning. But at the same time, I knew for me and my personality, I could handle it. I could handle the reading. I could handle reading all of it. I was just like, but what I got really good at is putting like some shades on hypothetical shades. While I would be on Facebook, and if I saw one negative word in a paragraph, I swiped past it. I would not read it. If I saw exclamation point. If I saw cat, if I saw any hint of anger and negativity in a post, I swiped past it and found something that just like it looked nicer. And I’d like I’ll read this one.

Jay Sousa 29:34
I know I I feel I feel really bad for the people that are in that space because it’s scary right but I’ve seen so many people heal that I know it’s possible. And I just wish I could protect people from from the sorrow and the negativity. But you know, my armor has got a few kinks in it, for sure from this but you know I’m glad that you had hypothetical Shay, you’re able to just like, breeze through the BS and just keep moving forward.

Cassidy 30:08

Jay Sousa 30:10
Yeah, the positive Where do you see yourself in the future? After you’ve learned what, where, where’s Cassidy going?

Cassidy 30:18
I’m like, personal wise or like, with my, my healing,

or both.

Jay Sousa 30:27
Yeah, like, like, like, you’ve obviously grown through this. So. So it affected your life in a way that made you a better person.

Cassidy 30:36
Oh, when 100% like pain, pain makes you a better person. And that’s mental pain, and physical pain. And when you realize the same exact thing, they’re the same thing. That so i was growing through all of it. And it’s so funny, because like, I’ve had like, herniations, my low back through sports and stuff like that. So I bond with people over my over healing from that, and the pain that I went through with that. And I’ve also been able to bond with people through going through this experience, whether that is somebody who’s also gone through it, or, um, and I’ve spent a lot of time warning people, my friends and my family, and when I’m just out and about, and, you know, have started to have a deep conversation, even stranger. And somehow, some way the topic gets brought up. I’m like, by the way, never, ever, ever take a floor floor. You know what I mean? So I do my part there. And it makes me feel good. And I’m constantly doing things every single day that make me feel good. And whether it’s a little thing or a big thing. So two people watching do something every single day that just makes you feel good. And if you can’t walk, take a bath. If you if you are bedridden, call your grandma, call that person you’ve been saying you need to call for so long. Because even though you’re in a bad headspace, they’re going to be glad to get that phone call from you, you’re gonna make their day, it’s gonna make your day do something to make you feel good. Okay. Um, and for me in the ways that changed me is it was, well now it’s just like, It’s weird. Like, I see I like I’m so in tune with like, my body. And then sometimes I’m just like, if I’m like, extra, like symptomatic like, and my symptoms aren’t bad anymore. At this point, I feel like my gut is just messed up. I could be wrong. I could just have not detox it yet. But, um, because I like my hands are a little like arthritic is the best way to describe it. I’m like, I crack them a lot. I cracked my knuckles. And in the mornings, when I wake up, I’m like, stiff right here. And then I have my shoulder just pops, but I have to pop it myself. I go, it goes. And then it pops. And it’s usually this one, not this one. And just things pop. You know what I mean? And depending on what I’m eating, and how much I’m exercising, or how much sun I’ve gotten, there’s so many things coming at you that are affecting your health. Is how’s the air quality in your house? Do you have mold? Do you ever change your filter? Are you breathing in toxic air all the time? Do you work somewhere where you never see daylight ever? that those things are problematic, and they’re going to stop your healing with this? And you never would have known that? Had you not been flocs that you were already living in an ultra toxic world? You know? And so for me, like it made me more hyper aware of everything that could be killing me. Which is scary, but it’s also like yeah, it’s it’s scary, but it’s also just like at the same time it’s just like you only live once we all get one life. Let’s make the best of it. Let’s try to avoid the things that are killer are gonna kill us. But we got to have a good mindset about it because we can’t tear down every single 5g Tower together. And maybe it’s not affecting our health, but maybe it is every night over it. No. I mean, unless you

Jay Sousa 34:52
can only control what you can control.

Cassidy 34:55
Yeah, yeah. And you can control you You can control how much sunlight you get. You can control how much water you drink, you can control how often you stretch how often you exercise. You, you can learn a mindset, you can always feel like you’re 100% in control of it. But you can find tools to learn to grow your mindset into something that’s more positive. And you can do that by stop hanging out with toxic people and negative people, even if they’re not negative regarding your issue, if they’re just in general, a negative energy and vibration around you. Just,

Jay Sousa 35:39

Cassidy 35:39
let them leave your life. See.

Jay Sousa 35:45
Yeah, and this goes back to like, when you’re in that space of just like overwhelmed about the whole situation, you feel like crap, call your family member, call your grandmother and tell her you love her, like just hear her voice because I think we isolate going through stuff like when you when we go through a really hard time, we tend to just go in our room and isolate. And that’s like, honestly, the worst thing you can do, because you need support, you need the positivity, you need reinforcement. And yeah, I’m glad that you did some of those things, because I feel like that helped you along the way.

Cassidy 36:17
Yes, but one thing I will note though, is I didn’t post it on Facebook for my friends and family to see, I didn’t let them know that I was going through a health issue. I only went on those groups. And probably because my my situation wasn’t as bad. Like if I wasn’t walking and I was in a wheelchair, you better believe I would have been like, go fucking fund me Go Fund Me. You know, cuz I wouldn’t be able to have a job. Um, but that wasn’t the case. So I had the ability to do what was going on because I saw that light at the end pretty early on, like, I already saw that light at the end of the tunnel on you know, week to three, you know what I mean? At that point, I felt like, Okay, this probably won’t get worse, in the sense like, I’m not gonna, like, not be able to walk right? I’m probably not that person. I was, you know, oh, but I was gonna say though, is, um, when it comes to like, sharing one thing I’ve seen people do with health related issues, physical mental, they attach whatever that is to their identity. And they become that in a sense, but if that were to ever heal or go away, they wouldn’t know who they are anymore. Without being somebody who was blocked or stuck. So don’t attach to it. It’s not who you are. It’s not a part of you. That has to stay. And if you are somebody who’s getting money help assistance attention like you’ve never seen it before because of this cool but understand that that needs to be something that’s temporary or you will never heal. If you fall in love with the attention you may get disease because depending on your your situation.

Jay Sousa 38:31
Yeah, it’s hard it’s um yeah. Yeah, it’s it becomes an ID badge of honor. Like I made it through this. Huh.

Be a

part of you ended it becomes worth it over pieces of yourself, because you’re just hypercritical now. And you don’t. If fresh, it’s fresh. It’s a frustrating experience. But it saddens me when people become an identity from a health issue versus it just becoming just something you went through.

Cassidy 39:13
Yeah, yeah, totally. So, um, I think, for me, once I’m at a certain threshold of appealing I know, I probably won’t ever really want to talk about it again. Unless I’m warning someone about it. Or you know what I mean, it’s just like, for me, um, I’ll go months with never saying it or like, you know, not not thinking about it, you know, but I go days without thinking about it. And, like, what I went through, even on the days where I’m like, you know what I mean? All cracky it’s just like, it is what it is. It’s, it’s not like I’ve been I’m floxie you know what I mean?

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