I know that change can be hard but the all new Floxie Hope will have new features and a fresh new look. The new site will have all the exsisint comments, content and posts. Although they will be in a new formart I hope that the new site will bring us together like Floxie Hope has always done.

The new website will have a much needed “facelift” with some new features like podcasts, videos and support groups. However if you would like to still see the orginal homepage click the button below. Also if you have any suggestions or advice for me on the site please reach out.

Original Home Page

Be sure to sign up for our email list below to get updates on the new podcast episodes, helpful blog posts, recovery stories and our new online support group by filling out the form below. I hope this new chapter of Floxie Hope will excite you and keep the hope in our community alive.

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