The Floxie Hope 2021 Year End Review

This year had many changes for Floxie Hope. I just hope that you enjoyed some of the hard work I put into the website, making some much-needed changes.

In this blog, I hope to review some highlights of Floxie Hope in 2021 with you. Sharing top posts, recovery stories and new podcasts to name a few.

For me, being the new face of Floxie Hope I wanted to introduce some changes to the site to give it a new, more modern look and feel. I just hope that you liked some changes, and it made Floxie Hope easier and more enjoyable.

The next year of Floxie Hope will be great, I just know it. However, I will need all the help I can get from the community, so if you have a recovery story, podcast idea or just a helpful suggestion, please contact me anytime.

Thanks for believing in me and Floxie Hope – Jason


Top Blog Posts of 2021

This year marked some significant stories that I just had to post. Some of these  top-performing posts may surprise you and some may not.

Below you will find the top 3 posts this year. I suggest you check them out if you have not already.

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fluroquinolones and the covid vaccine

Top Post of 2021

This post, about vaccine interactions, received the highest number of comments and views.

I know this last year was marked by Covid, but this article really highlights some of the concerns the community has about vaccinations that alter our RNA. Give it a read if you have not already.

fluoroquinolone toxicity treatment guide

Second Top Post of 2021

This post includes our top tips for those floxed from fluoroquinolone and  received the higher number of comments and views.

Going through this issue can be hard and with so many fearful of what to do after getting sick from a Fluoroquinolone, I tried to make a simple and easy to follow guide.


chronic fatigue cause by G6PD

Third Favorite

This post scored high in views this year. For some chronic fatigue is a real issue and for some it comes down to knowing your genes.

I would give this article a read, and you may discover a little unknown fact about your DNA.


Top Recovery Stories of 2021

This year, I tried my best to get as many recovery stories as possible. I hope that some stories this year helped you find inspiration and hope.

Below, I want to highlight some of my favorite stories of 2021.

Healing story by Chuck

Chucks story is one that received the most comments of any post in 2021. I feel this story is worth a read.

Recovery stories are filled with insight, hope and suggestions for those newly floxed and Chuck’s story is filled with heart.

Recovery Story Of Chuck Jeannette

Healing storyby Julia

I am so blessed to have meet Julia in person and her recovery story.

Her story is remarkable and for some close to home in their story too. If you have a chance, please read her story and see how healing was possible for her.

The recovery story of julia seaton

Podcasts of 2021

This year marked some really exciting changes to the website and also new Floxie Hope podcasts.

I wanted to take a moment to review some top podcasts this year. If you have not already heard one of my episodes, please click here.

floxiehope podcast 31

Episode 31

The one thing I like about podcasts is getting to hear the actual person’s feelings. So in this episode you really get what Sarah went through and how her journey wasn’t easy either.

This podcast is one of my favorites because Sarah is just an astonishing, inspiring woman. Give it a listen today by clicking here.

floxie hope podcast 29

Episode 29

The first podcast I recorded was with the former head of Floxie Hope, Lisa. In this bittersweet farewell podcast, Lisa hands the website over to me.

In this episode, we discuss Floxie Hope’s past, present and future. You should certainly give it a listen.

Some helpful additions

This year I added some really helpful additions to the website. I wanted to review some of those things here.

Next year I hope to add more and more to the website, but for 2021 these are the top additions to the website.

Supplements, Supplements, Supplements

One thing every Floxie needs at some point are supplements. Because I work as a health coach, I get huge discounts on supplements. Almost always cheaper and better quality than those found on Amazon.

By clicking the link, you sign up for free and get access to over 40000 supplements at 15% off. I really hope this helps you save some money and get the supplements your body needs.

floxie help guide

Recommendations and E-Books

Having no direction after getting sick from Fluoroquinolones is scary. So, I put together some links for Floxies to find books, guides and links to things that may help.

I hope this page helps you find just what you are looking for.

What is next for Floxie Hope

I hope 2022 is filled with the most enjoyable and informative content. I am planning to add so many more blog posts on how to heal and what to look for when you are having issues.

Secondly, I hope to get the community more involved with guest post written by other Floxies and more articles from the community members.

Lastly, I think I would like to write an e-book or online class to help those suffering find out what is wrong, determine a treatment strategy and how to fix it. I know floxing can be difficult to understand, complex and at times a pain in the butt. However, knowing how to heal is paramount, and it can be done if you are pointed in the right direction.

Please join our email list if you have not already, or contact me if you have any suggestions.